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Reflections Upon An Ugly Reality: Of Online Dating Scams and Filipina Frauds Part 1    

By Achelle Vinzon
14529 Views | 22 Comments | 2/11/2013 11:06:48 PM
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#2013-02-18 15:46:24 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

@feyoung1906, you made a very fair, realistic and truthful analysis. I agree with you and dannuble, I find that if one would endeavor to marry an Asian lady, a Chinese lady is by far the best choice for a number of reasons. To start with, they are independent, they can support themselves and NEVER ask for any help. You may find the odd exception, but the rule is that Chinese can take care of themselves. Once the language barrier is overcome, you will find plenty of high quality Chinese ladies. Yet, I also do agree with scubaguy, I am yet to find a Filipino person that I did not like. They are like the Cubans, love to dance and sing and even though, as I mention to John Abbot, the Philippines (unfortunately) is a tragedy on the making, they still laugh and put a brave face on and keep going. I was horrified with some things there, just to name a few. 1. An immense number of kids living in the streets 2. the lack of ANY kind of social program 3. the lack of the most basic sanitation facilities 4. The abyss between rich and poor 5. the number of internet cafes, loan sharks, pawnshops and streets with filthy brothels etc. The people are spherically exploited (exploited by ALL sides), by their Disgovernment, by the ruling class that live like kings, by "agents" that promise them good jobs abroad" etc. This business of "jobs abroad" I warned several pinays (Filipinas) about their "modus operandi". Some individuals without any scruples whatsoever offer them an opportunity in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Arab countries, Japan. Korea etc and upon arrival, they have their passport taken from the, sometimes are given a "rape pill", are gang raped,beaten up, sometimes introduced to heavy illegal drugs and..... you guessed right, they are forced into prostitution and have to accept a dozen or more men a day. This looks like a scene from the Dante Alighieri's Inferno. I feel immensely sorry for the plight of these girls, they are our sisters, our fellow human beings, NO ONE, should have to go through this specially in the 21st Century. Of course they do not tell their friends and families back home what is going on, but this obviously will cause a life time trauma and will hurt the very core of their souls. There are some that go to study or work abroad and yes, albeit they work as much as they can in a regular job, they engage in "extra curricular activities" working as "escorts" etc, to boost their earnings so they can support their families (an their child or children) back home. I have seen in "money remittance places" pinays (Filipinas) dishing out 2 or 3 Grant CASH, sending to the Phils. No one earns that kind of money monthly here, I mean, after paying rent, groceries and all life necessities, unless you are a nurse, a doctor etc. I love Asian food, that is why I go frequently to Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino restaurants and grocery stores and these places also act as a gathering spot for the community and many offer "money and parcels remittance services". Guys, it is about time that all these abnormalities are DENNOUNCED and reach the big newspapers, Twitter, Facebook etc. I talk to some girls that suffered even physical and emotional abuse in Saudi Arabia, and had to sleep with the boss (which thanks God does not happen in my Canada and Brazil, we are civilized countries) and they did not get ANY support or help from their Embassies or Consulates. JUST A CRYING SHAME. I see here in Toronto tourist groups, of fancy Philippinos, shopping in our most trendy stores and malls and they all are dressed to the teeth (Gucci, D&G), with top label clothing, shoes that cost hundreds of dollars and they stay at the "Four Seasons" etc. These are the minority that own even private beaches in the Phils (In Brazil this is prohibited by the Constitution, ALL beaches belong to ALL our people). I despise them. I have nothing against a person being wealthy, provided that he/she acquired his/her health through his/her competence, successful honest business or top professional skills etc. But in the Phils, usually the rich have several skeletons on the closet and tons of dirt under the rug. It is dirty money. As per the Catholic Church, you are right, they want the people to keep ignorant so they can control them through superstition and idol worshiping. Ratzinger, a Dominican (so was Torquemada) an ultra strict Pope, finally realized at the end of his life that the Catholic Church lost tens and tens of thousands of followers in the last decades, due to their intransigency. Either they change their ways, think out of the box, or in 2 centuries more they will be reduced to a cult. So much, that Brazil at one time had the largest number of Catholics, now I believe the Philippines have passed us. It is sheer ignorance not to educate the kids about sexual life and its consequences and accept the obvious, people will get hot, hormones will be at play and they will have sex. So, it is far cheaper to give them free condoms to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies, than to have 1,5 million kids die a year like in the Phils, for malnutrition, dehydration, lack of iron, dengue, other mosquito born diseases and on and on and on. The church I go to, I am a Pentecostal Protestant, has 3 missionaries there, full time, with their families. Their reports leave us sleepless. As I said, the Phils is not a country, it is a tragedy (unnecessarily).

#2013-02-20 16:58:58 by Jessie086 @Jessie086

@danruble hi,it seems that you can say some chinese,keep learning and practising more,wish you good luck here,

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