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Some Amazing Chinese Women of    

By John Abbot
3385 Views | 9 Comments | 12/22/2014 4:46:44 PM

These are 4 great Chinese women you'd be lucky to meet and date.

It sometimes amazes me just how many great people are among the members of CLM, and how much they contribute to the community spirit we strive to create here. This includes the bloggers of course, and the many regular contributors to the forum, both men and women. But there are many other Chinese women who really have gone out of their way to make CLM a good site for everyone. I'm going to discuss 4 such women in this blog today.

This was originally simply going to be posted by me on Barry's recent blog, but I felt it should be expressed in a blog to be sure that it wasn't overlooked, since most people may have already read Barry's blog.

We want to thank CLM member LadyMonika for providing an excellent translation of Barry's blog mentioned above, My China Trip - Day 21 - Part 4  我的中国之行 – 第21天,第4部分. She took us by complete surprise by simply posting it, ready to go, in the comments box. I am assured by our Chinese manager that LadyMonika has followed in Marrisa's footsteps and has done a first class job.

We want to thank LadyMonika for doing this and really look forward to reading more of her translations as Barry's series moves forward.

We also want to thank AnnieHow for also volunteering to do the translation. She actually completed her version only hours after we had discovered LadyMonika's submission waiting in our comments.  We have asked AnnieHow to please assist us with other upcoming blogs or magazine articles that we will wanting the Chinese members to be able to read and she has graciously offered to do so. We do regret that we can't use her translation here because it was a lot of work, and we understand she also did a wonderful job.

Both these Chinese ladies are terrific examples of the type of community spirit we are trying to develop and maintain here on CLM, and their contributions are much appreciated. And they are both stepping onto some really big shoes as they follow in the footsteps of first Zoe and then Marrisa.

We have already thanked Zoe for her wonderful support in translating Imi's series "My Love For Lily" and she surely knows how thankful we are for her doing that. She worked tirelessly to be sure tha all the ladies of CLM would be able to understand and enjoy Imi's blog, which was an incredibly popular and lengthy series. Zoe really stands out in our hearts.

But now we need to express our gratitude and admiration to Marrisa for all she has done. I'm sure that she must have been pretty surprised as Barry's blog kept rolling out and slowly turned out to be as long as book. But she toiled on admirably (as did Barry) churning out article after article. That was right up until very recently when she started a lengthy trip to America. Finally she had trouble keeping up, and who could possibly blame her. 

Here is what I wrote to Marrisa a couple of hours ago in thanks, and I'm repeating it here because I am sure that I was speaking on behalf of all members of CLM.

"Marrisa, your efforts really were amazing and we just can't tell you how much we appreciate everything you did.  We will never forget your generosity and great community spirit. You are the kind of member we treasure, and you set a perfect example of what the very best of Chinese women have to offer the world.

We really hope your journey with your new man is going perfectly and you are finding a lifetime of happiness knocking on your door. You deserve a great man, a great love and a great life.

Please don't forget us and always keep us posted on how you are doing. If you need anything from us please let us know immediately.

And please keep your good friends on the forum tuned into your movements forward as well. You are loved by all."

What these 4 women have in common is a giving spirit, a desire to help others, and the will to go ahead and give of themselves when it can't be done easily and will consume a lot of their time, their effort and their skills. They have proven or are proving themselves to have good hearts, and big hearts too.

These 4 women of China are perfect examples of how good Chinese women are, and how much they have to offer as partners, companions and/or wives. Any man would be fortunate to win the heart of one of these beautiful women, and would no doubt never regret giving his own heart back to her.  These are the types of Chinese women one would always be proud to be call his wife, and they are women we take great pride in having as members on CLM. They are sterling examples of "Great Chinese Women".

Thank you again ladies, for helping make a Chinese Dating site that stands apart forn the others as one in which the members feel a part of something special,as if they are among a group of friends who share a kindred spirit and, indeed, like members of a true community. You have all done yourselves proud!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-12-23 07:19:54 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for your very apt words here, John. What you said is so true.

For the record, let me say that I am very flattered indeed, that two very gifted and lovely ladies such as Lady Monika and Annie How both took the time and trouble to translate my latest article. I nearly fell off my chair when I read this and must give sincere thanks to each of these selfless, kind and highly intelligent ladies.

