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Originally from Seattle, USA, I've lived in China for 27 years now, 22 of them in Taiwan. For those 27 years I have been teaching English to Chinese people of all age levels; kindergarten, primary school, junior high, high school, College, University and many business managers. I have traveled to many countries, enjoy cycling very much, enjoy reading and studying and love Chinese Art Museums and walking through Nature. My favorite musical instruments are 古筝。。 古琴 。。 琵琶。。 二胡 。。 笛子 。。 (guzheng, guqin, pipa, erhu, dizi).
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A personal rejoinder to the Open Mind issue    

By WarmLife
1846 Views | 40 Comments | 11/22/2018 1:33:58 PM
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#2018-11-24 15:23:52 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Educate yourself , my friend. Then welcome yourself into the REAL world.

The following is a short e-book written a few years ago.

It explains her experience with the fraudulent banking system we all adhere to, and how she beat them at their own game, just by doing some research.


#2018-11-24 18:51:28 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Jim. You've obviously put a lot of time and effort into not only writing this blog, but also into your responses both here, and on other blogs.

That said, I'm still waiting for a valid argument against what I have been writing about.

For instance, there are a few ways that people think they are 'arguing' with someone. Here's a few:

1. Egotistical argument. This usually comes across as something as ridiculous as 'You're just a fool if you believe that'

2. Authoritarian argument. The law says you're wrong, so therefore you're wrong because the law says so.

3. Straw-man argument. 'Oh, being famous is more important to you than science'

4. Burden of proof. By claiming something to be correct, even though it hasn't been proven. - "I think you're cheating on me, so prove me wrong'

5. Two-option argument. We see this in Australia all the time - car bumper stickers stating, "AUSTRALIA - LOVE IT, OR LEAVE". Bush (junior) used this in his speech after 9/11 when he famously said, "You're either with us, or you're with the terrorists"

6. Domino-effect argument. "One thing leads to another"

7. Circular reasoning. Round and round in circles just repeating the same thing.

8. Alphabet soup, (I love this one). Famous in the medical profession. 'The lack of vitamin B5D can result in the patient also becoming weak due to the lack of potassium X67BY/384QS, therefore a course of Axpressodine HB3820 is highly recommended.

9. Bandwagon argument. "Over 2 billion people around the world drink coke, so it must be OK'

10. Red herring argument. "You need to believe we have your best interests at heart, We need to tax you more in order to pay for our roads, and roads are a good thing, right?'

OK, since I am so good at shooting myself in the proverbial 'foot', one could argue that I have used some of the above while making some of my claims - especially #4.

However, not one person, with perhaps the exception of JohnAbbot, has offered any kind of serious debate. So far, everyone else has attacked me by using one or more of the above.

But even there, John asked me to prove that gravity doesn't exist, and yet that falls into the same category (#4), along with multiple other categories.

Let's expand that argument for a moment.

If I state that gravity doesn't exist, and that gravity is really 'density', how many of the above could be used to 'argue' against me?  Answer = Most of them !

Gravity cannot be 'disproven' because it's never been proven - it's just been accepted, so therefore it falls into the 'Bandwagon' argument.

No-one should be asked to disprove something that has never been proven.

Mate, the truth remains the truth even if no-one believes it. Lies remain lies even if everyone believes them.

#2018-11-25 07:44:00 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


Here is the point,no matter how much you might sarcasm or ridicule about conspiratorial folks  -----   I am delighted that finally one of the Chinese gals is getting involved -- QinQl and others should really try to get more involved -- There certainly is more than enough talented gals lurking here who could easily help or assist each other --  There should not be any excuse for not writing -- Grammar or spelling mistakes can easily be used to provide an opportunity to push the dialogue and conversation along -- with the benefit of improving your language skills --  I have often asked Chinese English teachers to help me edit my Chinese --  however, they continually tell me that they do not have the ability to do so -- so please go ask the Chinese Chinese teachers since I am writing in Chinese -- LOL -- Then the next day these Chinese English come to me and tell me --- Hey, I need you to edit my English writing --- No problem for you !  You are a native English speaker -- So! It will only take you several minutes to finish this task --- LOL --- 

You miss the point of what I am writing about ---  also I will cut you some slack about --- ridicule --   I have lived long enough here to understand your usage of this word --   I am not ridiculing Fox ....  

Secondly -- I am not attempting to stop anyone from doing anything ...

