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Of Dogs and Wives    

By John Abbot
2699 Views | 9 Comments | 11/25/2014 10:54:45 AM

A friend of mine passed this onto me recently and I felt that it was quite humorous. I am posting it here now because we have been on a bit of a pets and dogs slant here on the blogs recently. I also know that we will soon be introducing a series of articles here on the blogs and in the Magazine that are more serious and more focused on issues relevant to dating between Chinese women and Western men, so maybe this is a good time to throw a litlte humor in. I do hope nobody will take offense at this and I welcome the Chinese women to counter with why they might prefer their cats to husbands.  I give you then:

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#2014-11-25 11:10:16 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for this, John.

I was going to write an article entitled "16 Reasons why some men prefer a wife over a dog" but the article died stillborn. It couldn't be written.

Why? Because I couldn't think of a single valid reason! (rofl)

#2014-11-25 16:01:30 by anonymous12502 @anonymous12502

1. Dogs do not have problems expressing affection in public.
2. Dogs miss you when you're gone.
3. You never wonder whether your dog is good enough for you.
4. Dogs don't criticize your friends.
5. Dogs are very direct about wanting to go out.
6. Dogs do not play games with you -- except fetch (and they never laugh at how you throw).
7. Dogs don't feel threatened by your intelligence.
8. You can train a dog and it will even get your newspaper.
9. Dogs are easy to buy for.
10. You are never suspicious of your dog's dreams.
11. Gorgeous dogs don't know they're gorgeous.
12. Dogs understand what 'no' means.
13. Dogs don't need therapy to deal with their problems.
14. Dogs are happy with whatever you feed them.
15. You can force a dog to take a bath.
16. Middle-aged dogs don't feel the need to abandon you for a younger owner.
17. Dogs don't borrow your credit cards or cellular phone.
18. Dogs don't weigh down your purse with their stuff.
19. Dogs don't play video games.
20. Dogs don't drink beer or watch football.

#2014-11-25 20:33:40 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

The dogs, they had a party
They came from near and far
Some dogs came by aeroplane
And some by motor car

They went into the lobby
And signed the visitors book
And each one hung his arsehole
Upon a separate hook

One dog was not invited
And this aroused his Ire
He rushed into the meeting place
And loudly shouted "FIRE"!

The dogs were so excited
They had no time to look
And each one grabbed an arsehole
From off a different hook

Now this is a sad, sad story
For it is very sore
To wear another's arsehole
You've never worn before

So that is why when dogs meet
On land, or sea, or foam
Each sniffs the other's arsehole
And hopes it is his own

#2014-11-26 12:22:29 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Barry1 - this is actually the first time I have felt really happy for you that Tina does not read your blogs, or at least your comments on other blogs. I can't help thinking that your inability to think of one thing she does for you that is better than a dog can do would not impress her much.

Never mind things like cooking a meal, after having read your article about the passionate love making that has occurred between you and Tina, I am shocked to discover that regarding even that subject you might prefer canine company. Barry, we learn new things about you everyday. You are a very interesting guy!

@anonymous12502 - if you just created this yourself in the course of a single day, I am mightily impressed. Well done indeed. It was fun to read, and put the entire matter in its proper perspective.


@paulfox1 - good for you Mate, you found one area for sure in which the company of women is definitely preferable to the company of dogs. Now that you've brought it to our attention I can't help wondering if there may be more. Thanks for that.

#2014-11-26 22:10:39 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

@John Abbot
This was GREAT !! (rofl)(rofl)
I Luuuuuuuuuuuv (h) Salukis (El Hur,... the noble) !!!!
Happy Holidays,
Yin Ting Yu
a.k.a. Gongji

#2014-11-26 23:44:53 by anonymous12507 @anonymous12507

Why Dogs Are Better Than Women

-Dogs don't cry.
-Dogs love it when your friends come over.
-Dogs don't care if you use their shampoo.
-Dogs think you sing great.
-A dog's time in the bathroom is confined to a quick drink.
-Dogs don't expect you to call when you are running late.
-The later you are, the more excited dogs are to see you
-Dogs will forgive you for playing with other dogs.
-Dogs don't notice if you call them by another dog's name.
-Dogs are excited by rough play.
-Dogs don't mind if you give their offspring away.
-Dogs understand that farts are funny.
-Dogs love red meat.
-Dogs can appreciate excessive body hair.
-Anyone can get a good-looking dog.
-If a dog is gorgeous, other dogs don't hate it.
-Dogs don't shop.
-Dogs like it when you leave lots of things on the floor.
-A dog's disposition stays the same all month long.
-Dogs never need to examine the relationship.
-A dog's parents never visit.
-Dogs love long car trips.
-Dogs understand that instincts are better than asking for directions.
-Dogs understand that all animals smaller than dogs were made to be hunted.
-When a dog gets old and starts to snap at you incessantly, you can shoot -it.
-Dogs like beer.
-Dogs don't hate their bodies.
-No dog ever bought a Kenny G or Hootie & the Blowfish album.
-No dog ever put on 100 pounds after reaching adulthood.
-Dogs never criticize.
-Dogs agree that you have to raise your voice to get your point across
-Dogs never expect gifts.
-It's legal to keep a dog chained up at your house.
-Dogs don't worry about germs.
-Dogs don't want to know about every other dog you ever had.
-Dogs like to do their snooping outside as opposed to in your wallet, desk, and the back of your sock drawer.
-Dogs don't let magazine articles guide their lives.
-Dogs would rather have you buy them a hamburger dinner than a lobster -one.
-You never have to wait for a dog. They're ready to go 24 hours a day..
-Dogs have no use for flowers, cards, or jewelry.
-Dogs don't borrow your shirts.
-Dogs never want foot-rubs.
-Dogs enjoy heavy petting in public.
-Dogs find you amusing when you're drunk.
-Dogs can't talk.
-Dogs aren't catty.
-Dogs seldom outlive you.


-Both look stupid in hats.
-Both can eat 5 pounds of chocolate in one sitting.
-Both tend to have "hip" problems.
-Neither understand football.
-Both look good in a fur coat.
-Both are good at pretending that they're listening to every word you say.
-Neither believe that silence is golden.
-Both constantly want back rubs.
-Neither can balance a checkbook.
-You can never tell what either of them is thinking.
-Both put too much value on kissing.


and........ for @Barry1, there is at least ONE valid reason


-It is socially acceptable to have sexual relations with a woman.

p.s: i google them

#2014-11-28 20:54:48 by Barry1 @Barry1


"It is socially acceptable to have sexual relations with a woman"

Very funny stuff, Anon12507.

But where does that place our lady boy friends in Thailand - I wonder if it's socially acceptable to have sex with them? :^)

#2014-12-06 04:59:51 by mokum @mokum

neil diamons:

"mary lou jane, what a fine name, front tooth missing, thats fine for kissing. you're more loyal than my dog sam and twice as pretty"

#2014-12-08 20:53:25 by sandy339 @sandy339

Haha, it is so funny I don’t want to counter with something.
Actually I did think dogs like bf or potential bfs. I had several dogs, I find an interesting point: the temper is closely related to their size and weight, i.e. the larger they are, the milder they are. The smaller dogs bark a lot and very selfish, I did an experiment (haha): I tried to move their food when they eat(it is very dangerous..), guess what only golden retriever don’t mind, and all the other dogs got very angry and bite you no matter how good you got along with them in daily life. And I find bf just like this, the larger they are, the milder and more tolerate they are, so my conclusion is don't move anyone's cheese, haha. Just for fun:)
A lot of points here are funny, otherwise they are JUST bullshit...

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