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The Ukraine Group of 9 Dating Scammers – Explanation and Questions    

By John Abbot
1580 Views | 15 Comments | 8/29/2019 9:08:12 AM

Group of 9 Ukrainian Online Dating Scammers now in Scammer Prison

THE EXPLANATION - In the photo above are 9 women who signed on to CLM as women from the Ukraine. Their online activity suggests that they really are all from the Ukraine. We’ve found no evidence to suggest that they aren’t. Nonetheless for the reasons that follow we now know them to be online dating scammers.

Their online activity also suggests strongly that they are all tied together somehow. We aren’t prepared to explain how because we don’t want to tell them how we know what we know. But we are certain that this group is all working together.

We didn’t know how they were connected as far as their ultimate goals or intentions were related.

BTW, we have so far had no indication from any member of CLM that they’ve had a successful video chat with any of the women discussed here.

Maybe it is all one person posting different photos and using a quality VPN which allows them to appear to be from different places in the Ukraine. However, this seems unlikely because the photos themselves have not shown up in different websites on the internet. One person would have trouble providing photos of 9 different stunningly beautiful women without stealing those photos from the internet.

It is possible that they are managed by a dating agency in the Ukraine or by one of the big Ukraine or Russian scam dating sites or by a group that specifically is involved in scamming members of dating sites. We’ve encountered such groups from the Philippines on a couple of occasions and it could easily be happening from the Ukraine as well. There may be other possibilities as well, but these are the three that stand out to us.

However, of these three possibilities the last one seems the most likely to us. That’s because we’ve been waiting for one of these women to give herself away, and that has finally happened in a strange sort of way.

Recently a good member has reported being contacted by someone on his email who indicated they had met on CLM and that she seemed to be building up to asking for money. We immediately started to search for her on CLM. However, she only had a resemblance to one of the Group of 9 above, and we don’t think the photos she had sent him actually match any of them.

Based on all the messages that had passed between the member and several of the Group of 9 we could easily conclude that she was not one of those women. The email address she was contacting him from was not any of the addresses that had been passed to him from any of those contacts. Even if she was the one that vaguely resembled her in the group of 9, he had not provided her with his email address on CLM or responded to her request to email him at her given address.

So whether or not the “member” who contacted him was one of the Group of 9, she had to have been also working with that group because that’s the only way she could have received his email address.

Ultimately she did come up with a story about how her daughter desperately needed medical care and could the member please provide money to help her. Of course she would pay it all back someday.

So we know that the Group of 9 is a scam operation of some sort and that they are all tied together. We think this unknown woman is a 10th member of the Group of 9, but in any event she is a Scammer and she is tied to them all. We have therefore placed them all in Scammer Prison.

Except her because she does not appear to have a CLM membership.

THIS RAISES SERIOUS CONCERNS. These women have been collecting email addresses from our members. If you are one of them you may be contacted by one of them, but you may also be contacted by someone who is not one of them and not in Scammer Prison.

Please don’t go to sleep on this. If anyone suspicious contacts you please report that to us at so we can follow up on it. Please forward their messages to us together with any attachments. In your email subject line please write “Re the Group of 9”.

Do not trust any of these women. They are Scammers!

NOW FOR SOME QUESTIONS – below are some photos provided by and purported to be the Scammer who asked our member for money. She was going by the name “Marina”.

Have you received these same photos from anyone? Or have you received different photos from anyone purporting to be one of the women in the Group of 9? If so please provide us the details including the emails she sent you. Send it all to us at and again, please write “Re the Group of 9” in the subject line.

Finally, please review the photos in the Group of 9 above and the photos of “Marina” below and tell us in a comment to this blog if you think she matches any of the women in the Group of 9?

If so please advise which one you think she most matches?

Best to you all, John

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2019-08-29 19:06:59 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


You have made the right decision. This was an orchestrated scam from the beginning.

Put them all in a folder and call it - Oodyanickadollaroff?

#2019-08-30 05:40:55 by KeithAR @KeithAR

Hi John,

Looks a bit like umanuka to me.



#2019-08-31 00:13:01 by newbeginning @newbeginning

my question is: why are they on this site at all in the first place? The name of this dating site is ChinaLoveMatch correct? The sister site is called AsiaLoveMatch correct?  Western men come to these sites to meet Chinese and Asian women not women(?) from other European countries, USA etc...

Just ban them and get it over with before more harm is done to the members here. 

my 2cents worth..



#2019-09-02 02:28:31 by DavidPickles1961 @DavidPickles1961

@KeithAR  It is, I'm currently chatting to her via email.  Also got contacted by a second ukrainian ( saying I had given her my email, which I hadn't, as I was only contacting one of them via email.  I play with scammers for fun, ever since my Great Uncle Dr. Thaddeus P left me 25 million USD when he died in a car crash in Nigeria some 20 years ago.  All the photographs I've seen so far have been of 'Marina' and/or her 5 y/o daughter Nadya/

#2019-09-02 09:26:34 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Go to 'This Person Does Not Exist' dot com

Every time you refresh the screen a new face pops up. None of the people there are real, they are all computer-generated images.

Incredible, the world we live in.

#2019-09-02 17:19:17 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Wow, David. I was also left 25 million dollars from my Nigerian uncle.

Haha, enjoy Marina and Nadya. You're her new 'Papa' now, I guess?

#2019-09-04 12:00:40 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@newbeginning - the problem is that we can no longer assume that Western women or Asian women are not interested in dating Chinese men or vice versa. This is especially true of women from countries near China or with unique economic or political relationships with China.  The numbers are not yet huge, but they are growing and we can't ignore them. So that's why they are here.

@KeithAR - yes there is a resemblance and umanuka may be "Marina", but umanuka had not been in contact with the member who reported Marina until days after Marina had started emailing with him. So even though Marina and umanuka may be the same person in reality, they are not the same person on CLM, or at least were not at the time in question.

@DavidPickles1961 - so it seems that perhaps now umanuka and Marina are one and the same in your case. Is that correct? It seems that maybe whoever is operating this little group of pictures of Ukrainian women is not very competent at keeping their stories straight.

BTW, I am a little miffed that both you and @PaulFox1 inherited 25 million from your uncles killed in Nigeria. My skinflint killed in Nigeria uncle only left me 17 million.

#2019-09-04 19:35:49 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


He only left you 17 million because, compared to me and NB, you are an old fart and have much less time to get through it all (rofl)

#2019-09-06 01:50:04 by Macchap @Macchap

When you plan to send a message to a CLM member by email, create an email address just for this person alone. As soon as email from other email addresses are starting to appear in your inbox, it's time to say goodbye. Delete all messages received and sent, empty the trashcan and close/delete the email account.

Those that use message apps, the apps that use your cellphone number as contact address and for verification purpose - e.g. WhatsApp - is best to be avoided. After you have blocked her she still can call you on your cellphone.

#2019-09-06 18:56:09 by dartrdan @dartrdan

Beware of RadianceMisol, she wrote me full page letters for about 2 weeks and then asked me for plane fare. Very pretty Russian girl. Beware!!!!

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