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Regular Scam Dating Sites and Don't Trust Review Sites    

By John Abbot
2878 Views | 2 Comments | 1/7/2015 4:54:10 AM

Don't let a review site scam you, and don't think that a dating site that scams you just a little bit is okay.

A member recently made the following comment in my blog about here...

Unfortunately, as with what happens with anything, and especially online sites, such as those related to dating, scams happen.  And as with many other sites, certainly those international related, they happen now with more frequency.  What I do when I am thinking of joining a dating site is look for places that do research and then review sites, like this one  

Now even with that, whether one wants something long-term or short, one must still be cautious and know that there are those willing to take advantage, of both the guy and the girl.  So use common sense and think carefully and things could work out.  I can tell you from experience that even regular dating sites scam by seeding profiles and by having one profile contact another when it didn't happen.  But don't stop looking, just watch out.

NOTE: We have 2 issues with this comment, albeit we recognize that the Anonymous provider is quite correct in his ultimate warnings

1. It is not possible for a "regular dating site" to be scamming "by seeding profiles and by having one profile contact another when it didn't happen". That is SCAMMING and by definition the site that does it is a SCAM DATING SITE, not a "regular dating site".  This is not acceptable! The fact that their pay system may not be the unbelievable ripoff that the payments system is on and does not make their dishonesty okay. If you have evidence of this type of behaviour about ANY DATING SITE, especially an Asian or Chinese dating site, please contact us at and provide that evidence to us. Please write Attn: John Abbot in the subject line so I will be certain to receive your message.

2. There is a serious issue with Dating Site Review Sites because the only reason anybody has for creating a review site except to make money, and they make their money by advertising and especially through affiliate commissions. The site provided above does some serious advertising of sex related material, which is fine if you are running a sex related website, but do those ads belong next to reviews of websites that are supposedly about meeting your life partner. That alone gives you cause to doubt the integrity of the reviews.

But in addition, the links you will see in your browser when you click on the site being reviewed are not normal links. They are quite clearly affiliate links and if you join the site being reviewed after clicking on that link, the reviewer will get a sizable commission on every dime you spend on the dating site, usually 50%.  Given that, how can you possibly trust the review?  The site provided in this comment at least has the integrity not to be promoting the known Scam sites such as and, but as much as I was once a fan of AsianFriendFinder, and was a paying member for some time many years ago, there is no possible way for a current reviewer who is not an affiliate to rank AFF as #1 among Asian dating sites. The site is absolutely overrun with Scammers, hookers, tramps and thieves.

My point is, and this applies to all topics on the internet, not just dating, YOU CANNOT TRUST REVIEW SITES! At least 90% of them are only providing reviews for the commissions they make when they suck you in. TAKE GREAT CARE on the internet, period. 

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2015-01-07 11:44:38 by anonymous12731 @anonymous12731

John gives sound advice, in fact when I suspected that I was being scammed on Asianbeauties/Asiandate/ I did some research and found Mr. Abbot's article. There was also other corroborating evidence and testimonies online. I posted my story on and complained to their customer service, providing proof and threatened to report them to various Embassies, PSB, FBI/IC3 and Interpol. They deleted my account and did refund some of the monies I expended. But for some strange reason I'm getting sexually harassing messages that are computer generated or translators who have been watching too much porn.

#2015-02-02 18:24:21 by anonymous12883 @anonymous12883

Many women on the dating site are associated with scammers who control their life and family. These ladies have to do everything the scammers request, otherwise they are beaten up or the family member harmed. I have been a victim and have arrested people in Ghana. The people arrested will not give information of the main ring leader. Exploitation of women is similar to human trafficking. There is also a lot of corruption with the governments and the government turn a blind eye. There should be more stick guide lines for people to join dating sites for credibility. I have also been scammed on many dating sites. I have found a partner from Facebook, who lives in the Philippines and I have applied for her visa and waiting for government approval. Good luck to all the men looking for love and be careful

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