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Originally from Seattle, USA, I've lived in China for 27 years now, 22 of them in Taiwan. For those 27 years I have been teaching English to Chinese people of all age levels; kindergarten, primary school, junior high, high school, College, University and many business managers. I have traveled to many countries, enjoy cycling very much, enjoy reading and studying and love Chinese Art Museums and walking through Nature. My favorite musical instruments are 古筝。。 古琴 。。 琵琶。。 二胡 。。 笛子 。。 (guzheng, guqin, pipa, erhu, dizi).
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A personal rejoinder to the Open Mind issue    

By WarmLife
2314 Views | 40 Comments | 11/22/2018 1:33:58 PM

Here at CLM I guess that without some of the regular contributors it might seem too slow or bland.   Also with someone often repeating the apparent echo chamber of ----  Just more lies in order to control the 'sheeple' --- it probably stirs up enough fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air.  

So then... How to engage such a dogged determined view?  Obviously, I hardly think that this person will ever cease what I consider to be a yet another typical conspiratorial ideological stance against everything that doesn't fit within it's staunchly held paradigm -- even though within it's fold, flock, group, arena, community, clique band or faction there is wide band of diverse conspiratorial theories, views and dogma.  After more than several decades I have noticed and observed that those who subscribe, adhere or cohere to the above seem to be "bullet proof" due to their internalizing of their conspiratorial ideology or stringent system of beliefs.  While at the same time using a Foghorn on a Soapbox to adamantly proclaim their "proofs" for whatever stance they happen to take.  Fundies (fundamentalists -- conservatives) in many other arenas follow suit .  Eschewing any so called Academic research or studies whatsoever -- proudly proclaiming that they have "insider" information that most others do not -- thus the labeling of others as "sheeple".  Several millenia ago there were those who sought out "Gnosis" (various kinds of esoteric or psychic knowledge ) .  Modern versions of this paradigm also attempt to utilize ancient documents via warping, distorting, malforming, contorting the original text in order to promote, defend or support their own particular forms of esoteric knowledge.   Naturally, these folks will yell, scream and boisterously complain that they can provide "Proofs" for their interpretive prowess.  This has been a perennial situation for millenia upon millenia.  During our Modern era there are New Age gurus who want their followers or members to accept and believe that they came from Saturn ( actually experienced this ), Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, had a ranch in Oregon that allowed the followers to engage in any social activity while being told that they were seeking enlightenment,  Jim Jones led folks to drink toxic laced liquid.   New Mythicists who have a wide range of dealing with historical documents.  There are lots of end of the World prophecies and predictions that have come and gone leaving those who bought it hook, line and sinker left stranded while the originator sometimes gets away scott free.

Red Blood Moon, Y2K bug, The True Way" (Chen Tao) was a cult started by a Taiwanese national named Hon-Ming Chen who was originally an atheist and a professor. The movement was a mix of Buddhism, Taoism and UFOlogy. Three things that obviously fit together.    After announcing his return, he would land on Earth in his spacecraft. To prepare for God's arrival, "The True Way's" 140 members moved to Garland, Texas because it sounded like "God Land," bought twenty homes and started wearing cowboy hats.  When the prophecy didn't come true Chen offered to be crucified or stoned but no one carried out the punishment. 2/3 of the members abandoned the group, some because of visa problems that forced them to move back to Taiwan. In other words, people were so disappointed that they didn't even care enough to want revenge on the guy.

Some scientists were worried so they filed a lawsuit because they thought the experiment could create a black hole that would devour the Earth --- The Large Hadron Collider.

Why there might even be Lizard Aliens lurking about including the Reptilian Elite --  (Why not the Borg???  You will be assimilated !  Resistance is Futile!)

Etc. etc.   etc.....    I'm very sure that within CLM conspiracy corner these would be ample "Proof" that we are Sheeple and have zip, nada, zilch, nill -- no idea of our current state of being happens to be!   We are living in a "simulation" -- "Matrix like environment " That "Reality" is ..... is .... (cue Twilight Zone or Outer Limits ... X-files -- Matrix film -- Dark City -- Bladerunner music )   

How to engage such views staunchly and with dogged determination?

Unless it is suppressing anyone in unhealthy ways (i.e. in a work environment, political detrimental effects, psychological harm or injury, sociological crime, physical violence ) then there is not much anyone can do ....   

