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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Scam website    

By Barry Pittman
24761 Views | 47 Comments | 1/3/2014 5:00:08 PM
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#2014-01-29 17:21:12 by michael11 @michael11

I was also duped at this site,spent thousands...I felt like such an idiot..i did see one girl from CHN on this site who thought I knew well from CHN...she didn't want anything to do with I said...I felt like an idiot..

#2014-01-30 07:46:58 by anonymous8757 @anonymous8757

that cover lady in black dress, i re-find her profile in ChnLove, still forever 26 years old (rofl)

"I have blood of Chinese and Russian. My father is from Russia while my mother is from Xinjiang.

I'm passionate as Russian and gentle as Chinese. I'm versatile that good at singing and dancing."

it's entertainment for drooling only

#2014-01-30 08:03:39 by anonymous8758 @anonymous8758

The girls seems like real people enough
but there is some clue about a dating company in China in Youtube "Unreported World - China's Lonely Hearts (2013) " in what they are looking for and their clients.
It would be better for more insider informations and comments on how dating companies operate from Chinese's ladies here.

#2014-01-30 14:32:03 by Barry1 @Barry1


" Stupidly I was taken in by ChnLove and was NEARLY taken by AB"

Thanks for this, Paul.

If it's of any consolation, you're but one in a long line of hapless victims defrauded of their money by these scam sites. I know for a fact that some men have lost in excess of $150,000 on them - and still never met a girl!

It certainly is no joke. These men must feel absolutely devastated, both emotionally as well as financially. It wouldn't surprise me if some have put a gun to their head and pressed the trigger.

I agree also that John Abbot should be commended for his sterling efforts in waging a personal crusade against these awful criminal sites. I take my hat off to him. Not everyone out there has the true grit and strong inner resolve to do such an admirable thing.


"So sorry for your experience there, but maybe you could cherish your chance here to meet some real women?"

Thanks for your good wishes, Sandy.

As the saying goes - what doesn't kill us, helps make us stronger.

So in one way, I'm better now than I was before my torrid experiences with

I feel mentally stronger, wiser and smarter than ever before.

And thanks to CLM, I'm in the process of meeting some very fine Chinese ladies who are in their own way, every bit as lovely as the belles presented on the terrible scam sites.


"I hate myself for having been scammed, how in Heaven's could I not think logically, see what was going on till it was too late?"

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter, Pourquoipasamour. You really told us a lot of personal information that many of us here can directly relate to.

The rotten thing about being scammed is that it not only depletes your bank account, but it saps your self confidence and pride as well. Even though you're a victim, you feel like you should've known better. This makes the whole process even worse than otherwise it would or should be. A real downward spiral.

You said also,

"I feel that not even 5% of the scammed people have the courage to tell their story..."

I feel you're right here. Victims often feel like utter idiots, so they figure why rub salt into the wound by telling others of negative experiences that are best forgotten? Some people will simply think you deserved what you got. Not everyone will offer the sympathy and emotional support that quite rightly in my view, victims fulsomely deserve.

You also said,

"Barry, I really enjoy reading your articles, please keep up the good work."

Thank you, Pourquoipasamour. You've joined a long line of about ten to twelve people who like what I write. This gives me a little more encouragement to keep on keepin' on, thank you.


"I was also duped at this site,spent thousands...I felt like such an idiot"

Join the ripped off club, Michael. Sorry to hear of your experiences. At least all of us who have been scorched by these criminals now are smarter than ever before. We've been cheated off - but we won't be cheated again!

Hmm, this reminds me of the song by Roger Daltrey and the "Who" - "Won't Get Fooled Again"

"I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
And I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again"

If anyone wants to refresh their memory of this classic old 1971 song, it's at


"That cover lady in black dress, i re-find her profile in ChnLove, still forever 26 years old "

Yes, even in 20 years time, this lovely cover lady will still be 26 years old! She's there to attract all of us weak men, like brainless moths to a brightly shining oil lamp.

Sometimes I wish I was a pious monk who'd taken multiple vows of chastity, to ensure that never again would I become trapped by such an alluring temptress as this!


"The girls seems like real people enough"

Yes, this is the problem.

