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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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The Snow Virgin    

By Imi
1166 Views | 6 Comments | 1/29/2020 1:02:55 PM

The snow virgin, so sad I worried my arms would fold themselves around her on their own, was sitting on a chair in front of the window. With the curtains drawn, she was looking at passersby on the street, dressed in winter clothes. I knew she wasn’t aware of my presence, and I didn’t mean to let her know about my being there. If I had, I would have risked breaking my train of thought.


Sitting with a pleasing-to-the-eye straight back, as if she were riding a horse, the snow virgin now raised her eyes to the sky. Up there, settling low, were dense clouds of the ugliest gray imaginable. She began to investigate them, methodically, one by one. Her head was slowly moving from the left side of the window to the right—to and fro, incessantly. When she noticed the slightest movement up there, such as birds flying by or the tiniest shifts of the clouds, she would examine the activity for a while before resuming her inspection. She was very thorough. Nothing seemed to escape her consideration.


The wind—if there was any at all—was too light to clear the clouds away. Even if there was some air movement up there, the clouds couldn’t have been so easy to move. They were anchored to mountain tops and fat with snow.


The snow virgin had asked me about snow once, how it had felt for me to walk in it for the first time. Sadly, I was dismally unsuccessful in my response. I couldn’t recall standing in it when I was a child. All my memories of it were nearly erased from my mind. The bits and pieces that remained, and that I was vaguely able to call to mind, were not adequate to illustrate the real experience of this amazing white stuff. In other words, the snow virgin couldn’t grasp a single concept my adult self was blabbing about.


In my defense, I had brought up time. How fast it went by, and how difficult it was mentally trailing back almost fifty years. On top of that, these childhood memories I was to fish around for might have been lost to shrinkage of the brain.


The snow virgin had looked deeply concerned about my decaying brain cells, but it hadn’t stopped her from voicing her dissatisfaction. No matter how many times I’d tried to answer her request, I couldn’t think of my first time walking in the snow. I was just too little to remember, I had told her.


So, there the snow virgin was in front of the window, waiting for her first snowfall to occur. Her first snow to sink her feet into. In the sky, the clouds seemed to get heavier and denser as they weighed on the mountain tops, spreading their mass equally on lower altitudes now.


In her great anticipation, the snow virgin stretched her neck to its limit. Her head moved no more; her eyes were fixed on a cluster of ominous clouds, the heaviest ones in the sky. Before long, her face began to show a surge of excitement. She stood up, eagerly stepped closer to the window, and began to smile.


The clouds could no longer bear their own weight, and were suddenly split open by an invisible blade. Snowflakes by the billions filled the air in a flash, gently falling toward the ground. Visibility dropped to zero, and the city disappeared behind a curtain of snow. The snow virgin turned away from the window and, finally, became aware of my presence. A bit embarrassed, perhaps, she laughed at seeing me there.


The next day, Saturday, we went to the mountains, and I had the chance to witness the snow virgin losing her innocence. She was like a child—in the true sense of the word, she really was, with her small stature—smiling from ear to ear as she wandered in the snow. At her age, which would be forty-two this year, it was hard to believe it was her very first time experiencing a snow-covered world. I mean, I feel lucky to be born in a country with four seasons. But for people like the snow virgin to miss out on this wonderful white stuff all or most of their lives is just something I can’t really comprehend.


Regrettably, it wasn’t a sunny day. Even though the snow had stopped falling by then, the sun could only peek through small breaks in the clouds. Still, for the snow virgin, it was a day to remember. The feelings I had experienced as a toddler and already forgotten by growing old were revived by seeing my wife enjoy her first snow.


My wife, Janessa, is no longer a snow virgin. She lost her virginity on a not-so-perfect day, and yet, she felt ecstatic. She’s asleep now. Too much excitement for one day knocked her out early. I have this feeling that she’s still up there on the mountain in her dreams, crunching the snow under her feet while the wind turns her cheeks rosy. Somewhere over the trees, a crow gives a loud, obnoxious caw. She raises her head at the sound and finds me watching her. Dream well, I mouth the words, all the time.


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#2020-01-29 13:02:40 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Like you, I cannot remember the first time I experienced snow, no doubt because I was not likely old enough to form such a memory. I probably don't recall my first hundred or more experiences of snow.

But having grown up and lived in Canada for the first roughly 50 years of my life I certainly can recall countless experiences in which snow was a feature. Most of them, such as downhill skiing, snowball fights, walking hand in hand with several different "apples of my eye" with snow falling around us, playing with my kids, driving on clear winter days through the Rocky Mountains, and many more were wonderful. Some of the best memories I have.

Others, such as driving seemingly endless miles through snow blizzards in which the snow fell so deeply that you could barely see beyond the hood of your car and could only keep the car on the road by driving on the wrong side so you could see the road's edge out your driver's side window, were less frequently experienced but are even more vividly remembered.

Snow plays a big part in a Canadian's life, but I envy the Snow Queen's moment of experiencing snow for the first time in her adult years. It must have been a wonderful thing to feel like a child again by experiencing something so wonderful as snow falling all all around you for the first time in your life as an adult. Likewise it must have been something wonderful to get to share with her.

Thanks for sharing that experience in such a vivid way. Nice blog!(y)(y)(y)

#2020-01-29 14:11:03 by melcyan @melcyan

Thanks, Imi. I was 26 years when I lost my "snow virginity". Thank you for bringing back great memories. I may have been 26 but I acted like a 6-year-old who could not have been happier.

#2020-01-31 23:35:58 by newbeginning @newbeginning

Imi  good to see you posting again. Snow is always an amazing event. I am happy your wife had such a positive reaction to it. She is wearing the wrong type of boots for the snow though :)

Is that your wife in the first photo?  If so she is very pretty, with a kind face. I deal with so many feminazis here on a daily basis all i get to see is angry 



#2020-02-01 04:12:00 by Imi5922 @Imi5922

@melcyan, my pleasure.

#2020-02-02 08:33:01 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


The girl in the first picture is my girlfriend, but, please, don't tell my wife. If she knew, she would kill me.


This was my first reaction, the first response I wanted to submit after reading your comment. Janessa disagreed with it, so here it is my second try on a more courteous response.


Yes, she is my wife in the first photo, and in the following two. You can also see me in the last one. That small, half figure in blue at the bottom of the picture is actually me.


My wife thank you for your kind words. And you're right. She needs different boots. She already has them; doesn't like them. In my opinion, they serve their purpose just fine. But who am I to say anything about the current trend in fashion when all my clothes are a few years old.


Nah. I prefer my first response.


Thanks for your comment.  

#2020-03-27 12:38:53 by Matingting @Matingting


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