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Born and raised in a small and remote village of China with two siblings, Zoe had a childhood with wild freedom in nature. After finishing her education at Dalian Foreign Languages University, she has been living and working in Dalian. A woman of strong feelings and a passion for life, Zoe's first series of vibrant articles will tell you about the rollercoaster ride that was her first serious relationship with a Western man. There is much you can learn from her telling story. After that we'll see where else she can take us and what other wonderful experiences she might share.
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The End of Our Relationship Part 25 - Cold Hearted Bastard    

By Zoe
12558 Views | 35 Comments | 9/13/2013 1:34:28 AM

To just stop communication with someone who loves you requires a cold, cold heart.

Another long flight, got layover in Abu Dhabi and back to Beijing, after almost 15 hours finally I landed in Dalian. At midnight, arrived home, opened the door, turned on lights, took a shower; it’s almost dawn, got to head to work. A colleague said, you look very tired. She didn’t know that I was much more tired than my face could be seen.

In the evening when I got home after work, I started missing H, I missed his high straight nose, his deep eyes, his smell, his gentle kisses, wanting to see him standing in front of me in his dapper suit in the morning; wanting to see him appeared by the door, the bright and shiny look on his face although it’s after a long day’s work….

Could not help dialing his mobile number, but he was in the USA already. He mentioned that he would get a business trip to America, but I didn’t know that he flew out right away after my leaving.

In the phone, I heard his sleepy voice, it supposed to be 5am there by then, I was sorry to wake him up and rushed to hang off the line.

He said, I will call you when I come back to Germany later, okay? Kiss, kiss….

The sweet feeling came back to me again, he didn’t know that a bit warmth and sparkle could make a fire in me.

However, several days passed, he didn’t call. I sent him email, he didn’t reply either.

The flame was burning out day by day, although I kept telling myself, if I fell into a guy who was a workaholic and ambitious, I got to accept the fact of being alone by myself.

Until one day I saw him on line in skype, I was very happy and said hi, but immediately he was off line. I could not curb my anger, what is that? A game played by a teenager? I sent him an email out of rage.

Dear H, did I do or say anything wrong? I sent you email, no reaction from you; texted you, no reply; phoned you, no answer either. What’s wrong?

This time, I got his reply very soon. It is what I wrote at the beginning before this story started.

Like every idiot who fell into a relationship, I became hysterical. Call, email, text, in whatever way that I could reach him, I pleased him to talk to me, didn’t understand how come he could be so cold and never showed up again.

I have been fretting about why he was that tough and determined, also being in an illusion that he would change his mind thinking of my good.

A good friend said to me that I was not in love, but falling into love, that I was in my beautiful bubble of being in love, that I was sad not because I lost H but for the fact that my bubble was broken; another friend said that it’s the best that this relationship ended, she said that I would not be happy if I happened to be with H, because I lost myself for him.

I have been writing this story in long and sweeping lines until today, even now I could not tell if I was in love with H or it was just kind of affection feeling. I know I was groveling and tried to make him happy, although my brain kept telling me that H would never be mine. Facing to this man, I made myself so small that I was low down to the earth.

Someone says, the secret of dating is simple: be confident, be comfortable in your skin, you’re sure who you are.

In this case, this relationship was determined to be a broken end: being with H, I hated myself being not pretty; I didn’t know how to communicate with him, always afraid that I would say something wrong to disappoint him; I was not sure who I was, from his eyes to look at me I saw myself a failure, both in career and relationship wise.

A friend said, anyone who ever appeared or will do into your life, for long or short, there is a reason for it, and it is arranged too in what way and what time.
I cannot tell for what Mr. Might arranges me to meet H, does he want me to experience the pains of the beauty broken? Or is there something more significant to my life?

But, something I do sure, time will smooth the pains, no matter how deep it is.


他说,I will call you when I come back to Germany, okay? Bye, kiss, kiss……


Dear H, Did I do or say anything wrong? I sent you email, no reaction from you; Texted you, no reply; Phoned you, no answer either. What’s wrong?


我至今也说不清楚,整个故事拖拖沓沓写到今天,我还是理不清楚。我不知道我对H是爱还是迷恋。我心甘情愿低声下气,讨他欢心,虽然心里一直很清楚,H 不属于我,在这个男人面前我太卑微,把自己低到了尘埃里。

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#2013-09-13 07:39:02 by sky810 @sky810


#2013-09-13 10:05:43 by purplesea1970 @purplesea1970


#2013-09-13 17:00:11 by panda2009 @panda2009

In a unprotected cohabitation relationship, you have lost a single freedom, and not under the protection of the marriage contract, this relationship is quite weak, very dangerous. So, don't take the name of Love to do something silly force. The more happiness hopefully you joined him, the more pain you have later.

