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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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Take a step back, Asian Women! - Part 1    

By Paul Fox
2862 Views | 21 Comments | 7/19/2017 12:10:45 PM

So, Trump became the new President of the 'Divided States of America'.....Yay !

What does it have to do with Asian Women or the subject of Chinese Dating? Wait and see!

Despite the earlier argument over Killary allegedly getting millions more in the popular vote, Trump won due to the electoral system in America, which was essentially designed to make sure that no-one can put Mickey Mouse in the 'big chair'. This is laughingly called 'democracy'.

Trump has already renegued on many of his election promises, but so what? Obama promised to reduce the national debt, yet went on to increase it by around 9 trillion dollars - more than 43 previous presidents had done collectively.


'China is not a democracy!' said an ex-colleague of mine, who has since left this country. 'So what?' was my reply. 'You mean Chinese people don't get the chance to elect their 'dictator' like they do in the West?'

'Oh, but there's no freedom-of-speech in China, there's no freedom-of-the-press.'

'Really?......I mean REALLY?....When was the last time YOU dared to publicly voice your own personal opinions without fear of dealing with the wrath of the PC brigade? When was the last time you saw a believable news story in the newspaper or on TV ?'

The  American election debacle has proved once-and-for-all that mainstream media outlets such as CNN (Clinton News Network) cannot be trusted to tell us the truth. What about manipulation? Did anyone actually SAY that Russia's alleged hacking actually AFFECTED the outcome? No! They just choose their words carefully, repeat the allegation many many times, and then people believe what they THINK they hear.

Where was the MSM when the Whitehouse got hacked, or the FBI or the CIA, or the DSA, or the bloody XYZ? No-one heard about it until Wikileaks announced it. Oh, and there's another one.....good old 'Wikileaks'. Assange can't be trusted, can he? Erm...., excuse me....when has ANYTHING that Wikileaks has reported in the last 10 years or so been proven to be fake, lies, or BS?

It's laughable.

China may be OFFICIALLY a communist country, but it sure feels a lot more 'free' than any 'democratic' country that I have ever lived in or been to.

Have you ever noticed, that when listening to a mainstream media report, nobody can possibly say 'China' without putting the word 'communist' before it?

Listen carefully next time you watch the TV news. 'Communist China this, communist China that...'


Who voted for Teresa May? She's the British PM due to what? The resignation of the previous 'dictator' so she becomes PM by default. This is 'democracy'?

At least the US system allows people to vote for not only the President but also his 2 I.C. In the UK, the PM chooses his/her deputy and the electorate has little or no say in the matter.


When I lived in my school (which is situated on what we might describe as being a 'laneway'), I often had cause to walk home late at night along dimly lit streets - sometimes as late as 3am. There's no police presence, no street lighting, no people,.....nothing!

Had that been in the UK or Australia, my 'backside' would have been twitching with fear.

So, as I walk these dark and dreary streets, I see no hooligans; no graffiti; no-one stalking me; nothing I can possibly perceive as being a potential threat; police!

How many of you living in Britain, America, UK, Canada, Australia, etc, would feel safe walking along dimly-lit streets in areas of your downtown city-centres at 3am?

When was the last time you had cause to visit a police station during a national holiday, only to find it CLOSED because all the coppers were where they should be - at home with their families?


Travel on any bus in my QLV and be prepared to suffer a ten-minute video (in Chinese) purporting how wonderful life in China really is. These videos are aimed at Chinese citizens and are obviously full of propaganda. Yet this propaganda seems to do no harm at all. It's essentially brainwashing Chinese people into being 'nice' - so what?


I picked this up from another website that I used to contribute to:

'A pity that self-importance doesn't always involve living a life of learning and curiosity, and a deep desire to free one's self from the apathetic thinking of the collective. However, that said, even the simplest of souls on this planet can intuit the rightness or wrongness of something, and can do so without having a book, or a newspaper or a talking head spewing the party line tell them what they should be thinking and believing and how they should behave in order to be an acceptable cog in a nearly broken down social mechanism that allows for the mistreatment of innocents.'

Beautiful, and so true!


Sure, if you want to witness first-hand a race of people doing a wonderful impression of what's known as 'herd mentality', then China is certainly the place to see it - but at what cost?


America has been ruled for decades by essentially the same people, it's just the face that changes. Britain, Australia etc, are the same. Yet we foolishly believe that we 'choose' our 'leaders' in a democratic way, and even more foolishly adopt the belief that they can, or will, actually fulfil the promises they made to the public prior to being elected.

