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A retired Aussie programmer from Sydney, I am an ardent traveller, student of things Chinese, and in retirement both an online teacher and online MOOC student. I write mostly about travel and experiences in China, and of interaction with Asian culture and people. Don’t expect controversy because, like a cat in a puddle, I tread carefully - but sometimes I just might throw in a ‘googly’!
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Receding Ice-age or Global warming - same result...    

By LaoGui 老鬼的博客
2808 Views | 33 Comments | 2/11/2020 12:41:46 PM
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#2020-05-30 12:49:31 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@kalzorch - I am concerned about the duplicate comments and your being prompted by a pop-up to resend or cancel. However, I note that this seems to have happened to you on two occasions of your commenting on this blog but it has not happened to anyone else. Neither on this blog or any other blog that I can recall.

In addition I don't recognize that pop-up. In the years since the blogs were opened about 10 years ago I suspect that I have made more comments than anyone else and I have never seen that pop-up. Nor has anyone else complained of it or mentioned it. 

This leads me to believe it has something to do with your system exclusively. Perhaps something about the Firefox clone you are using is causing our system not to sync with yours, but I suspect you would have greater knowledge about that possibility than I have. Please give me your futher thoughts on this before I ask our developer to investigate so I can be as clear as possible in trying to explain to him what he is looking for. Thanks.

@oldghost - you asked "can I prevent this from descending into the controversy rubbish bin?"

I think there was a good chance of that had you simply not responded to Kalzorch, but since you responded not once, but twice, in a markedly condescending rebuttal I don't see how you could achieve it now. I don't see how "I dismiss your thoughts as ignorant obsessed and uninformed." lends itself to avoiding the controversy rubbish bin.

I might add that, regarding the California wildfires, there is considerable evidence that those fires were deliberately set by someone possessing weapons that are recognized by a few people in the know but that are not yet widely known about by us common folk. 

Regarding the Australian fires, as I understand it from some of the Australian media there is substantial evidence that many of those fires were deliberately started by one or more perpetrators simply tossing actively burning cigarette butts into the prevalent dry tinder sitting and waiting for a chance to explode.

So IMHO your guffaws have been misspent.

Having said that I still much liked this blog.

#2020-05-30 17:25:10 by kalzorch @kalzorch

@JohnAbbot Thank you for adding your customary fine sense of respect and tolerance.

@oldghost I know full well that my views are, umm, unconventional, to the point of being considered laughable by most.  I hope you enjoy your guffaws while you still can.

I'm happy to help find this problem, which might well be on my end.  I can get a screenshot of the popup message box.  Perhaps it would be best to do the debugging via email.  Note that I use this browser all day, with some 900+ tabs open in a couple dozen windows.  I have enabled all JavaScript required for this site (according to uMatrix).

#2020-05-31 09:42:58 by oldghost @oldghost

A few small fires were indeed set, and quickly controlled.  The worst was by a farmer backburning to protect his cannabis crop.  The setters have mostly been caught and charged.  The Royal Commission into bushfires is underway.  Electricity wires play a significant role, but the extreme drought and the plentiful fuel much more so.  This is remote from the topic of shrinking glaciers.

#2020-05-31 12:16:59 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@oldghost - as remote as the Australian fires are from shrinking glaciers, they are considerably closer to each other than either is to the subject of dating Chinese women. Nonetheless we welcome all such disparate topics here on the blogs. That's because any discussion on almost any topic will provide persons of a different ethnicity than that of the blogger/commenter some insight into how differently persons of the blogger/commenter's ethnicity may think than members of their own ethnicity generally. 

In this case, the Chinese ladies may well be surprised to find that some Western men would lament the disappearance of a glacier. If they were ever to think about a glacier at all I suspect their thoughts would be to recognize the inevitable disappearance of glaciers to be no more worthy of regret than the inevitable death of empires, or something like that.

Once you get into comments, I think it is almost impossible to predict where the conversation may go. My thinking is that in most cases we should just go with the flow, wherever it may take us.

@kalzorch - I agree a switch to email would be a good way to go regarding the discussion of the mysterious pop-up. If you could send me an email giving me a precise indication of the browser and operating system you are on, especially if either is unusual or very new or very old, that might get us started by our developer seeing if there is a syncing issue with one of them.

