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Born and raised in a small and remote village of China with two siblings, Zoe had a childhood with wild freedom in nature. After finishing her education at Dalian Foreign Languages University, she has been living and working in Dalian. A woman of strong feelings and a passion for life, Zoe's first series of vibrant articles will tell you about the rollercoaster ride that was her first serious relationship with a Western man. There is much you can learn from her telling story. After that we'll see where else she can take us and what other wonderful experiences she might share.
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The End Of Our Relationship Part 16 - Facing the Gatekeepers    

By Zoe
8351 Views | 25 Comments | 6/8/2013 3:08:19 PM

Western International Airports are on heightened security, both concerning potential illegal immigrants and terrorism.

He would not come to Frankfurt to pick me up, I got to go to Stuttgart by train, because it takes 4 or 5 hours to drive to Frankfurt but two hours to Stuttgart from the town he lives.

I was a bit upset, but understood the case. I would feel guilty if he drove 10 hours for the round way.

While I was waiting for boarding in Abu Dhabi airport, I got to know a Thai girl, she was going to Germany to meet her boyfriend too. We had a pleasant time sitting together in the airport, she was very friendly and lovely, always gently smiling while talking. It’s the third time for her to fly to Germany.

In Frankfurt airport while we were queuing up for the entry, she told me that we would be questioned a lot, some people even were repatriated for not giving the right answers.

I was scared, my heart was bumping again, afraid that I would not make the entry.

When got to the window, I put sweet and friendly smile on my face, intended to please the handsome police not to put any difficulties on me.

Actually he only asked a couple of questions, like what was my purpose to come to Germany? How was I going to cover my expense here, with cash or credit card? He asked me to show him my credit card as well.

Thanks God, I was released, and while he was returning my passport, the nice guy said to me ‘enjoy your time in Germany!'

Later on while I talked this issue to H, he was confused and didn’t understand why should I had answered all these personal and private questions, and said, if I was questioned with such stupid questions in China, I would immediately check the next flight and fly back to Germany.

I murmured, Alas, you idiot, of course I too felt embarrassed and cursed for the unfairness, in order to see you, to be with you, I have been menial, what does it matter to endure such a thing after all.

谢天谢地,我被放行了,把护照还给我的时候还对我说了句,Enjoy your time in Germany!
后来跟H 说这件事的时候,他很不解地说,为什么要问这些,这是私人的事情,如果我到中国,在机场问我这些问题,我马上看下一班飞机的时间买票回德国。

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#2013-06-08 15:22:52 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Zoe - I must say that for much of your story I've been pulling for the two of you to make it as a couple in spite of the pending doom suggested by your title, but this episode has given me second thoughts. This guy just absolutely doesn't seem to deserve you.

I don't personally know any man who wouldn't offer to at least pay a substantial portion of your flight costs. And frankly, I'd have happily driven the length of Germany to greet you, after the effort and expense you'd gone to in order for us to be together again.

It's starting to feel as if you'll be lucky for it not to work out.

#2013-06-08 18:58:41 by papaya1972 @papaya1972

Hi Zoe,

What if you speak your thinking out loud to him about your feeling of unfair treatment at the customs?

You know some men have no sensibity at all, or they try to pretend have not sensed anything. But when you speak out, they have to face it and think about it.

#2013-06-08 20:50:03 by anonymous6487 @anonymous6487

看看吧,还是东北人利害,不服是不行的,爱就是爱,要只是‘爱你在心口难开’那还能成了大事?爱情这事不拿出点 哪吒 葫芦娃 和金钢 还有 舍得一社剐 的劲头出来,就别想得到幸福 当然了‘如果钱也没花,还把事该办了,那就更牛B了,只是看你怎么选择了。

#2013-06-08 20:57:52 by Tyler72 @Tyler72

For all of you who are not used to flying internationally, customs officers will always ask you several relatively personal questions..

They dont really care about your personal business. What they are doing is trying to see if you get nervous and mix up your story. If you are lieing and trying to sneak into the country with bad intentions maybe you will give yourself away when asked some strange question you wete not expecting.

The most important thing is to try to seem relaxed and just be honest.

It is not bad if you are very nervous to just tell them, "Sorry it is my first time traveling and Im nervous".

They are just people who are tasked with trying to make sure terrorists dont get in. They arent really trying to stop anyone else.. They dont judge your reason and decide if its a good enough one or anything like that. They just want to make sure that you are who you say you are.

The consulate officer who ok'ed your entry visa already decided that you are allowed in.

A funny incident once happened to me going into Canada. I was waiting for a long time at the border in line, in my car. I hadnt eaten and my blood sugar was low so i was actually getting nervous and jumpy because that is the physical response to hypoglycemia. No because i was nervous, I mean, its just Canada. Americans cross back n forth all the time.

So as Im waiting im clipping my fingernails and tossing the clippings out the window.. Finally i get up there and the border officer asks me do i have any weapons in my car? ...and right into my head pops a joke about nail clippers, because back then they made a big deal of no nail clippers allowed on airplanes. I always thought that was a bit ridiculous. So i think, hmmm maybe this isnt the guy to make jokes with and just say no, no weapons.. But apparently because i was nervous looking and maybe a bit shaky.. And then i hesitated for just a second thinking about the deadly nail clippers in my car's console, this guy grilled me for over a half an hour, lol meanwhile my sugars gping lower n lower n im getting more jumpy.. He asked did i have weapons at home i was thinking about.. All kinds of things, told me hed been doing this job for 12 years and he could tell when people were "off". Finally i pulled out my insulin and showed him my medical dog tags that say im diabetic and said look dude, these are the only drugs im smuggling, i dont hv weapons at home, you have kept me here so long my blood sugar is crashing and i need to eat or i wont be able to drive.. Im not nervous.. And when you first asked i thought of a bad nail clipper joke for a second.. The guy laughed and apologized and actually gave me a candybar he had in his booth to hlp get my sugar up and wished me a great stay in Canada..

Moral of the story: they are just real people like you and me, doing their every day job.. Probably very nice, and you really shouldnt be so nervous..

I get nervous entering the bathroom with stomach pains and seeing a squat toilet!! lol. But never going through customs...

#2013-06-08 23:31:32 by anny999 @anny999

一口气看完你的BLOG, 才觉得你是对的。这个男人也不是完全不值得你去争取的.一句话叫可遇不可求,但是有没有觉得很多是包括爱情其实可遇也更该求,其实生活中有好多东西不去争取是不太可能得到的, 希望你一切顺利.期待你的好消息!

#2013-06-09 12:04:35 by anonymous6494 @anonymous6494


#2013-06-09 19:56:11 by grace2013china @grace2013china

What a story! Nobody is correct or wrong, this is life and it's the matter of you guys having destiny or not. I have similiar experince like you, so I can completely understand you.

你把自己的故事讲得很震撼人心. 其实无所谓谁对谁错,因为这就是生活.关键在于两人是否有缘分. 我有着和你非常相似的经历,所以我完全可以理解你.

#2013-06-09 20:18:08 by anonymous6499 @anonymous6499

看前面你的博客,这个h 对你挺有感情的!不过老外嘴甜,也不能证明是他内心真实流露。你对他的爱明显超过了他对你,结局也是显而易见的。

#2013-06-09 21:00:34 by 345 @345


#2013-06-09 22:40:23 by hellen1020 @hellen1020


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