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The Best Way to Get Your Ex Back    

By John Abbot
1664 Views | 4 Comments | 7/13/2015 1:24:03 PM

If you've lost your love, cry, cry and then cry some more. That's gotta help.

It seems that, according ot the ever reliable Onion, the evidence is in that the very best way to guarantee the woman you love who has dumped your ass will want you back is to devote every waking moment to crying like a baby, hiding away in your bedroom and generally delbillitating yourself with self pity. Anyone who loves a good dose of sarcasm, should read more here...

However, in my humble opinion, in spite of the evidence cited in the Onion, if someone has dumped you, you owe it to yourself to do some traveling, meet lots of new people, forgive yourself for ever wasting your time on her to begin with, shake off your sadness, walk forward with pride, and then "build a bridge and get over it" (to quote a firend you will soon get to meet on these pages).  

Once you are over the pain and have realized how much you love yourself and how wrong she was, then you should move on to a more worthy partner. And when you do that, you will never go wrong with a good Chinese woman. I'm just saying... 

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#2015-07-13 16:55:30 by melcyan @melcyan

Thank you for introducing me to "The Onion".
It is very funny.
My favorite was "ZZ Top Reveals Meaning Behind Classic Song ‘Legs’

#2015-07-13 21:49:14 by anonymous13591 @anonymous13591

John, the first part of this article had me laughing hard. I do agree with what you had to say about getting back to who we are as an individual first then finding a good worthy partner especially if that worthy partner is a Chinese woman. The problem is just like finding a good western woman (literally non existent), finding a good Chinese woman is just as hard to find, I do think the chances of having a good successful marriage is better with a Chinese woman.

Good read...

#2015-07-14 07:29:27 by ferlo @ferlo

@ John Abbot. Ha, I found out that the Chinese women are same as may be all over the world, some good some bad, so far I have found so many bad girls that I am surprised how are pondered as good women that will marry for live all life, most the girls here are divorced!!!! If they divorce from their first husband who guaranties that they will not do it again. For many years I was and still am fascinated by their exotic beauty and their almond shaped eyes and I think that I will find what I want even the bad odds. F. L.

#2015-07-15 13:05:14 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@melcyan - you're welcome. I have been an on and off reader of The Onion for many years now. I am not as consistent at perusing my favourite sites as I used to be, but I pop back on to a few of them from time to time. The Onion is one of my favourites. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

@anonymous13591 and @ferlo - my thinking is that it is hard to find a good match between men and women of any culture, race or nationality, but it has become almost impossible to find a good match between a western man and a western woman because the women are taking themselves out of the game.

It isn't about whether or not there are more "good" Western women or more "good" Chinese women. My guess is that per capita the percentages of "good" women is about the same, assuming you mean by "good" that they are not evil. In every race, culture or country I have no reason to believe that the number of "evil" women isn't about the same. In that regard ferlo, you are probably right.

But the number of "good" Chinese women who will match a "good" Western men is, in my opinion, dramatically higher than it is with Western women. Not because they (Western women) are evil, but because they aren't remotely interested in being a match with us. A huge number of them have decided, for reasons that bear no repeating and are not founded in either fact or logic, that we are not worthy of them unless we take a back seat to them on the road of life. So in that regard ferlo, you are dead wrong and anonymous13591 is right.

I have to add that I personally think that marrying a woman who is not divorced is about as risky as marrying one who is a virgin, regardless of what culture or country she comes from. A person who has never had sex, or has never been married, is coming into the relationship blind, and there's every chance they will simply discover that they don't actually like marriage (or sex). Someone who has been married and failed may have done so for countless different reasons, many of which are no fault of her own, but if she is back trying again, chances are she has learned from her mistakes, has gotten over her partner's mistakes, and at least knows from experience that she still wishes to have a life partner.

I'm sorry ferlo, but I think that is a very strange criteria to adopt when deciding if someone is worthy of being your partner or wife.

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