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The Puzzling Case of Greek words    

By WarmLife
1652 Views | 22 Comments | 11/30/2018 2:36:21 PM

The first Greek word is 'Eros'. 'Eros' is the name of the Greek God of 'erotic love', and it's easy to see that the English word 'erotic' comes from this name. So, for this type of 'love' we are looking at 'instant attraction' that leads to the ripping off of each others' clothes, followed by mad, rampant sex... luvverlie !

Next we have the Greek word 'Agape', (pronounced 'a-gah-pay'). This describes the kind of 'brotherly love' you would have for members of your family, close friends, etc. A love that is generally platonic in nature, but could also be used to describe an 'FWB' relationship, (Friends With Benefits), that included casual, occasional, sex.

This time the Greek word is 'Philos'. 'Strong's Concordance' Dictionary gives the meaning as follows -  phílos – a friend; someone dearly loved (prized) in a personal, intimate way; a trusted confidant, held dear in a close bond of personal affection. In other words, your partner / wife / husband... but wait... doesn't the first definition say 'friend'?

The above comments were made by our infamous Fox ....   (cue audience applause )

Disclaimer --- Obviously, there are a myriad of ideas, opinions, thoughts, musings, and interpretative wranglings of Greek words !  Besides that, I wish to use these comments to observe and determine whether or not I or anyone should ascribe any suitable, valuable nuggets worthy of substantiating his claims .   Secondly, who cares?  good question .

Fox is constantly and continously attempting to be a grand Sumo wrestler in his attempts to body slam his opponents .. .or emulate an NBA pro slam dunking to make points.  

Although he castigates the KJV ( I personally think this is irrelevant and inane ... Oh my gosh! Now he will ask in his typical strange habit ... what does inane mean?  how is it inane?  lalalalalala ... congrats dude... either it is "cold" sarcasm or the sudden frozen brain syndrome of being too damn lazy to recall ...   )  he still insists upon ripping whatever tidbits he might choose to play whack a mole on others .... Why KJV?  why select this book?  especially when it was printed circa 1611?   Aha!  His mind was meandering around this time ... trying to tell people that there was no William Shakespeare !  Uh.. er... um... which YouTube vid did you waste a lot of time watching to notice this ?  Sheeeeesh ... Pro tip ... this has been known for more years than when you were only a twinkle in someone's eye.... Besides, your apparent preference for "Bacon" is the real deal?  There are quite a few choices if you ever decided to recall those famous words ... (When you're in a place or situation that is outside your comfort zone or scope of understanding. Strange surroundings.  --- Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.'  but uh .. er... maybe you are too deep in your imaginary Flatt World or down the rabbit hole having fun at that Tea Party ... Or perchance you are emulating -- The Queen says 'Magic mirror on the wall, what is the flattest one of all?    )  Then you might actually .. oh gosh .. dare I say it ?  Visit -- that place that must not be named in Flatt World... a myriad of suitable environments to actually do some authentic research instead of singing ... We all live in a Yellow Submarine ... a Yellow Submarine... along with Lucy in the Sky with diamonds...  Stairway to Heaven ... oops Flatt World ...   

Secondly, why .. oh why ?  Would anyone attempt to dissiminate information that is supposedly earth shattering, profound, sagacious, erudite "Gnosis" (which by the way I am using as a tag, symbol, catch all, for your perceived "secretive insider ... no one knows but us legendary knights of the "Flat Table" slant on daily news or events)  from "Strong's Concordance????"   This might be the epitomy of inanity surely .... You (at least from your addiction for perjorative terms for that book... along with any of its followers ) have a pipe dream of proselytizing unwoken sheeple, shills or whatever so that they will enter into your sheep fold??  Well, it seems clear enough you are not seeking disciples but rather follow in the foot steps of King Arthur in The Search for the Holy Grail .... on a "Flatt Quest !".  AFAIK most of the folks who utilize this concordance would promptly toss a Holy Hand Grenade ( aka Monty Python vintage ) or anatematize you with lots of filthy dirty dung ... so that you would suffer the wretchedness.... nigh... face endless tribulation ... dare I say ... ECT??? Thus it might behoove you to change your sources from your cherry picking to augment your evangelizing attempts to cull unwoken sheeple to their red pill adventure ...

There are six Greek words that have enhanced the fascinating world of that one English word .... "love"   As in politics etc etc .. ad nauseam ... various strands of thought and meaning branch out from whatever seeds were used in growing this tree.   I can give you the benefit of doubt that you were simply attempting to reach out to people who were below the academic level of high school english or non native speakers with your jejune, dime-store ( as in those dime store novels during the pulp arena )  bubblegum ... possible pop psych dribble? Oh my .. am I being too rash?  political correctness doesn't seem to fit you anyway ... I am sure you do not mind this style .. since you will respond with your typical behavior anyhoo....

Stay tuned until next time ...  When we dive into deeper waters to find out about how the Greeks used these six words instead of the above .... but then again ... with the endemic overload of innocuous videos, blogs and conspiratorial News .... or is it only innocuous ???

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2018-11-30 14:35:49 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Jim, I have moved this blog into the conspiracy category because, while you are not presenting a conspiracy theory yourself, it seems that your entire discussion is focussed on Paul's ongoing conspiracy theories, so it's hard to justify calling it a blog about things that relate to Chinese dating in any manner.

Over the past few days you've been very prolifically focused almost exclusivlely on criticizing Paul for his claims of many varied and often questionable theories meant to support his primary assertion that "everything we've ever been taught is a lie".

Maybe I am missing it, but it seems to me that your criticisms are largely based upon not approving of his stye of presenting his opinions, or the manner in which he cockily assumes the truth of what he is saying without providing sufficient evidence to support that it is true. You don't like that he supports most of his arguments by simply sending his readers to another YouTube video to watch, and frequently those videos do not prove much of anything. 

