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The Chinese Dating Blogs: Where Do We Go From Here    

By John Abbot
5347 Views | 12 Comments | 8/5/2012 1:00:59 PM
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#2012-09-05 00:28:36 by anonymous4258 @anonymous4258

Just a response to ShenyangIrish's statement about anonymous comments. I strongly disagree as anonymity gives possibility to comment on delicate subjects that I would not want to publicly say with my name on them.

That may damage my image or credibility in the eyes of the women I converse with. I have used it myself to make general statements on controversial subjects that I have talked with many women about and which I have wanted to bring to a wider audience in a generic, neutral and anonymous way.

Personal attacks and hateful comments can be easily blocked by the moderation process so I don't see them as a problem.

As this is a controversial comment I safely hide in anonymity again! ;o)

PS. I have had same problem as jonno above. Would be a nice function in MySpace to list all comments I have written on various blogs, with name or anonymously. I have trouble remembering and finding all the comments that I have written.

#2012-09-07 04:45:12 by Tyler72 @Tyler72

Im a big newb here, but i have to say that aside from all the beautiful women (wow, all I can say is wow!) who have overwhelmed me in the last few days since I officially joined.. seriously i dont know who to reply to first or how i will ever narrow this down.. its the blogs and the jail that really separate this site out and make it unique and give it the feeling of a community instead of a meat market and thats what makes me comfortable being here.

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