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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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Our Lives Through The Keyhole 键孔里的生活    

By Imi
5328 Views | 69 Comments | 9/23/2018 2:12:07 AM
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#2018-09-29 22:21:16 by QinQL @QinQL

@JohnAbbot  -  what a coincidence that I am going to contact you while I saw you warm words.   I haven’t received any info from CLM. How long it has lasted? I could not remember, anyway, not too short. But it is okay since I keep reading some blogs and comments here. Okay, let me email you and provide you with QQ and WeChat contact info. Maybe there is a bonus that you would introduce me several nice western guys , haha. 

#2018-09-30 01:49:38 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@QinQL - thanks for responding, both here and by email. I would be happy to introduce you to a few nice guys here on CLM, but I am not sure any of these guys are nice enough to deserve to meet you. Haha.

However, I can say to all you guys who are seeking a great match, you are crazy if you don't pursue QinQL. Obviously from her photos she is very attractive, and I can tell you she is one of the nicest and most pleasant members we've ever had. If I were a few years younger and single I would be after her like a fox. You guys had better get with it.

#2018-09-30 06:52:52 by Barry1 @Barry1



"I can say to all you guys who are seeking a great match, you are crazy if you don't pursue QinQL. Obviously from her photos she is very attractive, and I can tell you she is one of the nicest and most pleasant members we've ever had."


I must admit I had to smile inwardly when I read your comments, John.


Yes, I fully agree @QinQL is a lovely person. In fact, a few years ago, we were good friends, chatting on QQ. But suddenly I was dumped like a hot rock when she read one of my blogs!  I harbour no ill will, of course, I just felt a little surprised at the time is all, given the blog was supposedly a humerous one. But not to some Chinese ladies, it seemed, who took it literally!


This example in fact illustrates the dangers of writing blogs on CLM, as rather than attracting a Chinese lady, it may actually have the opposite effect!  :o

The blog in question can be viewed here:



#2018-09-30 07:48:52 by melcyan @melcyan


I am very sorry about your loss of sleep but pleased to see your head-space move to a more powerful position.


"Right now, I have to look forward and tell my story and also overwhelm anybody I have to face in the hearing with evidence, passion, and a heartfelt statement of my love for Janessa. "

Yes Imi, I know that you are capable of doing this. I know you will do this. 


I don't have time to say everything that I want to say right now but I will follow up on this comment and @JohnAbbot's comment as soon as I can.

#2018-10-01 12:58:32 by melcyan @melcyan


"I am 110% aware." I know we read each other’s words with more care than others read our words. Your use of 110% was a humorous reminder of your ability to read my words carefully. What happened in March could have been the fault of many people but to take full responsibility for it like you have is very empowering. Adopting that position helps you change your own actions in the most effective way possible.


I am hoping that you and Janessa will be in the same room for the appeal. Will you be together for the appeal?



I don't think we're in a position to know if Imi's lawyer is doing a good job. If he/she is gathering the right information, is aware that Imi and Janessa need to demosntrate they are sincerely and deeply in love, and is helping them to provide the best available information to do that, plus is properly addressing all the potential issues to be met because this is an appeal, then he/she is probably doing a good job. Do we know that he/she isn't doing those things? 


I don’t know for sure but my gut feeling is that the lawyer did not do enough for the initial application. I don’t know what the exact situation was for the use of the photos in the initial application. Why weren’t more used? Was that Imi’s fault or the lawyer’s fault?


I am an anxious and nervous person. In a testing situation, I try to dot every “i” and cross every “t”. I try to make sure every minimum requirement is exceeded, not just by the minimum but by a very comfortable margin. I try to do it that so carefully and precisely that I will cause a “grumpy gatekeeper” that gets in my way to suffer a severe reprimand or worse if they improperly reject what I submit. I approached the visa application for my partner’s niece that I did in Australia as if my life depended on it.


John, we once had a conversation about the problem of complacency in relationships. We did not agree. We finally came to the conclusion that you are a naturally complacent person and I am a naturally nervous person. I remember saying that I would rather the pilot of my plane be nervous rather than complacent. Maybe this is part of our different view now. My nervous and anxious disposition undermines my trust that the lawyer did everything possible for the initial application that failed.  

#2018-10-01 23:18:17 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


Relax, take a seat, have a cup of tea........ You are not the nuclear bomb password keeper, so even if you make some small mistake time to time,it won't make this world any worse. Even if you never make any mistake, you won't make this world any better.Don't push yourself too much.A cup of tea under the tree, won't hurt you. :P (hug) (coffee)

Try our best, and then let it be. There always is a way out for those whom truly in love with each other.If even death and disease can't separate loved ones, sure the Canada government can neither.