You seem to object greatly to his style, his cockiness, his somewhat insulting way of looking down at anyone who doesn't instantly accept the truth of what he says, and to his way of pigeon holing every dissenter as just another sheeple.  You seem to be quite redundant in your criticism of his redundancy.

But what I am not seeing is much evidence on your part to actually refute his claims on the bassis of the facts. I don't see you actually pointing out how, based upon the apparent facts at hand, his theory is wrong 

Can you point out for me what specific claims Paul is making that you can clearly state to be untrue and then provide me the facts and the evidence upon which you're relying to disprove those same untrue claims?

That would be much appreciated.

#2018-11-30 15:01:10 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

"But what I am not seeing is much evidence on your part to actually refute his claims on the bassis of the facts. I don't see you actually pointing out how, based upon the apparent facts at hand, his theory is wrong"


Typical answer here would be - "I don't need to provide evidence, because everyone knows his claims are stupid"

Which is precisely my point from the very beginning. We know what we know because we've been taught it.

Jim, if my claims are so outrageous why bother reading them, let alone writing whole blogs about them - What are you frightened of......the fact that I may be correct?

I could sum-up this whole blog in a couple of sentences, which could have saved you heaps of time....

What you're saying is essentially,

'Fox is full of sh*t; don't believe a word he says, because everything he says is rubbish. How do I know? Well, everyone knows, right?"



#2018-11-30 17:35:09 by melcyan @melcyan


If you manage to coax John Abbot and Paul Fox out of their conspiracy rabbit holes with some well-chosen arguments, I will hail you as the next Messiah. That would be quite an achievement, especially considering the fact that I am an atheist.


#2018-11-30 22:04:39 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

As a classicist, I am delighted to find a reference to Greek thought in this forum. And while the outline you provide of the three Greek terms are broadly correct, I have to correct you on some not insignificant points. "Agape," which is used hardly at all in classical greek but instead is a much later Christian concept, refers not to a love for family and close friends, but to an undifferntiated love for all mankind that is at the heart of Christ's message. And while you are right that "philia" is the term used for love of friends, it is also love of country, family and generally everything you classified under "agape." The classical Greeks would not have understood the Christian concept of "agape," since they had no sense of any undifferentiated love for humanity. The Greek worldview was fairly Manichean: friend or foe.

Also, one should be very careful when using the term "platonic." Despite its contemporary meaning of a non-sexual friendship between a man and a woman, Plato's notion of "eros" is not that the sexual desire is not there but that it is sublimated for a higher purpose. Indeed, Plato's notion of "eros" is much more complicated and interesting than its sexual implication, which Plato thought to be the lowest expression of eros.  For Plato, "eros" is a desire for immortality, which most humans achieve by having children but which those who are more advanced achieve in non-physical ways, for example, the writer (like Homer) who becomes immortal through his words, the warrior (like Achilles ) who becomes immortal through his deeds. For Plato, the businessman has eros towards his undertakings, the politician towards his career, the philosopher towards knowledge. 

In any case, I look forward to your continue discussion.

