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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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Sleepwalking into Totalitarianism    

By Imi
644 Views | 9 Comments | 4/24/2021 10:57:52 AM

The year 2020 opened the door for many things I didn't expect to happen in a first-world country. Perhaps the most important thing I noticed was that most of Canada's Western-born citizens were unaware of their country's deliberate destruction by an organized group of criminal elites. I want to wake them up, but they seem to be willingly choosing to stay in a state of mind I dubbed voluntary sleepwalking.


At the beginning of this COVID nightmare, Janessa, my Chinese wife, and I perceived the events differently. Out of China, Janessa just started shedding her so natural I-do-what-the-government-says attitude, which was the catalyst to our first major fight. It was over the Canadian government's regulations after COVID-19(84) was released on the world. Not working for weeks impacted my general mood, and I felt like a caged animal. Janessa also lost her job, but her response to the restrictions was relatively mild. It barely made any ripple on the surface of her mind. It bothered me.   


One day, I lay before her what might happen if nothing was going to change quickly. Her answer was: there was nothing we could do about it. It was not her answer but her submissive approach that unlocked the cage to my anger. She was very quiet while I let out my frustration. I told her she didn't live in China anymore. People had rights in Canada, and they had been violated by design. Our government was turning against us and ushering in a system that would be worse than communism. They wanted us to feel helpless and act passive like senseless zombies. And that if she wanted to be a sheep and satisfy a corrupt government, she could, but I wasn't going to humiliate myself without a fight. 


Janessa has come a long way since that day. We both have. We are much closer to each other now. She slowly begins to study China from the outside for the first time. With my encouragement not to believe in everything the government says, she can make up her mind and observe the world from a unique, unrestricted perspective. I say unique because we immigrants have something, especially if we came from eastern Europe, to decipher extensive governments' overreaches. 


I'm not proud of it, but 80% of what I told her during my outburst is now a reality, and the other 20% is on a fast track and in the making. Forced vaccination, vaccine passports and a global, cashless surveillance society were all the things I hoped would make me a liar in Janessa's eyes. Walking in my once nice neighborhood with her and seeing all these people sinking deeper in the quicksand of tyranny, completely ignoring warning signs and extended helping hands, is genuinely frightening me.   


Due to widespread lies, rampant cancelations and lack of openness, most people believe that the only way to stop this overhyped virus is to take a falsely categorized chemical compound. They live so much in fear that they ignore the adverse side effects. By taking the "vaccine," they will become ticking time bombs and greatly minimize their chances for survival when their immune systems have to fight a natural virus.


Will our voice ever be loud enough to wake them up? Can we once again walk in the streets like human beings and not like docile sheep? What I see right now with Janessa beside me are only dark clouds. And it should be entirely the opposite. It should be all rainbows and sunshine at this stage of our marriage. We had only nine months of peaceful living together before life suddenly shifted. Will we be brave enough to fight for each other and our simple but honest existence?


At this point, the future is uncertain to such a degree that people commit suicide or find solace in drinking, overeating and doing drugs. After more than a year, governments, instead of easing the pressure and regulations, increase them, which doesn't make any sense. Well, it does, to them, to the Global Elites and their toadies. Their plan is working. They realized how easy it is to control the masses. The timeline on their agenda has been adjusted and brought closer because of how 7.8 billion people have responded to their despotic intentions. 


They can only lead this unprecedented global dictatorship in because we, people, are cowering behind masks. Unfortunately, ninety percent of the people are misinformed and sleepwalking into their demise. I can't help myself when I think about this, but to reflect upon all those Jews from eighty years earlier who were wagoned to concentration camps and terminated under the guise of taking as simple as a shower.


Everybody! Let's take the "vaccine!"


But why? Why would any healthy individual take a vaccine licensed for emergency use only?


These people are setting the stage with this "vaccine" for a more significant and costly event. They know they have to tamp down the populace's anxiety about the jab as much as possible and implementing their plan step by step. They can't just end people off with the first batch of vaccine. Its sole purpose is to weaken people's immune system.