However, it is unfortunate that many of these advocates of conspiratorial ideas become a bit too aggressive or emulate their counterparts on the religious side with fervent evangelistic energy.  To present arguments, presentations, or diatribes with condescending ad hominem jibes towards others who might not agree with their passionate perspective and field of vision is necessary??????   In my view this is dysfunctional, unbalanced maladaptive in it's pursuit of convincing, provoking thought, proselyte, convert ... get someone to accept, agree, by stating that by having a so called "open mind" -- to research ( by means of following the paradigm, framework, agenda set by the conspiratorial individual ).  Dysfunctional has a wide range of meanings --  here I'm certainly not using it to mean any kind of mental disease or impairment but rather not being a healthy balanced interloctor.  

Currently, the US is having a huge polarized disruption within society's fabric threatening to unstablize it to such a degree that more bloodshed will be spilt.   It is counterproductive to claim and proclaim as Trump has done -- We need Unity!!  The MSM .. the Media is the Enemy of the people!!  The Dims are creating such a terrible mess!!   Interlocutors bashing the person they are trying to convince is suitable for a healthy EQ????   

Yes, I understand way much more than some how this might work.  I have been involved in many social situations over decades with Foghorns on a Soap Box from many different social groups and conspiratorial pursuits.   I observed people aggressively engage in arguments, debates and political / religious agendas .  I also observed the effects upon the victim? The interlocutor oftens tells the potential adherent .. I deeply care for your well-being, I am very concerned for your life ...  You surely do NOT recognize nor realize the dire straits ... the deathly challenge of passing betweeen Scylla and Charybdis (in Greek literature).  As delineated in the Matrix Trilogy  -- one must encounter the challenge --- The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are popular culture symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill). Redpills are people who have chosen to face reality, while bluepills remain living in ignorance of the truth, whether by choice or because they have not had a choice.   Whether conspiratorial ideology, political credo, religious evangelism -- the so called blue pill / red pill theory, thesis, or tenets exists in its various forms and nuances.  

Thus, I have often ask many people ... which perspective should I choose?  Which perception is most likely probable?  There are no smoking guns nor labels or tags hanging on the solutions or answers ....    Do more research!!!!  This is the clarion battle cry !!  I've recently read that an individual has appartently done 5,000 hours ... So? How to substantiate this claim?  Turn up the volume like in Michael Jackson's Black or White music video and blast the father through the roof and across to another continent landing (safely?)  Apparently, the "RESEARCH" that is profound is to be harvested from Youtube ....  due to it's  being outside MSM and Alternative information where authentic Gnosis is to be found.   The proverbial pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow ... The journey to the Emerald City to meet the Oz.  On the other hand then I could state that 32,000 + hours of "solid, serious, notable , noteworthy, consequential, crucial, remarkable Research that has taken place over four decades .    So?  My interlocutor easily will tell you that all of these hours are a pitiful misfortune ! Voila! Bullet Proof !   Thus, eons upon eons of human life and history are shipwrecked and washed up on a deserted forsaken atoll somewhere in Neverland ...   Only to be restored and rekindled by a handful of those who taken the redpill and entered the Matrix ...  coincidentally who are living during our lifetime ...   

There’s an odd tendency of conspiratorial folks ( as well as Fundies, any kind of ****tard, YEC, Prophecy fans, Gemetria fans, Faith-healers, TV-evangelists, Youtube "Legends" ) to devour, slice and dice, BBQ their siblings or adherents .

Not literally, of course (then again there are those who have difficulty with metaphors, similes, analogies etc ).  But then again there are those who somehow are totally fascinated with and addicted to ECT (the everlasting BBQ).    But I’ve noticed that although the conspiracy theories themselves never seem to die, these theorists seem to have a relatively short half-life before they implode.

Again, not literally.  Don’t quickly rush to your favorite Soap box and turn into a Foghorn, not just yet.  

