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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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The Beautiful City of Vietnam - Da Lat 越南美丽的城市--大叻    

By Xin73
7060 Views | 14 Comments | 2/12/2014 3:41:41 PM

Because of the business,I am from Hu Zhiming West straight to the beautiful city - Da Lat.I have been longing for the beautiful mountain city,often go to Vietnam,but there has been no opportunity to go there. This time,I finally came to the beautiful scenery,four spring-like and picturesque town.It is in the southern city of Vietnam,it is Lam Dong province capital,it was built on more than one thousand five hundred meters above sea level on the plateau.Surrounded by mountains all around and surrounded by forest,it is the best city air quality in Vietnam,it is famous for having a large number of mountain forest,waterfalls and lakes.All the year round temperature in 17 degrees here,pure and fresh and pleasant climate.

Da Lat plateau known as the Garden City,it is the world famous flowers of origin,various unknown flowers open in the streets,courtyards and valley,to outshine each other. In Da Lat,as if into an ocean of flowers,even the air is filled with the fragrance of flowers.All kinds of flowers in full bloom in the cold wind,red,blue,yellow,flutter in the wind,make the person should not be free time. This hidden in the mountains and remote places of the French style town attracts numerous foreign tourists.

Under the pure blue sky to walk,enjoying the side of the road full of beautiful flowers,my heart is full of pleasure.What surprised me is that the price is not cheap in the city of hydrangeas,but here everywhere,has become a “street flower”...European-style buildings,plus fragrance Exert A Gradual,let here each place to waft romantic breath.I have been to Vietnam the size of the city,only by this quiet,leisure and full of romantic breath deeply attracted by the beauty of the city.

The city catholic cathedral the loud bell shaking up the people's hearts,on the outskirts of the bamboo forest monastery,it is use a quiet way to inspire numerous living beings.I sit on the stone steps,looking at the calm clear lakes,etherealize the water,then let Da Lat have got passion and calm lasting appeal,always affects the people the soft ripples in the heart,let Da Lat a city seem to made of water,or as its pure air,limpidity and exquisitely the image came against our faces.Let a person feel break away from this world and that for a long time unwilling to leave.

At four o'clock that afternoon we arrived in Da lat,four of us to find a hotel to live down,and then went for a walk in the nearby hotel.Unknowingly to arrived located in the downtown of the Chunxiang lake (lover lake,)it belongs to one of the attractions in Dalat.Legend has it that a young girl and her lover can't fated together,then she jumped into the lake to commit suicide,which is the source of the name of the lake.limpidity and viridity the Chunxiang Lake,the blue sky floating on the clouds,let the city shows a kind of unimaginable static gorgeous.The lake is about 5 kilometers, the shore pines are reflection in the calm surface of the lake, the scenery is very charming.The local people also call it "the great lakes".We are freely to tread pedal boat in the lake,it is an unforgettable experience,body and mind to obtain a complete relaxation.

Because the time is hasty, the afternoon of the second day leave Da Lat to go to Nha Trang,because it is the afternoon of the ticket,Catch the free time in the morning,we went to Da Lat a botanical garden,roaming of which many flora constitute in the colorful world,let a person by pistil the color vision to surrounded,seduced by the fragrance of flowers.We visited the botanical garden then to another scenic spot "crazy house",it is a hotel,with 10 rooms,each of which had a different theme,because of its peculiar and become a tourist attraction of the Da Lat.The designer is Vietnam's former Prime Minister's daughter,her imagination is very rich,she put the various fantasy imagination into reality, all this is a bit like forest fairy tale.This building will overturn all the concepts about housing.Small room named according to the animal,a huge spider web,bee nest,the winding staircase,tourists are in there is pleased to climb up and down.

Da lat is a good place for a holiday,next time I will take the time to go there live more than a few days,because it makes me Longing for more ...






由于时间仓促,第二天下午离开大叻前往芽庄,因为是下午的车票,我们捉住早上的空闲时间去了大叻植物园,徜徉在诸多花神组成的缤纷世界里,让人被花蕊的色彩视觉包围,被花香所诱惑。游完植物园我们直奔另一个景点“ 疯狂屋”,它是一家旅店,有10间屋子,每间都有不同的主题,因为它的奇特而成为大叻的一个旅游景点。设计师是越南前总理的女儿,她的想象力非常丰富,将各种奇幻的想像变成现实,这一切都有点像森林童话的味道。这幢建筑将颠覆所有关于房屋的概念。小小房间以动物命名,巨大的蜘蛛网、蜜蜂巢、弯弯曲曲的楼梯。游客们爬上爬下,乐不亦乎。


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#2014-02-12 15:49:12 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Xin73, once again you really have me wanting to visit Vietnam. You've painted a beautiful picture of Da Lat with your words here.

#2014-02-12 16:44:34 by anonymous8866 @anonymous8866

hi Xin73,新年好!

#2014-02-12 21:32:29 by panda2009 @panda2009

Xin73, This is really a very beautiful place, thanks for sharing!

#2014-02-12 23:54:21 by shazaohua @shazaohua


#2014-02-13 09:46:30 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes

I had no idea that Vietnam is so beautiful....I love the blue sky and the sunshine on your pics. Wish I could visit there someday :)

#2014-02-13 10:08:32 by Barry1 @Barry1

Thanks for this interesting article and lovely photos, Xin73.

I really do appreciate also the fact that you go to the effort of writing in both Chinese as well as English. Just like your fellow bloggers Panda and DancingShoes, you are a very talented and obviously highly intelligent lady, bravo! (y)

#2014-02-13 22:13:05 by xin73 @xin73

Hi JohnAbbot If you have time to really worth a visit Vietnam,it still has a lot of beautiful scenery, for example, halong bay is a beautiful place, I used to work in the travel, often go to those places.In September 2013, I revisit halong bay, originally under the record it in my blog, but I have been very busy. Maybe the next write it.

Hi anonymous8866是的,我一直非常忙碌。假期过去了,我将继续投入繁忙的业务。上次你在我另一篇博客问我国外如何加得微信,这是可以的,只要你知道对方的手机号码,你就可以邀请他们加入就可以了。谢谢你喜欢这些图片,我上传很多,但约翰说只能帖十张,越南大叻越确实是一个非常美丽的地方。有时间你可以去哪观光。今年等我把业务接上轨道,我将去哪里住一段时间。在此祝你与你的爱人度过一个浪漫的情人节!

Hi panda2009, thanks for you like these pictures,if you have time might as well go there to travel, I believe you will like it.

#2014-02-13 22:53:03 by Grace172 @Grace172

哇,山美,水美,花美,人美,你的文字更美. 喜欢读你的文章.因为你的观察力总是那么敏锐,你的情感总是那么细腻, 你人生态度总是那么积极乐观.读你的文章能让我有一种愉悦感. (h)

#2014-02-13 23:19:35 by shazaohua @shazaohua



#2014-02-20 17:40:18 by ALINA7799 @ALINA7799


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