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Ryan Hendry is a former detective and lawyer from the UK. He is now a freelance writer living in the Philippines. Ryan has a Filipina partner and hopes to be married to her later in 2016. He has traveled extensively in Asia and is a veteran of the Asian online dating world. He has experienced online, and physically met, some scammers, including unscrupulous ladies from Thailand and the more obvious scammers from Nigeria. Ryan is keen therefore to share his experiences and uses this platform for his blogs as CLM and ALM is committed to hunting down all scammers. Ryan, despite some of his experiences, respects Asian culture, loves Asian food and is now happy in the Philippines!
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International Dating: My Story - Patong Beach    

By Ryan Hendry
1435 Views | 3 Comments | 6/30/2016 11:38:52 AM

Patong Beach

I awoke from my sleep of contentment. It was filled with pleasant dreams partly as a result of Noi’s welcome massage. My slumbers had eradicated all the tiredness of travel from England to Thailand. I looked forward to my second day in a new country and a new life. Dating was something I had forgotten. It was a distant memory from a distant past.


The start of the dating pattern was when I had signed up for the international dating site. I was now beyond those days and I was in reality dating an Asian woman. I deliberately say woman, Noi was in her mid-thirties. She was no slip of a girl. That was a deliberate choice on my part. I had nothing in common with girls between 18 to 25 years old. Besides, I did not fancy the thought of being perceived as some kind of sex tourist in Thailand with a young girl on my arm. Noi was much younger than me but mature. She knew of life and knew what was important in life.


I also say ‘dating’ as at the same time as I am shacked up in a Thai hotel with an attractive Thai lady.  Yes, Noi had shared my bed on my first night in Thailand. We had not discussed that. It simply seemed natural. We were both consenting and mature adults. But, I still considered that I was dating an Asian woman, a Thai woman to be exact. It was a different kind of dating from that of my youth.


There was no need for stupid ‘chat-up lines.’ I had no need to show-off as I may have done in my youth. I was too long in the tooth to try to impress. It was a WYSIWYG situation as far as I was concerned. I was a used item in the dating marketplace and had a few thousand miles on my odometer. But this model (me) still had its good points and needed a new ‘owner’ to lavish some tender loving care on it! I was offering the stability and reliability that many Asian women seek in a partner. I was by no means wealthy by western standards but I had a reliable stream of retirement income. My money went much further in Thailand than it did back in England. In a nutshell, isn’t that why interracial dating and partnerships can and do work?


The best type of male foreigner (farang in Thailand) provides the stability in temperament, character and finance on one hand. On the other, the Asian woman provides all the wonderful loving, caring, feminine characteristics that they in reality possess. Characteristics that seem to belong to a faded past in the case of typical western women. The question I just posed is of course of the rhetorical type. I am fully convinced that I know the answer! These thoughts of mine are a product of my current position and my journey through an Asian dating culture. They were latent thoughts at the time of my first trip to Thailand to meet Noi. They were aspirations buried deep in my heart and soul. My story is not intended to be a blueprint for others to follow. But merely a tale of my experiences.


The second day in Patong was a leisurely one. They all were! Noi and I had showered and went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. It was the typical Asian style breakfast with a buffet and egg station. The cereals and juices were on display as well as bread and a toaster. There were also the usual stainless steel food containers full of rice and other assorted foods. It was a case of help yourself to whatever you wanted.


I settled on toasted bread, a fried egg and some cold cuts accompanied by ample cups of coffee from the coffee machine. Noi served on me. Nothing was too much trouble for her. The restaurant area was pleasant and spacious. It fronted on to the quiet street and was a perfect vantage point from which to watch any activity in the street. The street was packed full of parked motorcycles all arranged in neat rows. They were all for hire. The occasional service truck came along delivering food, beer or soft drinks to the all the hotels in the street. It was something to watch while having our leisurely breakfast together.


Breakfast is a great time to get to know someone. I’m not a great talker at this time of day. I talk, yes, but not too much. Thankfully, Noi was of similar persuasion. It would have been an early deal breaker if she had talked non-stop at the breakfast table! Our conversations were light and certainly far from intense.


Don’t get me wrong - it was good to hear her talk. I loved that accented English of hers and the occasional mispronunciation of words. My smile always provoked the question from her, “Why funny?” That would make me laugh even more and her pretty face would take on a look of puzzlement. I would get serious and explain why I was laughing. “Mai belie” (no problem) was her answer.


The breakfast over, we walked down to the beach. It took about fifteen minutes to reach it. Patong Beach is a long strip of sand that runs for about two miles from north to south. It is a popular destination for many European tourists. Many of them choose to lay on the beach all day turning from a ghostly white, to a lobster pink to a golden brown.


Thai people are bemused by that. They, like other Asians, try to stay out of the sun and wish to have light skin. Lighter skin for many Asians is a social plus. It’s no wonder that skin whiteners are a massive business throughout Asia. Noi commented on this to me - “No understand farang. Thai want white skin and farang want black skin.” I smiled at the simplicity of the message.


Is your Asian lady the quiet or noisy type over breakfast! Leave your comments below at your own risk!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2016-06-30 11:38:24 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

I have to admit that I had not noted the desire to have white skin in Thai women, and had thought it was more exclusively a Chinese phenomenon. The Thai woman I dated was not overly concerned with keeping her skin white and it never once was a topic of conversation.

However, thinking back she did seem to hang out under the umbrella on the beach a lot more than I did. And our dating relationship was intermittent and not very long, so it maybe just never came up.

However, when you're in a major Chinese city on a sunny day, you are inevitably faced with sea of umbrellas to work your way through on every busy street, and I don't recall that in Bangkok. So I suspect that while the Thai ladies might lean towards keeping their skin white, it likely is not as compulsory to them as it seems to be to Chinese women.

And I don't want to sound critical of this compulsion either, because I think the proof is in the pudding, and from everything I see the Chinese pudding at the age of 50, having been kept hidden from the rays of the sun for almost the entire lifetime of the pudding, still has a soft, smooth and radiant surface that appears to be little over 30 years old. The Western pudding on the other hand, having spent every available moment bathing itself in the rays of the sun, at the age of 50 has taken on the appearance of an 80 year old, wrinkled and beaten up piece of leather.

Not only does the Chinese pudding look incredibly more attractive, it also looks incredibly more healthy. So my hats off to the Chinese women for being so diligent about taking care of their skin, and to Thai women too now that I am aware they also value their skin retaining its youthful, healthy appearance.  

As for noisy over breakfast, I am not at all sure that Asian or Chinese women are any more or less likely to fall into that category than women from any other culture. 

#2016-07-01 10:47:25 by anonymous15190 @anonymous15190

I think some are quiet,some are noisy over breakfast.Personly, I don't like people talk too much over table.

Yes,most Chinese woman are crazy to have light color skin. I remember when I was in college, one of my roommate even use vinegar to wash face because she heard that would make her face color be lighter. (giggle)

#2016-07-05 15:26:38 by RHendry @RHendry

@JohnAbbot @anonymous15190 The white skin is an Asian thing, not just Chinese or Thai. It's the same in the Phils. They spend a fortune on skin lightening products and I'm sure most of them would never get approval in say the US or EU.

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