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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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Respect:...If you want to know the time......Part 2    

By Paul Fox
482 Views | 7 Comments | 12/21/2019 10:42:41 AM

What causes flocks of birds to act like they do in the picture? So-called 'scientists' will tell you all sorts of things, but in reality, they have no idea.

The reason is simple enough, but I'll make you wait till the end of this blog before I tell you what it is.


Let's not lose sight of the fact that this series of blogs is focusing on 'Respect'.

I remember either reading, or watching, a video about an experiment done with a maze and some rats. It was years ago, but I never forgot it.

The rats were placed in a maze, and the 'scientists' waited to see how long it took before the rats found their way out. I can't remember how long it was, but let's say it took them 2 days.

The experiment got to the point where the rats could eventually get to the exit in about 30 minutes.

New rats were introduced, and each time this happened, the 'new' rats found the exit quicker and quicker.

Eventually, a 'new' rat could find the exit somewhere between 2 and 3 hours.

This was far short of the original experiment in which it took the rats around 2 days to find the exit.

So the 'scientists' sent their maze to Europe. (I can't remember if the original experiment was done in the USA or Canada)

The European scientists took the maze and introduced 2 rats. It took them 4 hours to find the exit.

Surely it should have taken them around 2 days, right?

Well, apparently not. Now look at the picture of the flock of birds again.


A beach is only a 'beach' because it's made up of countless grains of sand. Although each grain maybe a slightly different colour, it's still a grain of sand.


So what do birds, grains of sand, rats, humanity, and policemen have in common?

What does it have to do with respect?


If you haven't figured it out yet, I'll tell you in part 3.


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#2019-12-21 10:35:10 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


"So what do birds, grains of sand, rats, humanity, and policemen have in common? What does it have to do with respect?"

So far I am not seeing the connection between the above groups and online Chinese or Asian dating, or Western men, Chinese or Asian women, romantic relationships, etc.

I am dumfounded how you are going to both tell us in Part 3 what those 5 groups listed have in common and what that has to do with respect, but also, as promised in Part 1, bring it altogether how it all relates to respecting Chinese women. But I do look forward to seeing it all come together. 

#2019-12-21 18:04:48 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I'm actually a little surprised that you can't see how it all fits together, John.

Had that comment come from anyone else then I could understand it, but coming from you ?

Now I guess I need to work extra-hard to get Part 3 finished so, hopefully, you can publish it on Christmas Day. (At least that would keep our friend @OldGhost happy.)

#2019-12-23 07:02:43 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


Never be surprised about anything coming out of the mouth of an man getting on in his years. I'm surprised you're surprised. :)

#2019-12-23 23:08:38 by oldghost @oldghost

An amateur thinker or tinkerer would have no problem with that fluid flock of birds resembling a propelled water droplet affected by wind initial forces angular momentum flight patterns a kind of brownian motion and metaphorical surface tension.  A qantum leap in difficulty would be to assemble the facts necessary to predict the shape at any point in time, perhaps comparable with the complexity of describing the shape of a cloud or a constellation and not far short of the universe. But bugger all to do with respect for women or building cross-cultural relationships I suggest.  You seem to be perversely twisting patience to reach a DUH moment.

#2019-12-24 12:18:29 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Sometimes you are so 'shallow' that you wouldn't drown if I laid you face-down.

#2019-12-31 12:03:11 by oldghost @oldghost

@Paulfox1 a feeble riposte, no not a riposte at all   What was 'shallow'?  How can you with any honesty say 'shallow'.  You claim depth, then dig deeper and use logic and language with such skill as you can muster.

#2020-01-01 16:14:45 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Technically a 'riposte' is a 'thrust', and I wasn't 'thrusting', lol.

I guess I should have said you're so shallow that if I laid you face-down in 3" of water, you wouldn't drown. However, it was simply a feeble attempt to show mirthfulness.

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