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Born and raised in a small and remote village of China with two siblings, Zoe had a childhood with wild freedom in nature. After finishing her education at Dalian Foreign Languages University, she has been living and working in Dalian. A woman of strong feelings and a passion for life, Zoe's first series of vibrant articles will tell you about the rollercoaster ride that was her first serious relationship with a Western man. There is much you can learn from her telling story. After that we'll see where else she can take us and what other wonderful experiences she might share.
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The End Of Our Relationship Part 16 - Facing the Gatekeepers    

By Zoe
8276 Views | 25 Comments | 6/8/2013 3:08:19 PM
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#2013-06-13 06:20:48 by quicksilverrider @quicksilverrider

if he truly deeply cared about you he would of paid for everything and scrambled all resources to make sure you safely arrived to him but whose fault is it really for not having higher standards and dicussing everything prior to long journey

#2013-06-13 17:43:07 by DanielButler @DanielButler

Zoe, I agree with John. I too find myself wanting to read how H has finally woke up and realized how lucky he is. Quite frankly I would have driven the distance the night before anxiously waiting for your arrival. Desperately hoping that you didn't change your mind. This guys attitude just isn't proper.

#2013-06-15 11:08:15 by sharonshi @sharonshi

Thank you for sharing your experience so vividly with details. It can be very helpful for many Chinese ladies who have not gone through this situation.

#2013-06-15 11:21:32 by sharonshi @sharonshi

Dear Zoe, How can a woman love a man so adamantly, shaking the yoke of internal fears!

This is a journey to unveil the truth of dreaming love more than a trip to visit your beloved. You have been reborn in the journey with yourself broken open, as some people find something in Tibet.

God bless you, Zoe!

#2013-06-15 14:28:01 by sillysandy @sillysandy

as what i said if you go far away to visit the guy at the first meeting then he wont cherish you. that is not we mind how much we pay . we can pay all for the right one. but before pay we should to know he desever.however since you did already that i wish you will be lucky with him.

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