#2018-12-01 07:54:22 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7



I had just finished a lengthy reply to Fox before I read your comments.  
So, how to begin?  I will attempt various responses which hopefully will be as clear as mud .... grin grin ...  dripping sarcasm .  Have you ever watched 10 Cloverfield ?  I haven't .  Basically, I decided it would be more beneficial for me to read more than several critical reviews than to wade through this potentially gruesome theatre experience.   What we embed ourselves within usually deeply influences our mind and heart .  Simplistic, yeah but also profound .  Physically addictive behavior (smoking, narcotic drugs, alcohol, eating, as well as a myriad of sexual interactions (which could involve violent behavior ), sociopathic, psychotic, etc ...) might or might not deeply alter one's immaterial arena.  However, it is generally acknowledged that psychological, paranormal, occultic, spiritual, metaphysical activities often have the potential or probability of radically morphing, changing, shaping one's social interaction and behavior towards others as well as the potential of annihilating oneself.   As you have stated .. this is common sense that has sufficient careful evaluation .   Yet, I have noticed too many people who view this common sensical view as inane, boring, confining, or as a personal attack upon their supposed "libertarian freewill " which has no limitations whatsover -- except where it might restrict, harm or intrude upon their behavior .   Consumeristic social behavior also acts as a nicotine that covers nerve cells with its chemical substance which in turn washes away --- then the addictive behavior recycles endlessly .   This also provides a mask to wear that avoids contact with "common sense and careful evaluation " .   There is also the realm of the "spirit" the immaterial , the Gnostic quest , LSD ( et al... ) Hallucinogenic experiences , Seances seeking contact with .... , esoteric arcane Religious experiences , lots of movies dealing with Satanic, demon possessed, paranormal experiences etc.  10 Cloverfield belongs within a mix of domestic abuse, Aliens are "out there", V for Vendetta ( the psychological and physical abuse ), apocalyptic environment ( toxic air ) along with ... Conspiracy ... grin grin ...  Along with this sequel there was Cloverfield as well.....   10 Cloverfield Lane is fundamentally about domestic abuse. Howard is a classic abuser, to such a degree that his actions run down a straight checklist of common tactics and warning signs. From his first moments with Michelle, he’s more interested in controlling her than comforting her. He has no empathy for her, or understanding of what’s going on in her head. He threatens her with violence when she disobeys his arbitrary rules, then seems baffled a moment later about why she’s upset. He’s jealous and volatile. He terrifies her, then blames her for hurting his feelings by not showing him enough gratitude and respect. He isolates her from her friends and family, both physically, by locking her into the bunker, and emotionally, by repeatedly claiming they’re all dead and there’s no way to even attempt to contact them. …   I wanted to point out a great article by Tasha Robinson over at The Verge which has a great interpretation of the film (the above ... ) At this point You might be rolling your eyes ... or ...   I won't try to guess ...  10 Cloverfield Lane was one of the most critically acclaimed psychological thrillers of 2016. Even cinema-goers who weren’t fans of the first film in the Cloverfield series, ‘Cloverfield’, became infatuated with the brilliance of the film. --- The movie is quite frankly, like an 115-minute anxiety attack.  If you’d ever make the television series ‘Twilight Zone’ into a full length feature film, it’d be something along the lines of ’10 Cloverfield Lane’. A valuable characteristic a film must possess seems to be ‘unpredictability’, especially for movie releases in the last 5 years. The success of the films ‘Get Out’ and ‘The Invitation’ proves this fact. The current generation of cinema-goers like a film in which nothing is taken for granted, where no character is really what he or she seems to be, where there is no way to clearly predict the climax of the film.  ----’10 Cloverfield Lane’ checks all these boxes and then some more.  ---The claustrophobic sequences in the bunker are unnerving and keep you at the very edge of your seat. ---You then slowly start to consider the fact that Howard might actually be telling the truth and is just a creepy man with good intentions.  ----The film then takes a bit of a survivalist turn, Michelle starts to believe that the chemical attack really took place and the tension in the air for a short period of time. The dialogue in this film is simply spectacular, Howard’s dialogues in particular keep revealing parts of his character to the audience.  ‘Monsters come in many forms’. This brilliant quote which says everything about the film happens to be the movie’s tagline.  When Michelle goes to fix the air filtration system and finds the words ‘HELP’ scratched on the window and the picture of the supposed ‘Megan’ the tension in the movie reaches a feverish level, reinforced by Emmett claiming that the girl in the picture wasn’t actually ‘Megan’ but a girl who went missing a while back. The audience at this moment is forced to suddenly switch support to Emmett and Megan, rooting for them to escape.  --- And then the climax. There were actually aliens exterminating people outside the bunker with chemicals. The twist is neither “Howard is just crazy” or “Howard was right the whole time. The twist is both. Monsters do come in many forms.  ----  So does the story imply that Howard was already a serial killer/kidnapper who just happened to have an obsession with doomsday that really came true? So he was just a psychotic sociopath after all, who happened to be telling the truth. Who, perhaps, just got ‘lucky’ with the timing of the attack and tied the two together to present a reason for kidnapping Michelle. He probably did really have a daughter Megan who he lost and was trying to replace her by abducting young girls and holding them in his bunker. Let’s face it, here’s the irony of fallout bunkers: Should the unthinkable happen, in order to survive, you would have to spend the rest of the apocalypse locked up with the kind of person that owns a fallout bunker.
 But before we go any deeper, please understand that this entire post is a spoiler not only for this movie, it is also a spoiler for Cloverfield, and even more importantly, is a spoiler for the larger Cloverfield universe. If you’d like to do a search on Cloverfield ARG and figure this stuff out on your own (which I highly recommend) I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve enjoyed it. But if you’d like to see the story behind the story of this movie, I’m hear to open your eyes. But please make sure you’ve seen the movie first… at the very least.
So, just as a random example of how deep this rabbit hole goes – did you know that, is actually a fake company website talking all about the Cloverfield monster? Did you know that Slusho’s are made from kaitei no mitsu, or “seabed’s nectar”, and it makes your “stomach explode with happiness”? Did you know that it was probably Noriko Yoshido’s desire to make the best drink ever that possibly awoke the monster from the sea and caused the occurrences of  the original Cloverfield to take place? Or what about the Tagruato Corp.? And it’s desire to be explore the deepest recesses of our planet through deep sea drilling? And how they may be a cover organization for another entity intent on searching for ways in which they dominant the globe? Right. There is a metric crap-ton going on inside the Cloverfield universe. Here’s J.J. Abram’s thoughts on the larger universe…  -----  
And you just thought you were watching a new movie with John Goodman. Hahaha. No. There’s a lot, a lot more going on here than meets the eye.
Still rolling your eyes?   But hopefully you are at least enjoying the thrill of the ride exploring 10 Cloverfield ...    
This last review also includes lots of Conspiracy related stuff that is tantalizing in and of itself --- go there .. .skip "Go" do not worry about getting 200 ---  4 theories --   Theory #1 – The Literal Theory /  Theory #2 – Global Alien Thermonuclear War / Theory #3 – Cloverfield Direct Connection / Theory #4 – Time Lapse Discontinuity --- even including ... Oh, and just now as my hand hovered over the publish button for this review/explanation I discovered a text-based game that has Howard testing Megan’s ability to survive bunker life! Hahaha. You can find it here. And I gotta say, it’s pretty sweet.  I’ve only just started fiddling with it… but it reminds me of the old school Zork games. Love it.  I could go on, and on, and on about the ARG and the viral marketing links for both Cloverfield, and 10 Cloverfield Lane  ---  This from the Movie Review ----
Suprasubliminal Mindjob?   Regardless of whether this movie was inside the Cloverfield universe I would have enjoyed it. There are too few movies that stay small scale and play the character angle. But this movie does this in spades. The characters are interesting. The questions are interesting. But dropping in the Cloverfield world adds so much detail and so much backstory that the characters and writers are able to draw on. Right? I enjoyed both. And personally? I can’t stop digging on the ARG world and the Reddit communties discussing voicemails on Megan’s phone, evaluating the messages on prettyfunthings, the dug up USB files, etc. There are constantly new things popping up that are giving us more information and details about Howard, Megan, and the world that we find ourselves in within this movie. Definitely have had a ton of fun with this movie.   But you? What are your thoughts about it? Waste of time? Total divergence? What theory do you prefer? Or do you have your own?
Now for Something that will most likely make you truly roll your eyes .... grin grin ---  All of the above ties in with my perspective of Fox .  Or at this moment you might drop your mug of coffee? as you fall off your chair ... hitting the floor while rolling around with laughter ...  Plus! there is more I could have included from these Reviews ...  More coming to your friendly neighborhood in a short time ... after our Sponsored Commercial break and movie intermission --- Suprasubliminal advertising hit ...