I think the reason for this is that once you declare that logic and evidence (cue that infamous laughter of "The Shadow" // The famous pulp novel and comic hero and yes folks I have actually eschewed the golden opportunity of so called brainwashed propaganda (which might just be an addictive dysfunctional social media of consuming Youtube vids) to actually read books (Wow.. shocking)  --

... that logic and evidential apologetics (which by the way seems to have such a wide diversity of interpretative combative life of it's own within debates )

  that most would not understand these two as the sine qua non tools of endless battles for the "souls and minds" of Sheeple !

then again on the other side of the proverbial boxing ring are out in some kind of netherworld of lies, suppositions, and paranoia, and it’s only a matter of time before you become victim to the same insider conspiratorial "Gnosis"  you were perpetrating.  You give people the impression that no one is to be trusted, that anyone and everyone could be part of the conspiracy, and before you know it, your followers have decided that you’re right… and include you in the assessment.     (Omg!  Icke has been caught morphing into one of those Lizard Aliens ... News at 11..  Wait... Unless it is on "Fox n Friends" ... uh..  er...Wait... Unless it is a Youtube vid with 12 million minions ...  um.... Wait .... Unless it is a "free" downloadable Ebook wrapped in loving care to castigate you for not having an "Open Mind"  .... Folks!! You Only Have Until Midnight before the tsunami stampede of Sheeple trample over anything you clung to before ... (and we do know where lemmings leap from ....  it begins with a C (but distinctly different from that C ... connected with "zar" )   

I mean ... Gosh.... Wow... Truly amazing when someone has an epic fail trying to "demo" their supreme skills of utilizing "Greek"!!  (cue Star Wars music ... er ... Car 54 TV Show theme?  ... Twilight Zone?   Ghostbusters?  )  Especially those dearly beloved Greek words for our endlessly Marketed English word ... luv ...  Golly Gee, shucks it is so heart warming and convincing to utilize public domain Online lexicons ....    (Cue Youtube vid of aggressive individuals playing whack-a-mole with my comments due to being considered rude, impolite, un-PC (politically correct) , not nice, while these individuals look like .. dare I say it ?  Cloned Orange heads from D.C.  -- not political clones nor even having any associative value with said Orange head -- but rather the inscrutable posture of ...  You can't be obnoxious or have a bad hair attitude day while I can because .. because ... I can Prove it!!    )

Tally Ho!!!  Watson, the Case is Afoot!!   


Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2018-11-21 14:40:26 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Warmlife - I'm going to be approving several blogs tonight, so I am going to keep comments brief on all of them, and if time hopefully permits come back later to join back in.

I'm a little frustrated with this blog, because while I love everything you've said, and especially the very entertaining way you have said it, I disagree with almost all of it in one sense or another.

For one thing, a lot of what you describe here as being crazy conspiracy theories are not really conspiracy theories, but you lump them altogether as "conspiracy theories" and then rely on the truly crazy ones to clearly demonstrate that all of them are crazy.

By way of example, the Taiwan Professor who convinced 140 people he'd be back in his spaceship as God to save them, or pat them on the head, or whatever it was that he promised to do upon his return, is surely crazy and it's unbelievable that 140 people would have fallen for it and set up shop in Garland, Texas, to wait for his return. But where's the conspiracy theory. A crazy guy made a promise and 140 crazy people believed him. It's madness for sure, but who were the conspirators?

And how is it any crazier than the 2 billion or so people who are waiting for a guy to return from his 2,000 year sabbatical, after a brief period of being born to a virgin, wandering around doing things such as magically producing fish and bread out of air to feed the masses, hauling a huge cross up a hill so he could be nailed to it, dying from that but returning to life to enjoy a long weekend, and then disappearing for a couple of millenium more while waiting for his Dad and/or the Devil to make their big moves.

So it seems that somewhere between 140 believers and a couple of billion believers, regardless of how far fetched the theory is (be it conspiracy or not), a magic number is reached where it passes from a crazy (conspiracy) theory to a perfectly acceptable one. So I ask you, what is that number?

By the by, for you devout Christians, who happen to read this, do not take the above as an attack on your beliefs. I understand that for the majority of you, the ones who are true believers and are following the teachings of Christ with heart and soul, your belief does not come from a process of debate and endless chatter about logical thought. Your belief comes from a feeling inside you that comes from the depths of your soul and says "this is true". I believe in those feelings. I have similar feelings about what I believe is the ultimate truth, and it isn't so different from your own ultimate truth. If you have that strength of feeling from the depths of your soul, you have no choice but to believe them and to abide by them, and you are right to do so.

I digress though, so back to you Jim.

