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Online Chinese Dating? Don’t Judge a Chinese Woman By Her Profile Photo Alone    

By John Abbot
6358 Views | 21 Comments | 10/23/2015 2:31:51 PM
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#2015-10-26 13:11:38 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@QinQL - I am glad you got a laugh out of the pictures, but your comment:

"I have gotten my answer from an explaination of the pic after I moved mouse to."

got me to wondering how many readers of the blogs know that if the blogger actually fills in the "alternate text" option under the photo when he/she uploads the photo, then there will be a short textual explanation or description of the picture there, which is found by scrolling their cursor over the photo.

And now, writing the sentence I just wrote has me wondering how many bloggers are aware of that option. It is a great way to add interest to a photo and to your blogs.

So for all of you who were not as tuned in as QinQL, who is always tuned in and aware of all things going on here on CLM (she's a truly great CLM member, we adore her), please go scroll your cursor over the photo and you will see some text appear. Sometimes Firefox will not show it.

QinQL, I wish a few of your classmates would come over here to the blogs from their nests on the forum and comment on this blog. Frankly I was hoping they come and blast me a little for talking about the Chinese women's photos when the men are just as bad as them at posting photos that are just a fading memory of their former selves.

Do you think we could shake some of them into action somehow?(rock)

#2015-10-26 13:30:14 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@anonymous14133 - I think it is very true that most men are first attracted to the sexy, beautiful pictures, including myself. But I think when it comes down to choosing the one we want to be with forever, most of us are aware that the really physically attractive women, regardless of culture, are usually pretty high maintenance and often not lifemate material.

You say you're attractive, but since you posted anonymously we'll have to just take your word on it. However, I'm prepared to do that, so tell me - you're a good looking woman, are you high maintenance, looking for someone who'll give you the best things in life just to have a trophy wife?

In your experiments, did you give any average looking guy's an opportunity to get to know you and you them, or were you only prepared to get to know the handsome, rich ones?

I am not judging you either way, I am genuinely curious to hear more from the ladies on how they are thinking on these issues. (think)

#2015-10-26 13:46:22 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

You guys have gotten us off on a Scam Site binge here, which is frankly always a good thing, but I am surprised Aussiebhoy was able to distract Paul from what is usually, has absolute favorite topic. My question to you AussieBhoy is where were you during Paul's rant on religion that created such a stir. I'd have given anything for you to have distracted him back than. (rofl)

Paul I do have one of those blogs for sure, and maybe they are both on the same word doc, but I am vaguely remembering that we did post one blog by you in which you described how you got your revenge because I am also remembering approving some comments about that.same topic.

However, the timing is good to post one or more now on the topic because it has been a while, and come January there's going to be a barrage of information coming out so this will be a good way to lead into that. You've got one in the pipe now, which will go up tomorrow, and a few days later I'll upload the Scam a Scammer post.

#2015-10-26 14:14:30 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@AussieBhoy74 (again)

There are some interesting differences in POV between you three, and two of you (not Barry) seem to feel that men have been targeted here for "only being interested only in good looking pictures of women" when the intended gist of the article is about men should not necessarily trust the photos of the Chinese women because they are somewhat inclined to post photos that don't tell the true story. Barry, on the other hand, suggests that it is so true of men that they are only interested in beauty that the women are basically justified in only posting photos that flatter them as much as possible. Very different reactions to the same article.

To be fair thought, while we can only generalize, I think it is well accepted by most experts on human psychology that men are attracted to beauty and women are attracted to power. And while that difference is probably waning, as more and more women have attained positions of power, and more and more men are stepping away from the traditional male roles of provider and protector, it is still safe to generalize that men will be attracted to physical beauty and women to power and strength.

Which is why the men's favourite way of describing what they want is a woman who is beautiful inside and out, while the women's number one combination of attributes they seek in a man is that he is financially secure and has a good heart. Basically both sides want the good heart which is the same thing as beautiful inside, but the men want good looks and the women want healthy bank accounts (because money equals power).

#2015-10-26 14:18:29 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@neoacevedo - I agree with you 100%, as did most of the other men, that natural beauty beats made up beauty hands down. Just so you'll know, we do image searches of all photos submitted to CLM now, so most of the times when a members tries to pass of a photo of some model or actor we will catch them, but there are occasions when Google lets us down.