#2018-12-01 13:52:13 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


8)8)8)8)    (dance)(music)(~)  LOL for expecting brief reply ....  Also there is likely areas I have not addressed yet ... 

If so ... then I will have to continue to wade into the evidentialist forest ... (giggle)    Hopefully these two lengthy comments at least start the journey ... LOL

When Michelle escapes the bunker and finds a new threat waiting, this is partially an extension of the abuse metaphor  --      Huge billboard ahead on the side of this road ---Lateral thinking involved!   
Before the thunder and lightning storm of critique begins ...  grin grin ....
Come on down!  What's behind door #1 ?   AFAIK .. and as far as most of the members here -- none of us are actively involved or promoting domestic abuse ...  Therefore, lateral thinking is considerably valuable, stretching the mind cells -- utilizing metaphor, illustrative concepts --  imaginative usage --  Thus!  there is no one -- especially Fox involved with domestic abuse literally   --- However, the pathos or mythos involved as a metaphor ?  10 Cloverfield covers a lot of links with Alternative Geoengineered Chemtrail'ed Gematria Mythos ... especially that advocated here ...   Why the redundancy of me playing whack a mole with him ?  Could it be the redundancy of his persistence ?   
Details?   Alrighty then!  (cue Jim Carrey )   Briefly introduced but then there will be a fuller instance of the main entree later ....  there happens to be a really large Virtual Library of Scholarly Academic books, journal articles, Phd thesis, Blog articles , links to actual MSS,  etc. etc .... I am assuming this Website would not enjoy being inundated with a Tsunami of lengthy materials to peruse ....    before I moved over here ... I had more than 400 assorted books, journals, papers etc ....  then tried to ship a remnant -- which had constant attempts to pilfer them --- destroyed by lethargic individuals --  thus now a Virtual Library is more necessary and convenient.  Imagine the following scenario --- Jim is relaxing on a comfortable chair ( think the cozy atmosphere of the Inklings at Oxford ) a exquisitely carved oak table is front of him with a really high stacked pile of scholarly books, journals etc ... etc .... besides all of these materials strewn under, by , near the oak table as well as lining huge walls --   He is waiting for his Moriarty like interlocutor to arrive .   There is a boisterious loud noise coming from outside the quiet peaceful atmosphere inside ...  suddenly, the doors fly open with an individual looking like a blend of He-who-must-not-be-named along with Count Drac --  Grindelwald --  wearing Dr. Strange's costume --  with large sigils protruding everywhere --  in order to display his intense obsessive-compulsive fascination / addiction with a single word --- Satan . His every footstep and facial features are engrossed with the scent of prowling after his prey .    He attempts to "tower" over the jumbled assortment of materials upon the exquisite oak table .   Speaking -- Do you recall the Case of the "right hand" ?  I simply nod ...  / I have actually seen this happen literally ... grin .... The Teacher enters into the classroom before the music announces that class has begun .  The students are noisily active in making lots of ruckus ...  while some are busy working on their unfinished homework or other assignments ...   The Teacher attempts to catch their attention to begin the class .... however, this is futile ... for various reasons ...   Other Teachers might yell, scream or shout ... however, this method seemingly is not effective nor efficient while wasting too much time ....  Even once their attention slowly focuses towards the front and at the Teacher ...   still a considerable number are still engaged in various pursuits -- folding the handout into a paper airplane --- munching on it (literally) -- writing, drawing on it ...  folding it in order to display their origami skills --     along with busily working on homework and other assignments ---  others are trying to be invisible in order to read their novels ---  along with yet others gossiping with their neighbors who might be next to or several rows away ....   Time is running ... The Teacher begins his lesson ....   Now Imagine a different scenario ---- Teacher walks into the same classroom with the same scenario as above ...  Music finishes .. Teacher has a wide Machiavellian smile upon his facial features --- calmly walks to a boy's desk that has a shitpile of stuff strewn on it ...  calmly puts his right hand on the desk ...  gets the student's attention (while more and more students are now focusing their attention to what might happen ) With a few MJ dance moves while standing in place --- (gathering much more attention -- what is this nitwit doing ? )  Then with said Machiavellian facial features queries the student --- Can I  use my right hand?   (the mechanics of translation and attempts to comprehend result in ... nebulous awareness )  --- Nearly 95% are now watching the unfolding action ... The student is bewildered yet says --- yes ---  The right hand deftly sweeps everything off the desk while books, handouts, homework, papers, pencils what not flutter in the air descending to the floor in a messy pile .   There is a shock look fixed on his face --- Within less than 20 seconds there is a whooshing sound echoing throughout the classroom as frantic students are shoving whatever might be on their desks into it ... or under it or next to it ....   Teacher bends down and retrieves all of the materials strewn everywhere .... putting in a nice arrangement quickly and then extending both hands and slightly bowing to the student ....  who is still in a state of confused shock ---   Teacher calmly walks to the podium like area and begins the lesson ... Thereafter most of the time there is only needed the cue --- Can I use my right hand?    Unless the student is dazed ... whereby ... Now, back to the Oxford huge hall ...   Details???? LOL  There is a swooshing sound as heavy books, journals, papers, and odd ends flying off the table fluttering to the wooden floor --- With shocked indignant stares from the other occupants within the room ....    