Frankly I see you making the same mistake that countless others do, including our good friend @melcyan, and that is falling into the trap that really truly was designed by the CIA as a means of shaming the population of America into not questioning the Warren Report when it inanely found a sole shooter of limited talent, using a rifle that was third class, managed to accurately hit a moving target in such a rapid time that no experts hired to duplicate the effort could do so. Not only that, but the Warren Commission's means of reaching this conclusion was to deliberately not review or give weight to any evidence that proved well beyond any reasonable doubt that at least one bullet, and far more likely two, came from the opposite direction than the miracle shooter was firing. This evidence included a film of the event that the Warren commission chose not to review, countless eyewitnesses, multiple Dallas doctors who were the first to examine the dead victim, and the death certificate which the Commission claimed carried no weight. There is a list almost as long as the Warren Report itself, of the evidence that they refused to consider or ignored when it was sitting there right in front of there willfully blind eyes.

So the CIA did what any responsible agency who owed their allegiance to the President of the United States, and who you would expect to be taking every possible step required to discover the truth of how their President and Commander in Chief had suffered such a brutal and public execution. They launched a campaign through their minions now referred to as the Main Stream Media to label anyone on the planet who questioned the Warren Report to be a crazy "Conspiracy Theorist" and thereby not worthy of respect or being listened to.  

And it worked!

And it has been working ever since!

So, if you choose to believe that just because the Fox is wrong about some of his crazy theories, such as the Earth is nearly flat, that he is therefore wrong about all of his theories, then you are being a very dutiful minion of the CIA. Even though the Fox has gone the opposite direction and chosen to believe that everything ever spoken is a lie, because he discovered that some things spoken are lies, he is no guiltier than you of failing to keep an open mind and look at every issue on its merits.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would bet that the one thing you could never imagine was finding yourself accused of being a devout follower of the CIA. My guess is that you are well aware that this is one of the most truly evil Government created bodies known to man. If you do believe that, then my question to you is how can you possibly stop questioning everything that comes out of the news, your neighbours conversations, your companions chatter or any other source of information, and judging everything on the basis of common sense and careful evaluation.

Fox hits the nail on the head sometimes, Fox unknowingly shoots himself in the foot sometimes. 

Maybe you too?

I will give you this, though. Your way of expressing it is far more like being tickled by a feather until the pain of laughing becomes unbearable. Fox is more like hitting yourself over the head with a hammer until it feels so good to quit.

Finally to the other bloggers whose blogs are being approved tonight, you can blame WarmLife for the very brief comments by myself. It's his fault that I got hung up in this corner of the blogs.

#2018-11-22 18:04:31 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


But where's the conspiracy theory. A crazy guy made a promise and 140 crazy people believed him. It's madness for sure, but who were the conspirators?

Duly noted ... In this blog the paintbrush swiped too broadly with the category of Conspiracy theories ....  but then again I imagine that the definition or usage of "Conspiracy Theory" is utilized in different ways by different factions.  In this case of the Garland, TX.  I  erred on not making it clear enough ...

For one thing, a lot of what you describe here as being crazy conspiracy theories are not really conspiracy theories, but you lump them altogether as "conspiracy theories" and then rely on the truly crazy ones to clearly demonstrate that all of them are crazy.   

Again -- Noted --  Ahhh  yes -- I re-read mine -- I still do not think I painted all Conspiracies as "crazy" -- but then again -- the style, the tone, the sarcasm -- could very well indicate this point if the reader took it this way.  I wrote that blog awhile ago too quickly ...  What I was writing then was to attempt to show that there are Conspiracy theories that do involve UFOs, Aliens, various Religious beliefs, Flat earth thinking  etc... , and one should be careful to realize that there are Conspiracy theories that might be based upon an esoteric base .  Thus I "shot myself in the foot" by making the reader think that I conflated both together -- thereby claiming that "all" are "crazy"   Interesting question -- What is a Conspiracy Theory? 

