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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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The Doomsday Whether Entering the Countdown? 末日是否进入倒计时?    

By Xin73
8013 Views | 33 Comments | 12/9/2012 1:22:17 PM

to save our mother earth

Yesterday in the morning , I am in a often go to the restaurant to eat breakfast.The restaurant owner came up and asked me: "I've heard that this month 21 is the end of the world? Then how to do ah, my nephew was born soon......Looking at her a face of sorrow and confusion, I do one's best to comfort her, and told her not to believe those rumors. In fact,my heart to this topic have the same doubt. Look at the vast universe, the earth but a drop in the ocean. heaven's wide,the stars change in positions only in a short moment. Long life, human several times through to undergo full of frustrations rough. Whether these are have have all kinds of closely related with the link?Whether contains great significance?Whether a mysterious fate?In the flourishing of science and technology, the light of reason so shining today, whether humans have the ability to get rid of invisible arrangements ... ...

The end of the world topic in recent time has become a hot topic of people. A group of people lest day not disorderly incited by spreading rumors, make a lot of people originally enron's heart began to worry about it.I believe that the world people know that there is a Mayan prophecy, this prophecy has puzzled many people?If the end of the world really comes,it is not our life into the countdown?Whether this is a prediction or a rumor, in many people's heart 2012 is a global disaster period, is the end of the world, namely December 21, 2012, humanity and the earth will disappear, the earth will be razed to the ground.

About the Mayan prophecy,a few years ago I had read many times. Mysterious Mayan prophecy, really conquered many human heart?Why do humans to this predict such a panic?Yes, the Mayan calendar is indeed very accurate,accurate to let the earth the person all incredible. But the mayans whether such as past a prophecy, fabricate give to the humanity alarmism? In any case, we can't only by the accuracy of the calendar and believe that mayan prophecy. as this is too arbitrary.

If doomsday is coming,the human avoid disaster method is to hide under the earth's crust?Or move to another planet to live? this is toward we now of the earth's people a little humor, at present more impossible things. So I believe that 2012 is not the end of the world, is the human to entertains imaginary or groundless fears the thought.

Let the heavy type predictions become human self-reflection of the best guide line.In the face of this has been polluted the opacity of the world,in the face of oneself alienation of the spirit world, we actually be completely indifferent,except some ignorant with the alive be rather baffling to cheers and applause outside, more like Dancing with murine a lazy cat,is not to maintain the shameful silent, or readily accept enslaved. More and more indifferent between people,the human and the nature harmonious between less and less. Why all this?This is the moment of human self reflection advent.

No matter you are the President,plute, farmers, beggars, prisoners, etc.,please examine one's own conscience: "who am I? I should be in pursuit of what?The humans will what course to follow ?"......Just as the Mayans say 2012 is the humans spirit and consciousness awakening and transformation, thus entering the new civilization. I'm really eager to everyone's heart just like the Mayans said can awakening and transformation over, good thoughts be passed down , the bad thought completely delete. Not for anything else, just for the sake of our humanity,in order to human life and civilization have always continued. I sincerely hope that the human to wild animals show leniency or mercy,the animals on the earth and humans also have same life friend, behoove share the earth,But they suffered human mercilessly devastated! Is the essence of human civilization, whether is the process of destroy the earth?

We more worry the illusory misty doomsday prophecy than as good self-examination. I wish people all over the world together, and to struggle for the common goal of mankind, to protect our earth!If not, only by the greed and desire of human being is enough to destroy the whole earth,why wait for the Mayan prophecy come true?!

In this thank restaurant boss excitated my inspiration and wish you peace and happiness passed each day!










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#2012-12-09 17:36:40 by llyz @llyz

如果那天真的是世界末日,不能改变的话,那就坦然接受;-) 开开心心地过好这10天, 并且告诉周围的人, 活着的时候做个快乐的人, 到天堂后会成为一个快乐的天使,哈哈哈哈。。。。。

#2012-12-10 03:52:11 by TimG @TimG

21-12-2012 is the end of a major cycle in the Mayan calender. Each cycle has its own characteristics just as a year of the Dragon is said to have a different characteristic than the year of the Rabbit. The Mayans never said it was the end of the world.

However, the question of 'who am I?' is an important one. What may be even more important is 'who are we?' A single person can be very smart, but together, those same smart people can do very stupid things. One small example is what, in English, we call 'mob mentality.

Here are some scientific trends. Humans are fishing so quickly that the ocean will no longer be able to support any form of fishing by approximately 2050. The eco-system of the entire earth has declined by 30% in just over 20 years. According to the UN, 57% of every human being born on earth will die from starvation.

We don't need a Mayan prediction to help us along. A single person is smart. Together, those same smart people can be very stupid indeed. We have some very hard questions to answer and we need to do it soon.

The question is when will smart people decide to do something real and practical about the stupid things that we do together?

