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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Daniel has lived in Toronto, Canada for 28 years. He’s a loving father, practicing dentist, divorcee and a well traveled “citizen of the world”. Having had extensive experience with online dating, travel and life in the Philippines, Daniel will tell it like it is and will no doubt open some eyes. He is currently engaged to a Chinese lady that he met on CLM and will very soon get married. However, he's seen a dark side too. Get ready for the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Planet Madness I    

By Daniel Chermont
6874 Views | 14 Comments | 3/19/2014 10:32:18 AM

Pedophilia is something that all online daters who have children must be on the watch for.

Few days ago I made a comment to John Abbot, I told him that I really feel that the only truly happy people in this world are the idiots, the imbeciles, the completely mad and the children.  The more you know, the more you become aware of what is going on and consequently the more you suffer.

Some prefer to ignore things and to pretend they do not exist, but it is like trying to use a strainer to protect your head from the Sun.  The sun rays will go through either you like it or not.  So, it is a self-defeating, useless exercise.

It is hard to write about unsavoury, unpleasant subjects.  It is rewarding to talk about love, flowers, food, nice sceneries, wonderful trips, music, fun.  Nobody likes bad news, I am no exception.  But I feel that there are things that will not resolve by themselves, thus we have to face them head on and denounce them.  To ignore it or to stick our heads on the ground as the ostridges do is never a good approach.

I just recently read an excellent article of a colleague, John DeBellote, one of CLM’s bloggers and all I can say is “Hats Off”, for his courage to so eloquently describe in detail what is going on at the top of the social pyramid in China.

Personally, I feel that these sexual abnormalities (I have to be judgemental here) e.g. swings, group sex, menage a trois, “golden shower”, voyeurism, foursomes, S&M (Dominatrix), “daisies”, “the wall”, “open marriages”, which belong to the realm of human filth, are prevalent in the high classes and unfortunately it happens all over the world. Too bad that they already arrived in China.

It seems that some wealthy people get bored and endeavour to experiment every conceivable sexual variation and surely they can be very creative and resourceful.  Usually, alcohol and drugs are present, perhaps to encourage the shy ones or first timers.  Sinful acts usually come hand in hand and stimulants can be the catalyst to unleash the devils of lust.

The medium classes are too busy trying to make ends meet to have this luxury, they are trying to pay the bills at the end of the month, sometimes running one step ahead of their creditors.

The low classes (usually due to ignorance and stupidity) go more for incest, bestiality and other scatological stuff.

In a particular SouthEastern Asian country, rape  (with the help of chemicals as we discussed in a previous article or by subduing the victim by brutal physical force) and incest are almost a common occurrence.  It will not raise eyebrows or hit the first pages of the newspapers, let us put this way. 

The way the world is going now, it would cause awe even to Donatien Alphonse Francois (Le Marquis de Sade) and his cronies or Hyeronimus Bosch (See the image below. I can imagine the kind of painting he would do to represent today’s world).  Also Google “The Garden of Earthly Delights” from Bosch.  This painting is the the Prado Museum in Spain.

But from all the existing sexual garbage, by far the worst is pedophilia.  As a practicing Christian, I am against the death penalty (not to mention that someone can be convicted by mistake), but, so help me God, my first impulse if I laid my hands on a pedophile was to throw him to hungry lions or use him as shark bait.

A judge in Jamaica last year  gave a sui generis (peculiar) verdict on a case of pedophilia: he sentenced the pedophile to one day in prison!  But…… in the prison's general population!  The predator did not live to see the end of the day.  Even hard criminals hate pedophiles. They are considered, and rightly so, the very scum of the Earth.

Sexual predators are the ultimate sociopaths and no matter whether their crimes are committed against adults or kids, they have no place in this world.

Two things caught my attention recently.  A guy designed and it is already available in the market, pillows with “a mouth and thick lips”.  I guess it will appeal to the lonesome ones, since they don’t have a wife or a GF, they can always kiss the pillow.

The second “invention”, I don’t take it as a joke.  I think is just loathsome, nauseating.  A Japanese “inventor” created some sex dolls, which are said to be 99% pleasing to the human touch. The materials used are as close as it can get (with the materials available today) to human flesh and they are very realistic, the facial features and hair are human like.  The “orifices” for penetration are proportional to the size of the dolls, you got the idea. What is even more abhorrent about all of this is that these dolls look like a 12/13 years old child!!!

