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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Smart Girl Had Better Look For Much More Intelligent Husband    

By Panda
5458 Views | 15 Comments | 7/15/2013 6:18:25 PM

She is a PHD of Zhejiang University

The male’s chromosome is XY, and the female is XX. The science tells us that intelligence genes, are more on the x chromosome. This determines that men either very smart or stupid, and with most women on average.

Someone asked why male's IQ at both ends, female is more average. Because intelligence genes are more on the x chromosome, and both x is high or low that is relatively small, most women just take a middle numerical value. As to why take this value, I don't think such a simple question I need to explain, can consult the dialectical relationship of the Mediterranean anemia with malaria.

In general (note the “general” word), men are afraid of women to be smarter than themselves, this wise refers to the matching degree of both in their gender, rather than the absolute value of IQ. Intelligence quotient for the relationship between men and women, like the height. 168 cm height in girls is very good, in men is a dwarf.

So said, girl had better look for men much more intelligent than herself, (or older men with more experiences), otherwise you get along with each other when would not be happy. Emphasize: a much higher, or he will fear you.

We went back to the 168 example, if a girl 168, she will have to find a 178 boy, otherwise it seems does not match. If you find a boy who is 170 cm, the most embarrassing moment. He knows you are high, knows himself do not match with you, knows you should find a 178 guy, so he feel inferior. But on the other hand, he did look at 170 is higher than you, so he regardless of men and women are different, insisted that feel taller than you, and try very hard to infuse honeyed words to you, want you to admit that you are shorter than him. The problem is out of here!!!!!!!!!!!

Note that we mentioned "he regardless of the sexes’ differences". Actually women had many physiological disadvantages, in order to win you, he will not manage this, so when you can’t beat him, however, he would laugh at you, when you are better than him, he will combat and suppress you. Doesn't take care of you, doesn't spoil you, won't love you, he just wants to compete with you. We usually call this mood to jealousy.

To find such a man, for a lifetime having an enemy side. Of course, he won't be obvious destroy you, it is in the subconscious. He won't hope you very well, but also doesn't want you to go bad. Like a 170cm man has a 168cm girlfriend which is a prestigious thing, he will want to take you out to show off, but he doesn't want you to wear high heels every day. Is the mood in the subconscious, he is imperceptible. Asked, he won't admit.

Too clever women don’t give them safety, but challenging, when they conquer you, you will lose meaning for him, they will continue to look for the next one. The problem is that when you get old, how do you? He can't conquer you on IQ, but there is a way to conquer you on social significance. This kind of men will especially find silly girls worship at him after successful who are younger and more beautiful than you.
There are lots off boutique photographies of my son. I’m so so so proud of him!

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#2013-07-16 02:31:19 by Tyler72 @Tyler72

Lol, where do you find this stuff??

...and do you really believe it?

Many men, who are balanced and happy with themselves will have no problem being with taller and intelligent if not more intelligent women. If we are self conscious of our height or worried that maybe we arent smart enough, then maybe we will have an issue with these things. But if we have confidence and we feel that we like ourselves as we are then we can appreciate the things that makes a woman exceptional as just that... Things that make her special.

I am a pretty smart guy, i never worry about am I intelligent enough and I have never met a single person who has made me feel inferior on an intellectual level, although I have met many people who are far more knowledgable in a particular area than I. A brilliant woman or a girl who is a fantastically talented artist, or a girl who is taller than me... These things dont make need to compete with her, lol they certainly might make me want more to compete for her though.. Well, except for height. I dont care if shes tall and I dont give her more points over a similarly beautiful but petite girl. If the tiny girl is well proportioned then her legs will not stretch on as far but can be just as comely... I think Western men do not feel predjudiced against women based on shorter stature as Chinese people do. We like em tall and statuesque or tiny and petite, its just less of an issue overall for us.

I would correct you by saying if you are a tall or very intelligent woman seek a confident man who is happy with himself... In fact any women should be looking for such a guy... In fact, smart, tall (or tiny), talented, exceptional women, by all means... Step right up and impress me.. You are the ones I and many of the other Western guys are here to meet!

#2013-07-16 10:39:42 by anonymous6904 @anonymous6904

IQ is so ancient concept and ideals , hehehe
i am not belittle it, but IF it is the only thing that matters and prized, then human has big problems.
The so called "IQ" has major limitations. I can write essays and quotes in 100 pages, lol

then there is EQ - emotional intelligence

nowadays there is SQ - spiritual intelligence

I prefer the HIGH SQ women instead, plus Beautiful body, hahaha.

