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A personal rejoinder to the Open Mind issue    

By WarmLife
1440 Views | 40 Comments | 11/22/2018 1:33:58 PM
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#2018-11-22 22:39:29 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7

As an afterthought ... I am sure that I will need to respond to potential misconstrued or misunderstood writing of my blog post ... which fault belongs to me ...  

But immediately an issue springs to my mind ...  I wrote ... I do not accept ....

But what I forgot to add was --- I will not say .. that Fox can not or should not continue with his Foxian style ...  thus we can continue to joust with each other for the opportunity of doing so ...  8)8)

#2018-11-22 23:10:48 by autumn2066 @autumn2066

My English is still very limited so I might have misunderstood lots of interesting details in your blog.

Here is the point,no matter how much you might sarcasm or ridicule about conspiratorial folks,I don't think you could stop people starting doubting what might have been wrong about this world.Even if living in a well without much imformation from outside, frogs could still sense the change of the season, but some people like you seem prefer set your radar shutdown thinking this world is peaceful and fair.

You said "There’s an odd tendency of conspiratorial folks ( as well as Fundies, any kind of ****tard, YEC, Prophecy fans, Gemetria fans, Faith-healers, TV-evangelists, Youtube "Legends" ) to devour, slice and dice, BBQ their siblings or adherents ."

You know what? I think that the biggest evil are those famous dictators and selfish kings ( whatever west or east )whom have been fooling and using their public, they have been BBQ the largest number of siblings or adherents in wars in thousands of years. 

So many wars here and there, what on earth could common people get from wars? Those famous dictators were the biggest true cult leaders, their chairs of power were built right on the corpses of ordinary people.And those cult leaders's siblings or adherents are not only 140 members or 2 billion, it is nearly 6 billion.Once those dictators decided that they don't need so many usless adherents any longer, what would they do?


#2018-11-22 23:35:03 by autumn2066 @autumn2066

Devil never leave, the shadow of wars always exist.

The most advanced weapons manufacturing technology, the most advanced intelligent robots, the most disruptive medical breakthrough, are all in the hands of a small group of people, no matter who they might be,if nearly all the scientists are working for the countries, and the countries are likely controlled by those people, it might means that those potential dictators have taken control of almost all the high-end technology and weapons, do you still think humans are competitive in employment? Would you still cheer for any potential dictators?! 

The future has come! Open eyes!

#2018-11-22 23:42:41 by autumn2066 @autumn2066

I might not agree with all paul's views, but I won't shut dowm my ears nor eyes stopping myself thinking over everyone's view.

Everyone's view might be limited but if we could gether everyone's view to be a puzzle map, we will hopefully be much closer to the truth.

#2018-11-23 10:31:49 by Gr33nThumbMatt @Gr33nThumbMatt



I don't agree with a lot of consipiracy stories. I personally find a lot of them to be bunk. However, I wanted to share a little "conspiracy story" of my own.


I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, let's call him Ryan. Ryan and I went to the same church, about 20 years ago. It was a very conservative 'charismatic' church. I quit going several years later. We were talking about dragons.

Now, I know that dragons do not exist. We've all read about them in myth and legend but I find it fascinating that almost every culture around the world has described a dragon in some form or another.

The Chinese have them and so do the French. Now, I must admit that I do not know much about dragons from the rest of the world, but in the West, certain dragons can breathe fire. So here comes my story...


I was having a conversation with Ryan about dragons, and the Bombardier beetle. In case some of you don't know, the Bombardier beetle can excrete a form of noxious gas from its abdomen, in the form of a tiny explosion. In fact, this tiny explosion froms when two chemical compounds hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, combine to create a "popping" sound, similar to a firecracker.

Now I was thinking..."if a tiny beetle in "modern times" can produce a chemical compound (explosion) to ward of enemies, could not dragons have existed in the past?"

His response was so typical of the close minded...."Never! Dragons never existed!" They are fake!

How can someone who believes that a man 2000 years ago, was born of a virgin, who also walked on water and died and rose again, not believe that a mythical creature, such as the dragon, could have existed when we have proof that beetles can basically, "breathe fire out of their butt"? Haha

All kidding aside, I don't understand this. 

That is ONE of many reasons why I am starting to lose my faith in christianity.

Sorry, may have been a bit off topic but there you go!

#2018-11-23 15:13:38 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I'd actually challenge that theory, based on my own experience.

Let me try and give you an example of what I mean -

Your best friend tells you that your wife is having an affair. You confront your wife and of course, she denies it. You now have a choice to make - who do you believe - your best friend, or your wife?

Let's say you believe your friend; decide not to trust your wife anymore, so you divorce her. Years later you find out your friend was lying.

Or, scenario 2, you believe your wife; try to keep your marriage going; then find out your friend was telling you the truth.

The fact is that once you had the information, you did nothing about it other than to make a choice of what information to believe, based on your own feelings.

It's the same with ANY 'conspiracy theory' - One has to research if one wants to learn the real truth about something, as opposed to just rolling-over and believing the official narrative.

This is where the proverbial 'rabbit-hole' begins - quite simply because when you realise that you've been lied to about one thing, you begin checking others - just as @Barry1 did.

