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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Daniel has lived in Toronto, Canada for 28 years. He’s a loving father, practicing dentist, divorcee and a well traveled “citizen of the world”. Having had extensive experience with online dating, travel and life in the Philippines, Daniel will tell it like it is and will no doubt open some eyes. He is currently engaged to a Chinese lady that he met on CLM and will very soon get married. However, he's seen a dark side too. Get ready for the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Sex, Myths & Reality. Part 2    

By Daniel Chermont
3480 Views | 2 Comments | 2/26/2013 3:11:48 PM

Artist's rendering of a Chimera. Copyright by Rebecca Kemp

Chimera - A Greek mythological beast - According to the myth, she was the sister of Cerberus, the three headed dog which guarded the gates from Hell. In modern days she symbolizes an absurd idea or story. In the medical field, she symbolizes bizarre, peculiar conditions which are usually rather extremely rare. The type of case which is presented in a Congress and draws a standing ovation.

“If you repeat a lie a thousand times, it will be accepted as the truth”
(Old Arab proverb)

When I told my Chinese friends in Toronto that I was going to marry a beautiful young Chinese lady, they were delighted and truly happy for me. I know that they meant well, they gathered and started to share with me all kinds of “Chinese men secrets”, take this, take that, keep the lady happy. I laughed and I told them, thanks guys, I am not bragging, I am not the Superman but I do not need that, I can keep her happy in that department on my own, I did not reach yet the stage where I need Viagra, Cialis or any magical elixir, formula, concoction or herb. When I reach that point, we will re-visit the subject. I did mention this to Angela and we both laughed.

There is so much out there, so many misconceptions, tales, myths that even though I am just a dentist, not a trained psychologist, an urologist or a gynecologist, I could write a funny book about this. I am not a professor of Sexology and I would not dare to even look as if I was endeavoring to teach anything to anyone. However, there are few points which I learned that I want to share with you and please, let us have an open, educated, objective and mature conversation. We might all benefit and profit from the knowledge of each other, let us exchange ideas and see how East and West react under the same circumstances, the same scenario.

There are so many myths about the topic "sex" and the truth is that many people believe in most things they hear. We assembled and organized 15 of the weirdest and funny ones, even as a way to help people not to believe in certain absurdities and better enjoy the moments between four walls or “under the covers” as a British would say. If you guys enjoy and depending of the interest and acceptance of this topic, we will discuss arousal, virginity and other sex related issues in “Part III”, if we ever get to that point.

Please check it out.

Myth 1 - If you masturbate too much you will get a hairy hand

Fact: in fact no one will get a hairy hand, however it is possible that some problems of irritation may occur or, in the case of men, an injury or tearing of the penis skin might occur.

This story of “hairy hand” has its roots in Brazil, the fathers tell the boys not to masturbate otherwise they will get a “hairy hand”. I guess they would only get a hairy hand if they had genes of a werewolf, ha ha ha.

Myth 2 - You can not get pregnant during menstruation

Fact: The risk can be reduced, but it is still possible for a woman to get pregnant while menstruating. So, do not forget to tell your partner to wear a condom if you have intercourse during your menses.

Myth 3 - Having sexual partners before marriage can ruin your sex life after marriage

Fact: actually having sexual partners before marriage can even cause you to be better after marriage, because, otherwise, the person will be deprived of the "training" before marriage. However, if we enter the realms of Psychology, please DO NOT talk about your former experiences with your husband/wife. This should not be discussed. It can backfire, cause jealousy, the person can feel hurt and even think you are comparing performances. Silence, in this case, is a wise approach. Past is past, enjoy and focus on your new relationship.

Myth 4 - Aspirin is an option for preventing pregnancy

Fact: this was formerly a popular myth, proving that the previous generation could have been brilliant but not necessarily the smartest. The idea was to introduce an aspirin in the vagina to change the pH, so it would become acid and not “sperm friendly”. It certainly DOES NOT work. Don’t believe in everything you hear. Consult your family doctor or a specialist.

Myth 5 - Pornographic movies make men more aggressive

Fact: the myth is unfounded and the phrase "let's fight" is the last to be heard by a man who is watching a porn video.

Myth 6 - Women can not have an orgasm

Fact: saying that women can not have an orgasm is the same as saying that mathematics simply does not exist because you can not solve complex equations. It is up to her husband or partner to gently explore her body and find what she enjoys and where her “G” spot is. That is why foreplay is so important it is not only fun, it is also your opportunity to “learn” how the body of your loved one works.

Myth 7 - Jumping up and down after sex can prevent pregnancy

Fact: not only does not prevent, as can also end up turning off the mood of anyone. It is a pathetical exercise. So, If you want to jump, go to a beach or a gym.....

Myth 8 - Using two condoms is better than just one

Fact: This myth is based on something logical. When used properly, condoms are 98% effective (no contraceptive measure is 100% safe), so one has to conclude that the fact of using two will extend this power protection. Unfortunately, it actually decreases the effectiveness because the chance of tearing when a condom rubs in the other, is much greater.

Myth 9 - You can not get pregnant the first time you have sex

Fact: There are approximately 700 000 adolescents per year proving that this myth is totally unfounded and rather absurd. It is a “Chimera”, a downright absurd myth.

