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Receding Ice-age or Global warming - same result...    

By LaoGui 老鬼的博客
2168 Views | 31 Comments | 2/11/2020 12:41:46 PM
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#2020-05-19 03:28:05 by kalzorch @kalzorch

It is unclear to me why anyone would lament the shortening, or even disappearance, of a glacier.  Sure, it's a magnificant hunk of ice.  On the other hand, another result of that warming might well be that Greenland will once again be green.  Who is to say that the current global temperature is the "right" temperature, and any change is by definition bad?
How many would be in favor of global cooling to lengthen the glaciers?  In 1816, "the year without a summer", global temperatures plummeted by 0.4-0.7 degrees centigrade.  The results were catastrophic, as you can read at .

#2020-05-22 11:02:33 by oldghost @oldghost

@Kalzorch Congratulations on your insouciance.  However the extinction of species, the bleaching and death of the world corals, the savage bushfires and droughts in Australia and elsewhere are paralle consequences. 

My blog is about the evidence of the eyes, just a statement of fact.  It is not a lamentation at all

#2020-05-24 20:05:55 by kalzorch @kalzorch

@oldghost The droughts and brushfires, in Australia, California, and elsewhere, have absolutely nothing to do with global warming.  These events, and many more, were created by evil people using secret weapons.  Consider that the "evidence of the eyes" generally relies almost entirely on whatever the mainstream media reports.  This mainstream media is largely controlled by the same evil people who do the dirty deeds.  Thus discovering what really happened, and what was behind it, requires research using alternative media and logical thinking.  Most people simply accept the mainstream media version as "facts", and swallow the party line whole.

#2020-05-27 11:43:31 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@kalzorch - it appears in my comment admin area that you posted the most recent comment above 4 different times on 4 different days. However, all 4 of them showed up for me only today and all at once. Can you please confirm if you did post the same comment 4 days in a row?

If so did you notice anything unusual happening when you were uploading them?

Also if so, was your own system suffering from a possible overload of cookies during the entire process?

Your advice would be appreciated.

#2020-05-27 20:13:27 by kalzorch @kalzorch

@JohnAbbot After posting the comment, I came back the next couple days and refreshed the page, hoping to see my comment.  A pop-up gave me the choice of either resend or cancel.  I think this is a bug in the programming.  I don't know why you didn't get them until 3 days later.
I'm using PaleMoon (a FireFox clone).  I delete all cookies on startup, so I'm not likely to have an overload.  Besides that, I've got gigabytes of both RAM and disk available.

#2020-05-27 23:01:47 by oldghost @oldghost

@KALZORCH I dismiss your thoughts as ignorant obsessed and uninformed.  You have the right to them, but that does not change my dismissal.  Evil people and secret weapons? Nonsense!

@JOHNABBOTT can I prevent this from descending into the controversy rubbish bin?

#2020-05-28 04:06:07 by JoeM65 @JoeM65


"Evil people using secret weapons?"

A lot of tinfoil hats in these forums. Maybe the web site could get Alcoa as a sponsor/advertiser?

#2020-05-30 10:54:02 by oldghost @oldghost

@kalzorch This blog was to report the evidence of my eyes about a singularly beautiful region of New Zealand, seen 60 years ago, 40 years ago, and again in recent years.  I will not respond to claims of evil people and secret weapons.  I will keep my guffaws to myself.

#2020-05-30 12:49:31 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@kalzorch - I am concerned about the duplicate comments and your being prompted by a pop-up to resend or cancel. However, I note that this seems to have happened to you on two occasions of your commenting on this blog but it has not happened to anyone else. Neither on this blog or any other blog that I can recall.

In addition I don't recognize that pop-up. In the years since the blogs were opened about 10 years ago I suspect that I have made more comments than anyone else and I have never seen that pop-up. Nor has anyone else complained of it or mentioned it. 

This leads me to believe it has something to do with your system exclusively. Perhaps something about the Firefox clone you are using is causing our system not to sync with yours, but I suspect you would have greater knowledge about that possibility than I have. Please give me your futher thoughts on this before I ask our developer to investigate so I can be as clear as possible in trying to explain to him what he is looking for. Thanks.

@oldghost - you asked "can I prevent this from descending into the controversy rubbish bin?"

I think there was a good chance of that had you simply not responded to Kalzorch, but since you responded not once, but twice, in a markedly condescending rebuttal I don't see how you could achieve it now. I don't see how "I dismiss your thoughts as ignorant obsessed and uninformed." lends itself to avoiding the controversy rubbish bin.

I might add that, regarding the California wildfires, there is considerable evidence that those fires were deliberately set by someone possessing weapons that are recognized by a few people in the know but that are not yet widely known about by us common folk. 

Regarding the Australian fires, as I understand it from some of the Australian media there is substantial evidence that many of those fires were deliberately started by one or more perpetrators simply tossing actively burning cigarette butts into the prevalent dry tinder sitting and waiting for a chance to explode.

So IMHO your guffaws have been misspent.

Having said that I still much liked this blog.

#2020-05-30 17:25:10 by kalzorch @kalzorch

@JohnAbbot Thank you for adding your customary fine sense of respect and tolerance.

@oldghost I know full well that my views are, umm, unconventional, to the point of being considered laughable by most.  I hope you enjoy your guffaws while you still can.

I'm happy to help find this problem, which might well be on my end.  I can get a screenshot of the popup message box.  Perhaps it would be best to do the debugging via email.  Note that I use this browser all day, with some 900+ tabs open in a couple dozen windows.  I have enabled all JavaScript required for this site (according to uMatrix).

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