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Neil Yaun prides himself on knowing a little about everything, despite no formal college education. He is self-educated, with a love of Chinese culture focused on their history and traditions. Growing disillusioned with the direction America is taking and his negative experiences with American women he is seeking a new path in China. He plans to teach English in China. This blog is about the journey to China and all the pitfalls along the way.
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The Pressure Cooker    

By Neil Yaun
2575 Views | 3 Comments | 8/11/2010 12:24:51 PM

The U.S. isn't happy.

I’ve been keeping track of the news and I’m a bit disturbed by the activities by my own government. I don’t really know why the U.S. seems intent on provoking just about any kind of negative response around China. First it starts with antagonizing the already strained Korean situation and now the U.S. working deals with Vietnam as a message to China.

What is the message? Stop succeeding? It seems that China’s business successes are putting pressure on the U.S. and causing some ruffled feathers in Washington. I have been keeping track of the news enough to know that China’s success in Diplomatic approaches are also a concern in Washington and has probably given them an inferiority complex.

Why is it that if a country seems to outpace the U.S., we start threatening them with war games off of their coast? It seems these rogue nations are only rogue because they won’t fall in line with Washington’s wishes. I know I’ve already had to go on one rant about some of the negative traits in the American psyche, but this is subject I have to address.

I don’t understand why we have become a country that was once the protectors of the world to now being a pure aggressor. There are only so many times you can use 9/11 as an excuse to exert your will on another nation and national security is really getting old as a reason to push people around. Even I as a citizen of this nation can see the flaws in our International policy. Our president tried to heal the wounds of the Bush administration only to open up new ones. I only hope he can prevent the escalation that is occurring all over the world now.

Now, I know you may be wondering why I’d be ranting on politics on an international dating website but if you think that politics doesn’t affect you, then you should probably open your eyes because U.S. relations with China will affect whether you and your Chinese girlfriend can see each other. If the U.S. severs ties with China or China with the U.S. it can make both of your lives very difficult. I don’t think this will happen and certainly don’t wish it because I believe both China and the U.S. should be leading the world together in a diplomatic manner and should be allies for a change, but I’m just one of the ordinary citizens of my nation. What do I know about keeping peace in the world through negotiation and diplomacy instead of war and occupation?

I certainly hope that I can be a better representation of my nation in China than my government is and can foster a positive relationship with the people of China. I know from my experience from CLM that many of the Chinese women wish only for cooperation and a happy relationship with our nations. I wish I could say the same for the comments I hear from my own countrymen at my job and on the street, but I hope that will change if we can just find a way to deal with things in a civilized manner and not like spoiled rotten brats.

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#2010-08-11 21:01:39 by lifehurts @lifehurts

People like to make anything complicated while they say we have only one world.

No, I never think it is true.

#2010-08-15 22:31:55 by hello141 @hello141

Lots of supposition here. I think part of the tension is due to China's protection of North Korea, which the US is technically at war with. Last year, N.K. launched the Taepaedong II missile; its max. range is the edge of Alaska. If a North Korean escapes into China and turns himself/herself in, then the person will be sent back to North Korea. If that same individual leaves China, then the consequence is far harsher. The US has to use China to keep NK inline, which may explain your view on the matter. There could be other tensions but this is the one that I am most familiar with.

I agree with the op. It would be nice to have harmonious relationships between all countries in the world.

#2010-08-16 15:27:23 by aussieghump @aussieghump

Every person will do things to protect their interests as they see things before them, every country will do the same thing.

China has a problem with North Korea in that it is China's best interests to keep this neighbour as a good neighbour - the border between China and North Korea is mostly a river - and if North Korea were to collapse, the consequences of 20Million plus refugees streaming across the border would be catastrophic for China in terms of feeding and controlling this many people. I am sure there are many other issues too!

The USA must also join with it's 'allies' in the region on issues as well, in order to keep them 'neighbourly'. Joint military activities etc also help to foster this - but one person's 'support' is another person's 'antagonism'.

Hope level heads prevail!

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