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Of Dogs and Men    

By Achelle Vinzon
8274 Views | 25 Comments | 11/18/2014 3:41:58 PM
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#2014-12-02 09:23:08 by whui @whui

You wrote several examples, referring to pig, fish, mammals, insects. etc they are all interesting.
I am sorry to say something diffrent about obese, though I understand that you object greed instead of eating. I think of the obesity mother of American movie "What'sEatingGilbertGrape", she stumbled out to police office with big body to save her little autism son. So, in my opinion, if that obese can hardly walk to dinner table from permanent position of sofa, he/she should be patient and need help to leave his/her permanent position firstly. If not, food and sofa is whole world for him/ her. Without one of them, he/she will probably die.
As to fish, I totally agree with you because I am obessed with eating fish. All kinds of fish with different cooking style, all my favourites. However, I cannot cook any fish, that is really a fact of embarrasment for me. I remember that it was originated from my first attempt. I was scared by its continuous jumping in the absence of internal organs. Its eyes looked so horrible. From then, I dared not to touch fish body and look at fish eyes. One of Barry blogs with dead-fish eyes ugly man ever scared me not to sleep at night. It is shamed to admit that. Neverlethess, it didn't cut down my interest to fish food and I still cannot resist any fish dishes. Is it lucky for me? I am not sure, but I am sure it is not for fish.;)

#2014-12-02 13:05:45 by Barry1 @Barry1


"One of Barry blogs with dead-fish eyes ugly man ever scared me not to sleep at night"

Thanks once again for your interesting comments, whui.

I had to laugh though when I read the above words. I think you may be referring to the picture of Marty Feldman I put on my first blog article on this website. I agree that poor ol' Marty wasn't necessarily the most handsome man in the world but then again, I've seen worse than him in my travels! (puke)

The article can be seen at

Well spoken, whui. (sun)

#2014-12-02 13:18:24 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@whui - very interesting comments, and you are quite right that my concern regarding obesity has to do with greed, not with obesity itself. I have no grudge with people who are overweight because they consciously choose to over indulge in the enjoyment of food. Frankly I have periods in my life when I am guilty of that to some degree myself, and have to cut back on my intake to get back to a healthy body weight.

I just tend to resent those people who consciously overindulge and also then feel they are entitled to special treatment by society for having done so. Just as I don't begrudge people smoking cigarettes, but I resent a lot listening to them bitch because they are no longer entitled to smoke in us non-smoker's faces.

An example of what I mean is that recently my very slender and light wife and I, who combined weigh about 270 Pounds (roughly 120 Kg), had to pay a $75 USD penalty for one of our suitcases on an airline flight, because the suitcase weighed 4 pounds more than the 50 pounds allowed. So we had paid for two airline seats and were penalized for 4 pounds extra luggage. At the same time, at the next counter was a woman who weighed at least 400 pounds all by herself, and she was arguing that the airline should move her up to first class for free because the seats in domestic were not adequate for her incredibly large girth.

These are the type of obese people who I resent very much.

I might add (proudly) that my wife took great exception to this and loudly voiced her objections to our ticket taker who was writing out the receipt for our $75. She asked in a voice everyone within a hundred feet could hear, "If we have to pay $75 for an extra 4 pounds, why doesn't that woman over there have to pay at least $3,000 for an extra 200 pounds." There was a fair bit of applause registered by the onlookers, and the ticket taker said, while nodding in tacit agreement, "I really don't know why."

The fat Lady stopped singing her song of self pity and entitlement.

This was one of those moments when I adore my Chinese wife so much.

#2014-12-03 22:23:31 by melcyan @melcyan


I was interested in your words -
“I think you know that we cannot overcome incongruence with incongruence. 
Even when THEY(?) "Screw Up",....we have to "Love 'em to Death" for the positive change to occur. “

Sounds like you share my admiration for Nelson Mandela and Ubuntu (we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us including those who oppose us- Ubuntu)

#2014-12-04 07:41:38 by whui @whui


Interesting experience! Your Chinese wife is obviously a talent debater(y) (clap) she deserve your appreciation.

I really want to know if the ticket taker discharged you extra $75 though I guess not.
I am curious how the fat woman left her sofa position with a burden of 400 pounds to airport.(rofl) I am also curious how the 400-pound would react when she heard your wife:D.

You know, there is a special sports in Japan, Sumo wrestling. The athletes are very fat but very very strong. If looking wrong, what would happen? Oh, my God. I cannot think of it more(sweat)

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