The Moriarty like figure puts his chrysanthemum upon the ornately decorated chair facing his nemesis.     Stating with heavy emphasis --  You have Yet to give me any argument that might suit my fancy!   Deftly replied via ...  Do you recall the Case of the Barking dog at midnight ?   How could there possibly be any detailed rebuttal towards our Legendary figure that would have any desirable effect ?   LOL --- simply the right hand sweeping everything under the proverbial rug ....   The  lunacy of engaging in this sort of debate is quite apparent .  Thus, there is the redundancy towards redundancy .... Chat with Bing ( the A.I. attempt within the search engine ) bing: Am I the most chatty search engine you have ever used ?  me: frankly speaking , the most inane search engine ... bing: sorry to change topics but .. uh .. er .. um ... seen any good movies recently ?    With Fox it would be similar but more redundant ...     grin
How does 10 Cloverfield fit wonderfully with a critique of Fox ?  Elementary my Dear Watson ,   Mythos my dear boy ....    Taylorholmes review of 10 Cloverfield brilliantly and succintly nailed it on the proverbial head ...   Mythos --- with his unveiling of the Cloverfield Mythos ...   I will leave it up to you and others to read the entire review in order to notice the pattern of the Mythos which has more than several features akin to Alternative Geoengineered Chemtrail'ed Gematria deep rabbit holes to wander aimlessly for eons should the time be available ...   Lateral thinking needed
Fox continually rants about Religion or Indoctrinated brainwashed dim bulbs overwhelmed by F.U.D ---  This sounds like recent comments (that I did not need Alt News to read --- Oh my gosh I found it via that evil horrible sick demented "deep state" MSM (whatever that means ) .   The point?  Orange head and his Huckabee Sanders strenously insist and persist that they are "speaking the truth " when most likely they are mostly engaged with promoting F.U.D. themselves....   One of the strategic tactics with Fox & Co. --- with Alternative / Geoengineered / Chemtrail'ed agitprop ... hype .. "insider info " --- shocking revelations --- et al...    belongs to F.U.D. itself... There is the Mythos of fear of being unwoken alcohol-induced ... comatose sheeple and failing to perceive the enormous cataclysmic catatrosphic hidden manipulation of world events via Aliens .. via the "Elite" via the insidious nefarious NWO ... via Voldemort like leader & his minions ... Via the nebulous aspects of the Matrix .... etc .... etc ....  There is the uncertainty involved in the ghastly horrible braindead viewing of MSM (whatever that means )  uncertainty of belonging to ... dare I say it ?  the Dims! (democrats )  Clintons and their like (who are secretly Lizard Alien shape shifting Moriarty like boogeymen )  uncertainty of the dreadful, appalling, hideous , ghastly , harrowing, vile, macabre, abhorrent , detestable, execrable, atrocious, nauseating Indoctrination that has transpired in their miserable tainted Lives until this moment of Freedom! Escape ! Englightenment!  Release! Re-birth ??  to enter hallowed sacrosanct Temple of Alternative Truth Seeking Knowledge only available at local convenience shops Nationwide ....  or 52 page ebooks downloaded for free consumption -- with disclaimer in case you suffer from its vaccination against being a sheeple .... there shall be no liability !  (ultra fine print ) .    Doubt !  Don't believe anything !!! Everything is a Lie!!  (which logically entails that Alt wunderland also has its fair share .. or more likely a significant amount )  Recall 10 Cloverfield and the dynamics of social interaction ?   Too many connections ... write numbers on your blank paper ... now comes the fun part . ... draw lines between these numbers ...  play connect the dots even ...   ( there are more examples coming later )
The point at this stage ?   It is a difficult challenge to literally mark out details because of the tendency to do the following ---  Separate the sheep from the goats ...   
Notice where I left off in my lengthy reply to Fox yesterday?   grin ...
He wrote -- paraphrasing --  Let's leave the Flatt World for now ...  Now deal with these queries ---- prod .. prod ... with a big stick ...
Fox consciously ... intentionally or unintentionally often interjects issues that are easily obtainable outside Alternative resources ...  it is like walking into a Apple Shop ...  (any sales shop private or corp . )  along with a bait and switch approach ( yeah I got it ... need more details ... )   or a worse case scenario is walking into the huge gigantic Computer arena in SZ (Shenzhen ) or the moderately sized ones in Gz.   Talk about being a clone of Slick Willie ( for allegedly being crafty or shrewd )  these computer salespersons are quick witted with tons of technical jargon with a greased lightning presentation style that unless You as the consumer have any awareness of Computer D.I.Y. skills -- then welcome to the Circus Festival games of chance ) .   He mentions the vaccination issue --  in which he insists will substantiate his Alternative arena --- really?   I quickly found two Websites outside Alternative sheepfold ...  Point?  This is one among a zillion examples of being shafted ... But as a indoctrinated brain-dead comatose sheeple with no f**king understanding of the duplicitous, devious, scheming, evasive, shrewd, guileful, cunning secretive Alien controlled management of zillions of resources via the "Elite" which is bringing about NWO etc ....   I cannot fathom the depths of the hidden, concealed, camouflaged, masked, shrouded, unrevealed ( to sheeple) invisible Empire Strikes Back ... which has so many conflicting agendas that make the Fundies appear as a tidy organized bunch of misfits.   He continuously announces --- Be prepared to be Shocked by the Shock troops of the Clone Wars !  or Starship Troopers ...  He has the answer ... it will grip you by the throat ...  you might not like it ... ( panic attack! Arrrrrrghhhh !  )  We, the sheeple are not correctly connecting the dots placed upon the blank A4 white paper ...   