The scam sites are very well done. They're user friendly and easy to use. They employ professional photographers and probably professional models as well. So unless men are rather savvy to the fact that a lot of criminal scams are present on the net, the thought of performing due diligence reviews of the site they wish to join won't even enter their heads.

The average guy in his forties or fifties simply would be too naive to know how many internet criminals are lurking out there. Of course, many men do know this - but many do not.

And therein lies the problem.

#2014-02-04 13:19:05 by ThunkJunk @ThunkJunk

Look on the bright side. Now, you are a much wiser man. I've been through the same learning process. Although it hurts now, it can only increase the chances of finding that one person you seem to be looking for. So, you lost a few hundred bucks. We pay tens of thousands just for a bachelors degree. In the long term, it makes sense even though it sucks now...and you're going to spend thousands more to meet, date and marry a woman from overseas anyway. A little time, money and perhaps some heartbreak will be worth it in the end. Don't give up.

If you need moral boost, I can tell you that I now have a girlfriend that lives in China. I was just there a couple of weeks ago to meet her in person. We kissed a lot, walked, talked, held hands, ate dinner, made love, laughed and really enjoyed our time together. Now we're making plans to do it again with the heat on for marriage. Your dream can happen...and yes, thanks to CLM which is where I found her.

So, if you're jaded by Western women and are seeking a sincere, loyal and beautiful Chinese woman then don't worry; they exist and they are accessible. I'll vouch for CLM on that.


#2014-02-04 22:58:07 by yeranyi @yeranyi


your adventure is too bizarre to be believed,,your lively description reappeared the story scene ,,,,terrible ...hehe ,but interesting ,like a fiction ,haha do you have other experiences ? tell us more dating story interesting!!!

#2014-02-06 00:54:38 by anonymous8797 @anonymous8797

我想告诉这里的人们,因为我是一个女孩子,我就在深圳,我知道有三个网站,他们一直都是骗子网站,他们以各种各样的理由诈骗男人的钱,他们也同样以非常甜的语言骗取女孩儿的照片,我以前就让,这个网站骗取了我的钱,还有我的照片,他们说帮我找一个好老公,一定成功,于是我交了一些钱,他们把我的照片也放在了这个网站,但是他们从来不会让任何男人来见他们想见的女孩儿,他们指挥很多人和男人聊天,写信之类的,总之,男人是见不到女孩子的,而女孩子也见不到男人,这个网站同时诈骗男人和女人的钱,我报案,但是公安人员还是不管这些,虽然这个网站的地址是在香港,但他们在深圳,还有中国很多的地方都有分机构,因为那些分机购同时可以诈骗女孩子的钱,还有照片,我就是受害者,这里我公布三个网站,他们都是骗子网站,希望男人和女人都要小心这些网站 .,希望大家记住他们。。

#2014-02-06 20:18:06 by anonymous8802 @anonymous8802

Thanks for your words but I can assure you that they are 100% true!
A few years ago I was exchanging letters with what I believed to be a member of ChnLove.
She had no English name and did not speak any English
Nevertheless, I agreed to meet her in Shenzhen. She said she would like a translator to accompany her and I told her that there was no need since my Chinese was OK and we could chat
However, she insisted that her translator join us for dinner
We arranged to meet at Luohu train station at 6pm and I arrived on time.
Several text messages were sent because they were 'running late' and then I got one saying "Oh. by the way, I now have an English name - you can call me Susan"

They eventually arrived around 7.30 after keeping me waiting for one and a half hours.
As they arrived, the translator walked up to me and introduced herself and then introduced Susan.
Susan was definitely not the girl that I thought I had been exchanging letters with. The photos on her profile bore no resemblance in any way to the girl that stood in front of me
We went to a restaurant together and ordered some food. It was obvious by now that Susan was not interested in me, or any other Western man for that matter. I asked her to comment on a couple of letters I had written previously but before she could answer, her translator friend jumped in and told me the answers
This was obviously a scam. The translator insisted that I pay her RMB1000 for her services and then of course, I had to pay for dinner
As the evening went on, I became more and more aware that the whole thing was a charade. I ordered a bottle of wine (the most expensive on the menu) and both the girls had a little taste but I ended up drinking most of it
Food kept coming out and it was obvious that 3 people could never eat it all.
After 2 hours or so one of the girls (I cannot remember which one) decided to go to the rest room and the other girl went with her.
With both of them in the toilet it was an ideal opportunity for me to slip away
I told the waitress that the girls would be back soon and could she get the bill
As I jumped into the first taxi it wasn't long before I began getting calls and messages on my phone
So not only did the translator NOT get her rmb1000, the girls had a rather expensive restaurant bill to deal with (I remember the wine was around RMB650 for one bottle!)

