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A retired Aussie programmer from Sydney, I am an ardent traveller, student of things Chinese, and in retirement both an online teacher and online MOOC student. I write mostly about travel and experiences in China, and of interaction with Asian culture and people. Don’t expect controversy because, like a cat in a puddle, I tread carefully - but sometimes I just might throw in a ‘googly’!
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Solo-trekking in China - Longsheng Titian Rice terrace) - (2)    

By LaoGui 老鬼的博客
93 Views | 2 Comments | 1/10/2021 10:54:59 AM

The 'Guide' hung around through the cooking and the meal, until the owner whispered that she was waiting to be paid for her guiding ... and that if I did not pay her, she herself would have to give her some money - being the CPC official.  I told her that the woman had done nothing for me at all.  I should just have given her another 50yuan and been done with it.  The woman in the turban-like headdress would appear to be Yao or Miao, I cannot tell.  The host boiled a large tub of water, and I soaked my knee for half an hour, getting quite some relief.  

In the first photo you can see the architecture called diaojiaolou - (dropped foot building?) on the hilltop.  The building at the bottom left is where I slept - note of course the satellite dish!

I woke at 5am still dark and set out, hobbling a little and hoping to see the sunrise, but the hills were wreathed in mist, and in fact the only glint of sun was from the previous day.  The knee was very painful and I had to take the countless up and down steps sideways,sometimes hopping, and feeling very nervous at the thought of needing to be stretchered out.

Photos following show a substantial village, the building method in which the 'hanging foot' is clear, the mortise and tenon and the teamwork ...

I had planned to spend another night up there, another loop through the hills but sensibly thought better of it.  

To be continued.

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#2021-01-10 10:53:09 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

This is another interesting look at some of the hard to get to interior of China. Great pics too.

Do you maintain ongoing communications with any of the Chinese you met during your travels in China?

#2021-01-10 18:05:50 by oldghost @oldghost

Except for Lijiang Dali and Harbin all my main China destinations were to meet someone or see someone again, or study.  Some students and some new acquaintances from social sites, including CLM.  Yes I am in touch weekly, even daily with a very few treasured friends all met online.  Several come from my online teaching.  I first joined a social site in 1999, and retain two close friendships from that time.

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