Next ,  I do not live in a well ...  although Fox might (giggle)

but some people like you seem prefer set your radar shutdown thinking this world is peaceful and fair.  ---  Again .....  I have not shutdown my radar either  --- It should be evident enough that with my later responses I do not believe that the world is peaceful and fair or that We live in Flatt World (giggle)

I am delighted that you apparently really enjoy reading Fox's musings

Perhaps there is a wide Cultural difference in jousting between those who have nearly diametrically opposed views .   Thus it might be a challenge to understand the nuances of the interaction between me and Fox.  

It is one issue to declare that the World is frought with a lot of turmoil and it is another to declare that everything ( should be filtered through an alchohol-induced Alternative media which is a heavily indoctrinated esoteric echo chamber . )  is a lie ...   or should I use the screaming habit of a Foghorn by using Uppercase ... as if screaming on a cellphone increases the chance of the receiving end to hear more clearly .... it doesn't since it merely creates more "noise" and distortion of the speaker's voice ...  

Keep reading and writing ! (clap)(clap) 


#2018-11-25 08:12:38 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


It's the same with ANY 'conspiracy theory' - One has to research if one wants to learn the real truth about something, as opposed to just rolling-over and believing the official narrative.

This is where the proverbial 'rabbit-hole' begins -

Sheeeeeeesh !  Now you are fascinated with building "straw-man " arguments ??   (wasntme)    Who is just "rolling over " ?  

The 'rabbit hole ' begins where you started your journey .   I have not really noticed a lot of comments about you being labeled as 'crazy ' although I have noticed you using this as your persistent 'victim card' for sympathy ? pity ?  insurance sales marketing scheme?  Death threats?  here ?  Omg ! Who ya gonna call?  The Ghostbusters !   Nice try ... Oh, I am not doubting your accusations at all ... "au contraire"  There are death threats issued by too many towards too many everywhere ...  So again ... Nothing here to see ... move on ...   ( that line is mocking it's usage that I happen to notice in so many forums, websites, and comments related to News articles ) 

It is ironic that you continually boast, wax eloquent, put on a swaggering, gasconade appearance , blow one's own trumpet ( thus the motif of Foghorn surely fits )  concerning your repetitive, mind-numbing, monotonous self-praising account of your illustrious, acclaimed, prestigious amount of research that you have undertaken ...   Yet immediately and without fail begin your fastidious critical pounce and assault upon other's research in order to engage in a blitzkrieg thus apparently ensuring your victory lap around the Flatt Table ....   LOL     

Enjoy the spotlight warmth from that Tiny Spherical object that circles overhead not far off ....   along with its x-moon needed during eclipses ..



#2018-11-25 15:21:29 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


Here is a suitable start to my attempt to deal with Conspiracy ...........8)  -- That said, there are plenty of “conspiracy theories” in the proper original sense of the phrase, going around right now about The Regime and its cronies.  Did Manafort conspire with Yanukovich (sp?) to encourage violent protests against US Marine presence in Ukraine?  Did Trump conspire with allies of Putin in the runup to the 2016 election?  Did the Trump campaign conspire with Wikileaks? Etc. etc., and this doesn't even begin to cover the ground.  --- Some of these already have sufficient evidence to have either a) brought about criminal indictments or b) caused various persons of interest to flip and provide information to Team Mueller.  So it would seem that we need a new word for this: some way to differentiate between “conspiracy theories” in the legitimate sense, and CTs that are wacko nonsense.   So far I've been using the phrase  "criminal conspiracy” or "conspiracy to commit (XYZ criminal offense).”  Then another viewer wrote --- I like “criminal conspiracy", it puts the crime up front and it's brief. We're trying to drive home the message that these bastards are criminals

And more interesting observations with the comments ...   8)8)


The real conspiracy happens after the imagined conspiracy. A whole class of people will close ranks and keep their mouths shut to hide the fact they just screwed up big time.

There is a difference between looking for evidence of collusion and corruption by powerful people (plausible), and the notion that said powerful people are alien lizardmen (implausible). Questioning the government is good and necessary, but where does starting an alien lizard witch hunt get you? The answer? Crimes against humanity based upon the alienation, nay, demonization of the accused. Irrational beliefs produce irrational behavior.

To talk of the JFK assassination in the same breath as the moon landings gives a clear indication as to the prejudice of the writer and his sources. Assassination is a political act, political conspiracy is the stuff of history not fantasy or science fiction. Would the writer and his sources like to expressly endorse the idea that one man with a rifle was capable of wreaking such political havoc? If so why would that man then himself be murdered in one of the most brazen acts of political violence to hit the TV era? When there are more questions than answers there is fertile ground for conspiracy and who is the more crazy—those who are hoodwinked by the official version or thous who chose to speculate?

