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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Scam website    

By Barry Pittman
24764 Views | 47 Comments | 1/3/2014 5:00:08 PM
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#2014-08-16 09:32:51 by lorenzo111 @lorenzo111

@Barry Thank you for the information. Because of this site and others I have come to realize that Chnlove is fraudulent.. I have the opportunity to get my charges taken back by my cc company. They require that I try to resolve with Chnlove first. I know that I will get a typical response but I must do this. Please let me know what you think I should say to them. Note also that I have read that the woman's profile is most likely on Asianbeauties also so I checked and it was. She had a similar profile except that she has a daughter on Asianbeauties (now Asiandate) and has a son on Chnlove. Asian date says she has a confirmed profile and is not allowed to post on another site. I do not know what Chnlove policy on this. I also researched the agency, Xiangfan XiaoJia Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd., and it seems that they are under investigation.. Thanks, Larry

#2014-08-16 16:13:39 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@lorenzo111 - your comment is brief but very interesting, and I'd really appreciate hearing more about your experiences on Chnlove. Could you please write to me at and put "Attn: John Abbot" in the subject line, and provide some more details about what happened to you there. Then maybe we could have a chat about it.

Thanks and regards, John

#2014-08-17 08:20:49 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for your feedback, Larry.

Yes, is a very slick scam website. My guess is that this site must've raked in multiple MILLIONS of dollars over its existence from hapless people like you and I.

Yet it's hard to definitively pin it down as a fraudulent site as the management there will of course deny this. Therein lies the problem with your credit card company, who I presume will require evidence of their fraud.

My advice is to communicate directly with John Abbot on this matter, as per his invitation to do so. John has acquired quite a body of complaints and other documentation concerning these scam websites, included. Hopefully he may have something in his files that may satisfy your credit provider as to your rightful claim against this scam site.

The fact that these sites are still operating even as we speak - even if occasionally they change their name to muddy the waters a little - is a clear demonstration of how professional their nefarious activities are. They're run by expert criminals unfortunately, not amateurs.

Good luck to you, Larry. (y)

#2014-08-17 12:58:53 by lorenzo111 @lorenzo111

@ Barry, Thanks for getting back to me. The cc company just requires that I try to resolve the dispute with Chnlove first. That is all I know at this point.

@ John Abbot thanks for your reply. I am trying to determine what of the history of the letters will be of help. As Barry has said they are very slick and it is difficult from letters back and forth to nail anything down.

#2015-02-05 05:01:30 by anonymous12897 @anonymous12897

I agree with all of you here. I have been taken to. Its a damn shame that a single man these days can't find one honest women. I have checked out china and it dose seem to be on the up and up, none of the girls from chnlove or Asian beauties are on this, Hmmmmm makes you think. I have done my home work on both theses sites and have even taken screen shots of ladies pictures and profiles and sent them directly to there customer care. What I got back in return was a sympathetic reply and they added more credits to my account. My work didn't change any thing, theses ladies are still on both sites and have been there for years. I thought to myself this is not enough and more had to be done, so I started checking on the scammers websites themselves. I had found one. So I asked one simple question on a particular lady on this scam site. What I got back amazed even myself. I had found the exact website that had taken the photos of the lady I was talking to and claimed that I should not be there making a claim she was a fraud. This got me to thinking even more, why would a posted scammer site not want me to post on a scammer profile. Come to fine out the scammers site was nothing but a front to gain ladies profiles and pictures to use as there own to make money from them. The lady I had inquired about just happen to be one of the ladies that the scammers were using to make money. I thought this be a very clever trick and a twist on how exactly scammers operate. When I figured all this out on my own I post it all publicly to get men's attentions to this matter. What I got back from further replies amazed me even more, a video I made for my so called lovely Asian beauty that I wanted to marry was now posted there with a comment along side it stating that many men have broken dreams from this. I couldn't believe myself what I was I reading. I had angered the scammers due to the fact that the men chatting and writing to this one women would get curious and google her name, get the full information oh her and also see my "shared" video there as well. In reality the scammers were losing money because of the video I had created. I asked the scammer site to take down my video and they had no right to my personal information. All I got was a no answer. Since then I have been locked out of the scammers site account. I have received a few emails from different people and a few very strange phone calls that I can not trace. My point here is gentleman that no one can be trusted. The scammers are scamming the scammers

#2015-02-05 17:38:20 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@anonymous12897 - I am not 100% sure I understand everything you've stated here and would love to see you clarify a few things. But for now I do wish to let you know that not all the women on the scam sites are scammers. Many of them think they are dealing with a Chinese marriage agency and have actually paid an atrocious fee for a "guaranty" that a husband will be found. Then they go home and sit around waiting while their profile is used to scam the hell out of guys like yourself.

The lady has no idea that her profile is being used as it is, she merely thinks it is being used to attract applications from men to meet her. She doesn't know that there are many men paying money to message her, etc. Occasionally some man becomes enamored with "her" and starts to place pressure on her to meet him. And occasionally the agency will then let her know he exists and arrange that meeting because they need some goodwill for possibly actually satisfy that guarantee. Or the scam site might agree to have her attend a romance tour because her smitten "lover" has requested it. And every once in a while there may even result a marriage.

However, for every such successful marriage, there are dozens of women like this who meet nobody and who eventually discover they have been scammed and/or that their profile is being used to scam innocent men. And frequently those same women end up on, having lost their roughly 30,000 RMB fee to the agency, and their pictures will be posted here, because they have now learned from a friend or from doing some serious research that we are the most trusted dating site in China for the manner in which we treat and protect our lady members.

When they do join CLM we are often left to determine whether they are really here honestly seeking a lifemate, or if they are here as fronts for the scam site or its agency trying to lure our male members away. It is as often one as the other.

I might add that often the real women who have honestly come here searching for a lifemate after being scammed by the scam site will reveal to us that even years after they have quit the scamsite and after many, many efforts to get the site to pull down their profiles their profiles are still being run by the scamsite to screw Western men out of their money.

Finally, let's be clear that just because a rare case arises where a couple actually is brought together and marry in no way lessens the incredible damage done by these slimy bastards who steal peoples' money while at the same time causing them broken hearts and severely wounded pride. If they scam one member out of a thousand they are still a scam site, but if, like Chnlove and Asiandate and several others, they are scamming almost every member they have of as much money as they can wring out of them, with no real intention of ever introducing them to a real women they might love, then they go beyond being a scam site and are truly a well oiled criminal organization deserving nothing but being placed behind bars for a very, very long time.

I will not even get into the sordid details of the many men who come to Russia, or China or other parts of Asia on some "Romance Tour" and find themselves happily marrying some apparently sweet innocent thing and whisk her away to her new life back home, completely unaware that she was drafted especially for that romance tour from the bowels of the worst bars and brothels in the local area. I have spoken to girls who one day were giving head in a brothel in Shenzhen for the price of a drink and days later were the light of some poor Western sucker's life.

#2015-02-06 12:10:56 by Barry1 @Barry1


"It's a damn shame that a single man these days can't find one honest women."

Thanks for your heartfelt comments, Anon12897.

I hear what you're saying and I agree with you.

If it makes you feel any better, most certainly you're not the only guy here who's been scammed by criminal sites such as and related sites. They're part of a multimillion dollar industry. Very big money is involved, cheating many thousands of men world wide every year.

There's not much more that I can add to what John Abbot has said to you here. John's a good, honest man and whatever he says, you can take to the bank.

As a client of, I can vouch for both its integrity and honesty. If nothing else, at last you've found an honest site here. (y)

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