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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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What Kind of Woman for Marrying Back Home?    

By Panda
3729 Views | 3 Comments | 4/17/2012 12:42:15 AM

Weiwei and her children

My three blogs ahead are a male preference for women, is more important: what kind of woman for marrying back home? Answer: gentle, self-esteem, independence, low availability (sexual withholding) woman. In this case, we need to link the policy of male mixed-spouse again.

For man, he wants to find one woman whose baby can confirm he is his own flesh and blood. The woman is key to good genes, and loyalty. Of course, relative to the faithful, gene can make a little bit of compromise, that is, his wife, and even slightly uglier than a lover almost doesn't matter. After all, even a not so good for future generations, is stronger than when a poke to raise the offspring of others.

To this point, men are always trying to find a female--even if he has a sense of what he told you he likes hot chick, but he will not marry them come back. Beautiful wife on this point, useful not too big. Because pretty means high risk, meaning more difficult to keep her, means that the child may not has mother in the future, many men are not willing to take that risk. Only when they take short strategies of selection mate, they will only need open women as much as possible to the lottery.

In fact, if men feel that women in casual sexual relations, they would be categorized her as a lover. Men's parent confirmation mechanism made that they are not willing to devote resources to women who feel free to deal with gender relations, not willing to establish long-term relationships with them.

So, what conducts of women will make men think of long-term investments (take home)?

First of all, she was gentle. Gentle means that she more willing to obey him, perhaps more willing to worship him. Under the gender of relationship, she is not willing to cheat. He can control her, he is the child's natural father probability is higher.

Second, she has depression (sexual withholding) characteristics.

They regard sex as a scarce resource, and 物以稀为贵Wu Yi Xi Wei Gui (rare treasure), men will subconsciously think that she is a woman who is not easy to get. If a large amount of investment is male the only way to obtain sexual contact with her, so they can do this. In addition, ordinary men, access and reproduction of the most attractive female opportunities is difficult, so women can inhibit sexual contact to change men to their perceptions of the sexual value.

For example, she does not actively pursue him, as well as other men, and relatively passive. This means that she doesn't have a male trait, not easy to cheat or adulterous. She rejects him. When she didn't want to, she'll clear positions adopted. This shows she is not so easy to be a man's game. She is not so easy to get. This means that she is very valuable to long-term investment.

Her sex was not active, at least in the first case. This means that she is young, because the accumulation of experiences takes time. Magazine teaching women always take the initiative, but in fact the initiative of wife is pleased with her husband, active very easy to scare boyfriend to be her sexual companion.

She has self-esteem. This means that she is more not willing to go out unfaithful. Because of low self-esteem women like to get self-recognition and better genes through sexual intercourse.

She has her own world, is not entirely dependent on him. This means that even if he died, his children are still on the possibilities of survival – do not underestimate this subconscious anxiety in men.

Understand this, do not try to make hard when the man break up from you, put up as long as possible to show your weakness and helplessness. Entanglement can be your eggs are cheap.

In addition, if showing excessive maternal and independent character, men will think you take short-term policies more effective--because you look like be able to raise a child independently.

Note that we always emphasize reproductive genetic instinct, rather than the birth of actual behavior. Perhaps a man who dislike children, but this did not prevent his genetic manipulation of relationship between he and a woman. We are all the future generations of our ancestors loving reproduction. We love the reproductive instinct, is made of piles of bones formed by piling up.

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#2012-04-21 11:19:41 by Greybeard123 @Greybeard123

Cao Hui,
In this case I think you are way off base. As a western man my feelings are quite different from your statements. I look for love, fidelity, romance, and an active sex life. Physical beauty, while nice, is not as important as internal beauty. I seek a life long partner, but not a genetic model or preserver. Age is of no consequence because like external beauty it is short lived. Why do you think all men are fools. Perhaps many are, but certainly not all of us.

#2012-04-22 09:12:45 by panda2009 @panda2009

Note: that we always emphasize reproductive genetic instinct, rather than the birth of actual behavior.

#2012-04-23 08:55:53 by raybaby40 @raybaby40

I must comment that physical beauty is an indicator of internal beauty. Physical beauty is the result of well proportioned and well shaped features of the whole body, which usually indicates that the internal organs are also well proportioned and well shaped. Beautiful people are in fact stronger, healthier and more intelligent, on average, than unattaractive people. I do realize that Greybeard123 refers to spiritual qualities of character when he used the phrase "internal beauty". The fact is that men are instinctively drawn to beautiful women, and women are instinctively drawn to handsome men. But, in modern societies these basic instincts have been diluted with economic considerations and the knowledge of reproductive processes. (Primitive men, even in recent times, did not know they fathered children. The instincts arose through evolution, not reason). Greybeard123 is correct, speaking as a modern man, that as the song goes, "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, make an ugly woman your wife". An ugly woman will be that ideal of the Madonna outside her home and a slut in her husband's bed. The smart modern man will act accordingly. And yet, in spite of my intelligence and education and the considerable cost, I still chase beautiful women. I must be a fool.

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