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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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The Present Makes No Sense    

By Imi
3235 Views | 39 Comments | 10/18/2019 11:10:03 AM

Canada: Lots and lots of snow, hockey, the second largest country in the world by landmass, an opportunity for many to improve their lives. These were the few things I knew about Canada before immigrating here.


My wife, Janessa, finally arrived in Canada on the 11th of June. My life, in an odd way, worsened with her by my side. Janessa's presence somehow made me realize I had lived under a rock for a long time and was as blind as a mole. She, too, had a vision of Canada before arriving here. One day, she asked me: Where are all the white people at?


In the morning on the 11th of June, 2019, I crawled out of my burrow, and my blindness slowly came to an end. I was at the airport in Vancouver, waiting for Janessa's arrival. Unfortunately, after four years of waiting, I couldn't relax, and my mind still ran through possibilities of emerging problems that could somehow prevent us from being together. Six months had passed since Janessa had gotten the green light to come to Canada. The six months gave us nothing but frustration. The Canadian Embassy in Hong Kong lost a few of our documents and asked us to redo them. Hence the delay. In short, the way Canadian immigration handled our case was a big disappointment for us.


So, yes, even after Janessa's plane had landed, I was more anxious than happy. I didn't feel the same joyfulness and excitement that others might have felt waiting for their spouses' arrivals. I thought I would be over the moon, but after calming my nerves some degrees as to look as normal as the waiting crowd, I realized I was in an airport lobby filled with towel-heads and bedsheets. I could only see maybe ten white people in the crowd. Two of them were an elderly Canadian couple standing not far from me with their expression depicting my very own feelings: Where the hell am I? I was genuinely shocked by the scene.


My shock could only increase when an elderly Middle Eastern man passed me, barefoot. At least most of the towel-heads and bedsheets had the decency to wear flip-flops in a public place, but not him. The old man's fungus and cracked heels were all I wanted to see before meeting my lovely Janessa. Thank you, Canada! You gave me a lot, but I was completely unprepared for this beautiful diversity that was supposedly enriching my life.


It's October already. Four months went by. Janessa goes to school and already has a job. She's happy. Me. Not so much. I'm only happy when I'm with her at home. When we go out, I see how much my neighborhood has changed in a few short years. When we go to the nearest mall, which I haven't done for eight years since I lived alone, I can see only immigrants in there. Old men, wearing turbans, are sitting in circles in the middle of the mall and gossiping. Younger ones of their ilk are walking in gangs and challenging you, seemingly, the only white man in the crowd, with their eyes as if I were an alien in their land.


I don't feel at home anymore, and I keep telling Janessa how nice of a place my neighborhood was ten, even five years ago, and that I wish she could have seen it. Back then, I saw people who dressed like me and tried to fit in with western society, contributing to it and not taking advantage of its welfare system.


I guess my problem is that I can't accept the destruction of the present because it is where my life has to run its course. I can't accept an ideology forced down my throat by politicians who represent corporate Canada but ignore its citizens. And, of course, I can't accept people who believe the floor of an airport is the same as the sand dunes of their origins.


By the way, I'm not racist—if that's all you got by reading this, you're very much mistaken—but I'm not stupid either.


From 2018 to 2019, Canada's population grew by 1.7%. It is somewhere over five hundred thousand immigrants. It is alarming that 87% of them are from the Middle East.


At one point, hopefully in my lifetime, sane white people of western countries have to fight back or risk the possibility of having bred out from within.


So, my answer to my wife's question was, you will see a country full of white people when we visit Hungary—one of the last bastions of sanity.

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#2019-10-18 11:44:43 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

It took me a few days to approve this article because I had, a few months back, given notice that while there was the current political crisis going on in Hong Kong and China I would be avoiding publishing any Conspiracy Corner styled blogs. Of course Imi was likely not aware of that because he only returns occasionally to post a blog, which which postings are much appreciated by us.

