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I spent 20 years punching a time clock... then decided there had to be another way. Right now I'm sitting in a comfortable chair on a beautiful beach. There's a sweet, soft breeze in the air. In front of me, on the clear blue water, a boat drifts by. Maybe I'll go snorkeling this afternoon, or work on my tan. This is my kind of tropical paradise... cheap and unspoiled!
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The Future is Beaches!    

By Ken Silver About Asia
2345 Views | 0 Comments | 9/28/2011 1:22:28 AM

The most frequent question I get asked in reference to this blog on Asia is “Ken, exactly what kind of an idiot is you?” To which I proudly reply “I am Tomorrow’s’ Idiot! I am the Idiot of the Future!” And, what a future it’s going to be! Lets’ all start drinking too much now!

Of course, the whole planet seems to be run by well-paid Idiots of the Future… better find your international internet dating site sweetheart soon…

The onrushing future is yet another reason why you should heed my words and go kick back on some tropical beach as soon as possible. Ah… feel the hot sun, the sea breeze, the chilled drink in your hand. In a little while you’ll be a bit too hot and ready to float around in the waves. So long, future! We are floating around in the ocean of here and now!

And, now that we’ve banished stupid ol’ future and long forgotten about his smelly cousin, Stinky Ol’ Past; let me take this moment to sit down on this fine sugar sand beach and start talking about the Philippines.

How many stars in the sky? How many beaches in the Philippines? I sure don’t know. Maybe there is a formula for figuring out how many beaches there can be on near seven thousand islands. The Philippines lags behind my other favorites - Thailand and Malaysia - in such categories as food and personal safety, and maybe even in culture, but when it comes to frequency of putting on that bathing suit…

But, which beach is which? We don’t want pollution, we don’t want crime, and we sure as heck don’t want the social embarrassment of being held hostage by anti-government guerrillas. Especially since both global and home town newspapers would head line that “Mr. Your Name Here was visiting the Philippines cause he couldn’t get a date in his own country.”

Well, at least that would get you some sympathetic laughter – and maybe even a day old bowl of monkey brains soup! - from your kidnappers.

The good news is that there does exist a section of the Philippines that is almost as comfortable to be in, and travel around, as Thailand. The Philippines has a pretty good internal network of planes and ferries, and in this island region that network works so well that you can travel around on impulse. It’s the Visayas island group; and its readily accessible from the national capitol of Manila, or even with a direct flight into Cebu City, the capitol of the central Visayas island of Cebu.

There are lots of just swell places to visit in this island grouping. Even better, the friendly, very often English speaking natives will be happy to point the way. It seems to me that nobody does “human being” better than someone born in the Philippines. They love to talk, also, so don’t worry about being too lonely while traveling here.

Anyhow… next time, we’ll start dipping our toes in the sights, sounds and oceans of this area!

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