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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Scam website    

By Barry Pittman
24762 Views | 47 Comments | 1/3/2014 5:00:08 PM
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#2014-02-08 09:56:08 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


Your description sounds like a thrilling movie, but I still prefer to believe it was true, and I have to admire your wit and especially your boldness on the way of searching for your love.

I think CLM is an honest dating website and we have less chances to meet the scammer here. But I would share my experience on some other dating site that, I met two guys about at the same time, and one was from U.S. and the other was from UK. I wrote to the two guys back and forth for a couple of weeks and chatted online for sometime. Finally I was inclined more to focus on the American guy because he shared many photos and he had an average look and seems caring, true and honest, and the English guy was too handsome and I could hardly believe I would have so good luck to meet such a nice man. One day, the American told me he was in trouble because he was robbed while he worked in Nigeria and he lost everything. He went to the American Embassy there but it took time to get the help, so he asked me to send him money to get an air ticket to his own country, the States. He asked for $ 2500 only. I felt so sorry about his story and I was going to remit the money to him by Western Union as per his request. But on the next day, I received an email from the handsome English guy who also told me that he was robbed in another country and he needed my help. The English guy asked for £ 3000 from me. Then I immediately understood both of them were scammers. I forwarded the email from the English to the American and asked, "you see, another friend suffered the same, who should I help and I send the money to?" The American answered, " I only need $ 2500, much less than his request, please send money to me first." (rofl)

#2014-02-08 17:54:35 by anonymous8819 @anonymous8819

I used both and for a while before realising how much of a scam they actually are. If you do your research, you'll find people who have spent a great deal of time getting inside of this company. Evidently the girls on these sites are paid commission for each email and each minute on-line in chat or video. They are highly insentivised to keep you on-line.

Finally, if you are in any doubt these sites are suspect, ask yourself these questions:

- Why would any dating site prohibited the exchanging of any personal information, including e-mail address? Isn't a dating site meant to make it easy for people to get together?

- Every chat conversation is monitored by a translator. If you attempt to enter an email address, phone number or even your name, the other side simply see's "???". Why is this necessary?

- Every video is monitored. With one girl who seems keen to actually connect, we attempted to hold up cards to the camera with our email addresses on. The image immediately became pixelated to the point that you could not see.

- Even creative ways of hiding email addresses in email are often found - again evidence that all correspondence is read and filtered

- Finally - I did manage to contact one girl having spoken to her. She kept me on the phone for an hour because various email addresses failed to work(!). However, she gave up enough information for me to track her down on the internet subsequently. As far as I can make out she has multiple identities (on QQ and Skype) and reports various ages. A Google image search found her on multiple dating sites under various names - enough said.

#2014-02-10 09:50:24 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thank you for sharing your scammer story with us, DancingShoes. These Nigerian scammers can be mighty funny sometimes, with the very obvious techniques they generally use of having a sick child; or having been robbed; or needing money to help look after alleged children in their "orphanage" or whatever.

You were smart though, not letting these low intelligence criminals scam you - well done!


Thanks also for your comments and observations, Anon8819.

It sounds like you went through many similar experiences to myself. We probably could share many stories together, recounting anecdotes of horror. This in fact, is why I wrote this blog article, to get things down on paper, just as you have done here. Hopefully this'll help others to not make the same mistakes as we innocently did.

I know some men have spent in excess of $150,000 on these scam sites. Because unlike the amateurish Nigerian scams, the Russian ones are just so darn professional. So well done, dammit. Sucking naive victims in, ever deeper and deeper, into their wells of misery and financial loss.

#2014-02-11 00:06:05 by lovely4ivy @lovely4ivy

I think you have experienced an incredible experience interesting in dating sites, photo images of women on display is really very beautiful and captivate anyone who sees it, even though women like me. but from the words they write to you, see that they are very professional in this case, because for most normal women would talk to them and get to know the public before deciding to continue his interlocutor gets more intimate, from what you write, you clearly been deceived and carried away in the emotion of this game, but thank you for writing your personal experiences...
because I have extended knowledge in onlinen dating site and I can understand and understand your situation, and how you can be fooled like this game. definitely feels like a dream come true :)

#2014-02-11 06:43:52 by mrsterling @mrsterling

I cant believe how gullible all these men are!

#2014-02-11 13:10:46 by joeduffy @joeduffy

When the negative publicity seriously impacts $$ income, a clever marketer
changes their name!!

So, Asian has now changed into
If you type the old url, you are redirected to their website under the new name.

So now the Russian Scum Administrators can continue to deceive Western
men, and try to avoid the negative comments posted all over the Internet about
their AB abuses.

#2014-02-11 17:49:38 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for your comments, Lovely4Ivy.

You summed it all up very neatly when you said,

"photo images of women on display is really very beautiful and captivate anyone who sees it"

The whole situation could easily be changed however, if the Russian scammers - instead of putting up images of gorgeous ladies - placed up a whole heap of average, normal looking ladies. Too bad this'll never happen, but it's an interesting passing thought. Men being men, are tantalised by beauty. This is their weakness, this is their Achilles heel. And the clever Russian mobsters know this.


"I cant believe how gullible all these men are! "

Well Mr Sterling, perhaps you should reread what I wrote in my article. Perhaps then you may understand more comprehensively what you appear to miscomprehend now.

