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Our Man in Asia Signs In    

By Ken Silver About Asia
2676 Views | 1 Comments | 5/14/2010 1:10:38 PM

Welcome! You may not realize it yet, but you're about to open a magic door. Reading this blog, and taking advantage of this website, will take you everywhere you want to go, and quite possibly give you your Hearts' Desire. First ,remember this always - "Here, all the women are beautiful".

Now, let me tell you a story from Southeast Asia...

A young gentleman was out on a multi-day trek through the mountains of Thailand. Days passed, and he ran out of food. To take his mind off his increasing hunger, he began to fantasize eating various foods,

First.. he imagined hot Thai peppers. Then he thought about eating the hottest of curries. In an instant he was gagging and coughing, frantically drinking the stream water to drown out his imaginary distress from his imagined choice of foods.

Just then, a forest monk passed by. He inquired after the young mans distress. The young man explained he had imagined spicy foods, the imagined eating of which had caused him real distress. The monk burst out laughing. "You idiot!", he shouted, none too gently. You thought your whole dinner up. Since it is all in your mind and thinking, why didn't you imagine yourself eating sweet soup and coconut ice cream instead!"

Same with you, my readers... Since you are making everything up in your thoughts and minds anyhow, please think well of yourself and all those ladies you will meet on this website. Remember always-"Here, all the women are beautiful". Sometimes they may not look it, but they are.

Now much do you know about women?

Do you realize they love and expect good grooming in a man? As seen in your photos?

That they hope for a well mannered evidenced by the politeness and respectful nature of your letters?

That women by their nature as caregivers, nurturing females, and possibly mothers, hope for security and stability in which to build a loving home where everything is in its place and everything makes sense. Women care that the silverware matches. That the dinner table looks balanced and complete.

Since we are speaking of China and the rest of Asia here, allow me to try to lob this metaphysical fastball past you... I promise I won't do it often - it is said that the reason most Buddhas are male is because men seek freedom, while women seek perfection in order and structure.

Or... as a comedian once said... if it wasn't for the civilizing influence of women, men would still be lying on cave floors, eating raw meat and telling jokes about saber toothed tigers walking into bars...

That reminds me of something else... you have to play by the rules of the game. You may like lying on cave floors, telling jokes about tigers walking into caveman saloons. But in order to be successful in your relations with women, you need to sit up straight, comb your hair, and talk about how much you like a clean kitchen.

Oh yes... get a good pair of shoes, and keep them clean. Woman are used to judging a man by the shoes he wears. Even from photos.

Oh yeah... I love to tell jokes... " Saber tooth tiger walks into a cave bar., The terrified caveman bartender shows the monster cat a drink list. The tiger looks at it, its huge teeth brushing the menu. 'We...we don't see many saber tooth tigers this', stammers the caveman bartender. The tiger looks up, growls, and says 'At these prices I'm not surprised'.

Which reminds me.....women love to you if you can make them laugh. Why, because when we laugh, we know that everything is all right, and will be all right. Welcome to the magic door, and enter it into this website!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2010-05-03 09:17:49 by wojiao @wojiao

thanks for the laugh Ken

I think the buddhists and girls here in China are a bit different to those in the South East and shoes are pretty much mandatory requirements for everyday life, given the amount of gob there is on the pavements

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