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By Ken Silver About Asia
2688 Views | 0 Comments | 2/21/2011 3:36:42 PM

Here lurks the Mysterious Jackelope, biding his time before he screws you around!

Revealed! A global secret society of imaginary creatures is responsible for all your unhappiness! They crucified our Lord. They planned 9/11. Now the sinister Jackalopes are planning to pound the rusty nails and crash 2 jetliners into you!
You get the truth here!

Perhaps you have been under the naive impression that the world is run by a fiendish alliance of governments and global corporations which use their controlled global media to hide their actions in plain sight?

Ha! That’s just what the Jackalopes want you to think!

You may or may not be familiar with the Jackalopes. The highly influential Jackalope lobby in Washington D. C. is only the visible tip of their fiendish iceberg.

A Jackalope looks like a huge rabbit, standing on hind legs up to six feet tall. They sometimes have the horns of an antelope. Have you ever seen one? Disbelievers say they are only imaginary, but hey, who isn’t?

My older brother stumbled upon their global conspiracy in a West Texas bar, where he saw Jackalopes seated around a beer stained table in a smoke filled back room, talking to American President Johnson. In front of them was a map of Vietnam.

Decades later, in that same bar, I saw King Jackalope itself talking to then President Bush about Iraq and Iran. I started to confront them but by bad luck I fell off my bar stool. By the time I got up, hours had past and they were gone.

And this is what the Jackalopes and their human allies in American and European Immigration are planning on doing to you - when you find the beautiful and honest Asian woman of your dreams through this international dating website; they are going to try to refuse to let you bring her back to your own country!
You read me right!

Talk about pounding it in, you’ll never do that on soft grass in the English countryside unless you follow my instructions!

If you are a terrorist (mark A) or a drug dealer (mark B) or you are a psychotic who likes to urinate in public (mark 1, section C) you get your immigration papers approved right away. But somehow the warm hearts of Immigration officials seem to turn cold when you try to bring your pretty young fiancée home to meet Mum. “Younger prettier women” is not a popular issue with liberals in the West, who tend to be middle aged women who sleep with their cats.

Also, there is concern that - gasp! - the forthcoming marriage is a sham; with big money changing hands in exchange for an open road into the West.

In summation, nobody is going to take to the streets when your fiancée application is stamped “Denied”. And that “Denied” stamp has to be used sometimes, least the ink dry out.

The Jackalopes have seen to that.

Have a legal professional fill out your sweethearts’ visa application. (Say, maybe there is one advertising on this web site!) Paperwork exists in a hellish universe of its own. It has to be filled out correctly; according to its own mystic, cryptic rules. Then you have to know what to say, what not to say, and how to say it and not say it. And vice versa, of course.

Hire a professional to fill out the paperwork!

Then you and your Asian honey can do the rest yourselves!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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