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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Should Good A Shape Be Shown Off?    

By Panda
4697 Views | 11 Comments | 4/10/2014 3:09:58 PM

Kong's art

If a girl has a good shape, a big chest, a small pretty waist, and long legs, should they be shown off? Young girls always think ‘Yes,’ but according to a recent study abroad, if you want to find a good husband and a good man and don't want to become someone else's temporary partner, targeted by dawdlers (those who dawdle away their time with a young girl), the answer is ‘No!’

Because new research reveals: men who seek short-term contact with women are more interested in women’s shape, and those men looking to establish a long-term relationship with a woman are more interested in the appearance of a woman.

In the new study, researchers showed 380 male students a photo of a girl with parts of girl's face and body hidden. Scientific researchers let students think of establishing long-term or short-term contact with her, and then decide to see which part of the body or face. The premise is the students can only choose to see one part.

The results were shocking: 24% of male students considering establishing a long-term relationship chose to see the face, compared with 53% of those considering a short-term relationship who chose to see the shape of potential mates.

Briefly speaking, men seeking a short-term contact with women are more interested in shape; those want to establish a long-term relationship are more interested in appearance of face.

I think, from an evolutionary point of view, the explanation should be as follows:

In long-term mating behavior, men obviously pay attention to the quality of the offspring. If the child needs his long-term investment, he will try to find women with good genes as partners. The beauty of the face represents the quality of the genes. There is no doubt about it.

For short-term mating, the male notices the number of offspring. So, in short-term mating behavior, men will seek an easier pregnancy. More convenient seeding is more likely to produce children.

The question arises, what kind of woman is more likely to be pregnant? As we all know, human sexual behavior is not so closely connected with conception. 26% of females having sex continuously for a year would not have children. Therefore, in short-term behavior, looking for someone who has a good figure (waist-to-hip ratio close to 0.7) is the most optimized behavior for a male. These kinds of women are more likely to be pregnant and men would be more likely to get children. Of course, even if a man not looking to have children now, he can't get rid of the original impulse.

And what kind of woman is more convenient for men to sow their seeds? We can imagine: hunting a beautiful faced woman as a short-term sexual partner will be much more difficult than hunting a popular figured woman. If men, in short-term mating, were determined to seek a woman with a beautiful face, perhaps they will waste a lot of time with no success. So they focus their attention on the girl whose face is not beautiful but possess a hot body shape. In short-term mating behavior the requirement men had for women generally declined, especially those for appearance.

This kind of phenomenon can even lead to a conclusion: a hot-shaped but average-faced woman would be easily treated as a short-term sexual object.  When finding that your rival in love is more beautiful than you, even when her cup is A but yours is D, you are available to go quickly, because he is more likely to take her as his future wife, and you as his one-night stand sexual partner.

To summarize, the latest scientific research tells us: if you have a good figure, also do not emerge often. Maybe drawing the eyelashes longer is much better than wearing a bare midriff.


A. Men want to choose short term contact with women whose shape is generally better. This is less important if they are looking for a long term relationship with a woman. Women must choose between "high quality sperm but zero offspring" and "lesser level of sperm to guaranteed offspring". In general, the more perfect female can choose the latter, because they can get the second level of sperm. This is not so bad. But a less attractive girl would accept the former, because of her inferior genes, genetic quality of offspring is then more important than a responsible man for the children.

B. Always take the short term choice as the long term choice. If the man banters you two sentences and take it seriously, this kind of behavior habit is dangerous.

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#2014-04-10 21:59:07 by panda2009 @panda2009

Big mistake, sorry!
"The results were shocking: 24% of male students considering establishing a long-term relationship chose to see the face," should be:

"The results were shocking: 24% of male students considering establishing a long-term relationship chose to see the figure(shape),"

#2014-04-11 14:31:41 by Barry1 @Barry1


"new research reveals: men who seek short-term contact with women are more interested in women’s shape, and those men looking to establish a long-term relationship with a woman are more interested in the appearance of a woman."

It's interesting that the research didn't investigate other important factors, such as personality of a person.

I've known some very lovely ladies who had the personality of a damp squid. It was always hard to hold a conversation with them.

I've also known some average looking ladies who were a delight to be with, because of their bright personality, that more than compensated for their less than stellar looks.

Then there are other factors, such as employment; education level; material wealth levels; etc.

It seems this study you described to us was limited in its scope, Panda. There's so much more to attraction and appeal than just body shape or facial beauty. But still, it gives us all a starting point to consider, I guess.

#2014-04-12 07:40:17 by anonymous9636 @anonymous9636

I have read this several times and I can't stop laughing.....are you serious, do you actually believe this crap? Men and women are equally attracted to potential partners by looks first, that will never change...

A study done with 380 males is not relevant to the rest of the male society.....period! 380 male students.....they think with their Johnson's anyways at that age......RFLMAO!!!

Girls at that age think with their hoo hoo's.......

#2014-04-12 19:27:03 by panda2009 @panda2009


I used to be trained basketball from 9 year old. So I like to watch ball games always, especially male matchs, often went to sports venue with my dad before. I enjoy the sportsmen's spirits as those in front fall, those behind take up their positions, not their looks.

#2014-04-12 22:37:05 by Christopher53 @Christopher53

Here is another reference to the study used by Panda as a basis for her article. The original study was published in the scientific journal 'Evolution and Human Behaviour.'

Personality and social circumstance may moderate the basic instincts that control human behaviour but they can't completely overcome those instincts.

Women use their bodies to attract males. This is a basic reality of life. Apparently, the parts they choose to use will determine who they will attract.

#2014-04-13 17:19:42 by bmccull @bmccull

"a hot-shaped but average-faced woman would be easily treated as a short-term sexual object."

There is a term for this: butter-faced. It means a woman who looks great, everything but her face.

#2014-04-14 12:10:08 by panda2009 @panda2009

"butter-faced", I got it. Thank you!

#2014-04-14 12:27:32 by panda2009 @panda2009

I haven't reproductive values now. So I prefer to write blogs here. If someone really read lots of my blogs, I think that he would know me deeply, even know me more than my colleagues around me. Maybe we started the spirit's communication one day at the beginning of our own life journeys.

#2014-04-15 14:17:50 by anonymous9656 @anonymous9656

"Men who are looking for short-term companionship are more interested in a woman's body than those looking for a long-term relationship, who focused on a woman's face, according to new research."

How about the "Angel Face and Devil Figure" term?
For short-term sexual objects and long-term relationship?
How about the "Angel Face and Devil Heart" ?

How about this article

"The results showed that men in relationships were more likely to find women with feminine faces most attractive when they were looking for a short-term relationship."

""There are several possible explanations; perhaps some men are inclined to take a long-term partner whilst still attempting to cheat with other, more feminine, women. Or maybe once a long-term partner is secured, the potential cost of being discovered may increase a man's choosiness regarding short-term partners relative to unpartnered men."

"In another part of the study we also showed that men who think themselves attractive have stronger preferences for femininity than those who think themselves less attractive. Again, this effect appears similar to an effect seen in women, whereby attractive women are choosier in their preferences for men. Across the two studies attractive men were found to be more discriminating in their preferences for a woman's facial femininity."


#2014-04-16 20:18:56 by Christopher53 @Christopher53

@panda2009 I believe so.

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