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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Tall & Skinny    

By Panda
8249 Views | 11 Comments | 4/17/2014 4:07:17 PM

Panda in suit

Since Grace172 mentioned her tall and skinny shape in her thread, I think it is necessary for me to discuss the role of body shape (fat or skinny) in attraction. If she could still keep the slim body of a 27 year old at the age of 49, each of us should follow the way she keeps in shape. Even my mom is always on the phone telling me: "You still need often to go swimming." She is afraid of me having osteoporosis like her when I am old. When my dad sees me, he often tells me: "Stay in shape, keep skinny a little."


Thin-ness, in fact, is similar to advertising content. What is the dazzler? It is a peculiar aesthetic standard which is unnecessary and is useful only to highlight good genes.  Thin-ness is like antlers, ivory, peacock's tail or the numerical display. It does not directly represent health, but the side expressed is a very healthy sign. The idea is: I am healthy enough to keep a slim body!


Grace172 also talked about her natural birth. I admire her so much. I had a caesarean section to have my son.


Let me talk about the relationship of skinny to the delivery of offspring.  Pregnancy is really special. It is like a big illness during which time the fetus needs to be parasitic in the body of the mother. Normally, a parasite would be attacked by the immune system, so what does the mother do? Her body secretes progesterone to inhibit the body's immune system and avoid having the fetus and placenta under attack.


In this special period, even if you're not already sick, pregnancy would made possible heart, lung and blood glucose problems appear. The usual ailments are likely to become a serious illness. This is why the doctors urge patients with medical problems not to become pregnant: the disease would become a spirited attack as soon as a woman becomes pregnant and could possibly become life-threatening. Therefore, women like to be skinny. Thin people look healthy.



Skinny means: “Look, I’m so slim and not sick. That means my body itself has good congenital conditions. So I can live very smoothly through pregnancy.” Those big girls need to be so fat to maintain physical functioning. Pregnancy would be likely cause diseases to endanger the fetus.


In 'food-abundance' and 'economically bounteous' times, men like slim bodies; in times of economic distress and lack of food, men like fatty body shapes. So don't hope to be lazy and fatty. Being lazy and fatty will bring you a stingy man from the poorhouse.


In poor areas, the inferior genes mean imply that heat conversion rate is not so high as to cause starvation. In food abundant areas, the inferior gene is one which causes a high heat conversion rate and accumulation of fat. Fat people are not as fit as others congenitally. Since the congenital disposition to fat is bad, people try to lose weight.


Look at Grace172: height 173cm, weight 53kg. But as for panda, height is 165cm, weight is 60kg. What is the feeling, guys?  Don't claim to have much different values. I have often heard this sentence: I don't have feelings for her.


In fact, a man’s feelings are based only on a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7. Let him sow seeds based on his feelings. Nature can't let him sow seed where he has no feelings.


I don't need to know what a man is thinking. I am especially in favor of Skinner's theory of behaviorism* on this issue: only research the stimulus and the response. In front of you is the computer. You haven't a clue what the principle of operation is when you type the words, but can you still use it to surf the internet?


For example:


Under what circumstances would he be very good for you? You should continue to strengthen this behavior in him.


Under what circumstances he would be bad for you? You let this kind of behavior fade.


That's it. You don't have to delve into the internal causes.



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#2014-04-17 21:33:24 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thank you for your intersting and informative article, Panda.

On behalf of everyone here on CLM, let me say that your picture shows that you're a fine looking lady who is quite intelligent as well. I have no idea why you're still single?

I bet every MAN over 40 here would love to be with you. (y)

I bet also that every LADY over 40 here wished they looked like you - go girl, go! (clap)

#2014-04-18 00:12:23 by kalzorch @kalzorch

The preference for fat or thin is largely cultural. A few hundred years ago in Europe, women with lots of fat were considered more beautiful and desireable than thin women. The Flemish painter Peter Paul Ruebens (born 1577) was famous for his paintings of voluptuous women. To us today they look ugly, but back in the day they were considered beautiful. As you suggested, the cultural preference is probably related to abundance of food; in lean times a woman with some real meat on her bones is more likely to survive than a skinny one. Similarly, in some cultures a woman with white skin is considered more beautiful, and in other cultures a good tan is considered more healthy and beautiful.

A recent study discovered that the 2:3 ratio of waist to hips is optimal for childbearing. This would explain why men strongly prefer that shape. Nowadays, of course, it doesn't make much difference. Nevertheless, we men still have it encoded in our genes. Women, on the other hand, still tend to prefer big, strong, men. Once upon a time this had a strong bearing on ability to survive. Nowadays that is no longer the case, but women still tend to prefer big, strong men.

#2014-04-18 07:06:06 by anonymous9674 @anonymous9674

hi, interesting article. I agree that if a person is healthy enough to stay slim then they should give a try. Staying healthy as we grow older should be a priority, at least that is my opinion. I cannot claim to speak for everyone...

