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Born and raised in a small and remote village of China with two siblings, Zoe had a childhood with wild freedom in nature. After finishing her education at Dalian Foreign Languages University, she has been living and working in Dalian. A woman of strong feelings and a passion for life, Zoe's first series of vibrant articles will tell you about the rollercoaster ride that was her first serious relationship with a Western man. There is much you can learn from her telling story. After that we'll see where else she can take us and what other wonderful experiences she might share.
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The End of Our Relationship Part 20 - The Quiet Town    

By Zoe
5654 Views | 7 Comments | 7/18/2013 4:01:35 PM

Some Chinese women do drink coffee.

Maybe because H was by my side, or I was extremely fatigued, I didn’t feel any jet lag and slept sweet and sound. In the early morning, in groggy there was someone talking gently, before could open eyes, I was trying to figure out my orientation, yeah, I couldn’t not help but grinned, here was my dear prince just next to me.

It was the news reporting H set as a morning call from his radio. Right, it’s absolutely H’s style.

He got up, took shower, and dressed up.

When H emerged back to me, there was the man with clean shirt, tidy tie, and brown suit, my serious and handsome Western man.

In front of him was me, bleary-eyed, disheveled, and staggered in his big T-shirt.

H told me some basic things in the apartment, as how to set the heat system if it’s cold, how to lock the door, asked me to phone him for anything I needed…. He bended and kissed me goodbye and left for work.

After he disappeared of the door, I wondered if I smelled when he kissed me since I didn’t brush my teeth yet; usually did he never take breakfast before headed to work? That’s bad, I would make everyday breakfast for him in the future; Hihi, my prince, you looked so handsome and so man no matter in casual clothes or suited up….

I rolled back to bed and continued to sleep, by the time I woke up again it was 12:30.

I was starved then. The food on plane was terrible, last evening I was too tired to eat, at this moment I started feeling my empty stomach.

Checked his kitchen, there was nothing to eat in the refrigerator, and my stomach ached only by looking at those cold stuff. So I washed up, grabbed a jacket and got out to look for something to eat.

Wanted to call H and told him that I was hungry but didn’t know where to find a restaurant, then I remembered that once he said that he liked independent woman. So I put back the phone into my pocket, and acted as an independent Chinese woman to do things on my own, I could find it, at least there were people on the street to ask.

It’s sunny and bright, but still there were not many people out there, I waited a while on the street no idea which direction to go until I saw a pretty young girl walking passing me, I stopped her with a smile, and she explained me very clear where I could find restaurants, and also supermarket as well.

In a pizza restaurant I ordered a pizza randomly. Saw two boys in the next table having the same size as mine, but they both finished half of the pizza and took away the left half, while I finished all mine and left even not a chip.

Got out from the restaurant, I made some walking in the town, and saw an outdoor coffee shop. It was still warm and nice out there, so I took a seat, got a cup of coffee, and meanwhile looked at people walking and seating around.

By the way, I ordered a bottle of Fanta, cost 3 euro, and here a cup of coffee was 2 ~ 2.5 euro. In China a bottle of drink like Fanta costs 2 or 3 RMB in supermarket, 5RMB in a restaurant, but a cup of coffee is 25 ~ 35 RMB in a coffee shop. Is it because all the coffee thing is still something new in China? Or is it that the coffee shops are somewhere that only young people go for sort of romantic? If my dream comes true that I would own a coffee shop someday, I would price the coffee within 10 RMB.

Let’s continue from where I was, right, I was sitting there, enjoying a coffee and looking at people around. This area supposed to be the center of the town as the young girl mentioned to me just now, but it seemed quieter than the compound where I live in Dalian. The shops here lined by the two sides of the street were very quiet too, plus that I could read very few German words, if not got close to the window or the door, I hardly could figure that they were shops for business.

I said to myself, if I would follow H and move into this small town, within a month I might get to know all the people in here, that would be funny, thinking that I was greeting everyone that came across on the street like in my village:
- Hi, Hans, how are you today?
- Wow, Fritz, nice hair cut!

去厨房找,他冰箱里基本没有充饥的的东西,而且光看着那些凉冰冰的东西,就已经胃疼了。 于是赶紧梳洗一翻,还是出门找东西吃吧。


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I hope when I find some-one, that she'l be nice like you

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