this is intricately connected to the Mythos surrounding the whole Alternative Geoengineered Chemtrail'ed Alien Lizards from outer spaaaaaaaace (which doesn't exist by the way ...  heavy dripping sarcasm ) maybe from Saturn ?  but hey, how did they get through the Dome ?  or maybe Saturn is a tiny meandering object within the Flatt World ? )   A Mythos cannot be broken down and neatly arranged like ducks in a nice row ...   There are quite a few similarities with the Review of 10 Cloverfield along with its ARG and the Alternative Arena -- that which deals with Geoengineering (Dane ) Chemtrails ( from various ) Gematria ( various ) Lizard Aliens ..  NWO ... Deep State .... "Elite"   Illuminati ... Jews / Oligarchs ... Flatt World (Dubay, Sargent , Icky (ooops ... Icke ) and many more with Heinz 57 Varities + ) ---  To avoid extending this by including the similarities I will have to write much more unless there are some who can grasp the vast ant hill with zillions of tunnels that TaylorHolmes mentions with Cloverfield Mythos .   There is the Mythos realm and there is the realm where many issues are raised by both MSM, investigative journalists, non-MSM which seek to notify folks of lots of unethical behavior , Govt involved shit, Big Pharma, Monopolistic entities (Google, Farcebook, Amazon, Microsoft et al. ) The endemic, pandemic of insidious plots,  schemes, stratagem, cabals, intrigue, decepticons (Transformers -- Marvel villians - DC Villains - V for Vendetta types - Cloverfield types -- Turning Point -- Metropolis -- Dark City - Horror Alien Govt --- so many others ) .  That there is an endemic diversity of subterfuge collusion and collaboration between various entities can be utilized, employed, deployed and exploited by anyone seeking to blend it within their proposals to advocate the other side of all of these events.  Are there Conspiracies ?  this is a no brainer -- Are these Conspiracies intertwined, interconnected, interweaved, twisted together deeply with the Mythos of Alternative Arena ???  In other words is this simply a cart and horse question?  Due to these Conspiracies then we extrapolate from this phenomena that our Reality is based upon theories ( or as Fox is obsessed with Facts! his Facts!  his Proofs! -- maybe the Fundies are his twin )  of Aliens?  Flatt World?  NWO?  "Elite" ?  and then proceed to the claims of Geoegineering (Dane) Chemtrails? Fake Moon Landings, Fake Nukes ?  False Flags propagating like bunny rabbits?  there is no F.U.D. within all of this ?   That Gematria becomes a much more accurate Nostradamus ?  The Mythos is pervasive ...... Another time I will discuss Day's speech of '69 --  contrary to Fox -- its more Nostradamus like .  Blending events with the Mythos of Alternative Arena seems to be a disingenuous Marketing scheme .... But then again hahahahaha I am not a card carrying member of Alternative Toys R Us....    We can choose which Mythos we prefer to Live within ...   I insist that a sub-area or bigger within Alt R Us has more cases of F.U.D. than it would agree with having .  
The English language has, I suspect, always been a mishmash of made up, stolen, and ever-changing words. We’ve incorporated everything from the Spanish vigilanteword to the German word wanderlust, seen William Shakespeare invent over 1700 of our commonly used words (impede, frugal, submerge, just to name a few), and seen the meanings of words change drastically (used to mean exactly 10,000, and awful used to be something “worthy of awe”).  And now myth commonly believed to refer solely to a “false belief or idea”.   Lewis’s musings on myth have alarmed some of his less literate admirers, just as they have riled his less literate critics, who both misunderstood his language, believing it to imply the factual falsity of the Christian faith.  Myths have the capacity to inspire awe on the account of their numinous qualities.McGrath explains that Lewis was able to see Christianity not as “a set of doctrines or moral principles, but a controlling grand narrative – a myth in the true sense of the term” Tolkien, specifically, helped Lewis see that the Gospel interacts with both our hearts and our minds in a way that simple fact cannot, and only myth can.  Using Lewis’s own words from across the vast spectrum of his written work, as well as biographical detail and a solid understanding of mythology, Alister McGrath provides an in-depth and captivating explanation of C.S. Lewis’s view of the Gospel as a “true myth”, and the way that such myth can convey reality. The culmination of Lewis’s view of myth may not be agreed upon by all, but its three conclusions (as described by McGrath) should definitely be considered necessary reading to all who want to understand the ways in which the Gospel can be read.   As I am very aware of --- The barrage of Criticism will raise its Dragon head and bellow out smoke, fire and indignant bravado with heavy dripping of sarcastic mockery ----  Fascinating irony from these Dragon heads .... Thus I have no desire to mention "the huge elephant in the room "  but rather choose to deal with the "text" at hand in order to establish a different Mythos for a Community than typically asserted by my Fundie friends .  It is completely obnoxious for Alt Toys R US to declare with emphatic Foghornish Battlecries that their Reality has conquered all within their sacrosanct Flatt World and within the actual World that we live and breathe.  That those who are declared comatose sheeple who are brainwashed and indoctrinated or addled minds from Chemtrails should find their 'freedom' from whatever Mythos of Alternative ideas about Aliens NWO etc etc .. and that having defiantly proud bravado to broadcast this as the only Truth is surely hubristic ....    They want their esoteric cake with ice cream and eat it too...    While diminishing and deprecating others as they sing their ... We are the sappy World ...  
Holmes!  Watson?  What about the dogs barking at midnight?   
Holmes:  Watson ... There is a profound nugget of discernment in answering this query ....   Beware of Alternative sources ... grin grin  
(This an ambiguous puzzle solved ... if you try ... It involves deciding Which Mythos you select as your presuppositional framework .... grin grin )


