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Born and raised in a small and remote village of China with two siblings, Zoe had a childhood with wild freedom in nature. After finishing her education at Dalian Foreign Languages University, she has been living and working in Dalian. A woman of strong feelings and a passion for life, Zoe's first series of vibrant articles will tell you about the rollercoaster ride that was her first serious relationship with a Western man. There is much you can learn from her telling story. After that we'll see where else she can take us and what other wonderful experiences she might share.
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The End Of Our Relationship Part 11 - Stay the Night    

By Zoe
4916 Views | 8 Comments | 3/29/2013 4:55:54 PM

Stay the Night.

We watched “Painted Skin, II”, the movie was not so interesting, but sitting there with H, I was full of happiness.

It was Friday, not many people in the cinema, but the air condition was fully on. I was shivering in my knee-length dress. He covered one of my arms with his big hand, and I kept the other arm under his. Yeah, I was still cold, but felt so happy, and it was such a sweet moment.

I ever had some relationships before, but that’s the first time for me to sit in a cinema with somebody that I really am into. I didn’t know where this relationship was going, but I knew this sweet moment would stay forever in my memory.
It was already dark after the cinema, we jumped into a cab and went back home, he was shivering too from cold.

We decided to go home to eat the left-over from lunch. He ate a little bit at noon, saying it’s not that I cooked badly, he liked my fish very much, but after a late breakfast in hotel, he was not hungry at all.

After dinner, I cleaned up. H suggested for a walk downstairs.

He said, you shall come to have a visit in Germany, it’s big different from here.
I was a bit shocked, was he thinking about the future? Was he thinking about being with me in the future?

I said, I want to have a visit, but you might know that it’s quite difficult to get a visa to Europe, especially for my case, there is a high probability to get denied.
You check it, let me know if you need my invitation or something. He said again.
Hand by hand, one tall and one short, we were walking in the quiet night. Every time if there was a step or higher place, I got to step on it to get shorter the distance from him, he is so tall.

That moment I said, I want you to stay here tonight.

He answered; I can do everything you want.

那晚我说,I want you to stay here tonight.
他说,I can do everything you want.

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#2013-03-30 11:54:21 by anonymous5875 @anonymous5875

Z,你们俩这么相爱,为什么他不在大连和你登计结婚啊?等你结了婚再去德国,那就会变成非常容易的事了 你说对吗?再者说了,你一个单身女性去德国是很难被批准的,这个他应该知道啊,还有去德国的费用也不低,这些都谁负担啊?你没认真的过过脑子吗?我接触的人里也经常被对方问到‘你可以抽出时间来我的国家吗?’一句‘邀请’让你去的话,并不代表对方就是死心踏地真的爱上你了。

#2013-03-30 15:38:13 by mary0624 @mary0624

sweet story.:)

#2013-03-31 00:47:06 by Mauraa @Mauraa

姐姐, 我觉得有点难判定这个感情的性质。很欣赏您的真性情,生活中如果连爱的勇气都没有,就太没意思了。

#2013-03-31 09:15:32 by shlshl @shlshl


#2013-03-31 10:12:59 by mary0624 @mary0624

写的很好。 我有个朋友老公是德国人,对我朋友真是太好了。这个人离你而去,只能说他不是属于你的,记录下来不难,难的是放下。希望你能真正放下,轻装前行。

#2013-04-05 01:28:02 by danruble @danruble

Zoe, We all want so badly to hear things work out for you. But I am afraid by the title, that this story may not end well...We all are pulling for you. This forum is probably a great way to get you profile out there..You are a brave woman to open your heart and soul here.A real treasure. I would not doubt that your mailbox is soon full..Good luck!

#2013-04-05 02:24:56 by thepainter456 @thepainter456

@Zoe' hao! Zoe.....Secret Love... Camel Caravan . even final IP MAN.... for your readers......who like "good" movies!

#2013-04-13 00:44:18 by ccp @ccp

Looking forward to reading your next interesting story.

(Showing 1 to 8 of 8) 1
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