Here's an excerpt, for example,

"Feeling socially isolated if not downright depressed at that time, I really wanted to believe in their authenticity; I longed for a lady who loved me and who I could in turn love. I wanted to be finally rid of the debilitating loneliness I’d been feeling so acutely for so long. When one's feeling emotionally bereft, most definitely one's mind isn't as rational or levelheaded as normally it would or should be. The more isolated you feel, the more vulnerable and susceptible you become, almost in a direct correlation."


"When the negative publicity seriously impacts $$ income, a clever marketer
changes their name!!"

You're exactly right here, Joe. This leads to the frightening thought that maybe we'll NEVER be rid of these online fraudsters? Will they for the next twenty or fifty years simply keep popping up under a barrage of different names? Like the multiheaded hydra, as soon as one head's chopped off, another one grows!

Heaven help us all, if this is to be the case. Or more accurately, heaven help the thousands of victims of these scams over this forthcoming period. At least all of us here now know the true situation, but there are MILLIONS of innocent men out there who have no clue.

Like ducks to the slaughter.

#2014-02-12 09:09:23 by gpriore @gpriore

I would like to personally express my sincere gratitude to Barry Pittman for creating this blog and revealing the real truth. You truly saved me. Back in 2010 is when I originally first signed up with ChnLove. And after many months of communicating with a lady, she mysteriously changed her mind and told me her parents would not accept our relation because of the language barrier and that she would instead be married to a native Chinese man. I was devastated. I took a break for several months, then re-attempted to meet another lady through ChnLove. But again, several months later she also chose to end the relation. Thankfully my total financial loss was only a few hundred dollars {less than one thousand}.

After all these years of just privately keeping to myself, I decided to give it yet another try, until I found Barry's blog just a couple days ago!!
So after being so upset with ChnLove, I decided to contact them, telling them to close my account and profile forever. I think everyone will find this conversation quite interesting. The following is a copy of our email communications:

From: Gábriel Priòre
To: Customer Care
Date: 10 Feb, 2014 GMT

Hi. Please close and delete my entire account "permanently". I will NOT be doing business with your company, ever. I found the following article which has revealed the real truth about your company:

And I can relate perfectly with this article because I already had this experience with your company a few years ago when I first started using your website. I lost hundreds of dollars because of your company, and I never met anyone.

Please permanently delete my entire account.

Thank you.

From: Sammy Chu (Customer Care)
To: Gábriel Priòre
Date: 11 Feb, 2014 GMT

Dear Gábriel,

Thanks for sharing your thought with us. It is our pleasure to help you.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your attention to our website. About the reviews you saw on the internet, we understand they may have caused negative influence to you when using our service. From our observation, some of the discussions were initiated and aggravated by some of our competitors. Of course, we also noticed that some gentlemen might have met difficulty in communicating with the ladies, and they did not get a satisfactory result of our service. Therefore, these reviews intensify their concern and they begin to join the discussion.

As you mentioned, you have used our service before, but you never met anyone. We checked our system record and noticed that you have not used our service since 2010. As you may agree, love needs time and patience, ture love is never easy to be found, especially for online dating. We sincerely hope you will not give up finding your Ms.Right. Chnlove as a dating site for more than 10 years, we have won great reputation in this field and helped a lot people find their happiness. We also hope you could be part of the successful ones one day. You can share our successful couples' stories at:
(Link removed as we do not wish to appear to Google to be linking to a Scam Website)

We sincerely hope you can have a second thought on this issue. While if you have made up your mind to leave, we will also respect your choice, you can remove your profile at the following page.
(Link removed as we do not wish to appear to Google to be linking to a Scam Website)

Have a nice day.

Best Regards,
Sammy Chu
Chnlove Support Team

From: Gábriel Priòre
To: Customer Care
Date: 11 Feb, 2014 GMT

I do not want my profile to just be switched off. I want it to be fully and permanently deleted from your entire computer system.
I also want to be permanently and completely removed from the entire Qpid network of websites.


#2014-02-13 08:26:18 by Barry1 @Barry1


"I would like to personally express my sincere gratitude to Barry Pittman for creating this blog and revealing the real truth"

Thanks for your good wishes, Gabriel. It is exceedingly polite of you to go to the trouble of personally thanking me for my article. I hope and pray that others out there have been helped in this way also. Grateful acknowledgement must also go to the far-sighted management of, who possess the strong moral fibre and cahonas to publish articles such as this.

Thank you also for sharing with us the communications you had with the "customer care" person. More accurately, these people should be called the "customer criminal" team, as this is what they are. Fraudsters and thieves.

You're lucky if these people ripped you off for less than a thousand dollars. I've heard some horror stories where hapless men have been relieved of over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I would dare suggest that thefts of over five thousand dollars per person by these scam sites would be relatively commonplace.

The sheer audacity of the misleading information that these scam sites disseminate is amazing also. Just take a look at the following bunch of lies.

"Chnlove as a dating site for more than 10 years, we have won great reputation in this field and helped a lot people find their happiness."

This is utter rubbish, of course. The only "great reputation" they've achieved is how professional and slick their fraudulent activities are. For this is the problem - their very slickness and professionalism are primary drivers why so many men become haplessly sucked into their malevolent clutches. Unlike most of the African scamsters, who are quite obvious in their thieving activities, scam sites such as and are extremely well presented.

In any case, once again thanks for the update you gave us, Gabriel. I'm sure that your story in turn will help others to not become burnt by the searing blowtorch of heartache and misery that these criminal scam websites specialise in. Best wishes to you, my friend.

#2014-02-14 05:50:55 by gpriore @gpriore


Thank you VERY much for your kind words and advice Barry!

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