#2018-11-22 18:55:36 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


So, if you choose to believe that just because the Fox is wrong about some of his crazy theories, such as the Earth is nearly flat, that he is therefore wrong about all of his theories, then you are being a very dutiful minion of the CIA --

Since you brought up this issue --  8)   --- I do not choose to believe that Fox is wrong about anything -- actually -- especially concerning his Flat Earth model -- and therefore he is wrong about all of his theories -- including a zillion other propositions.   Also, I find it very humorous that I might be included as a dutiful minion of the so called CIA project to "fog" everyone's mind about JFK or whatever.   Due to my style of "being tickled by a feather .... "  it is easy enough to assume that I would follow the "general public" that apparently has been affected by Chemtrails to accept the "official" Warren reports or the 9/11 reports.  I certainly do not -- it is beyond any shadow of doubt that Gov't agencies or White House Orange head or Congressional partisan agendas --- or a multitude of Fringe groups aggressively promoting their "slant" of what events mean --- or via usage of Gemetria -- or through viewing a zillion "We seek the Truth! Alternative media whether YouTube echo chambers or Websites or printed media --- or CNN et al trying to promote their left or right views --  ALL of the above are involved in seeing Who will Win the next round of "RISK" the board game. ALL are investing huge effort, energy and power to shape, influence or modify people's thinking .  Fox News might hit the nail sometimes, CNN et al.  might too ...     Alternative News does not have Trump card to win every set in the Spades game of Life ...   Governments or Regime --- Holy Roman like Empires -- Junta -- Cabal -- Mafia like org --  Warlords -- Dictators ad nauseam  --- have a very nasty habit of shafting anyone and everyone at anytime ...   

#2018-11-22 18:56:13 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Jim, I feel not only honoured, but also humbled that you should dedicate what was obviously a great amount of time writing a blog about my good self.

Firstly, let me say that I concur 100% with what @JohnAbbot has said in his 'short' comment.

Since you are both coming in from opposite 'ends' here, please allow me address you both......

I don't profess to know everything - far from it. However, what I DO know is that you, me, and everyone else on Earth, has been lied to about EVERYTHING for decades - even centuries.

In the wake of the JFK assassination, the CIA, (of which there are about 8 branches), coined the phrase 'conspiracy theory' in order to deliberately demean anyone who spoke out against the official narrative of anything....

Possibly the most well-know 'conspiracy theorist' is David Icke. I grew up in the UK and I watched this guy 'come-out' back in 1991. He couldn't even walk into a SHOP without being ridiculed, yet some 30 years later he is literally seeing mainstream headline news reporting things he was writing about decades ago.

Therefore, where's the 'conspiracy'?

I realised less than 2 years ago that we've been lied to about everything, and I have been on a 'quest' ever since to find out the 'truth'.

Sometimes, on CLM, I may come across as being somewhat 'arrogant', but please understand that this 'arrogance' is coming from frustration rather than anything else.

The first thing anyone who has been 'awakened' wants to do is to try to help others understand. It's hard. It's EXTREMELY HARD!

One loses respect from family, friends, peers, etc, but there is NO WAY we can go back to 'sleep', so we have to just accept it.

I was the one who relentlessly sent stuff to @Barry1 in order to try to get him to open his eyes. I did that for more than a year. He thought I was some kind of crazy fool until, one day, John backed-up what I was saying about 9/11.

Barry then began going 'down the rabbit-hole', and now, whenever I tell him anything, I get the reply, - "mate, you're singing to the choir". He's spent hundreds and hundreds of hours doing research and now comes to the same conclusion as me - EVERYTHING WE'VE EVER BEEN TAUGHT, IS A LIE.

I'm not trying to belittle anyone - I'm just trying to get people to do some research for themselves, just as John, Barry, and I have done.

My e-book, 'The Devil's Playground' now has 6170 downloads. My personal e-mail address is on the last page of the book and I have received hundreds of e-mails from people. Every one of those e-mails is positive. I have not received even ONE e-mail telling me I'm 'crazy' - Not ONE!

The book describes my own journey; my own experience; and was compiled from information I essentially wrote like someone would write in a diary. I had no clue what was going on, nor what the hell was happening to me.

As John says, the CIA are the most evil people in the world, but there's more to it that that. The MOST evil person currently alive on Earth is George H.W Bush, closely followed by Hillary, then Obumma.

The most evil establishment, apart from the CIA, is the Catholic Church.

Now, if you decide to simply read that and think, 'Oh, Paul, you're crazy', then the system is working, because it PROVES you are indoctrinated and brainwashed into that system.

Therefore, you have 3 x choices.

1. You can believe what you've been taught all your life

2. You can give credence to what people such as John, Barry, and myself are saying.

3. You can do your own research and essentially beLIEve no-one.

I respectfully suggest you choose option #3 - but only if you want to know what's going on. Sadly, most people don't.

