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Ryan Hendry is a former detective and lawyer from the UK. He is now a freelance writer living in the Philippines. Ryan has a Filipina partner and hopes to be married to her later in 2016. He has traveled extensively in Asia and is a veteran of the Asian online dating world. He has experienced online, and physically met, some scammers, including unscrupulous ladies from Thailand and the more obvious scammers from Nigeria. Ryan is keen therefore to share his experiences and uses this platform for his blogs as CLM and ALM is committed to hunting down all scammers. Ryan, despite some of his experiences, respects Asian culture, loves Asian food and is now happy in the Philippines!
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International Dating: My Story - Thai Massage    

By Ryan Hendry
1637 Views | 4 Comments | 6/23/2016 1:23:34 PM

Thai Massage

Our taxi driver had said little during the journey from the airport to Patong. He had exchanged a few words in Thai with Noi but that was at the Tesco Lotus superstore. The taxi took about another twenty minutes before we reached our hotel but not before negotiating the notorious Telegraph Hill on the approach to Patong. I only learned of its notoriety from Noi. It had been the scene of many deaths owing to collisions between vehicles and larger trucks and buses overturning.


It was the main route into Patong from Phuket Town and was a switchback road over the mountain overlooking the long beach and tourist sprawl of Patong. To make matters worse on my first look at Telegraph Hill was the long line of stationary traffic in front of the taxi. Our driver slowed to a crawl on the approach to the stationary line of vehicles. I did wonder why he did that but soon had the answer. The line wasn’t moving so he had no option but to tuck up close to the rear of the last car.


The taxi came to a standstill on the steep incline of Telegraph Hill. It was then I heard our taxi driver speak English in a heavily accented fashion. “F***!” he uttered. I found out that the handbrake on the old Mercedes was non-existent! The driver balanced the gas and the clutch to attempt to keep the car from going forwards or backwards. But, he wasn’t too skilled at that hence the expletive!


Eventually the traffic started rolling again and I heard a cacophony of horns as we rounded the next sharp curve in the road. There seemed to be no reason for the drivers to sound a horn so I asked Noi what it was all about. She pointed to a Buddhist shrine built into the rocks on the side of the road and said, “It’s for good luck.” The Lord Buddha must like the sound of car horns for we soon arrived safely at the Patong hotel.


It was a small hotel set on a hill about one mile inland from the famous Patong Beach. It was situated on a busy narrow street bustling with stores of every variety, bars, restaurants and other small hotels. Tuk-tuks, taxis and motorbike taxis plied their trade constantly scurrying back and forth. I said to Noi before we went inside the hotel, “Noisy here?” She nodded in agreement.


I paid off the taxi driver and ventured inside. It was a haven of peace inside the small entrance lobby. And, it was cool. A manager type was behind the desk and I gave him my reservation details. He started to sort out all the usual requirements including a request for my passport. At the same time, he went into salesman mode.


 “Do you want to rent a motorbike, sir?” It was now mid-afternoon and I had been sleepless since leaving Heathrow, London the previous day. It was the first time I succumbed to the weariness brought on by jetlag. “Give me a break! I have only just arrived here and you want me to rent a motorbike!” I sensed a reaction from Noi. I saw a reaction from the hotel manager. It was another valuable lesson learned about Asian culture and its people. Never give cause for offense and never give vent to anger in public. It’s the ‘loss of face’ thing that you have all heard about.


I could sense that Noi was taken aback by my mild outburst. I turned to her saying, “I’m sorry. I am tired.” She smiled and once again squeezed my hand. The manager was less forgiving. He arranged for us to stay in a sister hotel further down in Patong between Bangla Road and the police station. We jumped into the open backed hotel truck. It was more like an open passenger van with rolled up tarps that were obviously lowered in inclement weather.


The 10-minute journey to the new hotel was fascinating. It took us along the main drag past a central market and open air stalls on one side of the street. The other side was the Muay Thai (Thai boxing) stadium and the large Jung Ceylon mall. The boxing stadium fronted the Bangla Road fleshpots area populated by bars, working bar girls and scantily dressed go-go dancers. Our hotel was situated a further 200 yards on from this area of frenetic activity and about 50 yards along a quiet side street.