#2018-12-01 15:27:11 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7

@woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

I am delighted that you chimed in here ...   (clap)(clap)

I did not wish to write about the N.T. usage (koine greek which is often deprecated by those who do not realize that there is a distinct difference between Classical Greek and the period of Koine Greek -- although there was a transition time period ... )  due to the usage of it in connection with the intended message of the N.T. towards it's theological perspective with the Christian understanding of God --which I will address a little more in a forthcoming blog -- I am trying to stay away from this aspect to hopefully minimize the dogs barking up the tree ... 

And while you are right that "philia" is the term used for love of friends, it is also love of country, family and generally everything you classified under "agape."    (clap)(clap)

This is part of my extended blog post --- which will show up someday

------    "Agape," which is used hardly at all in classical greek  (clap)

The verb form and the noun form will treated more later as well... 8)

To recap --- If I wish to quickly bring out the Christian understanding then those who do not belong to this group will quickly start barking ... Do I really need to engage in flame wars of years ago with the Infidels, New Mythicists and so on ?    Should I accept the inane caricature and stereotype that I  am a member of my Fundie or Conservative friends who emphasize a "Literalistic" pattern?

Therefore, I can appropriate the essence of Apape in both verb and noun forms that are evident within the Greek "text"  to utilize in building up a sense of Community without hammering away with the context of the "text" that is before us.   There is no necessity within our Modern and Post-Modern Society to have some straitjacked approach ... nor a "all roads lead to Rome" approach either ...  We are millenia upon millenia from the Classical period along with the Platonic and Neo-platonic philosophers or theologians of the Western side of the Church ...   Thus, there are lots of benefits for a healthy dynamic socio-psychological framework that is based upon the N.T. 'texts'  ...  I live here on the Mainland and thus I do not wish to engage by writing a lot from my Field along with its jargon ...  Why upset the apple cart and rock the boat ?   I can surely share valuable insights without such jargon ... although it is obviously deeply embedded there . 

Looking forward to your useful and fascinating insights ! (handshake)8)

#2018-12-01 15:47:37 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


Sorry sir, You keep missing your appointments down the hall to the right ... the inane complaint dept is also down the hall to the  left .... 

--------Typical answer here would be --- Yep, typical comment by you ... LOL

---------  Jim, if my claims are so outrageous why bother reading them, let alone writing whole blogs about them - What are you frightened of......the fact that I may be correct?

Dude!  (cue Ex Machina)   Actually dude you are possibly getting anxious and nervous that I might hit that sensitive ego of yours ??  Thus you provide this instance of your supposed testerosterone bravado ???

You being correct?  (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)

Besides the blending of obvious shafting of so many events with your Alternative Nonexistent Geoengineering Chemtrails - Gematria hat tricks emulating Nostradamus like spiels -- Flatt World in order to dazzle folks with your B.S.  ... which are easily found outside your Alternative Toys R Us shop .... those with the former everyone here has no qualms over ...  the Latter finds it myself deep within the Mythos of Alternative Reality ....


I could sum-up this whole blog in a couple of sentences, which could have saved you heaps of time....

What you're saying is essentially,

'Fox is full of sh*t; don't believe a word he says, because everything he says is rubbish. How do I know? Well, everyone knows, right?"

Geez Dude!  The Audition for your part portraying the Orange Head is down the hall and up the stairs to the Auditorium .....  

By the way in a previous post ... I did correctly indicate which room you needed to visit --- with a special #  and a special id # courtesy of your snipe hunting for sigils ..... LOL

I enjoy how you continually keep shoving these wunderful nuggets of accurate description of yourself ....   into various orifices ....   heavy dripping sarcasm ....  

Now don't be late for your appointments ....   (giggle)

#2018-12-01 16:57:16 by Barry1 @Barry1



"I am delighted to find a reference to Greek thought in this forum."


Well spoken Peter, but in actuality, I would have said,


"I am delighted to find a reference to thought in this forum."

The way I see it, bloggers should be applauded for using their brains, ie their minds, their thoughts, into penning an article.


Even if the writer seems to be dancing merrily with the fairies at the bottom of the rose garden, cavorting happily in a cryptic world of their own, the act of doing their best to write something illustrates a lively, thoughtful and/or creative mind, that's a good goal to aspire to. 


I thus call upon all the anonymous lurkers out there, who generally read but never write anything, to consider penning an article for themselves. Once finished, you'll almost certainly be satisfied with the achievement.


Put it on your bucket list, okay!  (think)





#2018-12-01 17:27:04 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7



But what I am not seeing is much evidence on your part to actually refute his claims on the bassis of the facts. I don't see you actually pointing out how, based upon the apparent facts at hand, his theory is wrong 

Can you point out for me what specific claims Paul is making that you can clearly state to be untrue and then provide me the facts and the evidence upon which you're relying to disprove those same untrue claims?

-----------   Evidence?  You want evidence ?   So we are off on an evidentialist apologetic fox hunt ?   (giggle)(giggle)(giggle)

Facts ?   clearly stated Facts?   (giggle)(giggle)(giggle)

I am amused somewhat due to the potential "baggage" that might be tagging along with this --- Facts come in all different sizes and shapes ... which most likely is not apparent to many ....   Ex.  Apparently Orange head has made thousands of comments that his core fan club considers as facts but otherwise outside his Circus performance -- are consider fabrications ...  8)     ----   Websites galore ... continously reload their bump stocks with ammo 'considered ' facts and then engage in paint ball competitions --- or False Flag events ---  without actually killing anyone --- which is a better scenario than actually terminating others --- which does occur too much in Merica.      Fox considers my reluctance to add links or refute his testerosterone bravado with something that kicks his butt strongly enough to get his attention for a few brief moments...   due to my 'weakness' or comatose indoctrination -- which is a bizarre broad stereotypical abuse of logical discourse ...    e.g.  ---- We know what we know because we've been taught it.  Wow! such profundity!  Such sage like musing!  

You want me to shovel out facts and evidence to display that this sentence is suitable for middle school mental aged individuals?   It's called common sense .    LOL

John, I used to be extremely involved with evidential apologetics and debated with a shitload of folks ... Online and on Campus and on Streets or anywhere, at anytime ...   In the beginning, as a newbie over at the U Of W I got decimated and gobsmacked ...   my classmates (much more beefy than me with lots of Fox's male wannabe testerosterone ) decided to toss in the white rag ...  Oh yes, they continued on with their debates within their comfy zones and circling the wagons against infidels of all sorts and types ...  I invested a huge amount of effort, energy, passion and research ...  Indoctrination ????? ROFL !!!  Where does he get these McDonald's type of slogans ???  Ask any of my Profs ...  I push the limits constantly ... How could I be a dumbass indoctrinated with what ?   My eclectic range is rather large way beyond his tunnel visioned approach ... I am not yakking about the useful tidbits he keeps blending in with his Alt Toys R Us either ...   