However, I decided I would post it because it so clearly has nothing to do with any current issues in China and because I agree with it so whole heartedly. It disgusts me that we real Canadians, the ones born and raised in Canada, have sold out our own country, culture and heritage, all in the name of bleating virtue signalling. 

It's not that there is something wrong with other cultures. Other cultures are great. But they are not our culture.

Such cultures and attached cultural mores are great where they were developed, where their people grew up with them, where their people accept them and choose to abide by them. But they are not great for us when their cultural mores are not our cultural mores, especially when their cultural mores are fast replacing our own with mores that we do not wish to live by.

Canada is busy destroying itself. It is doing so under the guidance of the most embarrasing leader in Canadian history. Justin Trudeau is a globalist man-child who never stops virtue signalling on the surface, while being totally corrupted and anti-Canada beneath the surface. He is like a cartoon caricature of one of the all time worst of American Presidents, Barack Obama, whose butt Trudeau has had his nose up since he was first elected. 

Obama may well find his way into a prison cell as the enormity of his corruption and his betrayal of America is slowly coming to light. Hopefully Trudeau will meet the same fate.

Meanwhile Canada has an opportunity to rid itself of this nation destroying libtard on October 21st Election Day. If it fails to do so and in a very strong way the Canada we grew up in and love will be a distant memory very soon.

#2019-10-18 12:16:33 by oldghost @oldghost

This seems a perverse and ethnocentric view that I can neither sympathise nor empathise with.  What, I wonder, does your wife make of your longing for ethnic-purity.  Must be bemused and confused at the very least. ‘You have brought me here as an immigrant, which you are yourself, yet you bemoan the flood of immigrants' she might perhaps be thinking

For my part, living in a Chinese quarter of Sydney with surrounding pockets of Lebanese and wider muslim people, with Chilean Hongkong Thai and mainland China neighbours, with Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Sudanese, NigerianI Korean Japanese Malaysian anywhere you look - I am most comfortable.

Here on the other hand the swelling tide of Sinophobia is most disturbing.  As a frequent traveller in, and a fan of, the country, China (if not necessarily of its system), I am labelled as pro-Chinese and therefore an object of suspicion and probable security threat.


#2019-10-19 11:30:50 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@oldghost - so you live in one of the areas in Oz where the foreigners tend to live and you're comfortable living in such pockets. I would be perfectly comfortable living in such a space as well, and I have on several occasions. I'm pretty sure that Imi can say the same.

But what has that to do with the theme of Imi's blog which is not that foreigners are unwelcome to come live in Canada, but that such numbers of them coming to live in Canada that our own Canadian culture is fast disappearing is not welcome. It is not okay that it is becoming impossible to find areas in Canada where there are not more people of foreign cultures living than people of Canadian culture.

Canada is far from alone in this regard. The UK and many European countries are even further down the path of no longer having a native culture.

And why are you speculating whimsically on what Imi's wife was thinking. She said what she was thinking when she asked "Where are all the white people at?"

If you know how Chinese think at all, and based on your experiences presumably you do, then you know full well that she most likely would not be interested in living among multiple ethnicities, and would prefer to limit her surrounding to Chinese, but could accept Koreans, Japanese and to a lesser extent other Asians who come from countries bordering on China. The fact that she is married to a White man tells us that she is among the large minority of Chinese who can also accept living among white people.

Since she was moving to Vancouver you can safely bet that she assumed she'd be living among a population that was about 40% Chinese and 60% white. So it must have come as quite a shock and a serious disappointment to find herself among about 40% Chinese, 50% other ethnicities not among her favourites and 10% whites. 

Of course not all areas in Canada are reaching such low percentages of white Canadians, but large sections of the major cities are. Imi and I agree that it is shameful that the only people in the world who are not protecting and preserving their cultures from being decimated are the Western white cultures.

You may think that it is a virtue to not value your own culture, but we think you are wrong.