This time the hotel reception was welcoming. In no time at all Noi and I were settling into our room which faced out on to the quiet street. I was too tired to unpack my bag. Following a refreshing shower, I lay down on the bed for an overdue rest.


In all our previous online dating, Noi and I had never once discussed sex. I lay on the hotel bed thinking about that topic. But not for long. I fell asleep. The noise from the TV set woke me. I found Noi next to me in bed. She had a pillow behind her and supporting her so she was able to watch the TV. I said, “What are you watching?” It was a Thai soap. Perhaps, Asian women and their western equivalent are not that different after all? The big difference is that Noi was concerned about my welfare. She was prepared to break off from the compulsive soap opera to attend to my needs.


I loved that accented English, “Would you like a massage?” My automatic response was, “Sure do!” Noi set to work on my back, arms, shoulders, neck then my legs. I fell asleep once more. A sleep of contentment in a country far away from my troubled recent past.


Are TV soaps a big thing with your Asian lady? Get it off your chest here!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2016-06-23 13:52:49 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Hmmmm. I'm interested that of the things you mention in your post, the one that seems to stand out to you is the TV soap that Noi was keenly watching. At least that is what you invite readers to comment on. It makes me wonder if your experience is that most women are caught up in viewing soap operas?

If it is does that mean the women of the UK are avid soap opera fans?

Growing up I did know of some women in Canada who were addicted to one or more soap opera, but I think they were a relatively small minority then, and I suspect it is even smaller today. My one Thai girlfriend did not seem attached to soaps at all. Chinese women do seem to get caught up in television serials, but these productions generally from what I have seen are usually historical and loosely based on real history. Plus they are usually high quality productions, so I hesitate to call them soap operas.

I guess what I am saying is that in my life it has truly never been an issue no matter what culture I was in. I'm interested to see if you get many answers to your question and what the answers will be.

Of more interest to me from what you wrote, or at least the things that popped into my mind, were the following:

1. How good was the massage Noi gave, and was it more like a genuine meant for relaxation massage, or was it more like a massage meant to lead to a good roll in the hay?

2. What were your feelings on arriving in Patong as far as the climate and geography was concerned? This would be a different world than you left behind in the UK?

3. As you were driving through the streets of a Thai city, what if anything caught your attention? In particular what was your impression of the women you must have noticed as you passed them by in your taxi?

On this last point, I personally was stunned when I first landed in China at how many of the women were truly beautiful. Later, when I ventured to Thailand, I was struck again at the high percentage of women there who were incredibly physically attractive.

What say you and the rest of you guys who are reading Ryan's post?

#2016-06-23 14:45:40 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Coronation Street
'stenders (lol) - (That's Eastenders in case you don't know)

2 of the longest-running soaps in the history of British TV. In fact I think that 'Corro' is the #1 longest running.

#2016-06-23 23:31:44 by anonymous15131 @anonymous15131

Ryan, great episode! I was dizzy reading about the winding roads, steep inclines as it reminded me of my first cab ride in China lol. I have not been to Thailand as of yet, I have many friends who have been and for the most part they have enjoyed their time there.

My woman barely watches TV when I am with her in China, when she does watch TV it is usually love/romance movies.

When women give a massage it usually starts out to actually rub your tired muscles but you know they cant resist and will let their hands stray lol

I agree with John the majority of Chinese women are attractive physically but based on overall physical beauty I would have to say Filipinas are by far the most beautiful until they hit their forties,

Ryan, watching tv in bed is a no no lol

#2016-07-05 15:36:57 by RHendry @RHendry

@JohnAbbot Haha! This is like one of my interrogations when I was a detective lol. Okay, here goes in answer to your questions:

1. Started out as relaxation until I got horny :)

2. Bloody hot! Loved the geography. Hills in the interior of Phuket and then the ocean. Fantastic!

3. (a) Beautiful women (b) Traffic noise (c) Stray dogs (d) Gasoline for sale in bottles

You have been lucky to avoid women who are hooked on TV soaps! 

@anonymous15131 Thanks! @paulfox1 Correct!!

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