Fair enough, let`s not be silly, but there is also a danger that some real conspirators get away with things if people end up disbelieving all talk of conspiracies.

Yes - the trend now seems to be to declare any event a conspiracy within hours of its first appearing on the news, and then to work backwards from that position to find/fabricate the "evidence". I've noticed that recent mass shootings in the U.S. have been labelled "false flag events" by the usual pro-gun suspects on the internet within less than an hour of the first reports, before any facts have even begun to emerge. Then they have the nerve to say that they're just responding to anomalies in the official reports. I have all the respect in the world for people who sniff out genuine corruption and scandals, but sad bastards who have to make up stories about other people's tragedies if those tragedies don't support their worldview have nothing but my utter contempt.

There is a vast difference between the people who investigate crimes of state, history and uncomfortable truths and those who proclaim vast conspiracies and alien body-switchers based on blurry photographs and something they heard from someone on youtube. The former would reasonably rely on facts and logic to build their case, the later pretty much invents and shoe-horns in whatever they want the story to say.

“If everyone was rational, the information would moderate their beliefs,” Brotherton explains, and those who were sure of a conspiracy would start to doubt it, while those who were sure there was no conspiracy would also question their stance. “The opposite happened: people picked and chose the information they wanted to believe and everyone became more sure of their initial beliefs.”

“We like to believe we objectively scrutinize information and come to reasonable beliefs,” Brotherton says, but in reality we have “all kinds of biases built into our brains”.

But once someone believes a conspiracy theory, dissuading him or her of it is an uphill battle. That’s because belief in a conspiracy is not based on facts and logic, Brotherton explains. Something as straightforward, for example, as pointing out the lack of evidence for a conspiracy theory would only reinforce the belief that the evidence for it was suppressed. Getting someone to let go of a favorite conspiracy theory is like convincing a Republican to become a Democrat and vice versa, Uscinski says.

I need to spend much more time re-reading these comments and thinking them over --  there is an assortment here that is suitable for the next step though ...   The separation of the category of Conspiracy Theory ...  8)8)


#2018-11-25 21:27:24 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


Don't know why, I just lost interest to answer your comment after reading your words,and I can't help to think why can't you type in Chinese after living so many years with Chinese. I can do way more better than you if I was you.:P

#2018-11-26 23:36:42 by autumn2066 @autumn2066

I know well how hard to change a person's mind, so I won't try to do that, as everyone has the right to choose their religion, letting everyone believe whatever they want to believe seems the right way to do.

Thanks for your time.:)

#2018-11-27 14:24:09 by Gr33nThumbMatt @Gr33nThumbMatt


Paul, I appreciate your views and they are duly noted. I don't necessarily believe that it is a "control complex", though, I do not have the same view of the Christian church that I had years ago either. However, if I were to talk about "Heaven and Hell", I do not see these places as "physical" per se but more of a "state of mind". 

The thought of a loving god sending people to hell for not believing in him/doing as he commands, is ridiculous in my opinion. I see it more of a father telling his children not to play with fire, for if they do, they will get burned. Not that he is physically burning them. 

I could go on and on but I don't have the energy for it. Believe what you believe. We are all on a journey to somewhere...



#2018-11-27 20:58:06 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7

 I will be truly surprised if this comment is posted ...  :D:D

I will not be upset in the least if it finds it way to the nearest click to exit stage left either ---  I have tried to be as non confrontative as possible -- LOL --


Christianity is a fear-and-control matrix, and always has been.


In English Rolling on the Floor laughing at this B.S. that is continually tossed at everything that doesn't fit within your demented Flatt World + bizarre views about history etc ....   Well Done --- Next stop, Arkham ...

What has this section become on this Website?  The title of this section should be renamed -- Fox's Merry Fan Club

Your sappy preaching about love ... forgiveness and other B.S. ends up being an indictment towards your hypocritical attitude towards anyone outside your Toxic Chemtrail induced mania that has seeped too deeply within your mind and body.  

At least John and Barry certainly do not have the same Toxic blather than oozes out of every one of your posts ...  

You wouldn't be able to notice a cogent, rational argument if it slap you in the face ...  You listed quite a few Logical fallacies which saved me the time to write here --- I am seriously considering deleting my future blog posts due to the inane obnoxious B.S. that you put out each time ... What is the purpose or reason for anyone else to write anything here ?   This area is basically a three ring Circus trying to emulalte a Faux News Channel on steriods ...

