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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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The Soul of the Chinese    

By Panda
3411 Views | 10 Comments | 11/14/2011 11:56:03 PM

Publius Cornelius Tacitus(Tacitus,A.D.55~120)

"Good policies and bad ones will both displease people if the government lacks credibility." (Tacitus’s trap: a great law on political science in the west). Little Yue Yue has passed away. Some people expressed regret , while others said, she was only two years old. This meant her parents had not invested too much in raising her. So how much compensation should they be given? Does it pay the full costs? Or should there more compensation?

This is a typical Chinese way of thinking. When children have an accident, we often hear the parents talk about how much they spent raising him, how much capital! Or it is combined with a "hard": how hard we worked! As if people had worked on a farm all year, it is a matter of cost. My neighbor had a baby who was severely disabled. The hospital immediately disposed of it. She wakes up looking for the child, crying day and night. Although people sympathized with her, they felt she did not need to go to this extreme. Even if her body was ruined, even given the emotional strain, and that she will never see her child. How much did she really lose? And her response was, he was in my belly for 10 months, isn’t that worth something?

Even when the Chinese worship God, it is a kind of bribery, and often it is a one-time sale: I came to worship you, seeking you do things, you had blessed me, I come to thank you, I have thanked you. The goods are delivered and the bill is cleared.

Like in the case of my neighbor woman, there are those who feel little Yue Yue's mother has been grieving too excessively, that she should be more rational. They calculate for Yue Yue’s parents: the thing that should be done is to make haste to replace little Yue Yue, let little Yue Yue have a sister. The parents are still young. She must “turn grief into something pragmatic” and cause her body to regenerate another Yue Yue. Although her mother said, she could never forgive herself, still that wouldn't stop remediation programs. Can’t regenerating a little Yue Yue soothe the pain of parents? Although the heart is injured, can’t this material replacement calm it down?

We Chinese are used to considering problems from the material perspective; so as long as the money is there, the problem can go away——Didn’t the "Yong-Wen motor train" just go away? Here’s your compensation, end of story; didn't the “Wenchuan earthquake " go away? It is said that many mothers of lost children are now pregnant, so let’s forget about it; furthermore, hasn’t the" cultural revolution "and a series of other political havocs go away? Now we have food to eat and clothes on our back and money in our pockets. Anyone who insists on looking backward is the one with problems now. Money can solve any problem, even God can be bribed. So little Yue Yue had just died, there was a case of grinding mill children again in Luzhou, the driver was clear stance after the incident: "I lost a lot of to much better!"

In the case of little Yue Yue, many people, including me, questioned the legal regulations: It is better for you if you kill someone than if you injure them, since if you kill someone , it is a one-time payment; but if you injure them, you can pay for the rest of your life. But I ask myself, even if the "extraordinary law" protects me, I killed people without paying too high a price, how can I live with myself? In my heart, there would be no at least shadow in my life?

Discussing with Chinese about the soul is like discussing God with them. Perhaps I should say, of course, Chinese have mind, but it is the soul that feels, and this is what seems to be lacking. To the world, Chinese people may seem to be able “put themselves in someone else’s place” (jiang xin bi xin:将心比心). In fact, they are extremely lacking in this regard.

I remember one thing: a cleaning woman who was caught stealing 100 Yuan, committed suicide. Public opinion understood it as committing suicide for 100 yuan and could not understand it. People could not empathize: to kill yourself for such a small sum. Chinese hearts are too worldly. They could not see it was not about 100 Yuan, but about the character. If someone gave her 100 Yuan to give back to her owner, would that free her? Has she not been personally tarnished? Very few people take into account this layer, because our thoughts are too shallow. As shallow water fish cannot swim to the deep ocean, Chinese cannot understand this type of thinking. Secularization is the limit of Chinese culture. No deep thinking made the Chinese numb to ease. Although hurts are constantly, but 5,000 years are continued; although lived such as livestock and pigs, but is still alive.

People are terrible, not only in doing evil, but also in seeing evil and to argue plausibly that it is not. These people are indisputably inferior, and for such people there is no hope.

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#2011-11-15 01:30:53 by tanshui @tanshui

Wow, what an extraordinary blog posting.

I have a few Chinese friends who spoken of what they see as the deadening of the Chinese soul over the past decades.

Some of my friends laugh about people becoming Buddhist because they see them as only being interested in gaining money and have no interest in their spiritual growth. As a practicing Buddhist this always shocks me but I have come to see that it so often the case.

Your article is very eloquent. But as a Buddhist in the Pure Land tradition I would say that there is always hope for every person no matter what. Amituofo.

#2011-11-15 11:43:48 by Serendipity33 @Serendipity33

Without freedom of expression there is no soul or true culture- for it is dictated by those who wield the whip of power and the reins of control...Although I must admit by your insightful Blogs Cao Hui you are of the few that has ....

#2011-11-15 17:21:44 by lucyinthesky @lucyinthesky

Hi" your point is well made here. But in my opinion this topic is so big that any generalization would kill a big half of good people. I agree some Chinese are more material oriented, but always remember they are not all. By thinking Chinese soul is made of banknotes does no good to educate our next generation. So, my comment is this, when you criticize something, always put a word 'some' before.

#2011-11-16 19:06:57 by panda2009 @panda2009

This blog had been held down about two weeks by John. I thought that John would not publish it. Becouse it maybe offend so many people. I'm also a Chinese, when I criticize Chinese, I actually criticize myself.

#2011-11-16 23:27:41 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

I think this is an extremely valuable article, but I do agree with Lucy that the focus might be more accurate if it was about "some" Chinese peoples' lack of caring about non-material aspects of life as opposed to "all" Chinese. However, I think we're all aware that generally most Chinese people are catching up with Western people in this regard and have a quite a way to go. That may be inevitable as it likely isn't easy caring about other peoples' problems when you've been busy trying to feed your starving family until very recently.

#2011-11-18 18:59:27 by aussieghump @aussieghump

@ John - Catching up to Western people???? That's a mighty high horse you're standing on!!!!

I know some pretty unscrupulous 'Western People'!!! The current world economic crisis is as much about the greed and 'material aspects of life' and lack care for other people as it is anything else...mostly started out by 'Western banks' playing games...

#2011-11-19 17:59:10 by xiaomaizi @xiaomaizi

i think that the chinese people got diferent ways to express thier emotions but i dont think that the emotions are diferent.

#2011-12-05 01:34:28 by raybaby40 @raybaby40

The Chinese are not so different from Europeans and Americans as this blog might lead one to believe. The are, rather, in a different period of historical development, as is every culture in the world. But even in America, the attitudes toward children and others eveolved from the same basic drives that have enabled the human race to survive periods of near extinction in our evolutionary past.

#2012-04-29 21:24:32 by vitamine88 @vitamine88

I think crowding is also a factor, in smaller communities it's more easy to see and feel for the individual

#2012-10-22 02:32:55 by Oak @Oak

This a good article for self reflection.

To feel deeply and rise above only living a material existence should be our goal in life. I was disturbed by how cheep life can be but how do we put a monetary value on a human life? Perhaps it is the acceptance that life can be cruel and no amount of money can relieve our pain so we push on through life cherishing the moments and memories we have

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