I look at it like this -

The ONLY thing that's 100% certain in this life - is death. All of us will die one day.

When my time comes I want to be as informed as possible as to where my inner spirit is going.

Furthermore, I know for a fact that re-incarnation exists. There's no way am I ever coming back to this hell-hole.

Here's a few things you can check-out if you decide to proceed......

I'm sure you are intelligent enough to know that the Moon-landings and 9/11 are BS.

1. The Titanic did not sink due to hitting an iceberg. It was deliberately sunk because there were 5 influential people on board that were against the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank.

2. The Gulf of Tonkin 'incident', that started the Vietnam War, never occurred.

3. POTUS knew, weeks in advance, that 'Pearl Harbour' was going to be bombed.

4. The U.S 'Constitution' was originally called 'The Great Experiment', and the title 'We The People', only applied to the people who signed it, and had no reference to the people of the U.S.

5. Christmas is a pagan holiday known as 'Saturnalia'. It's the worship of the Sun, and goes so far back into ancient 'His Story' that the Sun, back then, was Saturn.

Saturn = Satan. From 'Satan' we get the anagram 'Santa'. NASA, when you include the red 'T', is also an anagram of Satan.

Saturday used to be 'SaturNday', and the original name of Rome, was 'Saturnia'

If you choose to look into this, then great! However, if you continue to think it's all just C.T, then that's fine too.

One thing I can tell you for certain, (whether you choose to listen to me or not), is the fact that the most important thing in YOUR life, is YOU.

By that I mean the REAL 'you' - the 'inner' you!

There's a war on for your 'soul', my friend. Like me or loathe me I'm just trying to help people ensure they're not on the losing side.

Thanks again for your blog, my friend.

Love and Light to you and your family.

#2018-11-22 19:34:14 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


---   questioning everything that comes out of the news, your neighbours conversations, your companions chatter or any other source of information, and judging everything on the basis of common sense and careful evaluation.    ---   

Again --  What I do not accept ... Is Fox's style towards others who do not agree or accept his Views --- I am going to say he is not any different from the Fundies that I personally know -- nor any different from other very aggressive Religious folks or Political alt-left or alt-right fans ---  If I did not have such a broad well-based scholarly background in History --  then it would be much more easy to jump into the "deep" end of the pool -- to energetically try to convince or persuade others to take the Matrix -- red-pill -- Aliens via the Lizoid faction -- We live in a Matrix like simulation -- That only a few ( like Fox proclaims) really can begin to perceive "Reality" that is actuallly transpiring --- Area 51 --- False Flags at every event!  No Moon Landing ...  ad nauseam... 

There is no common sense and careful evaluation to declare that Fox or other Alternative News Media or Alternative sources for understanding events are holding every Trump card ... especially towards those who Research outside of whatever echo chamber.  I have not written that YouTube is full of shit -- or bullshit -- either.   I also enjoy Fox's -- thank you Jim for your thoughtful comments ....  sheeeeeeesh ....

#2018-11-22 20:13:58 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Just as a follow-on to my first comment, let me say this -

I don't think there is an intelligent person alive who would disagree with me when I say that all politicians are liars.

The problem is, how far do they go?

People only lie because they have what's known as a 'S2S' agenda. (Service to Self)

The universal 'rule' is that we should all have a 'S2O' agenda. (Service to Others)

How we manifest the S2O is up to each of us as individuals, but it also comes down to one word = LOVE

(Perhaps that's why they say 'God is Love'? It doesn't mean that there's a bloke with a white beard sitting on a cloud who calls himself 'love')

Each and every one of us share one common theme - we're ALL human beings.

It doesn't matter what our belief is, because belief is just a personal perspective relating to the same things we all see.

If you see black as white, and I see white as black, then why should we argue over who's right or wrong?

There IS no 'right' and there IS no 'wrong' - It's all down to perspective.

Don't you find it interesting that the word 'evil' is actually a reverse spelling of 'live'?

Why is the word 'level' the same backwards?

Words have meanings that many of us don't realise.

'The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword', for instance.

Move the final 'S' from 'Words' to the front, and what do you get?

This is the whole subject of a blog that I will write soon. It's actually quite mind-blowing when you get into it. I wish you had access to YT, but for those reading this who do, please check out 'The Rice Experiment'.