Trump was elected, not because of who he is, but because of who the American public perceived him not to be. Trump's election was the result of a 'cry-for-help' from a huge proportion of the American people, all of whom are sick and tired of the likes of Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc.

Yet with a population of 330 million people, are we expected to believe that Trump and Clinton were the BEST choices they could offer the American people? Give me a break!


After Trump won, the poor hard-done-by Clinton supporters appeared to be ready to start another civil war. Had Clinton won, these same pathetic 'libtards' (or should I say fascists?), would be praising the 'power of democracy' and sitting nice and quiet whilst celebrating 'their' victory. Because Trump won, these people essentially began attacking the exact same system they purport to embrace. Go figure!


Britain left the EU, Italy is likely to follow, and who knows who will be next? People are showing that they are sick and tired of being pushed around; told what they can and can't say, (in the name of political correctness); having their own freedom of speech and freedom of thought eroded, and for what?


The West is controlled by a handful of people who inflict their own opinions and ideas onto the masses. If we have different opinions, then we are labelled as 'racist',  'xenophobic', or 'conspiracy theorists, etc. This applies in exactly the same way no matter WHO is in the 'big seat'.

Meanwhile, the Divided States of America is still inflicting its will, by military force, on those who seek to oppose the worldview of the few, and then they go on to blame Russia for just about everything.

Cut yourself shaving this morning? Oh, that's the fault of the Russians. Having a 'bad-hair-day'? Burnt the toast? - Blame Russia!

Even Vladimir Putin said, in a press conference, 'Why Russia? Why me? Why us?


Just as an example, who was it that tried to convince the world Iraq had WMD? I'll tell you, it was EXACTLY the SAME people who told us the 'truth' about 9/11. The EXACT same people who, 12 months earlier, told America that: 'We need a catastrophe comparable to the attack on Pearl Harbour' before they felt that Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc, could be attacked with 'plausible reason'. Then 9/11 comes along. Oh, surprise, f*ckin' surprise..........


Democracy, right? Is this a 'conspiracy theory'? Yeah, must be....!

Isn't it also strange that the DSA refused to PROVE to the world that they had caught (and slain) Osama Bin Laden? We had to take their word for it - no-one could see it for themselves.

Is there any connection between Donald Rumsfeld publicly stating that 2.4 TRILLION DOLLARS had gone 'missing' from the balance sheet (and thus couldn't be accounted for), less than 24 hours before the twin towers were destroyed on 9/11?  That certainly helped to divert the attention of the American public and therefore avoid a few potentially embarrassing questions - or am I being paranoid?

To put it in perspective, 2.4 trillion dollars is the equivalent of $1, per MINUTE, for 4,752,000 YEARS! Some pocket-change, huh?


What does all this mean? It means that we have been ruled for decades by a bunch of liars who can NEVER be trusted.


We essentially TRUST these idiots NOT to 'push that button' and destroy humanity. Yet THEY are the ones in control, not us. If they decide that things have gone 'too far' and that Russia, China, or somewhere else needs to be 'taught a lesson', what can WE (the people) do about it?


We are not living in fear of an 'enemy', we are living in fear of the same people we have elected to govern us! It's madness!

People shouldn't live in fear of their government; governments should fear the people!

Yet so many single Chinese women seem to have this deep-seated desire to live in the U.S.

Why? Is China so bad?


I'll tell you in Part 2.....











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#2017-07-19 13:15:35 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Paul, this is an interesting article. Well written, thought provoking, and very interesting.  And I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are going to ultimately make it relevant to the subjects that are important here on the CLM/ALM blogs.

Specifically, you open by saying "What does it have to do with Asian Women or the subject of Chinese Dating? Wait and see!" 

I am taking that as a pretty clear promise that at some point you're going to bring this political discourse together to bear in some way on Asian Women and/or Chinese dating. There's no sign of that so far in Part 1, although the "promise" is somewhat repeated in the conclusion of Part 1 where you write:

"Yet so many single Chinese women seem to have this deep-seated desire to live in the U.S. Why? Is China so bad?"

So I am counting on you to connect the dots in Part 2.

Meanwhile I cannot agree with you more that there is, at best, an illusion of freedom in our so called Western Democacies, while there is a very strong feeling of real freedom in China.

In America specifically, people are free to form mobs and terrorize neighborhoods, committing considerable damage to private and public property in the process, and they're free to go to whatever bathroom they choose, but they are no longer free to speak out freely on any topic unless it is from a leftist POV, and they are no longer free to expect and enjoy civility from their politicians, their so called free press nor even their neighbours. Nor are they free to pursue their dreams of the future whatever those might be, because they are so overwhelmed by endless government control of every aspect of life. 