Some time later when I was back in my hotel room, I answered a call from the translator lady. She was still in the restaurant (maybe 2 hours later) and did not have the money to pay the bill. She was crying on the phone
I told her that she had tried to scam me and she admitted it.
She said that her boss (the owner of the agency) had forced her to do these things and that she must hand over RMB800 to him tomorrow morning or she would be fired
I explained to her that it was her boss who had done the wrong thing and not her but she was very very worried and upset
I did think about trying to do the right thing and paying the bill but decided to turn my phone off instead.
I never knew what happened

#2014-02-07 06:26:08 by anonymous8803 @anonymous8803

This story is fact. If you want to persue legalities the pressure should be put on , An inside girl pointed this out.

#2014-02-07 23:08:35 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Now, you are a much wiser man. I've been through the same learning process. Although it hurts now, it can only increase the chances of finding that one person you seem to be looking for"

Thanks for your comments, Brad. You sound like a smart guy. I'm sorry to hear that you've also been scorched by the criminal scammers out there.

It's really great though that you've finally met a lovely Chinese girlfriend. There's genuine hope for all of us out here. Wonderful news.

To everyone out there who hasn't as yet found romantic success, I say don't give up. For God's sake, don't give up. It's always darkest just before the dawn, after all. Chin up, my friends.


"your adventure is too bizarre to be believed... tell us more dating story series... so interesting!!!"

I believe all the stories in this article are true, or at least have a strong kernel of representational truth within them.

So many men on CLM have been badly burnt by the low life criminal internet scum out there. If this wasn't a highly respectable website, I can assure you I'd use stronger words than these.

Suffice to say if I had a machine gun, and I saw the malicious morons who manage these fraudulent sites in a dark alley on one moonless night... blood would be in the streets.


"The photos on her profile bore no resemblance in any way to the girl that stood in front of me"

Thanks for the very entertaining story, Anon8802. Your writing style seems familiar to me, I'm sure I'll work out who's behind this glowering cloak of anonymity sooner, rather than later.

But no matter. It's not your well camouflaged identity that's important, but the crucial message that you so colourfully illustrate for us here.

Your amazing story is one I'd have loved to have carried out myself. Scamming a scammer, as it were. Oh, the poignant irony of it all. Fantastic stuff indeed.

You said also,

"I did think about trying to do the right thing and paying the bill but decided to turn my phone off instead."

Well, in fact you DID do the right thing by turning off your phone.

So what if the scammer was going to "lose her job"? This would have been a GOOD or preferred outcome, not a bad or disappointing one!

You Sir, have my admiration for a JOB WELL DONE.


"This story is fact"

Thanks for your support and advice, Anon8803.

It's only by the cowardly inaction of otherwise decent people that can allow evil to reign unfettered and free. This is why this website deserves both enormous credit as well as much respect for the proud stance it has taken here.

We need to unceaselessly apply the blowtorch of public scrutiny onto the sociopathic felons who operate these scam websites. Like the furtive rats that they are, they'll then attempt to scurry into the darkest, most foul corners from whence they ignominiously originated from.

Too bad they couldn't all crawl back into their mothers' wombs, to never have been born at all. Were this possible, so many men world wide would now be much richer, both emotionally as well as financially. Indeed, lives would have been saved, I'm sure of this. Only God will ever know how many deesperate, emotionally overwrought men have placed a loaded gun up to the temple of their head or swallowed the barrel and then pressed the trigger, due to the outrageous actions of these marauding internet psychopaths.

This fight has just begun. These abominable racketeers need to be stopped; their deplorable deeds need to be held to account. I'm sure that one day they will be. Hopefully small blog articles like this will eventually form a resilient brick in the triumphant wall of their ultimate undoing.

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