Plus feel free to give me any other thoughts you have as to what may be creating the problem. Thanks, John

#2020-05-31 14:32:15 by melcyan @melcyan

Big changes in a short period of time are cause for concern. A small minority of glaciers are increasing in size but the majority of glaciers are decreasing in size, some at a rapid rate.


I am 68 years old. In my lifetime the population of Homo sapiens on planet Earth has TRIPLED. That is a mind-boggling change in such a short time. The population of animals farmed by Homo sapiens has more than tripled. The landmass left to support wildlife has dramatically decreased. The decrease in ice on planet Earth and the increasing number and the increasing intensity of bushfires are consistent with global warming. 


It concerns me that both our attention spans and our ability to think beyond a few years into the past or future have greatly diminished. 

#2020-05-31 19:04:44 by oldghost @oldghost

@johnabbott I responded twice because my first response 23/5 had not appeared by the 30/5 and I assumed it discarded or disregarded. Both subsequently appeared, today it seems.  As another blogger renarks "Evil people using secret weapons?" is noteworthy

#2020-06-22 22:30:28 by LesChoristes @LesChoristes

It is interesting seeing that conversation between men can be so quickly and directly turn to confrontation and mutual ridicule.:D Men are not chatting, they are fighting for their proud.I don't care what we are talking about, I must win.(giggle) You guys conversation made me laugh.

@老年幽灵 Your parents look nice and elegant. In my mind, I compared your little boy look with your present look. How interesting watching people's changes in 60 years! Old photos are welcome and should be cherished, they could easily tell the time' magic during molding and carving and strenghening a person's mode and soul. From old photos, people could imagine what might have happened to this person along these years, the wrinkles on a person's face and the tender shine in his eyes tell in silence some secret in his soul. Wish everyone had loved and been loved with his soul and heart, these confirmation and marks will flow from his old photos while he gets age......

I don't want to sigh for the melting of glaciers, no matter how sorry I feel for, with the human population growing, the pollution of oceans and soil worsening, the natural has been changing badly in 100 years and the trend seems hard to be stopped. I sigh for the insignificance of human's vanity and greed, I sigh for time's limit and unrecovery. 

Fortunately,even if glacreis is shrinking, but in your heart, time can never take away your parents' voice and smile, the time with your parents has been keep fresh and alive in these old photoes, in your aftertaste, magically reappear. Yesterday came back, again and again.

The irresistible magic of life's growth and remodeling, like the four seasons, growth, blooming, maturity, wither away. Two clues of the laws of nature might be appearing at the same time, while one clue has been extoling the vitality, another clue might have been warning the weakening and extincting in the future. Let's comfort our blue hearts with the conservation of energy law, logicly the shrinking of the glacier is not the end of the water, but a transformation of oceans and cloud. As long as we are still alive standing somehere having the luck of watching the magic of nature,let us all raise up the glass to propose a toast to life and love, let us drink the mellow wine together, cheer and enjoy.

#2020-06-26 13:36:54 by anonymous21006 @anonymous21006

I thought that we were supposed to write about articles related to Chinese culture, dating, marriage etc here.. Not the Ice Age or Global Warming. This article should have been featured in the Conspiracy Corner per John Abbot's instructions.

#2020-06-29 13:33:19 by oldghost @oldghost

@anon  By the very title it precludes controversy.  This article is in fact about a beautiful region of New Zealand. I usually write about travel  Some of my Chinese students have emigrated to New Zealand, and Mount Cook, Lake Wanaka, Queenstown, Milford Sound, the Milford track, Fox Glacier, Haast pass are places I would always recommend being particularly lovely, and great for trout fishing adventure climbing and hiking.  Here I have resurrected some old photos.  I have been to Mount Cook in three periods of life - childhood, early adulthood, and aging - and here I document the changes I see.  A time will come when the glaciers are no more, so perhaps now is a good time to see them.  Same too with the Great Barrier Reef.

Some see an argument in anything.  Are you such a one, perhaps?

#2020-06-30 22:59:01 by melcyan @melcyan


"Some see an argument in anything.  Are you such a one, perhaps?"

Maybe you are a little harsh here. While the content of your blog and your comments don't warrant a Conspiracy Corner location, some of the other comments are contenders for a CC relocation. The comment by @anonymous21006 sounds like it is directed to you but maybe it should have been directed to the moderator becuase it is the moderator who makes the final call on the location of a blog and the approval of comments.

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