“If someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it.” ~ Former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon


We live in a grotesque lie - that your body is incapable of handling a virus with a survival rate of 99.7 percent. If we don't stand up and be united against this open abuse of our well-being, it will undoubtedly worsen. Patriots and anti-vaxxers will soon be seen as viruses in this dystopia. Sleepwalkers will attack maskless people. Anti-vaxxers and dissidents will be put in camps (might as well throw climate change deniers in there) for the "survival" of others.    


Something must happen and fast. Those who understand the danger of the situation are the actual vaccines, the right cure for this global communist takeover. Will our numbers be enough to change the course of our generation? Will we have the courage to say no more? 1956, Hungary. 1968, Czechoslovakia. 1980, Poland. 1989, Romania. These countries did revolt. They fought against communist dictatorship. They had one thing in common. They were a unified nation.  


The USA, Canada, Australia, England and the so-called Western countries are being brought down by diversity. Illegal immigrants who don't assimilate are like strong solvents of defusing rebellious actions by natives. How to convince them, most of whom don't even speak their adopted country's official language, about the danger we face? Without communication and information flow, small groups of people can only have a suicidal mission that serves no merit to our cause. People from so many backgrounds under one umbrella can only fight against each other when it starts to rain. 


After all the media censoring, blatant lies and bias reporting, I can't say anything that would make sleepwalkers rise from their comatose state. We need them, though, if we want to have a fair chance of stopping history from repeating itself on a larger stage.


"The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant." ~ Maximilien Robespierre



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#2021-04-24 10:57:35 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

I am not in Canada right now and haven't been there for a couple of years now. That's partly due to the idiotic rules imposed by the idiot in charge of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, since Covid reared its ugly and largely scamdemic head. But I am in communication with my family members sufficiently to know that some Canadians are tuned into the fraud being imposed on them, while others are woefully accepting of the removal of their rights and freedoms.

This all in the rush to be saved from a disease that is simply one of several serious flus caused by a variety of corona viruses and which so far has a survival rate of 99.7 percent. What is the saviour they are lined up to grovel before? Why Big Pharma, of course, through its basically untested and extremely dangerous "vaccines" that are not really vaccines at all according to the normally accepted definition thereof.

My family resides almost exclusivlely in the Province of Alberta where the population is generally more rightish and less leftish and there is a much larger portion of the people who are not as likely to accept forced vaccinations and/or travel passports that are directly related to having been vaccinated.

My older brother and his wife have happily embarked on a course of being vaccinated multiple times and seem somewhat bitter that it may all be for naught unless everyone will lay down and grovel to the Corporate Elite that stand to make trillions out of the worldwide enforced vaccination program. I don't understand at all why they think it is a danger to them that there will be a pool of dangerous non-vaxxers who will not take the jab. After all, if they are vaccinated how can the non-vaccinated be a danger to them.

My younger brother and his wife, as well as my son and daughter and their spouses, all seem to be cognizant of the danger of the covid vaccines and are not planning on accepting the jab without a fight.

Having lived in Vancouver for close to a decade I inderstand that it is a hard city to abandon due to its climate and its stunning beauty. But maybe you and Janessa should go see what opportunities might be waiting for you in Calgary or Edmonton or even smaller cities in Alberta. The more independent political atmosphere there might make up for the colder weather.

Just a thought.

#2021-04-24 18:55:18 by oldghost @oldghost

@imi @abbott you guys are infected by another unmentioned virus - distrust. Big Pharma?  Bill Gates? Vaccine conspiracy?  Just another flu?  Wearing masks is a constraint on liberty? Look at the numbers for USA+BRAZIL+INDIA.  As to you @imi, you have successfully imposed your thinking on your partner it seems, as you say, so it is better now? Why does the word bully  pop into mind so quickly, I wonder.

I remember you, @imi saying something contemptuous about a Chinese mask wearer, look back in your previous posts, and I commented at the time.  Do you wear a seat belt when driving? Why?  It reduces risk of death perhaps?  Not an adequate reason?  Risk of infection is currently say 1-2% over what period of time, what actuarial reduction in life expectancy does that represent to you,do you think?.Or your family?

Despite the thrombosis possibilities I will vaccinate next week and shrug about people who think like you two.

#2021-04-24 22:19:15 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

I'm preparing to do a whole blog on this, but considering the lack of response to my 'What are the chances' blog, I see little reactions to be forthcoming.