You fill each post with so much Horseshit concerning History or Whatever else is on your agenda ...   I was trying to be generous by using Satire, Irony and tongue in cheek to avoid direct confrontation .... Unlike many of your opponents who probably have not even did any research ... who mostly likely have knee jerk reactions towards your insipid Gematria crap ...  I have already done more than enough research to realize what a putrefied pseudo crap shoot you are gaming for .  

I'll go along with John and his JFK line ... 9/11 rolls right along as well

But the Moon Landing and Flatt World are future episodes of the Tales Beyond the Crypt or Twilight Zone horrified due to demented Chemtrails and Geoengineering song and dance .

To continually keeping barking up the Tree thus making a hindrance to some ( probably not many since 2013  even ) people to write blogs or make comments ...  Why?  Because this Hell Bent on a ignominious Crusade to tell everyone else that they are brain dead morons -- because they refuse to listen to your B.S.  

I certainly do not aggressively assault others who have different political, religious, economic, metaphysical, Alien conspiracy theories ....

You continually sound like some 2nd Car Salesperson ,  A fervid Religious zealot ,  New Age Alien metaphysical -- Narcotically addicted to proselytizing members for the next cataclysmic event .... 

Fox, next you will be telling me that you are a Lizoid yourself ... or dreaming to become one ... I have a good suggestion for your truly lame comments concerning many historical events -- including today's mendacious comments about the holocaust ...    Take it and stuff it up your Chrysanthemum with both hands if possible .... Then later trying removing your head from inhaling too much of that Toxic Chemtrail GeoEngineered deep brown stuff -- 


I do truly appreciate and respect you as the Website owner and moderator --- this is your Ship ....

If this was Farcebook or Google+ or other Social Media and I had the privilege of deleting everything I posted here --  Then I would surely do that  --   What is the real purpose of trying to interact with people on this Website while there is a loose Hound of the Baskerville lurking behind every bush ?   Have your views on various events --- Who would even consider complaining about such ?  Yeah, to be sure News sites ... Guardian and MailonLine , many blogs ... social media groups do allow a range of comments -- however, that is in a way useful to gather a broad range of information -- However, most of those comments do not have such a narrow focused rabid Fox chasing what he considers cute bunny rabbits...

Outside of me --- Then this is simply an arena of Fox's Merry Fan Club -- what's the point?  


Personally, I cannot accept or believe that most or nearly all of the Adults who have joined your Dating Website are such morons, sheeple, brain dead idiots who only sit around in the evening time eating their dinners and watching and believing what they see broadcast in the Nightly News ...  Sheeeeeeeesh !   What a marvelous disingenous caricature of Adults here .   I would estimate that many here up to nearly all Adults here obviously do not trust what is slammed as ( insert favorite pejorative insidious adj) MSM -- which by definition would include Faux News as well --- they also do not trust their Gov't ... they do not trust their Banks or politicians as well ...

This is yet another very good reason for not submitting links ... They would all simply be categorized as Fake News!  Gov't shills brainwashed propagandized B.S. fighting your insightful Alien Lizoid NWO etc .... 

Outside of MSM there are more than enough well done Websites that do not belong to MSM ... but obviously from this Arena of Fox's Merry Fan Club --- everything outside is a shitload of blah blah blah

How is it possible for anyone except for Imi or a few others to submit blogs without this foaming at the mouth Fox yakking endlessly about his emulated Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh style ?  


#2018-11-27 22:27:56 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7



You have just reached the typical stereotype of Chinese people saying this to a foreigner .... Congratulations ....   

How do you know what my skill is ?  Lame assumption ---  Why would I wish to type Chinese here in a blog that mostly uses English?   What would be the reason to do so?  To impress the Chinese readers ?  Sheeeeesh

Perhaps you are also a Fangirl of Fox's Merry Fan Club?  

You lost interest to respond ?  Perhaps your English comprehension is not developed enough to do so ?  If you consider this a lame assumption on my part -- then why make the same assumption towards others?

I am very curious as to the reason you would as a Chinese often say this to Foreigners who arrive in your Country ....   I could easily tell you --- Most likely you began to study English at a young age --- possibly even during pre-school -- then looking at your photo -- you probably had English throughout K-12 grades .. and possibly onwards through College or higher -- and yet your current level of writing surely doesn't match the number of years you have studied this language .   I have met numerous Chinese English teachers who have taught English for more than 25+ years and yet they are unable to have an ordinary dialogue or conversation .  And they actual skill at writing in English certainly doesn't match the many years of teaching it .   Maybe they are to be considered Deechers ( another lame obnoxious description by Fox ) . 