#2013-09-13 22:29:48 by anonymous7334 @anonymous7334

多么清晰的事实,他对你并没有爱。你千里迢迢来到德国,他与你肌肤相亲看来也只是给你的礼貌性的安慰,这不代表他有什么承诺。 也许这是很多西方人的行为模式。 你在这条路上远比他更投入,而他始终理智地在一条界限后与你相持。这不同的步调注定了一场伤心的悲剧。
你小心翼翼的 、战战兢兢的爱给你带来了什么?你失去了自己,你完全输在了这种不对等的付出里。你没有享受到爱的快乐,却过多地品尝忐忑的滋味。这种单方付出无所依托的爱情无法滋养女人的身心。这种爱不但你自己承受不了,他也一样承受不了,于是他选择了更果断的逃避。

#2013-09-13 23:39:28 by sharonshi @sharonshi

Dear Zeo,

The end of the story is tough for you, but I am happy that you finally close it with tears.

You, what a courageous girl!

Obviously, this is not a love story, but a story about love. If God send you some message, maybe one of them is that to learn loving self and another is that you are angel spreading love.

Few people have less experience of moving the heart of her/him-self in life. You do. So, You are lucky girl.

I have sense you in peace, making a different life.

All is well, Zeo.

#2013-09-14 00:14:36 by shellnong @shellnong





#2013-09-14 06:10:37 by kelly717 @kelly717

zoe,非常理解你此时的心情。我去年在这里认识了一个欧洲国家的男士,我们聊得非常开心,然后圣诞我去了英国,他飞到英国来见我,我们相处的不是太融洽,但也没分手,后来过完新年,我们各自回国,相约4月他来中国。谁知在讨论他来中国后的观光过程中我们意见不一,吵了起来,有一天他突然发了一封邮件给我,说和我结束了,因为我的个性太强。其实我内心同样感觉,我们并不合适,可是他提的太突然,我没思想准备,最郁闷的是在和我结束两个小时后,他就重开了户口。我问他你要不要这么快啊,他说life must be going on.我算是领教了什么叫翻脸比翻书快。后来的心情就像你现在这样,各种郁闷,各种纠结,十天过后,我对自己说,我不能这样生活,必须尽快走出来。然后我和朋友去了巴厘岛休假,十几天后回来,我彻底没事了。所以我觉得走出自己固有的生活环境,接触新事物,有助转移注意力,走到大自然里,会觉得世界这么大,这么美好,干嘛放不下一个不值得的人?心情会豁然开朗,当然有个好闺蜜在旁边开解也很重要。一家之见,供你参考,希望你尽快开始新生活。

#2013-09-14 11:23:38 by ZootMurph @ZootMurph

It seems to me that you were infatuated with his looks. All your comments about him are about his looks, not his personality. In the end, compatibility of personality is what makes a relationship work. It is great to be physically attracted to another person, but without more, it can't work.

In the process of falling in love with his looks, you never learned about him and he never learned about you. You were too needy and he was just the opposite, being too callous to you and your needs. You saw only his outer person, his looks, and were blind to who and what he was... add that to his lust, and you end up with exactly what you had.

In the end, it is great to be so attracted to someone, but you must pull back and use the logical part of yourself to get to know the man, and to allow him to know you. The truest form of love comes from knowing each other, good and bad.

Every thing that happens in life is an opportunity to learn. Learn from this, and enjoy a better life in the future. What to learn... take time with love. Be patient, use your logical half, get to know each other, and love all the things about each other, before taking the step of being physically intimate.

#2013-09-14 18:02:03 by QinQL @QinQL

Zoe,dear Zoe, 时间是最好的疗伤药。请相信有一位你早已心仪的他会在你的生命里出现。也许他早已在默默地注视着你了……all will be fine.

#2013-09-14 21:31:53 by luyennmengreal @luyennmengreal

“There are no right or wrong forever in the world of love.
It is harvest as long as you have once loved someone deeply.
If you get love, please cherish it.
If you lose love, just pack your bag and do a separate travel by yourself.
Perhaps when you come back to the beginning, the love for you will be stronger and warmer.” This is what I always told to myself.
H is just like a mirror of you, from him you can see more clearly about yourself. It is very important that as what it was said by ZootMurph:Every thing that happens in life is an opportunity to learn. Learn from this,and enjoy a better life in the future. Good luck to you!

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