The following is a response I wrote on another site, so please feel free to ask questions if you don't quite understand what I am talking about. That said, I think Imi will 'innerstand' most of it.


According to several ‘ancient’ texts, this realm was invaded. The ‘god’ of the Bible is known as ‘Elyan’ (just another name for Yahweh, Jehovah, etc.) He recruited other entities known as the ‘Elohim’. These are the ‘Archons’ that David Icke speaks of. They created a ‘human’ version of themselves in Gen 1:27. The word ‘Adam’ first appears in Gen 1:26, but, according to ‘Semitic’ languages (Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic) it does not mean ‘man’, or ‘humankind’. It literally means ‘another race’. (Incidentally, the word ‘semitic’ refers to language and NOT to a race of people, so to be ‘anti-semitic’ means to be against that language)
This ‘creation’ (Gen 1:27) was known as the ‘Yahudan’, and are the androgynous beings that have reptilian souls. The ones that are still here today (their descendants) are what we know as the 13 ruling bloodlines, and have their relatives in positions of power all across the world. They are stuck in the ‘re-incarnation trap’ and can never get out of here. The Elohim (the gods of the Yahudans) were 33 in number. This is why these scumbags revere the number 33. They believe that providing they continue to perform these satanic rituals, then they will be allowed to re-incarnate back into one of these families. This is why they plan things centuries in advance.
The second ‘creation’ in Gen 2:7………(OK, let’s pause a moment here. Look at the numbers. 1,2,7. Pearl Harbour 12.7; 9/11 took out buildings 1,2, and 7)
Anyway, Gen 2:7 are NOT ‘adams’. As stated, ‘adam’ means ‘another race’, and ‘Eve’ means ‘land’ – in particular, Israel, but essentially the whole Earth – which is what the scum are trying to take over. (Read Gen 1:28 – I’m not spoon-feeding you, lol)
The Gen 2:7 ‘creation’ was a spin-off during which existing Tartarians were bred in order to be slaves for the Yahudans. This created a second ‘race’, if you like. It’s US and THEM. The word ‘Them’ can be seen in Gen 1:27. They are NOT us!
This is why we know it as the ‘Human Race’. It’s a ‘race’ to see who will win – us, or THEM.
These people were known as the Elochute, (Adam & Eve, Genesis 2:7)
Not ALL of the Yahudans were evil bastards – or so it seems. One of them (the serpent…….kind-of giveaway here, lol), told the Elochutes what had been done to them. The ‘apple’ nonsense is all allegory. The ‘serpent’ told them the difference between good (the Tartarians), and evil, (the Yahudans). People would know the Elochutes as being the ‘Gentiles’.
So, to sum up, what we are talking about is ANOTHER SPECIES OF HUMAN BEINGS THAT WE HAVE TRACED BACK TO Gen 1:27. This hijack happened around what we know as the year 1465 (465 really, if we remove the added 1000 years that took place in (1)592.
Now let me put this into a perspective that people can understand a little better.
Anyone with 2 brain cells will understand that Gematria cannot be organic. We live in some kind of computer-program / simulation / VR game.
Think of the hijack as being computer malware – or even a virus (sound familiar?)
The ‘Big Club’ that George Carlin spoke about is the Yahudans – we’re not ‘in the club’.
The Biblical / Flat-Earth ‘firmament’ was placed over this real-m in order to trap the Elochute / Gentiles. There’s a video on my channel (The Devil’s Playground 2) that explains ‘going into the light’ – DON’T ! In our most recent podcast we discuss the ‘river of forgetfulness’, also known as the ‘mind-wipe’, and why it happens.
These bastards (the Yahudan) are our ENEMY, and they see us as their enemy. The word ‘satan’ simply means ‘adversary’.
They don’t GAF that they are stuck here. Just as long as they continue to play-out their pathetic rituals to their pathetic ‘gods’, they can keep coming back and using us as their slaves.
Just as a footnote – only 60% of our psyche (soul / spirit, or whatever other label you want to put on it), is present in this realm. Our soul does not ‘inhabit’ our physical body – our soul simply HAS a physical body with which to experience. The 5 senses are our connection with this ‘game’, and this is why we beLIEve it’s ‘real’.
The remaining 40% stays on what we might call the ‘soul plane’ (not PLANET), and is what we might refer to as our ‘higher-self / guardian angel / spirit-guide, etc.
These bastards (the computer programmers) play what we might call 5D chess. They’re good at putting psy-ops within psy-ops. The ‘Flat – Earth psy-op’ is no exception. Sure, we ain’t spinning and hurtling through spaaaaaaaaaaace, but it’s not ‘flat’ either. We have mountains and valleys for a start, but try to think of it more as a toroidal-field. As Tesla is supposed to have said – it’s all energy, frequency, vibration. The speed-of-light is its operating speed, and what we know as ‘physics’ is simply the parameters, or boundaries, of the program.