In China, on the other hand, people are still expected to follow the rules of society that preserve peace and harmony, but they are allowed to enjoy the freedom to pursue economic advancement in whatever legal manner they choose, to live a life free of social pressure to conform to political correctness or be endlessly chastised and free to dream of a better future.

I'm just not sure how you're going to bring all that home to be about Asian women, nor Chinese dating. But we'll see...

#2017-07-19 13:34:33 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

This is a particularly old blog. I wrote it months and months ago, yet the content meaning hasn't changed much in the last 8 months or so.

Sure, I'll connect the dots in part 2, but the underlying message is the Chinese woman's PERCEPTION of the West.

#2017-07-19 14:36:56 by ferlo @ferlo

@Paul Fox

 Good article Paul, now body could have say it better. I agree with you in this Continent we live in fear unless is a small rural community, you have to sacrifice the conveniences of big Cities to avoid that situations. Here you can't even trust the cops.

#2017-07-20 06:32:01 by Barry1 @Barry1



"Yet so many single Chinese women seem to have this deep-seated desire to live in the U.S.  Why? Is China so bad?"


An interesting blog, Paul.  You didn't even mention NASA, who released images of the moon landing in 1969.  Yet the fine dust under the moon lander itself showed nil evidence of any blast from the 10,000 pound thrust rocket engines on the lander.  Other serious discrepancies exist also about the footage, that are readily seen and discussed on YouTube. 


Yes, all the evidence suggests the moon landings were a gigantic albeit successful hoax, giving the USA a huge propaganda win over the USSR at the height of the Cold War.  Well done, USA! 


It's only decades later, that we can all see how laughable and unprofessional the whole supposed landing was.  NASA have now said they have "lost" the original footage, presumably to stifle any detailed investigation of it, but it's too late - copies of it had already been made by many others.


In any case, back to China, many Chinese ladies are fed up with the overcrowding and the pollution.  They long to see green grass and blue skies every day. To hear birds chirping and breathe clean air. To sit on buses and trains that aren't always crowded.


Is this so bad?  :^)



#2017-07-20 10:36:49 by melcyan @melcyan

I was hoping this sort of political comment on CLM had finished. There is a place on CLM for understanding the difference between the political systems of China and the West. That understanding does have the capacity to improve the quality of the relationship between a Chinese woman and a Western man. So far this blog has not contributed to that understanding. Paul has a Herculean task to redress this in the next instalment.


You cannot gain this understanding in a very short time but the following 20 minute TED talk covers most of the basic knowledge that you need.


I don’t recommend that you spend any time in China talking about politics but if you are one of those people who cannot help themselves then this video is a must to see before you have such a talk.

#2017-07-20 13:02:26 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Some of what you address here is touched upon in part 2 of this blog, which I have now edited due to the time that has passed since I wrote the original. However, a slightly deeper look can be found in my yet-to-be-published blog called 'Life Hurts - Part 1'

I'm not trying to cause a 'reaction' as such, I'm leaning more towards 'awareness', due to my recent experiences (that I really don't want to go into in depth), whilst at the same time keeping within the 'confines' of the CLM 'message'.

I was chatting with a Chinese friend last night and when I mentioned that the 1969 Moon landings were hoaxed and that 9/11 was an 'inside job', he literally flipped and told me I was a stupid ignorant fool.

Believing something all your life and then finding out it's been a lie all along is almost like grieving the loss of a loved one.


@ ferlo

You live in fear, my friend, because you are supposed to. Everyone is supposed to. It's how society has been designed for at least 2000 years (and I can prove/show it). The most difficult thing is to break-away from the fear-and-control matrix that we all live in. You can only do that by understanding who you are and what TPTB are doing to us.



#2017-07-20 13:10:56 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I was hoping this sort of political comment on CLM had finished. There is a place on CLM for understanding the difference between the political systems of China and the West.

I did say that I wrote this blog many months ago.

That said, nothing has really changed.

Sure, political discussion is discouraged in China, but that's more towards criticism of the government rather than open discussion on how government works.

However, one has to take account the meaning of the word 'government'.

'Govern' = to control / to rule

'Ment = Latin for 'mind' (think MENTal or MENTality)

Therefore, by definition, the word 'Government' = 'mind control'

#2017-07-20 14:07:12 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@paulfox1 @melcyan - what made me decide this blog should be published, after much thought, is that I believe it is crucial to a long term relationship between an (U.S.) American and a (Mainland) Chinese succeeding that both parties try hard to understand how different the two political/cultural systems are, and how differently each system is perceived by members of the other.