#2015-10-26 16:20:50 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I think you'll find there's one or two more 'in the pipe' now but I'll wait to see which scam-a-scammer post you throw up and then I'll check for the other one
I'm pretty sure you posted one of them when I sent it up to the forum anonymously, but quite frankly I don't care if anyone finds out it's me - lol

#2015-10-26 17:46:37 by anonymous14154 @anonymous14154

I am not looking for a rich, handsome, young guy, I am pretty, but I am not a super model, and in the world there are so many pretty girls, so I don't think high of myself

So when a rich, handsome and young guy approached me not long ago, I just don't trust him, i suspected he is a playboy or he had some problem, well, we video chat on skype once, i saw his luxury home, later I found out the information he told me about himself are all true, his profession is very high income in his country, he is not a scammer or fake people, but at that time, I was wondering, how a rich, young and handsome guy approached me? he told me after the first video chat he was very interested on me, I didn't believe, and he asked to video chat the second time, I was busy and I ignored him, and he asked for the third time, unluckily, something happened to me and I have to solve so the last minute I cancelled our appointment, after that, he stopped contacts with me
I was thinking for some time, and since I was very curious about his purpose, I made some experiments, which I can't tell you, and I found he is really serious looking for a wife, but I also found another thing by accidence, it is natural that rich and handsome men will be intrigued by the pictures of a beautiful and sexy woman

I think it is human nature, girls want a rich and handsome man, and man wants a beautiful and young woman, if this woman is rich too, that is welcomed
but in reality, we will consider many things, and for me, I care more the inside of a man than the outside, but what I want to say is sometimes we may misjudge people, like you said, you think a beautiful woman may need high maintenance, that is not true, a natural beauty won't need high maintenance, but the truth is not so many natural beauties, and many women are quite pretty, but even she is just average looking, if she puts lots of time and money to dress up, makeup, do surgery, then she can look stunning, but she may need high maintenance if she wants to look stunning all the time.
Sadly, men are not good at realize the natural beauty or surgery beauty or makeup beauty, every man say they want natural beauty, but they can't find out who is who

Your article is very good, to suggest men to be more careful, honestly some men are not so experienced and they may be fooled by beautiful pictures, I totally agree with you, sometimes I also am wondering why some men would think those girls online with pictures like super model are real, maybe some men here can enlighten me

I don't look for a rich, handsome guy, I always give the average guys chances to know each other, but sometimes we may misjudge, average guys don't really mean that they are good guys, and handsome rich guys don't really mean they are play man, that is my points here

another point of me is it is natural men would feel excited when they see beautiful and sexy women's pictures, that is man's nature
I never take professonal pictures, I select some good pictures of myself to post
But I do think those women with beautiful pictures may get a better chance to catch more men's attention

#2015-10-27 00:29:45 by neoacevedo @neoacevedo

@johnAbbot I tried to searching for images but Google doesn't work in China so I think that's some of causes.

#2015-10-27 09:28:25 by AussieBhoy74 @AussieBhoy74

Hi John, yeah, I did post in regard to Paul's article on religion which I thought was very good. I talked about how I don't have any time for religious fundamentalists. Muslim, Christian, or whatever. Also about how some religious people just ignore basic scientific facts. Richard Dawkins for instance has made fools out of such people many times.

As for looks, power, and money, traditionally men went after good looking women with nice figures and women went after men with money, status and power, regardless of looks.

That has changed a lot, but it still applies for many. I know that for many women with good looks, good jobs and money, the importance of a man's financial and social status may be way less important. There have even been many super-wealthy Hollywood women who have "married down" in the past. Then you have those very well educated and wealthy women who want a man who is equal to them.

We can't say that all women want rich and powerful men however. For some Western women, a handsome and reliable man with good sexual ability is very important to them. Sex is also important to many Asian women, especially if they had been with a man who could not or didn't want to please them in the past.

What I said about women earning less than 25,000 dollars a year wanting men who earn 150 000 plus was in regard to more than a few profiles I've read on here. As far as I'm concerned those women are not really serious about meeting someone, and I just ignore their profiles.

#2015-11-07 17:51:45 by jonno @jonno

Good advice for the beginner browser, but no big mystery uncovered here about Chinese women in particular, and what we can generally say is that some men and women are not always truthful, and just as we can say with experience about most women loving makeup, we can say that Chinese women are no exception to all of this.
I remembered the story earlier this year about a man in Algeria who sued his new wife for fraud, trauma and physiological suffering after seeing her for the first time without Make up. Lol!

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