Relax,accept and enjoy whatever the fate.


#2018-10-02 18:05:37 by melcyan @melcyan

@autumn2066 Thank you for the good advice and the hug.

."Relax, take a seat, have a cup of tea". Just did that – feel better!

You are not the nuclear bomb password keeper – That’s right, but oh no! - I just thought of who is the real nuclear bomb password keeper- another cup of tea – deep breaths – ahhh!, feel better again!

Try our best, and then let it be. - exactly right – but the tricky part here is what is our best?

Relax,accept and enjoy whatever the fate.- I think the twist here is that we actually have mutiple successful futures. When we lock in on just one successful future, we cause ourselves misery.


My worry and anxiety are built into my genes. However, I do have some control over how those genes are expressed. I don’t take any medication for my anxiety. I have also been diagnosed as bipolar. I am lucky that my partner accepts me with all of my shortcomings. When I am with her 24/7 I am much calmer, healthier and more relaxed. She laughs and makes fun of my problems. When I lock the car she will always ask me 30 seconds later – did you lock the car? - and every time I will go back and check the car. She always gets a laugh from doing that.


It cuts both ways. My partner can get lost going around the block. She does not know left from right. I make fun of her when she says go left. I will answer which left?, as I point in opposite directions. We joke that we only have one good brain between us. When we are together we find it easier to be happy and choose wisely. I need her to help me relax and she needs me to help her with direction.


Last Monday morning before my partner left my place to go home to care for her mother, 24 hours a day for the next 5 days, she started laughing and said "How can we be so happy when we have so many problems? "

#2018-10-04 22:14:16 by QinQL @QinQL

@Imi5922, 第一次看到你写中文,真不错。 这样说来,你至少会三国语言了!今天一来这,忽然发现,你的博客又被翻译成中文了!这里就数你最受大家的宠爱了:John把你当儿子一样地给予支持, 女会员总是乐意把你的博客翻译成中文,以方便其他女会员阅读。相信你一切如意!

Wow, You wrote to me in Chinese! It looks you can speak at least three languages in the world.  Amazing that your blog article has been translated into Chinese! I found that John supporting you likes he does for his son. And there always are our female members are willing to do something for you...... So, I believe you would get what you want no matter how difficult it looks like.  

#2018-10-05 18:09:45 by QinQL @QinQL

 @JohnAbbot - Thanks for your nice words to introduce me to your male members here. Hahah. It sounds helpful. I received a message from a CLM member here this morning! Thank you again. 

@Barry1 - Thank you as well for your inward smile. From your words I look like not good at understand of a humour, a western humour, your humour. Yes, I could not deny I’m not able to understand all of them . Just like I could not read all of your blogs written in English which is not my mother language. I have to choose some of them to read and learn. It is true I read some of your blogs which caught my eyes on you at the very beginning. But you were so hot......., it is no matter with the blog you mentioned. It mostly was you were too busy to keep contacting with several female members. We could read it from your blogs. I think you won’t forget it. haha. 
@Barry1, 你说我不理解你的幽默,是的,我可不一定理解所有的幽默, 西方幽默,你的幽默。由于英语不是我的母语,所以,我只是挑选几篇阅读的。那时也由此你吸引了我的目光呀。可是你太火了,忙得不可能和好几位女会员一直保持联系。那时, 你的博客里也坦率地提到过呀,我想你不会忘记吧, 和你提到的那篇博客无关(我都没能阅读)。

#2018-10-05 18:51:51 by QinQL @QinQL

写给所有的女会员: 大家看到John为我写的推荐了吧?虽然他的用词里不乏幽默甚至有些许过点头,但我觉得,人家男会员看到了,首先会帮助他们判断我不是一名骗子会员,人家可以放心和我交往。至于能不能走到一起,那还得看以后各自的交往和了解了。所以,我建议大家多上来聊聊,提高自己的出镜率,何况发表的文字不需要我们另外付费,权当一个给自己的免费广告了。

写些什么呢?用什么语言写呢?这也是我们会遇到的问题。 其实写什么都没关系,把自己 的感受、看法写出来,满足地球那边的人对我们的好奇就可以了,哈哈。 用什么文字写呢?我们不可能都像Autumn有那么好的英语,是吧。好不容易借助翻译器看懂了他们写的英文,如果还要自己写英文,说实话,不容易。我们就用中文写好了,反正他们也有翻译器帮助。 我们也可以直接把自己的所看所想发上来,促进老外也学学中文,也挺好的。另外,自己有空也需要抓紧时间学点英语哈,这样,大家齐努力,增进了解,给自己争取多些机会。



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