This is on top of course, to my continuing thanks to Marissa who for a long time, tirelessly translated the first twenty-five or so of my articles. This cumulatively represents a mountain of work on Marissa's shoulders, who is an outstanding example of talented Chinese womanhood.

I only know one language and so I'm continually impressed by anyone who can speak two. But the ability to go one step further and actually be able to adeptly translate one language into the second language in writing for the world to see and judge is even more difficult than simply being able to speak it.

I know Zoe also has a first class mind and exceptional abilities in this area also.

Thus to Marrisa, Lady Monika, Annie How and Zoe, I take my hat off to all of you. You have my great admiration - if all the ladies in the world were like you, what a wonderful world it would then be!

May God bless you all. (clap)

#2014-12-23 10:30:49 by melcyan @melcyan

Hi John

Your praise of these four women is certainly worthy of a special blog. I am not a Christian but I always use Christmas as a time for reflection and saying thank you to the important people in my life. I am particularly grateful for people who are “bridge builders” like these women.

Increasingly, many people feel that the world is becoming more selfish.

For me Christmas seems an appropriate time to reach out to the “givers” and “bridge builders” of the world and let them know how much they are appreciated. I usually try to make a heart felt thank you individual, personal and private but as I am not a Gold member I can only communicate via this public forum. Thank you!

#2014-12-23 22:45:11 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

@John Abbot
Hi John and,... All.
Your commendations for these ladies are certainly in accord !!
To give of one's abilities for a greater cause is an honorable thing.
In this case I know,... it is not always easy.
And yet these ladies come forth ?
Most admirable.
I feel that when credit is due it must be recognized.
If you cannot "see" me right now,... just know that I am in the first two rows giving a "standing ovation" !!
Sincere thanks,

#2014-12-23 23:04:31 by QinQL @QinQL


YES, i do admire Zoe, i do like Marrisa, i look forward to reading translations in chinese from LadyMonica and AnnieHow. What they have done are great! they have shown us their big heart! we are proud of them! (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)

#2014-12-23 23:38:25 by Anniehow @Anniehow

It seems that these ladies are either too occupied or too shy to come out. I will say “哪里

哪里nali nali”(the Chinese way)or “You are welcome”(the Western way) on behalf of

all of us. We are glad to be the bridge and helper in some way between different

cultures and languages.

#2014-12-24 22:57:11 by ladymonika @ladymonika

Oh, John, what a shock to see that you have posted my photo in the blog.Hmm, so there will be trace of me being here if one day I am gonna leave. :) I translated it just for fun and I posted it with anonymous.What I did was so much less than those who have kept pace with the bloggers so well with those long articles that I think mine is worthless mentioning. I feel in part flattered and in part embarrassed to be drawn to public attention for this reason or any reason.

I guess there is always a better expression when it comes to translation.To understand the original writing is one thing,to rephrase it with your language is another. For my part, try as you may, there is still flaw in it.I was a little bit obsessive thinking of better words for some phrases right after finishing and posting it. Though I know it is not as serious as academic publication, there is still responsibility concerned, so for this part it is not that fun Haha.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year John and to all the people here, wish you good health and dreams come true in the coming new year.

#2014-12-25 18:26:21 by Barry1 @Barry1


"For my part, try as you may, there is still flaw in it.I was a little bit obsessive thinking of better words for some phrases right after finishing and posting it"

Thanks for your comments, LadyMonika.

I had to smile in particular at your words above, as I feel precisely the same way whenever I write a blog article.

Invariably when reading it afterwards, I feel that I could've written something better here or there, or maybe used a clearer expression or meaning here or there.

So you're not alone in your post publication hand wringing! :D

#2014-12-31 23:39:30 by sharonshi @sharonshi


元旦快乐!Wish You All A GOOD YEAR!

#2015-01-04 01:11:54 by zhangxiujin @zhangxiujin

Hi, John, this is Zoe.
I had two weeks holiday, only am I able to log in my email today.
Thanks so much for your highly speaking about our translation, but truely, that's not a big deal at all.
Wish you and all CLM members happy and healthy in the new year of 2015!!

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