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Reflections Upon An Ugly Reality: Of Online Dating Scams and Filipina Frauds Part 1    

By Achelle Vinzon
14528 Views | 22 Comments | 2/11/2013 11:06:48 PM
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#2013-02-16 11:02:14 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

Dear Achelle, sincere congratulations about your well written and frank approach t this subject. We should never forget that good and bad is in everyone, in any racial group, in any country. Both, good and bad, come in all colors, speak all languages, follow any religion, come in all sizes, any age groups and come in all sizes. Specifically talking about the Phils, there is more there than meet the eye. The Philippines are a paradox. A beautiful, paradise like country, fruits, produce and fresh vegetables galore, rice enough to feed the world, the best fish grounds of the world extremely low iliteracy, some of the best Universities and Colleges of Asia, to include Japan and yest, a vibrant, smart, resourceful youth an entire generation of fully capable people, are in despair, trying to survive, get even a simple job. I know people highly educated, with post graduation that can not get a job even as a salesperson or in a fast food chain. Lots of hungry people and people suffering from diseases that few dollars would cure. I blame the perverse and stupid Spanish colonization, the Americans (that did not positive to help them other to father kids), the short sighted Catholic Church that did not catch up with the realities of the ever changing world, an upper class that basks in a life of luxury and privileges exploiting the poor Filipinos to their last drop of blood, paying insulting wages (so they can have plenty of cheap labor available. this is nothing less than a form of slavery), the most corrupt politicians of the face of Earth and the "macho" pinoys (Filipino men), irresponsible, immature guys, that deflower the girls, get them pregnant and bye bye. Please watch on Yotube "5 thousand children die a day in the Philippines" a heart breaking documentary shot by American missionaries. Yes, this does not justify the dishonesty of certain individuals, but is part of the problem. I talked to a few Chinese ladies and NEVER a Chinese lady asked me even for a penny, but pinays, 95% of the ones that cruise ANY dating site, ask sometime, somehow, for some kind of financial help, even to pay for the internet cafe fees. Some I do believe because they are really poor and can not afford even the 50 cents an hour typical fees, but other just for greediness. I have stated my personal opinion in several occasions, in my observations, the vast majority of Filipino people are honest, humble, simple, happy and proud, they would not ask a penny to anyone. We are talking about people in dating sites. Mind you, a very large number of the so called "scammers"are not even girls or ladies, they are actually MEN or individuals of the "third sex". As much as I dislike scammers, I have been a victim of a well elaborated scam and lost BIG TIME myself, I also feel noxious about Europeans, North Americans, Australians, Arabs, other Asians, you name it, that head to the Philippines and Thailand on "sex tourism". Their place in hell is guaranteed. Many are married and look just for a short term adventure with a cute, petite and naive pinay (Filipino girls, women) and others try to get a "kirida" (a Filipino expression for "lover"). They rent an apartment for the girl, give her a monthly allowance and when they go to the Phils on business they stay with her (usually a young single mother facing financial hardship) rather than going to a hotel. I find this disgusting, loathsome. Not to mention sick, filthy, despicable animals that go there to prey on minors. Lots of pedophiles go to poor countries in Asia and South America to use and abuse the kids. I think they should be emasculated and hang high to dry and feed the vultures. That is all I have to say. Mabuhay kaybigan.

#2013-02-16 18:34:29 by yolandan @yolandan


read ur common two times. I think these sick n greedy things which u talking about also happen in newadays China.

Maybe these devil elements exist in human being's gene, no way to cure.

#2013-02-17 11:23:49 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

Sorry, Mabuhay, kaibigan, Ingat palagi po.

#2013-02-17 19:49:30 by scubaguy14 @scubaguy14

I too have a few Filipino friends here, and i love them all.. Every culture has its scammers but I have yet to actually meet a bad person from the philippines

#2013-02-17 23:29:14 by feyoung1906 @feyoung1906

Hi, I have known many Filipina people when I was living in Dubai and during the few months I have spent in Manila back in 2010 trying to setup a new business there. I have seen a lot of Filipina girls trying to sell themselves for money in order to help their families back home or back in the province.

In most cases those ladies are single mothers who have left their own kids with their families back home and they are sending money to help their families and their own child or children. This problem is so prevalent that actually probably 40% of Filipina ladies working overseas (in the Middle East region) and in Manila fall into this category. I have also seen many Filipina ladies, young, beautiful and sexy going out with low level income and education Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, and so on which I find very degrading. I think that for Filipinas, working and living in the Middle East and being exposed to those nationalities is much worse than staying back home in poverty. The long term repercussions of relationships between those Filipinas and people from even poorer and non Christian un-educated people will create long term problems for those Filipinas and their families as well.