This garbage will certainly attract pedophiles and please their sickening minds, fetishes and fantasies.  In my opinion, these dolls should be banned altogether.  It makes a horrible thing look trivial. People that buy these child like dolls should have to provide their photo ID (to be scanned), name, address etc, like when people buy a gun in the US.  The police should have access to this information and check if the buyer is listed in the pedophiles databank.  They should also check with the Interpol and exchange information with other countries.

Sex toys have been around since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and inflatable dolls exist for ages.   People say that Japanese at large have a fetish for girls dressing school uniform.  I wonder if the company that is making these dolls offers that option.  Just nauseating to say the least.

On an article that I read few days ago, the author claims that in a rather large recent study, it was concluded that Japanese men prefer to have sex with an inflatable doll vis a vis (compared with) his wife!!!  I feel sorry for the Japanese ladies.

I wish my best to you all,

God bless.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-03-19 11:30:31 by anonymous9349 @anonymous9349

As i wrote in one of the forum subject recently
"There are other combinations (lots of them, 9 x 3 x 9 x 2) in people's view and need on 'sex'.
Some are similar, some are totally in conflict with other type's views, some understand all, some understand some, some will not ever understand or tolerate them in a million years. Some can live happily ever after, some in the middle range, some just won't. Just the way life is. "

And you sir, 1wing2, I understand you too, God Bless

"Unhealthy 1/2s run into problems when twoish pride interacts with oneish perfectionism. A tremendous inner conflict rages between the two-wing that says "I am a good, generous person" and the oneish view that sees every tiny error as a sign of fundamental worthlessness. One disintegrates to four, where self-critical introspection creates a spiral of hopelessness, while two disintegrates to eight, so that when the heavily repressed anger erupts it does so in sudden (but usually very short) fits of hyper-critical rage, sometimes accompanied by overt violence. Naturally these violent fits then become more food for the self-judgment spiral, as the 1/2 falls into guilty remorse."

Just saying (h)

#2014-03-19 12:52:21 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for these interesting and very relevant words, Daniel.

One thing that caught my eye was where you said

"Usually, alcohol and drugs are present, perhaps to encourage the shy ones or first timers."

I have written elsewhere that in my view, alcohol (which is just another drug) should be banned, except for medicinal purposes. Sure, a bottle of champagne can be popped at a celebration, but so often the problem is that this can be the thin edge of the wedge, that is, once one form of alcohol is permitted, it gives a potential or a precedent for other varieties to then be allowed.

So it's better in my view to simply ban it altogether. Sorry to all the champagne poppers out there! Sadly of course, this'll never happen. Prohibition was attempted in the USA from 1920 to 1933 but unfortunately proved to be a social failure. All it did was make the gangsters peddling in the drug exceedingly rich, just ask Al Capone.

You also mentioned,

"pillows with “a mouth and thick lips”. I guess it will appeal to the lonesome ones, since they don’t have a wife or a GF, they can always kiss the pillow."

This gave me a laugh. It reminds me of another item being currently marketed here called the "boyfriend pillow". It's a normal pillow except on one end, there's a long arm and hand protruding from it filled with soft stuffing - it looks just like a real arm. Supposedly girls or ladies can snuggle up to it at night to pretend they were lying in the arm of their loved one. In some respects, this is better than having a real person in the bed with you, as at least such a thing won't burp in your ear or pass wind during the night!

You noted also,

"The second “invention”, I don’t take it as a joke...... sex dolls, which are said to be 99% pleasing to the human touch. The materials used are as close as it can get (with the materials available today) to human flesh and they are very realistic......... What is even more abhorrent about all of this is that these dolls look like a 12/13 years old child!!!"

I hadn't heard about the company making realistic sex dolls resembling young teenagers. If so, this is absolutely sick. BUT maybe, just maybe, a purpose is served here?

What I mean is this - is it possible that a pedophile could play all day and all night with child dolls like these, satiating his deviant desires - thus relieving him of the compulsion to practise his nefarious activities on REAL children? Sort of like giving a smoker a dummy cigarette (also known as an E-cigarette) that simulates the real thing, in order to stop smoking?

I don't know...... I guess only a qualified psychologist could accurately answer this.

