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Gareth is an Australian who has lived in JiangSu, SuZhou (Heaven on Earth) for a few years - he is a keen observer of the Chinese people, Chinese culture and the changes that are occurring in China at break-neck speed. He can often be found on his a nightly 'perch' in front of his bar in the famous Bar Street in Suzhou, talking to the locals in his bad Mandarin, teaching the 'flower-selling girls' English, eating street food and smiling at the local chengguan (neighbourhood police). Gareth also has several other businesses in China around Business and English training. His experiences have been varied and interesting and his years in China have taught him to be wary of promises but excited about prospects, not a bad situation to be in!
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Perils of China: Red Flags When Dating Chinese Women    

By Garreth Humphris
10544 Views | 50 Comments | 6/9/2014 5:22:20 AM
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#2014-12-31 05:38:49 by Anniehow @Anniehow


晴姐姐怎么就知道我喜欢听好话呢? 哈哈。这么会表扬人,一定是个很让孩子有安全感的好妈妈! 看来你和melcyan是英雄所见略同;)。


#2014-12-31 10:48:33 by aussieghump @aussieghump


if you are interested in translating...I am willing to help you with my 'cryptic English'.

#2014-12-31 22:29:31 by QinQL @QinQL


呵呵,当然知道你喜欢听好话呀,因为你本来就很优秀,我从来都不吹牛。妹妹,这位帅哥没人能和你抢了,非你莫属了 ------ 帅哥美女,不会误会我的意思吧,我分明指的是这位帅哥的博客和你的翻译呢。先把这篇最好的拿下。我们期盼早日见到你的翻译作品,然后发表读后感,好让他们也了解我们中国女人的想法。


我到你家看过了,妹妹是一位有学识和见识的美才女,不知道哪位男士有福气遇上你呢?祝福妹妹新年新运! (sun)

#2015-01-01 06:23:29 by Anniehow @Anniehow


Sorry for babbling in Chinese in your backyard.Mecylan and QinQL suggested that I translate this fantastic blog(I think it is sticky worthy as well!) I think it is a both interesting and challenging idea (your writing style is …different from Barry’s and has a special aura ). I hope you and John are okay with it and I will give it a shot, kinda “Dare Me” Project, which at the same time will help the ladies as well.

I am working on some assignment John gave me now and will get to this later.

To have kids is crucial in Chinese culture as it keeps the family line and makes your life complete, sad but that is the cultural conception. It is difficult for a lot of Chinese to have the strong bond with a non-biological child, which points to another difficulty for the divorced mothers in China.

As for working, saving money vs. enjoying life, the third generation Chinese immigrants in South America are very different from their ancestors. They have seen with their own eyes how their father and grandfather toiled at the cost of health, quality time with family and they have picked up the South American living-at-the-moment mentality and have a good balance between work and play. Chinese people in China need to move to South America for a few years to loose up and get a good balance!

#2015-01-01 06:40:01 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Anniehow - we would be delighted to see this blog translated. We welcome you to give it a try as soon as you're finished your current effort.

I have to warn you that someone tried before on another of Gareth's blogs but found his particular style of humor very difficult to translate. But with Gareth's offered assistance on that issue this could work well and frankly, there are very few blogs, if any, on CLM that deserve to be translated more than this one.

@aussieghump - You will both hear from me by email shortly to line things up.

#2015-01-01 08:25:03 by aussieghump @aussieghump

Happy to help and offer humour/sarcasm doesn't necessarily translate easily but the main points of the blog are straightforward enough! Adding your 'voice' to the translation will be excellent! Thanks for your offer and comments!

#2015-01-01 09:50:15 by Ezpawn @Ezpawn

Firstly, Seasons Greetings...
I agree with you, being a Chinese myself (Singaporean), this what I realise..
I have dated 2 and after 1 month, they are hinting at the Ring! I find that they desperate to get married is because, all their FINANCIAL needs are meet. And if the have a child, Oh Boy...
So, I resort to women without kids, and so far, so good, although they expect you to pay for everything. The concept of sharing is not in their minds. As long it is has to do with money matters, that is, you pay! Sure, they might buy you a trinket or two, but, the offer of, "it's your birthday, let me buy you dinner" does not occur to them. Your birthday, her birthday, it is taken for granted, you pay.
So, the search is beginning to wain...Are all China women like this? Friends have told me it is because of the word GREED...
If in future, the women that I date are of the same calibre, then it is goodbye China.

#2015-06-28 12:53:49 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Anniehow - I am so sorry but somehow your comment from a longtime ago was deleted before I saw it. I have just located it in the deleted comments file. I have your new comment and will post the translation as soon as I arrive home from my current travels, hopefully tomorrow. Please bear with me. John

#2015-06-29 16:21:41 by Anniehow @Anniehow

Thanks John. Looking forward to it:)

#2015-06-30 22:40:23 by QinQL @QinQL


I am glad to hear that our John told us about posting the translation as soon as he arrives home from his current travels. We are looking forward to reading it, too.

Thank Anniehow for your effort for our chinese members here.

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