I did this myself over a year ago, and I was so 'blown-away' that I got my 11-year old granddaughter to do it. Even at her tender age, it changed her whole perspective on life.

In a kind-of esoteric 'nutshell', this world is nothing but a 'soul-farm'. We are born into debt-slavery.

The currencies of this world are nothing but bits of paper that have no real value other than the agreed value we beLIEve they have. (Sorry, I know that me writing 'beLIEve' like this p*sses people off, but in the words of the man who couldn't tie his own shoelaces, (George Bush Junior), 'I have to keep repeating myself so that the propoganda sinks in...'

People have no idea as to how money works, nor how it's created - I've discussed this before.

Our fiat currencies are worthless. Yet we go to work everyday in order to make as much money as possible without even realising that what we're earning is worthless.

Here's a good example -

Let's use the US$, and we'll call it '100%', for purposes of this exercise.

When we look at the cost-of-living, Australia would be 163% when compared to the US. This means that goods are essentially 63% more expensive than they are in America.

By contrast, China stands at 55%. Therefore 45% CHEAPER than the U.S, yet Australia, at 163%, is just about 3 x more expensive than China.

Another example, US$1 would buy you ONE APPLE in Switzerland, yet would buy you a whole KILO of apples in Russia.


My friend has just moved to Cambodia. She's working as a teacher and she earns about US$700 a MONTH.

Most Cambodians live on about US$80 a month, so she's considered to be 'rich'. People in the west would not be able to survive on US$700 a week !

The U.S is officially $21 TRILLION in debt - to who?

The 'Fed'. - Which is privately owned.

Repayments are around $500 BILLION a year in interest only.

How big is a Trillion?

If I owed you just ONE Trillion bucks, and I paid you back at $1 per second, then it would ONLY take me around 32,000 YEARS to pay you back.

One US$ is around 00.43 inches thick. If you stacked just ONE Trillion $1 notes on top of each other, they'd reach 67,000 MILES into the sky.......Get the picture?

Where's the WORTH? Where's the VALUE?

It's all PAPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fiat currency is just another LIE in order to keep us enslaved in the 'Matrix'.

Please wake up - before it's too late !



#2018-11-22 20:15:38 by WarmLifeGz7 @WarmLifeGz7


I digress as well ...   JFK snuffed out --  Warren's report -- highly unlikely otherwise there would not be a zillion different theories concerning it ...  but Aliens?  Lizoids?  Oligarchs using Jews as puppets or vice versa?  Massive London "Fog" enveloping and enfolding such a huge arena of agencies, people over such an extended period of time ?   Then extrapolating from that point (before, during and after) more theories which are interleaved and interwoven with other theories -- in order to advance an Over-arching, unifying grand theme of World domination that only a tiny portion ... a dwarfish sized amount of intrepid sleuths via esoteric, arcane, alchemy like notions aided with Gemetria et al.... have suddenly been able to decipher the inner held secrets of such .... --- this is not common sense and careful evaluation .   This is an ex-parrot.  Indeed, History is extremely messy!  I do not agree with or follow what is generally considered to be the popular well known accepted version of History .  World domination theories and conspiracies and military / political coups etc etc .... have been continously happening since the beginning of Humankind living on this Globe (hahahaha)   To bash everyone via whatever rhetorical devices in order to get them to --- do research by themselves within an echo chamber ( regardless of the source ) has been done so many times throughout recorded History that it is ad nauseam.  In a manner of speaking -- these esoteric intrepid sleuths are totally insignificant ants trying to get everyone's attention so that they can carry away the food from a picnic lunch on a nice summer afternoon near the lake.  Should this World Domination Cabal or whatever it is ... that is threatening to devour everything and everyone -- everywhere --- How in the Sam Hill are these esoteric intrepid sleuths (with their pocket sized dwarfish numbers) going to conquer, revolt or take over this Monolithic he who must not be named entity? What pragmatic or practical actions could those who have been woken up and now are practitioners do within Society as it is now ? (to those who have this astounding miraculous ability to perceive behind this Darkened Shadowy intrique that is taking place by this Monolithic Behemoth)    Turn into a counterpart to Moonies? JWs? Fundies for Trump? Proud Boys?  NRA wannabees?  YEC enthusiasts?  Sarcasm aside, Their goal is simply turning into another group attempting to convert, proselytize, persuade others to join their Exclusive Club ?  Fly to Garland like place? Once englightened?  Then what?  What is their Manifesto?  Fox continuously broadcasts how shocking, how earth-shaking , how extremely mind blowing his theories are !!!  So?  I do not care one whit whether he is right or wrong .... IF people can slam dunk another's person ideology in order to promote theirs exclusively then what is the difference from ...