"Spiritual Intelligence
Spiritual intelligence connects with your true self and brings out your best.

Benefits of SQ
• feel greater fulfilment

• find deeper meaning and purpose

• turn negative into positive thoughts & emotions

• employ your full resources and be your best in any situation

• wisdom • compassion • integrity • joy • love • creativity • peace

• help others and improve society by using a higher dimension of your intelligence"

Don't you want a partner who is Wise, Compassionate, Integrity, Joyful, Genuine Loving, Creative, and Peaceful person AS WELL?

All the high IQ in the world without those high EQ and high SQ is the caused of major problems of humans.
Such as, so called high intelligence bitches and jerks, LOL
who take you to the cleaner when they are divorced. No compassion as long as they get what they want right?
Intelligent perhaps but very dangerous creatures too.


Note: WISDOM is not the same as HIGH IQ

#2013-07-16 11:12:58 by anonymous6905 @anonymous6905

To add

"Spiritual intelligence is the central and most fundamental of all the intelligences, because it becomes the source of guidance for the others."

"Definitions of spiritual intelligence rely on the concept of spirituality as being DISTINCT FROM religiosity"

"Cindy Wigglesworth defines spiritual intelligence as "the ability to act with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the circumstances"

Plenty more here

#2013-07-16 21:20:30 by panda2009 @panda2009

I just take "height" to draw an analogy. You said Happy that's really important, I need to write another blog talk about this with my personal experience. In fact, stupid people almost are unhappy where are lots of these people around me.

#2013-07-16 21:31:37 by panda2009 @panda2009

I absolutely agree with u all. SQ is acquired by continuous self-education.

#2013-07-17 23:48:00 by Ykcor @Ykcor

I agree, there are many types of intelligence, but invaraibly they are all linked. And if the discrepency is too great betwen two people, then the relationship is lopsided. A curious fact also, when there is a partnership between two people of varied intelligence, is that the slower person does become a little quicker over time, but the quicker person does not become slower.
Personally, I find intelligent women to be the most attractive, I would far sooner persue a reationship with a plain looking smart woman, than a beautiful looking plain woman.
If a relationship is only based on base instincts, then as soon as you are apart, you find other people attractive, yet if the connection is siritual, then other people simply do not hold the level of attraction.

#2013-07-18 11:47:20 by jade01 @jade01

Do you say people who are unhappy are stupid?! You must be careful saying something like that. many many unhappy people in this world would not agree and think you are not smart either.

#2013-07-18 15:09:59 by panda2009 @panda2009

There r so many people who r too stupid to happy. In fact many reasons of unhappy r stupid. Ur direction is wrong. U must be careful to read something, then comment.

#2013-07-18 21:47:03 by Tyler72 @Tyler72

@jade01 Jade, nobody in any of the above posts said or implied that unhappy people are stupid...

In my post, and I dont know if you are referring to mine because you didnt direct this to anyone specifically.. I said that for a man to be comfortable in a relationship with a woman who is taller or smarter or in some way better in some area than him, he must be confident and happy with himself as he is..

Then he will never feel like he is less just because she is more... Instead he can be happy with her and proud to be with such an exceptional woman.

If he is nhappy with his own self, then her exceptional traits will likely make him see himself as being even more unworthy and so he will feel the need to conpete with her and try to show that he is better.. People wo do this, I think, have their own issues and secretly (or not so secretly) dont like themselves and arent happy with themselves as they are.

Again, nobody in this thread equated overall happiness or unhappiness with intelligence, you must have really misread or misunderstood something...

#2013-07-19 07:42:17 by RobertB @RobertB

I think whatever happens in life it does because of the purpose. So females are stabilizers and males are modificators.
I know there is no such word. What I mean nature is very clever. Both clever and stupid men can improve the species. Stupid men are very powerful. They usually can do two things that are very important. One is that they can do jobs clever men or women would not do. The other is that they are good at proofing the system. Also, real stupid man does not know is stupid. So acts and then this way many others have to even obey him. Smart men build the systems. Women maintain them.
All works very well. We have already 7 billion people, quite good technology and some other achievements. Some entertainment.
So, all is needed and sometimes women like smart men, sometimes not that smart. If you are with not smart person you may feel smarter yourself and then again you may feel that you are so good to other fellow humans.
On the other hand, it has been found that a little bit of folly is good for you. There is something for everyone.
Even for me. Anyway, I believe that all is not permanent. Stupid man or woman can be clever next time.
Even the smartest can find themselves at a loss sometimes and enjoy it.
Remember that all is very well thought out.

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