It is far more crucial to members of these two nations, in my opinion, than say between an Aussie and a Chinese, or a Canadian and a Chinese, or even a Brit and a Chinese. The reason that it is more crucial is simply that both the USA and China are, and have been for many decades, incredible propoganda machines, both as to the supposedly inestimable greatness of their own nation and the supposed monumental villainy of the other's nation.

Just for example, Canadians and Australians have not been led to believe that somehow China has remained unchanged since the time of Mao, and that the nation remains deeply entrenched in the Communist dogma of Mao's time, which actually started to disappear even before Mao's death, and began to fade very fast immediately upon Deng taking control in 1980. The only thing about China that has remained "Communist" since shortly after Deng's assumption of power is the formality of continuing to call the ruling (and only) political party the Communist Party.

To the best of my recollection, in Canada, we ceased to refer to China as Communist China during the 1980's, and I suspect the same is true of Australia, but not so with the good old USA. As Paul has pointed out, it is stunning how Americans, especially their politicians and their media, can't enunciate the name "China" without preceeding it with the word "Communist". It is this insistance on forever viewing China as being Communist that has lead Americans to naively believe for over 40 years that they were going to teach those Communist Chinese how to do business, while during those same 40 plus years actually having been naively handing over the reins of economic power to China.

On the other side of that same coin, Chinese do not view Canada or Australia as war mongering, politically domineering, controllers of all things, for the simple reason that we have never had it in our power to even pretend to control much of anything. But the Chinese have been taught to view the USA as such a country, sometimes with good reason, but as often for reasons pertaining to pure political propoganda.

The result of this has been that neither Americans or Chinese are particularly adept at viewing each other through neither open eyes nor open minds, and in my opinion, as the moderator of the blogs and the manager of CLM, that makes an article pertaining to the political situation in either or both of China and America, relevant to us here.

Hence my deciding to publish it, and hence my prompting Paul to really demonstrate why it is relevant, so as to avoid proving me wrong.

@Barry1 - please remind me where, exactly, in Brisbane you live. Because if you succeed, as you so mischieviously have set out to do, in turning this article into a relentless free for all about multiple conspiracy theories, taking off where the Flat Earth discussion petered out, then I will have no choice but to send my big Russian friend to pay you a little well deserved visit. (punch)

#2017-07-20 14:42:56 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


You make a good point by re-iterating what I have been saying in bnoth my blogs and my comments. However, your final comment, regarding that never-to-be-mentioned-again 'flat-Earth' theory, actually takes us into the realm of 'conspiracy theories' that shouldn't be dismissed so easily or quickly.

We all know that government (mind control) lies.

We should all know by now that if the USA doesn't have an enemy, it creates one (North Korea / Syria / Cuba - which incidentally are the only THREE countries in the world that DON'T have a Rothschild centrally-controlled banking system).

Most people who have half-a-brain know that 9/11 was not orchestrated by a man-in-a-cave-with-a-cellphone, and it's pretty obvious that no-one ever went to the Moon.

We know that fluoridation of our water is poisonous and that Monsanto are poisoning us with GMO crops.

You don't have to religious to know that the 'mark-of-the-beast' is 666 and that 'the beast' is the system of mind-control (government) that rules our lives.

So when we're told that the Earth is'hurtling round the Sun at 66,600mph, on its axis of 66.6 degrees, with a curvature of 6.66 inches per square mile, and that the Tropics (both of them) are 66.6 degrees from the Equator, are we not ALLOWED to become a little suspicious? Especially when we look out to sea and see all that lovely 'curved water'.

Just saying xx


#2017-07-20 21:21:50 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

I completely agree with John's decision to publish this blogpost. Not only for its wider connotations, which is he is right about. In addition, there is a good chance politics will be an issue in your intercultural relationship. It has been in ours. Like me, Yong has opinions about everything and politics is certainly included. Hence this is a territory we have had to navigate. It has been interesting and instructive and has I think strengthened our relationship. I will write about this in a future blogpost.

In a relationship between two Americans, politics will be an issue in that most Americans marry those who agree with them politically (even if this means being apolitical), and those who are political and marry someone with a conflicting view ultimately end up really needing to work on this issue (although this is not necessarily a bad thing). So if you don't care about politics, you can probably leave the subject alone. But if you have political views, then the subject may well be an issue in your intercultural relationship. Hence, this subject deserves treatment in a site devoted to intercultural relationships. While I agree with  @melcyan that talking (in so far as this implies a back and forth) about politics while visiting China is a waste of time, it is valuable to listen to what Chinese have to say on this subject, for as John says, that is how we come to understand each other.

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