Daniel, you may be interested to learn also that these very realistic silicone dolls (also called fantasy dolls or sex dolls) are available in many countries of the world where they're made into the likeness of gorgeous ADULT ladies. If you care to google "lifesize silicone dolls" or "anatomical doll", you'll see what I mean.

Perusal of these websites show multiple images of absolutely stunning ladies made entirely of silicone and real hair. They can be ordered to your own individual specification, such as breast or waist size, facial features such as nose shape, hair and eye colour, etc.

Prices are high, often over US$5000 although for those on a budget, this figure can be chopped in half if you only order the life like torso and the head with gaping mouth and deep throat, with no accompanying arms and legs!

Anyway, a very interesting and worthwhile article, thanks mate. (y)

#2014-03-19 13:57:58 by Grace172 @Grace172

"the author claims that in a rather large recent study, it was concluded that Japanese men prefer to have sex with an inflatable doll vis a vis (compared with) his wife!!! "
If that is true, then I think the Japanese government have to supervise and urge some perverted scientists to invent a kind of special inflatable doll that can get birth so that to avoid their nation perish.(giggle)
"I feel sorry for the Japanese ladies."
I have the same feeling to them. They may waiting for the foreign men to save them. (giggle) Just kidding.
Not long ago, I read a Chinese report about some men were addicted to the inflatable dolls than the real girls. I was surprised and curious what made these men so abnormal. |(

#2014-03-21 21:38:04 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

@anonymous9349 Hi there, thanks for reading the article. As they say, it takes all kinds to make the world.

#2014-03-21 22:12:03 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

@Barry1 Hi Barry. As usual, you raise very valid and objective points. Yes, alcohol is the Father of all evil things, I could not agree more with you. I live in Ontario Barry, probably the province has the toughest laws regarding he sale and use if alcohol. Mind you, we have laws that come from the time of Queen Victoria.

To give you an idea, in Ontario you can not drink booze even in the front of your own house, you have to drink your beer in the backyard. To sell or serve an alcoholic beverage to a minor.... unthinkable. There are special places to sell liquor and they are strictly controlled by the Government. Bars, dance clubs and restaurants can not sell alcohol from 1AM to 8AM. If you have a party in your house and you serve alcoholic drinks and a guest leaves your house and has an accident, you will be charged and so on. I believe in Australia you have similar laws.

Yes, Prohibition did not solve the problem in the US, but I think it made very difficult for the average person to get his/her hands on a bottle of booze. I don't care, I don't drink and nit would not hurt me. I go years without having even a glass of beer. I never drink spirits

I think if governments were serious about public health, they would ban all these things that hurt people, including tobacco. I am planning to write an article where I will approach this subject.

Thanks for your hints and observations, so useful. Pornography serves no purpose.

I was watching some documentaries about Ted Bundy, the notorious American serial killer and he blames pornography for him to have become the monster he was. I don't buy that, but I think that fed his already sick mind with fantasies. They estimate that he killed at east 100 people, to include men. He was executed in Florida as we all know. I think the devil came in person to greet him at the gates of hell.

I am not sure if such dolls would make any positive difference when we talk about pedophiles, but you made an interesting point.

Thanks mate, you are a great guy.

#2014-03-21 22:24:18 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

@Grace172 Hi Grace. Thanks for reading the article and thank you for your comments. I confess that puzzles me, I will die without understanding the behavior of some human beings.

Regarding pedophiles, let us not forget, that these are not normal persons, they are mentally disturbed people, in the highest degree. They should be locked up and they should never allow them to go out. It has been proved that they will commit their crimes again and again.

#2014-03-22 12:19:47 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

@Grace172 Hi Grace. I was reflecting about your words "I was surprised and curious what made these men so abnormal". What is being said in the West is that there are more males than females in China and Chinese young men are marrying Vietnamese girls. I guess if this is one of the reasons. I am also told that for a young man to marry in China, the family of his GF or fiancee wants him to have a house and a good paying job, a.k.a., money in the bank. That is why the family of the boy makes every effort to buy a house for him, so he becomes an eligible husband to be.