Myth 10 - Douching after sex reduces the risk of pregnancy

Fact: if this was a prevention method safe and effective, it would have spread around the world.

Myth 11 - Take the penis to ejaculate "outside" during sex decreases the chances of getting pregnant

Fact: one of the oldest myths of sex, which definitely creates even more confusion. It is called “Coitus interruptus”, it DOES NOT work and it is rather frustrating. It is like if you are enjoying your favorite ice cream and someone snaps it up from your hand.

Myth 12 - Peeing after sex help prevent pregnancy

Fact: Unfortunately, the only thing that pee "cures" is a full bladder.

Myth 13 - Men reach their sexual peak at age 18

Fact: Bill Clinton, former U.S. President who starred in a sex scandal with his then intern Monica Lewinsky, many years younger, is the real proof that this myth is unfounded.

I have seen people that at 30 could not get an erection and I have known men that had a satisfactory sex life in an advanced age The presence of a medical condition as Diabetes, blood vessels leakage, low Testosterone, prostate cancer etc or a Psychological or mechanical trauma put aside, each person is different and unique in every sense.

Myth 14 - Oysters increase libido

Fact: there is no scientific evidence to indicate the relationship between eating oysters before sex and increased arousal.

Myth 15 - Sex is better when lasts longer

Fact: a good night of love is not synonymous with an everlasting night. Everything must pass....

I hope you enjoyed this frank and open no nonsensical conversation. Please ask anything you want if you will. If I cannot respond promptly, I will ask my relatives and try to respond asap.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2013-03-01 14:32:07 by sandy339 @sandy339

Hi Daniel
Thanks for your sharing these, and I like the title of your this blog: sex, myths & reality. I had a lot of curiosity and misunderstanding about it, I think so do a lot of people, esp. to the ones from conservative cultures. Yuanjie Zhen (a Chinese writer for kids) said he had had a very unproper sex knowledge in his early age, which affected his whole sex life, and he gave his son a “scientific sex education” by a sausage and donut,lol and his son seemed don’t care at all, he was so surprise, cos when he was in his son’s age, he was so eager to know it and no one could teach him. I definitely think public sex education is a must for people, but they should be informed at a proper time and place.
l like Myth 7 – (Jumping up and down after sex can prevent pregnancy) , I think if two jump together after sex, it would be cool, LOL
And you said you might discuss arousal, virginity and other sex related issues in “Part III”, did you watch The Vagina Monologues? Check and see, it is from real women’s perspectives to show how women think their own sex, vagina and orgasm,etc ...

#2013-03-05 13:03:29 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

@sandy339 Hi Sandy, no I did not watch the "Vagina Monologues", I know it is very interesting. It is amazing how different cultures have different approaches. My father was a very loving father, very protective with all his kids, but I would address my questions regarding sex to my mom. I remember one day getting up all messy, I was 12 I guess and I was embarrassed, I thought I had peed on my pajamas and I noticed that it was not pee it was a sticky fluid. I asked my mom and she said "you become a man today" and she started to buy me long pants, kids usually would have short pants those day, like Bermudas, it would give us more freedom to play, run etc. Besides, the city were I was born is very hot and kids as you know have lots of energy, are always jumping, running, always doing kid's stuff. With my son it was a totally different approach, he had sex Education in school, that is the norm in Canada, but both, his mother and I, discussed openly, with no secrets, everything with him in a way he could understand. Kids are much more precocious these days, I am not sure if this is good or bad, in my generation our childhood lasted longer. In my generation, sex was still taboo in Brazil, even though our people are very open about their sexuality, we do not see sex as a dirty thing. Still there is a big difference if you are raised in big cities like Rio and Sao Paulo or in a rural area, small provincial cities. I personally feel parents should talk openly to their kids, to avoid them to get misinformed by other kids. The Brazilian way is usually the father talks to the boys and the mother talks to the girls. I will tell you a story. I was once sitting in Copacabana Beach this was about 40 years ago, and I saw a girl, a child, swimming, I always keep one eye on kids, I am very protective, and I noticed when she walked out of the water, that she was bleeding and running on her thighs. Before anybody else could notice, I took my towel, I ran to the child, I estimate she was 12/13 and I told her to wrap up the towel around her waist. At this time she had noticed the bleeding and she was crying thinking she had been bitten by a fish. She lived nearby, I asked her, and she was with other kids, friends, in the beach. One of the other kids asked me what is going on and I told him or her, I don't remember the gender of the other child, to take her home that she probably had scratched her leg. I turned to her and told her to immediately tell her mom, not to be worried, this was normal and her mom would explain everything to her. Usually, when the mothers buy the first bras to the to their girl, they also buy tampons for her and explain things. Obviously the mother of this child did not warn her child properly. Everything was fine, the kid went home, things were fine. I was happy that I was able to help, I would expect others to do the same for my own child. It is good that I am always aware of everything that is going on around me. When my son was a toddler, I had my eyes always glued on him. Yes, I think it would be funny if both jumped, they could play "Jump" from Van Halen, a classical metal rock song and have fun.

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