Later on ... I was on Par with the best of them or those who thought they were the best ...   Decades roll by .... more skills added and refined ... Whoa the huge flame wars I used to get in ... Yeah!  I got very sick and tired of the B.S. and crap thrown at me because I came from a different paradigm -- often with taunts -- You have taken a .45 to your insufficient mind ... many more ... However, never saw any hit a home run ...   either ...  Then after much more research and life experience I began to be acutely aware and  notice a pattern ...  to make it blunt as iron -- So Friggin what ???  Information , so called Facts , even Nuclear doesn't really have the profound impact or influence that Fox is seeking to have here ... so instead he tries to hammer them with his male sensitive testerostertone bravado ...  with his F.U.D. agenda ...  in his attempts to use specialized lures for attracting fish ...  How should I respond then?  Jump in the boxing ring to determine who can last the most rounds ?   It is ineffective and inefficient to achieve the huge anticipated Marketing response .....  

The only Facts Alt Toys R Us will accept is what they have already decided are such ...   Anything else is indoctrinated B.S. ..Fake News ...  ad nauseam --- Example --- Geoengineering (Dane )  Well done Website ... Cool even !  Wow you could easily get lost there in a second ...   meaning there are so many links and articles coming from Dane's perspective ... You start traveling down one area .. and then there are so many diverging paths you might never get out .... (giggle)(giggle)(giggle)  So what does Fox do ?  He is like a kid in a huge Candy shop .... Wow! exciting ! These are all Facts ...  because ... ?  Several reasons resonate here ... Rhetoric ... Links ... Evidence that is drawn from other Alt sites ... I mean .. gee whiz ... this must be accurate because it seems so amazing and tantalizing and Alt!!! heavy dripping sarcasm ....

I was thinking Whoa Dude ... impressive ... Then I did something blasphemous --- shhhhhhhh ----  (giggle)  ---  I went outside of the rabbit hole from Wunderland and avoiding MSM (since when do CNN et al.  broadcast this stuff? their Marketing area is different ... )  Geez .. I wuz thinkin ... if there are Alt Toys R Us shops hither and thither ... then surely there must be competitive shops somewhere ....   probably about the same amount too ...  Next step ... toss out various sites ( which comes from decades of Academic training which Fox seems obsessed with ... My... My .... My ... he really seems to have such an obsessive - compulsive twitch -- especially for that single word --- Satan )

Then I located some sites that have suitable information and information that presents Facts and Evidence upsetting Dane applecart ....   (giggle)  Fox screams No F**king Way!!  Fake News!!  ( Orange head wannabe ?)  

Then I locate more and more Facts and Evidence ... (nod):P8););)  While digging more and more through the Net ... Google is your fiend ... sarcasm since I don't have vpn and don't need it either ... contrary to a zillion expats here ...   who apparently do ...  ;):P

Thus for me ... Dane's site doesn't meet my criteria of being suitable Facts and Evidence ...    Now -- I am using these two terms with dripping sarcasm .    Fox will scream bloody murder !!  So F***kin what ?   Is this a popularity contest or competition we are having here ?  This certainly ain't no debate cuz I wouldn't even show up with such a hothead ....  I have already written that debates are mostly used by the fans for their clubs to rally around ... as well as the chance to have their 15 minutes of fame ...  How did my students get to the Final 5 in their competitions ?   Through training ... and some open secrets as well ....  (giggle)    Debates are like MMA bouts ... UFC bouts ... WWW worldwide wrestling bouts  (meaning some are staged .. some are choreographed -- others by sheer force )... winners are those who their fans think won .. or Media pundits who want something to write home about ....   

So why bother ?   Do you really believe that by submitting Facts and Evidence in the typical fashion and manner that many try to pass off .... will have substantial impact and influence with the readership here ?     I prefer to engage in Fencing with Fox ... rhetoric vs rhetoric ...  He thinks he is hot stuff ... so engage target .. target acquired .. hit the the Mythos behind it ... hit the Philosophy or lack of ... hit the Logic or lack of ... hit the Mundane B.S. that appears as "facts and evidence"  lower case ---

Thus bye bye to Chemtrails ....  Fox screams you F***king idiot of course there are !!! It's been proven !!!  ( yeah, right and Santa is living not far from my good buddy who lives in Finland too ...  or that special super spy decoder ring to help play "Touring" games of decoding ..)  Where is your F***cking Facts and Evidence dumbass !!! (heavy satire and sarcasm )

Dude! (Ex Machina --- fantastic movie by the way ....  )

Next up on my list is to refrain from "snipe hunting" for the Moon Landing (giggle)(giggle)(giggle)(giggle) 

Holocaust ?   This is really -----
revolting · repellent · repulsive · sickening · nauseating · nauseous · stomach-churning · stomach-turning · off-putting · unpalatable · unappetizing · uninviting · unsavory · distasteful · foul · nasty · obnoxious · odious · vomitous ·  gross · gut-churning · grotty · squicky · bogging · disgustful · offensive · appalling · outrageous · objectionable · displeasing · shocking · horrifying · scandalous · monstrous · unspeakable · shameless · shameful · vulgar · gross · vile · wicked · odious · heinous · abhorrent · loathsome · obnoxious · detestable · hateful · sickening · contemptible · despicable · deplorable · abominable · execrable · unforgivable · unpardonable · inexcusable · intolerable · insupportable · beyond the pale · horrid · ghastly · sick · godawful   And personally I do not give a hippo's ass what Fox wants to reply using his dumbass mockery ....  

Nuclear Weapons ---  (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)

Many grateful Thanks for having more than enough patience with my extended musings ...  Even though I probably have not touched upon your reasonable query with what you might expect to receive ...  

Additional note --- I  keep prodding and telling one of my Conserv. friends to be careful --- He is too cocky sometimes ...  He is a certified History teacher -- but I caution him that if he continues with several items he may one day have the proverbial rug yanked out from under him ....  

Evidential apolgetics for any field in my estimation doesn't answer or solve issues with the anticipated high results expected ....   I can only share my perspective and let it go ....    with the understanding that I put in much effort, energy and passion regardless of whether some Emperor with "new clothes" thinks otherwise ...    

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