I often give my students an interesting chance to gamble --- I ask them easy questions ( if you wish I can tell you the Flesch-Kincaid level if needed ) and plenty of times they do not wish to respond -- many cute excuses -- especially the most silly is -- shyness --  B.S.    Then I offer the chance to gamble -- I offer them the chalk -- If they can write the answer more quickly than I can write or speak the answer in Chinese they are gifted with much more speaking assignments to complete --- These challenges do not deal with Western culture or history. ( Which Fox totally disfigures with his esoteric B.S. )  I offer them easy questions concerning Chinese culture, events, people, or history .   If they claim this is not fair .  Then I offer them a different gamble --- numbers --  a student covers any numerical value they wish to choose -- hide it from view -- then remove the card -- I speak Chinese -- they need to use English .  

There is yet another Cultural phenomena that frequently occurs .   Chinese will say in Chinese  --  Wow! Your skill in Chinese is really high!   Only when the Foreigner can say ... simple basic words or phrases --- Yet when the Foreigner displays a much higher ability to use Chinese -- then there often is an embarrassed or "saving face" silence .  Thereafter the Chinese quickly exit stage left .  Should the Foreigner only be able to use basic words or phrases then the Chinese gather round and ask many impolite personal questions about every detail of the Foreigners life .   I have pretended to only be able to use basic words ... Then after the 20 questions have pummeled me -- I deftly return the same questions back to them in Chinese  - with the reaction mostly being -- how dare you ask me these personal questions !!! you are a rude man !!   While on a train traveling from Taoyuan to Taichung --- There were half a dozen Chinese ( you do call these people Chinese right ? I am being politically nice ... Besides I do not give a frig who owns that piece of roc )  These "Chinese" were enjoying their leisure time telling many cultural social jokes -- Then boisteriously laughing at the various punch lines .   Well, LOL -- there was a foreigner sitting in the next seat area --  he was being polite too ... he would cover his mouth and try hard not to laugh spontaneously when they reached the punch line .  Finally, though one of the punch lines caught him off guard and so he also boisteriously laughed aloud --- Interesting cultural phenomena --- immediate silence -- deafening silence throughout the entire train car ---  One stood up in a defiant aggressive posture and looked ominously at the foreigner -- How dare you laugh !!!  Then it dawned on everyone -- how could this foreigner laugh "at" the joke?  No way --- Laughter is a spontaneous reaction -- Then red faced and embarrassed because all the other people in that train car were intently looking at this man .  He sat down with indignant scowls at everyone else.  Then until the train stopped at the next station ... the silence was eerie.  The foreigner turned around and looked at me --- I only had a big grin on my face .   Next, Can you guess how many Chinese people have constantly insisted to spend time with me -- so that they could practice their English skills ?   For free ????  So that they would not need to spend $$$$$$$ at the language center .   Most of the time this doesn't work well with foreigners who are not Deechers "teachers" ( possibly like Fox ? but how would I know?  but then how does he know ? )    These foreigners who are traders or business people do not have time nor desire to do so .   Ahhhh no problem , be a nice man, be a nice foreigner, be a nice friend , you have plenty of time ,  be altruistic dude .....   Should I suggest a language exchange , it is deftly pushed aside with lots of smiles, cute excuses, and friendly posture --   especially when they want someone to edit their business letters, homework, academic papers ( oh my !!  Fox has this total weird dysfunctional obsession with the word Satan !!! eerie dude ... )  --- never mind foreigner -- you can easily finish this editing task --- yeah, right ... vice versa??? no way !  Therefore, they often invited me for dinner, lunch, but not breakfast --- thankfully not ---     look at it this way foreigner ---- I am paying the $$$ for this meal -- LOL (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)  Yep, real bargain --- One to One per hour -- 300+ yuan per hour ---- One meal at McDonald's -- hmmmm .....   KFC?  Well, foreigner you love to eat this terrible unhealthy junk fast food right ?   This happened so many times that I had to finally tell them ---- sorry, but I am busy now -- I wouldn't wish to engage in what you wrote about Chinese "little white lies "  :D:D:D

