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A writer for CLM Magazine and CLM Social Pages, Achelle is also an independent blogger, giving her two cents on personal and social issues from an educated Filipina's point of view, especially those relating to love and relationships. She has a knack for tackling issues from unique angles that are often left unexplored, posing questions that move and challenge readers to view a certain issue from a wholly different perspective. Achelle is happily engaged to her childhood sweetheart and is currently based in the Philippines. Achelle's writing is a delight to read and highly enlightening, entertaining and thought provoking. You're going to see lots of her on our Emagazine, Blogs, Social Pages and Hubs. Enjoy
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Of Dogs and Men    

By Achelle Vinzon
8275 Views | 25 Comments | 11/18/2014 3:41:58 PM
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#2014-11-21 14:31:33 by Barry1 @Barry1


"My two lovely dogs have been shot and poisoned in Feb and Oct 2014"

I am very sorry to hear this, zqy2014.

Whoever did such a thing either hated animals or else they wanted to kill the dogs for food, that is, sell the animals to a restaurant or meat merchant.

Terrible stuff indeed. (n)

#2014-11-21 14:43:31 by Barry1 @Barry1


"For westerners, the thought of eating a dog maybe repulsive, but we love to eat pork"

Sorry Paul, but as a Westerner, I regard eating pork is in the same league as eating dogs. They say that pigs are in fact more innately intelligent than dogs.

Just to let you know.

Cheers (beer)

#2014-11-21 14:48:58 by Barry1 @Barry1


"China and the US signed an agreement to work together towards a substantial reduction in harmful emissions"

Thanks for your comments John, but as far as China is concerned, I'll believe it when I see it.

Words are cheap; rhetoric is even cheaper. I'll believe China is truly committed to environmental protection when I see plenty of genuine advances being made there, as opposed to hollow promises.

Like I said, not in my lifetime, I believe. Too many vested interests there. Too much corruption. Too many people. :(

#2014-11-21 14:53:18 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Australia seems to be moving in the wrong direction"

I agree, Melcyan. One reason for this is the idiot leader of the ruling Liberal Party here who's convinced coal has a huge and continuing role in our long term future. So he and his ilk are rolling back valuable work in the renewable energy sector that had been instigated by the previous government.

It wouldn't surprise me if this guy believed the Earth was flat, rather than round - such is his lack of awareness on important matters generally.

#2014-11-27 00:08:16 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

@ John Abbot
@Paul Fox1

Hello Achelle,
Excellent article !!
Mr. Abbot requests member response and I wish to comment.
ALL please understand,..... this is ONLY one person's perspective.:)

Please see the rest of this comment as a guest blog by YinTingYu in "In Response to Achelle's Of Dogs and Men" posted as a guest blog.

ALL you wrote,.... so very aptly put brother.
I think you know that we cannot overcome incongruence with incongruence.
Even when THEY(?) "Screw Up",....we have to "Love 'em to Death" for the positive change to occur.
It's not always easy either.

#2014-11-28 14:25:30 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


Please check your email regarding my thoughts on a comment you posted here.

Cheers, John

#2014-11-29 07:15:58 by whui @whui

To be honest, I thought this "Dogs and Men" is kind of description "the similarity between dogs and men" from topic. It said that men like dogs and women like cats when they are in love:D I forget that Mrs. Vinzon is a serious writer.
It is very interesting to read three men''s comments, Melcyan, JohnAbbot and Barry. Mr.Melcyan like a responsible teacher that he does his best to lead his students in right way. Mr. JohnAbbot is a wonderful student in class who always speak positively, self-examining and then raising questions. As to naughty Barry, he said this and also that, Melcyan tried to help him but no start. Actually, he is enlivening atmosphere in class.
One of chinese slang (maybe), three WOMEN play a play, should be changed "three MEN play a play" here.:D:D:D

#2014-11-29 08:03:48 by whui @whui

I am omnivore and have no pet. In my childhood, there was a small dog in my family. Almost each family has a dog in countyside at that time. They were raised for guarding so they should not be "pets". of there owners. Our dog died at age of few months. It broken its leg so not to grow up to be a guard. So, it is no use. Our neighbour killed him because my parents could not bear that. Frankly, I fear dogs because they probably attack and bite you, even I cannot bear licking of own dogs that they like doing so. Howver, my bother like dog very much, they always played together. The dog is his "pet". He cried with the dog'body in his arms. When the cooked on table, he refused it at first and then to eat after others. Many years past, he still remember that delicious dinner but not his "pet". That year, he was only six years old. People only can buy some meat on big days, for example, Chinese New Year. So, it is difficult for them to resist food. My parents have not have "pet" since though they still raised animals, such as pigs, hens. Sometimes they lived in same room in bad weather. Sometimes, I thought my parents were nicer to animals than to us. Of course, the animals, they all were killed or sold and then killed. They cared those "animals" because they are wealth and their hope to change life. That is it.

#2014-11-30 08:51:26 by Barry1 @Barry1


"People only can buy some meat on big days, for example, Chinese New Year. So, it is difficult for them to resist food."

Thanks for your comments, whui. Reading what you wrote reminded me that all of us here in the West should not be too judgmental or condemnatory of others in different countries.

Because conditions are different there. Cultures are different. Ways of life are different. People are different.

Even though I hate the thought of eating a dog for example, what would you do if you were starving? Or if you were brought up from childhood with this as an accepted and common practice?

Your thoughts also highlight how lucky we Western men are to be able to hear stories such as this and to learn from people like you, whui. This is but one reason why the CLM website is such as valuable resource, where it can bring people of different cultures together where stories, reminiscences and anecdotes can be shared.

Well spoken, whui. I hope we can hear much more from you in the future as when you do write something for us here on the blogs, it is always worthwhile and interesting. (y)

#2014-12-01 19:15:30 by whui @whui

Thank for your response to my comments. I read excellent articles of yours or others on CLM which opened my vision to a great extent. As you said, It is "valuable source" for us to understand another person.
I agree with you that Cultures are different. Ways of life are different. People are different, which sometimes puzzle us but attract us most of time. I think it is one of reasons for us coming here.
Actually, I have not enough ability to write blogs for the reason of limitation of language and thought, but I think I can try to give a diffrent vision to some issues. Everyone' s thought cannot escape from his or her background or experience, including me. however, I am sure that we can learn from each other. Thank you, Mr. Barry, you are not only naughty but also kind(clap)

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