#2019-10-19 11:44:47 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


You are way off what I was trying to convey here. I'll try to say this in a more straightforward way for you. I like to drink milk, but I'm forced to drink chocolate milk instead now, and I'm having a problem to accept the logic behind the shift. 

#2019-10-19 17:05:42 by oldghost @oldghost

@imi Chocolate milk is a palpably silly analogy which cheapens what you wrote.  What you meant to convey and what you actually conveyed are likely two different things.  I wrote about what you actually conveyed to me. It seems you don't like the influx of Middle eastern and Sub-continental populations which in fact comprise a small percentage. You are an immigrant and apparently discomforted by the immigration pattern you now perceive in Canada.  The demographics indicate over 75% 'white' ; looking at others, by religion Muslim 3.2%, Hindu 1.5%, Sikh 1.4%; by language Punjabi 1.4%, Arabic 1.1% no sign of overwhelming numbers if those ethnicities a cause of discomfort.  I mention these because you specifically mention clothing.

I am not quite accusing you of colour or racist leanings, but if you have 'white' preference, seek out a 'whiter' neighbourhood. Perhaps the area you live in is no longer to your taste?  Then take advantage of the housing demand and move to one that suits you more, one which is more amenable to a Hungarian temperament?  Where I live has been taken over by mainland Chinese home buyers; that suits me, but if it didn't, I'd cash in on the extra they pay for housing and move.

#2019-10-19 17:41:11 by oldghost @oldghost

@JohnA I suspected your numbers are a bit out of whack, but 'never let facts get in the way of a 'good' argument', right?  I was certainly surprised at just how high the Asian percentage is in Vancouver! And how low the British European total is

European Canadian: 46.2%
Chinese: 27.7%
Filipino: 6%
South Asian: 6%
Southeast Asian: 3%
Japanese: 1.7%
Latin American: 1.6%
Mixed visible minority: 1.5%
Korean: 1.5%
Aboriginal: 2%
West Asian: 1.2%
Black: 1%
Arab: 0.5%

That accounts for 77% according to your on your ethnic grouping - 'white' Chinese et al.  On these figures every 14th person is likely to be South Asian/Indian/Arabic

Nationalist and Pure Australia parties here in Australia have argued for keeping the Chinese and Muslims out, and these parties are a scourge, source of shame. I welcome all equally but I might not choose to buy a house in little-Beirut or wherever social tensions make life difficult.
Despite his denial, the writing of Imi here has distinctly racial overtones.
A neighbourhood changes with the successive diasporas, and accordingly so does its perceived culture; when it is time to move, move.  One doesn't need to move far.  I remember having to move because of a motor-cycle gang taking up residence for example.  I have also moved to take advantage of amenities, or location, and perhaps choosing a home together is another way and another level at which to bond.

The Canadian culture?  Is it immutable?  What is it anyway, and does it exist in Vancouver?  Just wondering.

#2019-10-19 19:34:19 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

I wasn't going to bother commenting on this blog, but @OldGhost's non-sensical response has made me feel I need to weigh-in.

I grew up in the UK throughout the 1960s and 70s, and saw first-hand what Imi is describing.

People were 'invited' to migrate to the UK, mostly from Pakistan and India, and we were told that it was mostly to replace UK citizens who were emigrating to Australia under the 'Ten-pound Pom' scheme.

Indians and Pakistanis were arriving in droves, and were mostly taking up non-skilled jobs such as bus-driving.

Problem? Not at all.....

However, like many migrants, these people tend to keep themselves-to-themselves or congregate with people of their same ethnicity. Again, no problem.

When I migrated to Australia in 2000, it was the same. Poms hung around with Poms, Italians hung around with Italians, etc, but the biggest difference was that Poms, Italians, etc, had no problem mixing with others. My neighbour was an Italian and we became good friends. He came to all our 'Pommie' BBQs, and we were invited to his 'Italian' BBQs, etc.