I can see my brother in law, a bright, young, intelligent guy, ready to start a family. The family will give him a house, so he can start a family. I joked with him and I told him that there are all kinds of pretty girls in my church in Canada, so we can introduce them to him. There is also a friend of mine, from Malaysia, that has a 23 years old niece, very pretty and bright, a gentle woman, and I can introduce her to him. I love to see people happy and if I can help in any way, shape or form, I will certainly do so.

It is curious, because the situation in Brazil is the inverse of China, there are more girls there than guys, perhaps Chinese young men should consider marrying a Brazilian girl. Brazilian girls are marrying foreigners now, there are not enough eligible husbands there. Incidentally, Brazilians love Asians, they consider them bright, intelligent, good looking and they think that Chinese babies are the cutest in the world. I agree hehehehehehe. You got the idea.

Hmmmmmmm perhaps the guys that go for an inflatable tools, can not get a GF for a reason or another, maybe they are shy, feel afraid of being rejected on any grounds, so their options would be restricted to hiring the services of a professional or using their hands or..... an inflatable doll !!! This is my theory.

I saw once a guy in Canada that the girls were teasing him and joking saying that his GF "slept under the bed". Stupid me, I did not get the joke and they told me "his GF is inflatable" ,,,, I said, oh, I see. Funny, there are all kinds of pretty girls in Canada. Then again, could it be shyness?

What shocked me when I made the research to write this article, was "child like" sex dolls. In my view, this totally unacceptable.

Brazilian guys are trained to be nice, civilized and respectful to women. We are trained to feel comfortable around girls and we still open the door for them, give them flowers, pull the chair for them at the restaurant, so they can sit comfortably. Brazilian guys are very protective and polite. If they do not act that way, the girls will not accept them, period.

Brazil has a matriarchal society, where the woman, the mother, is the centre of everything. In Brazilian society, the man brings the bacon home, but it is the lady of the house that makes ALL final decisions, she is literally the QUEEN of the house. In my family, my mother would decide everything, my father just worked and made money for the family. Nowadays, ladies also do work, we have two income families, most doctors and even business persons are women. Nowadays, in the big cities, usually couples have just one or two kids. When I was growing up, my mother, who was a teacher, gave up her career, to take care of her house, her family, husband and kids, but we were a large family (six kids). My father would not give any opinions, he would say AMEN to everything she said, heheheheheheheheh.

God bless,


#2014-03-23 12:51:00 by anonymous9414 @anonymous9414

Opinions / theory without psychological / scientific / spiritual knowledge backup, is just a vanity

There you go,

type 2 love kids the most out of all the types, and they are neurotic 2wing1 , Level 8
"neurotic Twos want to be loved so much that they may attempt to coerce others to love them in the most damaging ways. It is possible that some forms of pedophilia and child molestation have their roots here," - Personality Types - Don Riso - more infos in the book.

All those people want to be loved,
need compassion and understanding to heal them, and appropriate methods / self awareness knowledge to heal themselves
And prison, to distance them from others, and if they still don't get it, and most people simply don't change easily at all. Ask everyone.
And If don't want to heal them, just feed them to the Lions or shoot them yourself.

Everyone twisted motivations is to get loved back (from God, other people, country, animals, objects,etc) however twisted trying to get it

Crimes of Love

This type 1 lady seems to learn acceptance

#2014-03-24 09:49:16 by anonymous9433 @anonymous9433

After further exploring on the susan olesek website and videos,
she is very healthy Type 1 indeed, (y)two thumbs up(y)

"When 1/2s attain spiritual opening, they can become teachers of the highest order. One integrates to seven, bringing in joy and enthusiasm, while two integrates to four, replacing selfish manipulation with genuine compassionate concern for others. Deep oneish wisdom combines with twoish loving generosity for an intensely personal kind of guidance, even when they are addressing large groups. Somehow advanced 1/2s seem to know exactly what is needed for maximum teaching value in any situation. They teach by asking the right questions, gently guiding the student to deeper insights."

#2014-03-24 13:11:54 by Grace172 @Grace172

Hi, Daniel, thank you so much for you patient to anwer my curious question.
Yes, you are right. There are so many young Chinese men can not marry with girls becaus of lack of fortune or some other reasons.
I think it is a good news for the Chinese men that Brazilian girls are more than Braizlian guys. We may beging a BW&CMLM (Brazilian women and Chinese men Love match) website to help them. haha
Best wishes to your family, especially to your new baby(f)

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