Anyway, I think in order to improve the situation in Philippines, the government should take more power from the Church and offer more family education and allow the use of contraceptive pills and abortions. It will reduce the number of single mothers who have to sell themselves in order to survive and to help their families back home. I am Catholic but I don't think the Catholic church in Philippines has the interest of it's followers at heart. I believe they want the population to stay poor so they can control them for ever.

I agree with Danruble, Chinese ladies are much more smarter, confident, logical, and they are keen to learn about western life and they make much better partners than Filipinas in my opinion.


#2013-02-17 23:39:09 by tonym @tonym

I congratulate you Achelle and am glad someone has finally stepped up to help clarify and open eyes of the people. Very good writing and I look forward to reading more in the future. Stay strong because as you well kow the resistance is not going to like your views. You have my full moral support.
God Bless,

#2013-02-18 00:06:06 by panda2009 @panda2009

Thanks for your deep analysis of Philipine. I have a friend who studied in Philipine Harvard, then transfer to Harvard in USA. I was confused that there is Harvard in Philipine such Third World Country. I didn't know their political background. I originally thought that our Country lacked public trust. Maybe the Philippines is Les Miserables.

#2013-02-18 03:18:26 by otherhalf @otherhalf

What the men need is for you to write a follow up article listing your ideas of indicators or criteria that someone is a scammer. Some possible tests would be helpful as well. If one passes the test, the relationship can move forward. If they fail, it dies. We have one criteria so far, asking for money. There are others. Also, a good woman may be in a bind and need a one time help. In that respect she will be discarded if the current only known criteria is used. Some others would be, the photos being a bit too suggestive along with a severe age difference, or not being able to handle questions about the information they provided themselves, (one can only look up information on the internet so fast, yet a real time person will have those answers), broken english if they live in US, broken Chinese if they live in China. These can indicate a person is actually in another country and leading up to a scam.

What the women need is some list of criteria as to what constitutes a male scammer as well. This should keep in mind a good man may also be in need one time. If the two types are the same then only one article is needed but should be mentioned that it applies to both.

#2013-02-18 05:06:09 by anonymous5529 @anonymous5529

I would say that this not only applied to Philippine girls although I had correspondence with two very poor one working as a waitress other doing all kind of jobs but close to have a master degree, they say never married have no child, seam to me like they implied I am a virgin, they both look like the case you mention here. But I know it happened all over the world whatever is a dating site is. Russia, Middle East, Latin America and even some European countries including England and Canada.
In Mexico when I was young I lived in Guadalajara City, I start working as a traveler salesman, the girls that my customers employ beautiful young girls always look at me like a good life partner, an older man told me, from a small town girls in marriage age look toward a chance to move out to a big city. So is the case in countries that suffer grades of poverty or just for the lure to live in the most important economically country of the world.
I have a fiancé in China, she is nice 40 year old with a son from a previous marriage, I treat her like a wife and I have help her economically although she is working, has stable job and said she lives well enough within her earnings and is not doing this for the visa card but for a Occidental husband.

Do to some irregularities when first applied for my passport, (mistake I made when first did it), I have being unable to get it and travel, I have explained to her and she does not believe me. We have about 14 months of relation, she was pushing me at the time we had six month. It was my intention to be there at the end of last year but was not possible then I thought would be for the Chinese new year but again was impossible for me to travel.
Now after have spent more than $10,000.Dollars I have made my mind to be there no matter if I have to stowaway in a container freighter.
I will solve my problem and I know I will be there. But at the end if she decide to dump me I will marry any one from the long list of messages and kisses I had received along the 10 months I had as gold member in CL M plenty of suitable girls there, I made my mind to have a Chinese wife.
I know would be a risk not to know enough a person but I am tired of being single, if I die I want some to hold my hand by the last breath.

#2013-02-18 14:41:15 by AchelleVinzons @AchelleVinzons

Hello all, thank you so much for all your feedback. I will try to discuss this issue further in my succeeding blogs. I do believe that communicating the views of another Filipina about this subject has been long overdue. As I continue to explore this issue further, I already expect to receive some adverse reactions from some readers; but ugly truths are always hard for some people to face and accept. And then there would be others who simply do not have an adequate understanding of the circumstances. Whatever the case, if my blogs get readers to think and talk about this issue, then their purpose would have been served.

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