Barry...please don't' speak for all men over 40 on this site. Maybe some men here over 40 would love to be with her, you are only expressing what you think all men over 40 think and feel. Personally I would not be attracted to her, but that is just my tastes......

#2014-04-18 10:50:48 by Grace172 @Grace172

Wow... Panda. You have a good shape, long legs and small waist. Yes, you should show you off. (clap) you have a good looking especially that mall cherry mouth. If you smile I bet you must look more attractive. (happy)
Yes, I am tall and skinny. You might think I am too skinny. Never mind.
In fact I did not intend to keep good shape. So I chose nautre childbirth and breast feed my daughter when I was 29 years old. As for food, I eat many kinds of meat, vegetables rice and noodles. I have never been on diet. My bf felt unfair that my daughter and I ate much moe than him but still kept skinny. As for exercise, I love Yoga and do some gardening. Yes, I am 49years old this year, but I keep good shape and energy like 27 years old. My bf used to watch my lesson with the young kids. He was so surprise to see I keeping fully energy to run and play games with kids all day. My boss, friends and students' parents also asked me the same questions, "How can you keep good shape and keep young." I would share my way with them if I have. But I don't. I just follow nature, Maybe the way is I am always keep in a relaxed, confident mood.
So be proud of yourself, Panda. You have good looking and good shape, expecially you are an intelligengt and knowledgeable woman. Smile often please even when you face the difficult situation.

#2014-04-18 18:16:21 by anonymous9684 @anonymous9684

my pretty slim tall born-rich cousin girl married to a shorter thin nerdy born-super-rich guy
they are happy
how do you explain that?
the 'big strong' men is also can means other things

#2014-04-19 00:50:27 by panda2009 @panda2009

I have yet to find a man whose interests, values, maturity, age and beliefs are a strong enough match to mine. And I already chose one bad husband and want this choice to be as close to perfect as possible. I am looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Good Enough.

#2014-04-19 15:46:12 by Barry1 @Barry1


"I am looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Good Enough."

My best wishes are with you, Panda.

Sometimes though, it's hard to find a diamond amongst a sea of coal.

My only recommendation is please dn't be TOO picky or choosey, otherwise another ten years may pass and you'll still be here. I'm not suggesting that you approve a partner who's not really right for you, of course. What I AM suggesting though is that you be willing to compromise and exhibit some flexibility in your selection process.


"my pretty......cousin girl married to a shorter thin.... born-super-rich do you explain that?"

Well, the answer to this of course, is that money can compensate for a lot of deficiencies. I'm sure that a three foot dwarf who also happened to be a multi-millionnaire would have no trouble at all finding a tall, beautiful wife.


"So be proud of yourself, Panda. You have good looking and good shape, expecially you are an intelligengt and knowledgeable woman. Smile often please even when you face the difficult situation."

What excellent advice you gave Panda here, Grace. You're a very caring person. I've been telling her myself for many months now how attractive and intelligent she is. And that she should smile more.

One day, I hope she does.


"Barry...please don't' speak for all men over 40 on this site. Maybe some men here over 40 would love to be with her, you are only expressing what you think all men over 40 think and feel. Personally I would not be attracted to her"

Yes, you're right, Anon9674.

Rather than saying to Panda,

"I bet every MAN over 40 here would love to be with you."

I should have said,

"The majority of men over 40 would love to be with you".

I should also have said,

"I bet also that the MAJORITY of ladies over 40 here wished they looked like you"

Please remember Panda, the reason we write all of this about you is that we CARE for you. If we didn't, none of us would bother. We can all see through that protective veil of transparent aloofness you possess, to the inner core of deep-rooted anxiety within, mixed as it also is with liberal amounts of decency, integrity, charity, kindness and honour.


"Women, on the other hand, still tend to prefer big, strong, men."

Maybe you're right here, Kalzorch. Quite often, ladies tell me I'm too thin. They say I'd look better if I was fatter. I've heard this time after time from multiple ladies. Yet I refuse to put on weight, merely to "look better".

I have a big, strong heart though - will this suffice, I wonder?

#2014-04-19 23:10:16 by Chicano @Chicano

I'm, personally, not into "Heavy Beef". Fatness leads to medical complications as one gets older. But being too thin (slim) is not attractive or healthy either.

I have never been "Fat" due to my high metabolism and I do not pity "Cows" who bring on to them-self's this physical condition. Why not just back away from the feeding trough.

After 8 years of coming to China, I see many Chinese that are becoming overweight, this has to be seen as a problem in the near future.

Divorce or single females are looking for "Mr Right" but forget to look into rear-view mirror and accept what got them into present situation. Females are virgins only one time.

#2014-04-21 00:06:47 by anonymous9699 @anonymous9699

oOo LooK

different woman's body shapes (talk)

#2014-04-22 05:26:30 by kalzorch @kalzorch

I've occasionally heard that "too thin" line as well, mostly from my mother. Not to worry, time is correcting that deficiency, as my belts are starting to shrink. Personally I think thin is wonderful, particularly in women, but not everyone is genetically equipped for it.

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