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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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She Forgave Her Husband's Lover 她宽容了丈夫的情人    

By Xin73
7732 Views | 27 Comments | 7/1/2012 7:43:21 AM

We want to present another new blogger, Xin73. This lady has an incredibly interesting history, having been born of Chinese heritage but in Vietnam, and lived through much of the turbulence in that country in the last part of the 20th century. Now rooted in China, well educated, and having learned many lessons of life, Xin73 hopes to explore and share with us her thoughts and feelings on many subjects. Here is her first blog:

She Forgave Her Husband's Lover

Life often occur to unpleasant things, this may be rooted in the others to his own injuries,
and we often because of these injuries full of melancholy in my heart, feel depressed, when we hate someone else at the same time, oneself also immersed in the unhappy emotion, Of harm in addition to others,there are our own. people are not perfect, who will make mistakes, who has advantages and disadvantages, Therefore, we can treat yourself shortcomings, why can't forgive other people's fault? When you keep in mind the shortcomings of others, ask yourself is also have this or that problem? let yourself happy, enrichment, to forget others to their own harm, the hearts of discontent, resentment, throw away all!forgive others, is to forgive yourself. the following is happened in my side of the story, the heroine is my former colleague, the man is my ex-husband's comrade in arms.

This pair feelings of sweet lovers after a seven-year love marathon. spanning a variety of obstacles finally married life together. although the monthly led a meager salary, living in the dormitory units, but two people still lived a very sweet . the wife discovers that she is pregnant, the husband heard the news ecstatic.

However, fate is always like to tease people. the wife is pregnant for three months later, in a way to work, was accidentally to be motorcycle knocked down, after the doctor's struggling to rescue, the children eventually miscarried, the fetus inside her belly eventually aborted, the doctor told her, the accidental injury to her uterus, she may not be pregnant again. Thereafter, this family life changed completely, husband was no longer so distressed wife ... ... .

Wife at heart full of guilt to husband , think very sorry husband, although the husband no longer the same as before love yourself, she still make all-out efforts to take care of his life. Soon, the wife found her husband's behavior increasingly strange. colleague 's remarks confirmed her conjecture, her husband had an affair. she often with tears wash face, begged her husband to cherish they happiness. however, indulged in another section of the feelings of men, how will listen, instead, the said to her:“you can not have children, can not let my no child. my lover pregnant, you must go and I are getting a divorce!"

The wife listened, heart is like a knife cutting by pain, now she understood thoroughly, their feelings have gone no longer exist, decided to get a divorce fulfill them. at the same time, her husband execution in work the mission, accident suffered a car accident, died on the spot. wife heard the news, very sad, even regret not earlier divorce fulfill them. Legitimate she hide in the home cry , A pregnant woman knocked on her door. after opening the door, see the redness of the eyes of this woman, she knew the identity of the other side.yes! the woman is be way her husband's lover. her come to the purpose of, Pleading after the birth of own child. let the lost husband woman, adoption of her child.

The past this the destruction of their own happy family woman unexpectedly put forward so this idea. she flatly refused. At this time,husband's lover to kneel down to beg her ... ... .
her heart is shaken. In any case, this child is innocent. And,the child's body flowing after all is the ex-husband's blood.she finally agreed to the request,and to forgive her ex-husband's lover.

The story of the wife to forgive her former rival, it needs a great courage, but she has done. husband betrayed her own, her husband died, help him to assumed the responsibility. With their own tolerance and generosity dissolved the old hatred, her tolerance not only to give the child opens the door, but also for their own to open a heart the passage.

We are in the vast world,contradictions and frictions are inevitable with others. If we can easily open the hearts of hatred, hatred will grow up quietly in his own body. ultimately affect own normal life. we should hone a tolerant realm of life. whether we choose what kind of goal in life, learn tolerance can make our life more happy. forgiving someone else's negligence, signify for others to wake up the time and the opportunity to repent, for others a seeking redemption way.

Can broad magnanimity the forgive others to hurt you own, will be able to deeply comprehend life, achieve the otherworldly realm of life. life honed to such a high state, Then nothing can any difficulty overwhelm yourself.

In my colleague's marriage, let me ganwudao, even if a person has one big mistake, as long as he turn over a new start, should get the people to forgive. tolerance and trust others, that is the affirmation of human nature, Is also is help people, Its significance exceed money support.

Hope has read this article, you also have the same feeling.













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#2012-07-01 11:42:40 by aku1234 @aku1234

Congratulations for your first blog entry Xin73 and a very touching story.

Forgiveness is the way to go.

#2012-07-01 16:52:11 by destiny1 @destiny1


#2012-07-02 00:15:42 by shlshl @shlshl


#2012-07-02 01:12:45 by danruble @danruble

A few sayings come to mind. " We all make mistakes" or,"To error is human, to forgive, devine" and "There but for the grace of God, go I" Very sad and uplifting at the same time...Simple and elegant prose.. Bitter sweet. I think back to an earlier blog about the unknown neighbor that jumped from the tall building..One can not help but be touched by such stories. The latest to write here in terms that make me think and feel. Thank you. I look forward to more of your writing.

#2012-07-02 01:51:34 by urdivine @urdivine

I believe we agree.

Forgiving others is NEVER for the benefit of the person who did you "wrong". It is ALWAYS for you.

'Forgiving' means to let go. It means to no longer hold on to a negative emotion or continue with a negative thought pattern.

Those are the real cause of disease.

Whatever negative experience you have in your life, it is there because YOU, usually from a deep level, attracted it.

Lack of love, lack of money, lack of health, lack of joy etc. etc. do not happen because the person simply has bad luck in life.

There are no accidents. Everything that happens in your life, happens for a reason and it is all to help you evolve, [grow; develop].

Xin73. Good story. Thank you.

#2012-07-02 12:05:28 by niuniuzh @niuniuzh


#2012-07-02 18:30:41 by oldstudent @oldstudent

wow, very emotional at the point when she came to see you; yes, we are all victims of our own fears and prejudices. ...but well done, she and you both faced it.
people often say we get stronger from such things but I'm not so sure, the next one can be pretty rough too but we can sure get smarter.

#2012-07-03 13:04:36 by destiny1 @destiny1

She adopted her husband's lover's child, because her tolerance achievements of her own to become a great mother. This is good.

#2012-07-03 22:16:07 by lucyy @lucyy

poor english

#2012-07-04 15:17:42 by xin73 @xin73

Hi aku1234
Thank you for your comments and appreciation.I will continue to strive to write more and better works.

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