Sophia = Gaia = Earth = Wisdom. The word ‘plane’ (pronounced ‘plan-nay’, or ‘plan-neh’) is a Greek word for ‘deception’, but is really ‘planned deceit’, as in an agenda. It’s also the root of the word ‘planet’ – which means ‘to wander aimlessly’ According to Gnostics, the Biblical ‘god’ (Yahweh) is a fucked-up ‘creation’ of Sophia – almost like an abortion. This is why aborted fetus cells are found in vaccines. It’s said that Sophia is ‘audacious’ – in the same way the ‘god’ known as ‘Pan’ was audacious. How DARE you sing & dance and gather during this planned-demic.
EVERYTHING is inverted in this real-m.
Even Lucifer (the light-bringer), is ‘phosphorus’ in Greek ( see ‘horus’ here?). For guys reading this, 60% of your fluid when you ejaculate, is phosphorus.


Guys, this is a 'hard pill to swallow', but is the (current) result of over 20,000 hours of research. I am not alone when I talk about this.

We were born into a 'movie-script', and everything we've been taught, is a lie.

Let me give you the same challenge that I was given - as disgusting as it may sound. Remember, it only sounds 'disgusting' due to your indoctrination.

Urine is NOT a 'waste-product'. It is simply excess fluid. That said, it is pure, and it is distilled.

I want you to try something. (I have)

When you get up in the morning and go to the loo, catch about 2oz of urine in a glass. Try to get it 'mid-stream'

Then fill the glass with orange juice, and drink it down.

It sounds disgusting because it's supposed to, but the health benefits after a couple of months will blow you away. If you have grey hair, it will turn back to its original colour. Mixed with orange juice you won't even know. It tastes just like O.J.

The same cannot be said for 'waste' from your ass. Your body uses the goodness from food and dumps the stuff it doesn't need. Urine, on the other hand, is simply excess fluid, and is NOT 'waste'.

It's purified liquid that contains 'you'.

Me and my friend are doing it on a daily basis, so we are testament to the results.


#2021-04-25 22:49:25 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Honestly, if I were still single, I wouldn't be living in Vancouver or Canada. Not even in Hungary. Right now, I'm waiting because, in my eyes, the entire world is slowly becoming a horrible mutation of my former life.           

#2021-04-26 23:43:13 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Discrediting my character is a badge of honor when it's coming from you. 
Your enormous ego, however, detests admitting it’s been duped, and you will continue allowing yourself to be led like a sheep into the closing noose of oppression. This article is precisely about you, and you proved its importance with your stigmatizing comment.      

#2021-04-28 20:18:35 by Evaaa @Evaaa


#2021-04-28 22:31:43 by oldghost @oldghost

@imi I don't discredit you - I proclaim you as you are. Deluded.  Enforcing your views on another too will have consequences.  If this article is about me then I can chuckle and take pride in it

#2021-04-29 12:07:50 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Your words: "I wish to be disocciated from this website, and the people who blog here. It gives me the creeps that by having blogged here I can somehow be associated with the dregs who now blog here."


"You absurd people - I don't belong to your world."


Please, keep to your statements.  

#2021-05-10 17:02:46 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


OldGhost is beyond 'help', my friend. Sadly, too many of the sheeple are. I keep working on Melcy (I haven't given up on him yet), but OG is an NPC who believes everything he sees on his precious TV set. Don't quit, bro.......ever!!!!!

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