(I have some answers if anyone is interested) ^_^

#2012-12-10 06:09:01 by anonymous4933 @anonymous4933


#2012-12-10 11:53:12 by anonymous4939 @anonymous4939


#2012-12-10 12:19:55 by scubaguy14 @scubaguy14

someone has a date for the end of the world about 3 times a year it seems

#2012-12-10 15:27:12 by Grace172 @Grace172

对!拯救地球,人人有责!我们已经在行动啦.譬如说垃圾分类,食物垃圾我拿到花园用来堆肥种菜, 废纸和树枝凋零的植物一起烧掉可以堆肥. 我在家里一直不用洗衣机,洗衣服的水用来冲马桶. 洗菜的水用来浇花浇菜.打印给学生的材料都是印双面或用环保纸. 我随身带着环保袋,买东西尽量不要他们给塑料袋.最头痛不知如何处理废旧电池,不能当垃圾扔,但小区没有专门的收集站. 问管理处,他们说就当垃圾扔行啦.晕! 不是说电池会污染土地吗? 汽车嘛,我是不会买的. 女儿的爸爸要送她一辆也被我拒绝了. 看看广州的交通堵塞和空气污染有多严重. 我的学生都被我训练成小气鬼,来上课都要带水瓶子或杯子尽量不用公司的一次性杯子. 有一次公司发材料给他们,他们看到是单面印的,就说怎么这么不环保啊.环保题材在我们的英语教材就出现好几次啦. 希望下一代能学会节约,好好保护地球. 这是都是小事,也只能我这样的小人物能做的.

#2012-12-10 17:26:43 by xin73 @xin73

llyz 好心态。祝你永远快乐!

#2012-12-10 20:26:31 by llyz @llyz

谢谢, xin73. 希望在这里的姐妹们都快快乐乐。哪怕目前还没找到自己的另一半也不用沮丧。这个世界上还有很多其它快乐的事值得我们去感受的。只要心中有“快乐”,快乐就会无处不在。
就像TimG说的,所谓的“世界末日”是玛雅人计算周期的一种方式,12月21号就相当于一年的结束。 所以12月22号将会是这世界新的一天。 xin73, 你的这张图片非常好,beautiful sunny day, beautiful weekend!我会好好enjoy和珍惜那一天。也希望大家也能好好享受那一天 :-)

#2012-12-10 23:41:36 by anonymous4950 @anonymous4950


#2012-12-11 01:01:14 by xin73 @xin73

TimG :I've been to the mayan prophecy and the pyramids in Egypt is very fascinated, below is my years to collect notes, this is only a small part.

The Maya world era doctrine, the mayan people think, that the earth will in turn cycle five sun ji.They represent respectively the five times catastrophe, of which there are four catastrophe has in the past. The new era for humans and world era or the great beginning and end are accompanied by catastrophe.The center of the Milky Way galaxy, the sun, the earth will be in the same straight line. This alignment only happens once every 2,5800 years.

The mayan experts Jenkins deeply Central America mayan ruins, through a large number of field survey, combined with the spread in the various Mayan tribal myths and legends, and the use of archaeological,ethnographic,archaeoastronomy, monument literature and imaging research methods,thoroughly clarify the Tzolk'in and long calendar of the origin, development and maturation of the whole process,thereby to get a very important discovery,namely: the ancient Mesoamerican astronomy based principle is based on the equinox " precession " the understanding of this concept. howbeit precession cycle has a very rare alignment phenomenon-----earth, sun and the galactic center connected into a line, the galactic center connected into a line, will be in the 2012 solstice occurs, that is the Mayan Long calendar of the end of Fifth Sun era!

Scientists think that the ancient Maya carefully designed their long calendar 13 bacton cycle, in 2012 December solstice to unseal the next era-----That day accord with the sun and the galactic center alignment,or is the mayan people say the rebirth of the sky. whereupon,the sun will be very close to the Galactic ( Galactic Equator ) and the ecliptic ( Ecliptic ) ( the intersection of the galactic center ), the earth, the sun, Galaxy black holes are in the same horizontal line.

Amazing be, this universe cross center, also is the ecliptic and galactic intersection positions, is the median just is the 2012 winter solstice the sun 's place,the center of the Milky Way galaxy, the sun, the earth will be at the same straight line. This alignment only happens once every 2,5800 years.The earth itself, the humans, are all involved in this alignment. In the mayan the universe view, the December sun together part with the Milky Way, is also the location of the center of our galaxy.It is the universe of the uterus.The star is born here, the gods in this birth, even our own Milky way of everything, including human, seems to originate from this.

All this is coincidence or elaborate arrangement? This is a symbol end of the astronomical phenomena, but also contains the birth of meanings. The winter solstice sun in alignment,then will where to go?I think perhaps that day is a the human rare astronomical feast.

Humans and community called " progress ", has become a kind of crazy, artificial, mechanical disturbances,so unpredictable and ruthless, we even can not understand its meaning, no longer be able to control it.Changeable is indeed our situation. acquisitive chasm put to our with the real world isolation,for we have been familiar with the world, but now have become strange and unfamiliar, at the same time, some things can improve our situation, but somethings will make us become more bad,however the humans greed was unable to distinguish between the two.

Smart people do stupid things let them to do, we don't have to associate oneself with undesirable elements.In my opinion, but as a person, need to pay attention to the value and significance of life, need to get on in the world by the course of nature and one's conscience, this will not change, also should not change.

You know that napoleon inside the pyramid spent the night after that, what happened? I really want to know, but I have been can not find the answer.
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