And how is it any crazier than the 2 billion or so people who are waiting for a guy to return from his 2,000 year sabbatical....    Of course You might have shot yourself in the foot as well ...  8)8)   ( I did enjoy reading this portion with a big smile -- I can even enjoy George Carlin's treatment of such too  )

I do not belong to this "majority"  :D:D   

with heart and soul, your belief does not come from a process of debate and endless chatter about logical thought. Your belief comes from a feeling inside you that comes from the depths of your soul

My Prof always taught --- Be a Scholar on Fire ... (the Fire being the belief that comes from the depths of our soul -- which involves several blogs coming to a theatre near you and already waiting in the parking lot that are causing you to get hung up in this corner ) through the process of debate and logical reasoning along with historical background researched with common sense and careful evaluation ...  8)8)

I have been through more intense debates online and offline for my Worldviews than you might imagine --- However, I do not get on on a Soap Box with a Foghorn blaring out to others that they are in deep brown stuff and Must research within a echo chamber so that they might be set Free... (regardless of affliation -- conspiracy -- political --- religious ) Bullshit ...   There should be a Way... A Bridge .. A Road ... where people who have different strongly intensely held ideologies can belong to a Community without inflicting nuisance towards each other ..   (no I do not accept that all roads lead to Rome -- archaic aphorism ) 


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What shape the Earth is, is really of no concern. The fact we're taught that we're spinning so fast that we're traversing 5.8 TRILLION miles per year, (while feeling nothing) doesn't matter. What DOES matter is the fact we've been lied to.

If you stand atop the highest mountain and look North and South with a pair of binoculars, you'll see that you can see much farther North than you can South.

Impossiball !

Therefore, why is it important? It's not......but it is !

Essentially, the Bible speaks of an 'alien invasion'. Whether you and I believe the Bible to be true doesn't matter. The creatures that run this world believe it, and they know that billions of people do too.

Therefore it's in their interest to make the 'sheeple' believe in 'outeeeer spaaaaaace'

The fake 'alien invasion' will be the 'return of Jesus'. Billions of Christians are sitting round drinking cups of de-caff coffee, stuffing themselves on a Big-Mac that's paid for by their welfare stamps, while waiting around for 'Jesus' to pop round and do a bit of 'saving'.

Such is their delusion..................

I find it incredible that the human race has descended into such mind-controlling oblivion. We have become 99% stupid!

They are so wrapped-up in their I-phoneX (anagram of 'Phoenix'), that they are so dumbed-down due to GMOs, Fluoride, and Chemtrails, that they foolishly believe their government, (Mind-Control), actually has their best interests at heart.

People have GOT to get out of their alcohol-induced, mainstream-media indoctrinated COMA !

Otherwise, we're ALL f*cked !

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Just so you know, where John and I differ on the 'Everything we've been taught is a lie' issue, comes down to a few things.

John would argue that water is wet; that alcohol gets you drunk, etc, so in other words, EVERYTHING is NOT a lie'

He's correct ....

We KNOW that water gets you wet.

We KNOW that alcohol gets you drunk, etc.....

However, from my perspective it's different....

Were you THERE when man landed on the Moon?

Were you THERE when the pyramids of Egypt were built?

Therefore, unless you KNOW it to be true......consider it a lie !


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According to the political scientist Michael Barkun, there are three reasons for conspiracy theories attracting our attention.

"First, conspiracy theories claim to explain what institutional analysis cannot. They appear to make sense out of a world that is otherwise confusing.

Second, they do so in an appealingly simple way, by dividing the world sharply between the forces of light, and the forces of darkness. They trace all evil back to a single source, the conspirators and their agents.

Third, conspiracy theories are often presented as special, secret knowledge unknown or unappreciated by others. For conspiracy theorists, the masses are a brainwashed herd, while the conspiracy theorists in the know can congratulate themselves on penetrating the plotters' deceptions."

From what I can see Michael is certainly not Barkun up the wrong tree. He has nailed it!

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