Yet another reason to not actively use my Chinese skills unless needed --- It is called Cultural conflict on the grand scale ---   Over the years, I have developed two ways of talking to Chinese -- the "polite" attempt to walk on egg shells approach --  along with the "make sure they notice I appear below their social level " approach   -- along with the "continously smile even when there is unsuitable behavior towards me ---  after all I am just a laowai --  along with emulating typical Chinese social behavior that varies with situation to situation --   along with brown nosing -- which annoys many foreigners who noticed me doing this -- Hey! WTF are you doing?  -- never mind dude, go take a long walk off a short pier ---   along with " i agree with your point " endless times --- knowing how to use " ok.. ok .. ok... ok...ok... a zillion times either by nodding or saying the Chinese with “了”----   especially when making phone calls ---   even bowing or kowtowing profusely in the beginning or during or after   --- yeah looks like an idiot but hey ....     never looking annoyed or upset or bothered or in animated disagreement ---  having a "polite" socialable body language ---  never asking probing questions --- or trying to use logic ( Which Fox has a pronounced inability to do so --  even though he considers himeself a Legend in his own mind )  ---- Yes, Matilda Chinese definitely have logic but it doesn't appear to be in the same boat as a typical expat's version of it )  :D:D:D:D     plus whatever I have forgot ...  there is a lot of useful ideas --

Or I simply use basic language structure that I would with a primary school student.  

Should I ever have the inane crazy idea of actually engaging another Chinese in a casual setting with suitable Chinese skills --- oh my ... warning signs are flashing danger danger danger ... you are now approaching "black ice" or very thin ice over the lake ....     I am sure there will be enough people who will tell me that this is nonsense and never happens .... (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)

Yeah, right ....   I have witnessed too many situations that went "South" very fast --- due to Cultural social behavior -- (Chinese / Foreigner )  rather than language issues ----   and I have met too many foreigners who do have adequate Chinese skills -- however, their utilization still remains mired too much within their Western / Otherwise Cultural mileu --- thus Chinese language comes out of their mouth but with a Westernized style ... which drives Chinese ( including those "Chinese" who live on a roc )  bananas, crazy or even ballistic ....   Then lots of misunderstood communication between them .... leading to active flame wars ...    You living on the Mainland might not be aware of how easily it is to puncture the thin veil of those living on the roc in many different Cultural situations involving foreigners and them .   I could easily replicate this social phenomena here on the Mainland -- but I would then be walking on very thin ice .. and making the ice crack and break .. taking a swim in freezing cold water on the Mainland is a very wacko idea .  There is not much difference in the Cultural mileu between the Mainland and the roc between the Chinese .. but for foreigners there is a distinctive difference ... like HK, Macau, Singapore etc ....    Why insist on using Chinese in many situations when there are just too many potential sinkholes lurking everywhere ?   I judiciously use Chinese when it is practical, pragmatic and safe .   e.g.  When going to the Wet Market ... I will stand behind someone local who is buying things ... veggies and so on ... listening to the dialogue ...  then I can ascertain what is reasonable to pay ...   I am not interested in emulating Hakka folks ---  Then I will change my facial features to look like a naive foreigner who looks like a dipshit ... then point to the potato or whatever and show my money ... :P(giggle)(giggle)(giggle)(giggle)  Then they will show their price via their fingers or calculator ...   Most of the time I am charged 4 times to 5 times more money ...   (giggle)(giggle)(giggle)  Then I shake my head ... no ...  Then ask them in Chinese --- how much do these potatoes cost per 500g ?   They will pause and think how to change the actual price ... (giggle)(giggle)  Then depending upon their tactics .. I might just walk away ...   After several days of targeting different hawkers in the same area ... --- These hawkers will all be chatting with each other using animated gestures ...  ---  Thus I will choose the more friendly etc ... and continue buying my veggies etc there ... 

Thus there is no adequate need for me to use my Chinese skills here .... Who knows?  If you travel here you might find that mine are better than yours....  (giggle)(giggle)(giggle)(giggle)

You do not know how hard it is to change a person's mind especially Fox .... I have written a blog that might not see light here about his extreme amount of "density" to penetrate with anything ....  of course then there is the issue of how those nitwitted Alien Lizoid made it through his incredible Dome ....   He also certainly does NOT ( wow uppercase in emulation of Fox ) allow everyone to have the right to choose their religion since he takes a ceremonious dump of deep brown stuff every microsecond he can ... and he most certainly does NOT allow everyone to believe whatever they want to believe because he keeps up with his asinine clarion call of doing his style of F***cked up research ....   LOL

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