Once he realised the truth about 9/11, he was unstoppable - he began researching just about everything.

This is exactly the same as what I did. Yet, when you talk about what you've discovered, then suggest to other people that they do the same, you are attacked as a 'crazy conspiracy theorist', or worse.

You want to see some of the sheer hatred out there when you mention to someone that you don't believe the Earth is a spinning ball for instance.

I'm talking death-threats......literally!


#2018-11-23 17:23:52 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


Wooooooooooooo!   A New TV Preacher is bringing the whole House down! Or Maybe The Next Ad campaign for the Super Bowl or Election ....  Not only that but an amazing amount of Special pleading .  So ... 6,000+ downloads with Three main bloggers here all on the same bandwagon.  I imagine that if we are to follow general sociological phenomena I should just exit stage left and allow the party to continue on ...  which has been the reason for me to disappear several times ... 

From a single blog post that mushroomed into a huge minefield full of ticking mines waiting to explode .  There are limitations to how I can respond to all of your stab at what is "Reality"  .  Besides it would take me a considerable amount of time,  effort and energy to even begin to address what you have written .   A considerable difference between you and me I am not interested in fashioning , making, initiating a New Pseudo Sect to follow .   I can appreciate the satire, caricature that John made of what he might consider Traditional Church folks --  but I have not noticed him "preaching to the unwoken Sheeple" as you relentlessly do .  You are a mixture of a 2nd Great Awakening preacher, An Insurance agent, A Trumpian politician, A Cult leader , New Age, Eastern religious monk blending and mixing everything in a blender .... Even this description is still inadequate and prone to people complaining that I am being rude or obnoxious towards you .   What I am trying to attempt is to delineate is the seemingly nebulous manner in which you collect information -- perform slice and dice on it all --   invoke something akin to various religious adherents entitled "This is my testimony! I seek the Truth!"  jump between pillars in the sand labeled -- politics -- religion -- paranormal --economics -- halo effect concerning any field of research or science -- and then declare that You have found this evasive hidden secret Gnosis or Truth -- Thus you are deeply moved and touched at such a deep emotive heartfelt spiritual? level -- that you Must enter into the Fray of this completely darken ShadowLand in which everyone is living in an Alternate Reality -- Trust nothing outside of your esoteric experience --- possibly exhibiting a dire paranoia for all else .   Then we will have members telling me that I am despicable in even suggesting such attributes to you .   However, I have seen  this phenomena replicate itself many times over the past decades during my various encounters with a broad diverse range of people advocating their concept of Reality .   I will try to respond to many of your propositions over time NOT to win any brownie points or convince anyone to be involved in a mutiny .   That would be a foolish adventure --- since viewing your KNOW -- THERE -- EVERYTHING -- all in uppercase which is akin to SCREAMING ..... Therefore, unless it is known to be true -- consider it a lie  ...  very handy slogan -- thus a typical remark made by so many others with diametrically opposed views ...  It might end up that you are the one who is narcotically addicted to a alcohol-induced Alternative Reality indoctrinated coma --  Gee .. I did not even need to resort to "screaming" nor advocating that you are totally up a creek without a paddle and in tons of brown stuff ...   Your last three sentences are easily falsified as an analogy by simply using common sense --- I traveled by bicycle yesterday 500km -- Where you there ?  I can make music without touching an instrument  -- Where you there to observe it?  (singing is made by vocal chords and touching the lips --  vocal sound could be classified as music -- but I mentioned a key word -- a physical instrument -- here i emphasized it as a physical instrument but using common sense -- most people would not need to dig deeply into the arcane battle of semantics )  Your baffling bizarre interpretative skills of "decoding" that ancient document wherein you obtained the movie script for your version of the "Aliens"  could very well make a new episode for "The Twilight Zone"  -- Looney Tunes -- Southpark -- The Far Side -- Non Sequitur -- "Outer Limits with spaaaaaaaace faring intrepid entrepreneurs ..."  or it might have been the rejected MSS thrown into the bin of "very maladorous dense brown stuff" -- but then again I was not there ...  but it still doesn't make it a lie ...  since this Myth, Fable, Fantasy doesn't exist on any plane ( plane - flat ) .  Lots more coming to a Theatre near you ... so you can experience non alcohol-induced Alternative media indoctrinated echo chamber    ... the weekend is ahead  --  Sorry to John for making you more busy ...  8)

#2018-11-24 14:28:59 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I'm actually glad to hear that you are thinking about walking away from Christianity.

Christianity is a fear-and-control matrix, and always has been.

You should download my book, (go to the blog 'The Devil's Playground' and you'll find the link). My e-mail address is on the last page of the book. Contact me and I'll send you book 2, which explains, in detail, why I make the statement in bold above.

.....or don't..............(rofl)

#2018-11-24 14:30:57 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


If you NEVER watch another video in your life, watch this one first.

Without doubt, this is the most intriguing, fascinating, incredible, mind-blowing video I have ever seen.

I seriously hope it goes 'viral' - it needs to !

#2018-11-24 14:31:51 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Jim, you'll be telling me that you believe in the 'holocaust' next....FFS (cash)

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