I have a Chinese friend who lives in a Chinese area of Vancouver. She told me she can go a full year without speaking English.

Pakistanis and Indians are fine, but they refuse (for the most part) to integrate and assimmilate with other ethnicities. This is MY problem!

I remember my first visit back to the UK after migrating to Aus. We took my 6-month old grand-daughter with us. When we went to my brother's house, we were sitting in the back garden and I was 'talking' to my grand-daughter in what you might call 'baby language'.

My brother came running out of the house and told me to 'shut-up' because his neighbours were Pakistani and if they heard me they might think I was taking the 'piss'. Absolute insanity!

There's a lot to be said for the cliche..'When in Rome....', but sadly not many people want to adhere to that.

They want to migrate to a 'better' country, and then invoke their own culture and laws upon the citizens of that country.

I respect all cultures, creeds, and races, because 'inside' we're all identical - we're all humans.

On the outside we're just a 'car', and we tend to focus on the 'car' instead of the 'driver'.

A beach is not a 'beach' without millions of grains of sand. The Internet does not exist without millions of I.P addresses. It's the same with humanity.

Yet if the black grains of sand, or the Desktop PCs want to ignore the white grains of sand or the 'laptops', I have no time for them.

This, I believe, is the whole point of Imi's blog....

#2019-10-20 00:29:12 by newbeginning @newbeginning

Imi, I understand your plight and your inner feelings. There are two main reasons as to why this is happening, I will not name the country?people responsible but i will say it has a star on its flag. I too live in Canada and I am shocked at what I see on a daily basis in small town Canada. I could go on and on but I would be here for days typing. If anhyone wants to open up their eyes and see what is truly happening then look at London, Sweden, France and Germany  for starters. I have enjoyed my times in China and felt much safer there. Chinese people are very proud of their culture and preserve it on a daily basis.

I am not racist either but if White people do not wake up soon our future on this planet is will be short....

I wish you so much happiness, love and luck in your future with your wife...



#2019-10-20 20:35:11 by oldghost @oldghost

@The general audience
of old fogeys missing the good old days.  Get with it, things have changed, are changing, will change.  Adapt, accommodate, live and love life. Enough of the Maudlin Longing for days gone by.  Oh woe, lack-a-day, things were better in my old day 

@JohnA: Where are all the white peopleSurprise, Shock, Disappointment, Horror or Delight? - I guess surprise, but the writer does not say, and there is no justification for choosing any in particular from the written word, although you John seem to have auto-opted for Shock + Disappointment.
Whimsical? Really, tut tut tut!  On the contrary, deadly serious. 

@paulfox: Nonsensical?  Typical. You argue in the Pauline Hanson/Donald Trump mode - throw out a few derisory and derogatory words and a guffaw, carefully avoiding treading where there might be facts.  If you failed to understand any point, state it, a la Pauline, 'Please explain'. Then I will borrow a page from Imi's manner book, and explain it to you carefully, and as slowly as necessary.

#2019-10-20 21:37:18 by oldghost @oldghost

Apropos the immigration flood and feelings of displacement:

Demographics and Immigration in Sydney

I chanced to scan the demographics of my immediate area and the area one removed. 
On overall immigration effect,
In Kogarah 40% were born in Australia and 79% of the population have parents born overseas. Says a lot, doesn't it! 
In the nextdoor county 46% were born here, 64% have parents born overseas,
In Sydney the numbers are 37% and 53% . I don't know the explanation for the drop in current generation in greater Sydney.

In Kogarah 28% are Chinese, 18% Australian or English, 6% Greek and 5% Nepalese - that's something I didn't know, Nepal.  For spoken language at home, English is 18%, Mandarin/Cantonese 28%, Greek, Nepalese and Arabic each about 6%

In Sydney the overall population has about 6% Chinese, 6% Thai - didn't know the Thai population is so large

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