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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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ALARM Clock Part 1    

By Paul Fox
462 Views | 9 Comments | 5/8/2021 9:43:52 AM

In a small town, in a country far away from where you are right now, there lives an old lady. Every morning she opens her front door and throws a handful of salt on the ground. She has done this for decades.

One morning, a stranger walks past just as she is doing this. He stops and asks her, "Excuse me, ma'am, but why are you throwing salt on the ground?"

"To keep the tigers away", she replied.

"But there are no tigers around here" said the stranger.

The old lady smiled and said, "See, it works!"

Despite having never seen a tiger, if everyone in that town believed that tigers were around, then, in their minds, they would be.


It's no different to this 'lie-rus' nonsense. People beLIEve that it exists because their TV tells them it does. No-one knows anyone who has died from COVID, despite what BS has been written on someone's death certificate.

A few months ago, even if you were shot through the head your death certificate would read 'COVID-19",

The second picture below is a graph taken from the WHO web-site. Look at the flu cases for 2020 - ZERO!

This agenda has NEVER been about a 'virus', it's always been about the vax. Yet the vax isn't really a vaccine, it's experimental and has NOT been approved for general use. Further, the CDC and WHO both admit that there's a 99.8% chance of NOT dying from the lie-rus', so why are people rolling up their sleeves?


Remember ISIS ? You know, that terrorist organisation that was hiding behind every lamp-post waiting to blow you up? More fear-porn.

The example I described above is known as an 'egregore'. Here's what Wiki says;-


Egregore (also spelled egregor; from French égrégore, from Ancient Greek egrḗgoros 'wakeful') is an occult concept representing a distinct non-physical entity that arises from a collective group of people.

They missed out a word......'mind'. Let me re-write the last part -

entity that arises from the minds of a collective group of people.


As of April 28th 2021, 754,000 reports of vaccine adverse affects have been reported in the UK alone, and over 1000 deaths, yet the VAERS system states that only around 10% are actually reported. Go figure!


We have been screwed-over for decades. NONE of the previous 'flus' have been real. From 'Swine Flu' to 'Bird Flu' to 'H1N1' and all the others, none of them are real.

What we know as the 'flu', or 'common cold', is simply our body de-toxifying. This is now 100% proven, and can be researched in less than 5 minutes online.

Doctors have been lied to. Many have come forward and admitted this fact. They were lied to at Med-School, so it's not entirely their fault.

Why is this agenda being done to the world?

Simple, yet not only unbelievable for most, but also unconscionable.

The rulers of this realm sit much higher than governments. Governments are simply 'puppets'. This is why nothing ever changes no matter which 'side' is voted for on (s)election day.

During the insidious lockdowns, small businesses were told to close, yet big corporations remained open. It's said, at the time of writing, that the billionaires in the world made another $535 Billion during this 'plandemic'. Where do you think that cash came from? Millions of people lost their jobs, and thousands of business have closed, never to re-open.

The 'agenda' is aimed at what we know as the 'Middle Class'. Once eradicated, people will have no choice but to rely on governments for 'hand-out'. It's known as 'UBI' (Universal Basic Income). Don't do as you're told, and you get no money - simple!

There will be two 'classes' of people (if the scum get their way). One will be 'them' (the billionaires), and the rest will be 'us' - the 'nobody's'; the 'useless eaters'; the 'goyim'; the SLAVES.


I cannot deliver 5 years worth of research into a blog, but for those who are still skeptical, I invite you to watch the following 7-minute video. It is NOT related to the 'lie-rus', but is IS related to the 'bigger picture'.

The time we find ourselves in right now is totally un-precedented in human history. The mask-wearing, vax-demanding 'sheeple' have got less than 12 months to 'wake-up' and understand what's really going on, or they will forever be destroyed. Here's the link. PLEASE watch it.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2021-05-08 09:43:34 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

I can't agree with you more Paul. This entire pandemic hoax and everything around it is nothing more than or less than an attack by the Global Elite on humanity. It is specifically designed to wipe out the MIddle Class and so far it is succeeding phenomenally. The Middle Class is all that has stood against the Global Elite taking complete control of the Planet and downsizing the human race as it wishes, but the Middle Class is currently shrinking in its size and in its power to a point of near non-existence. 

We are mere years, not decades but years, away from a system in which, as you say:

"There will be two 'classes' of people (if the scum get their way). One will be 'them' (the billionaires), and the rest will be 'us' - the 'nobody's'; the 'useless eaters'; the 'goyim'; the SLAVES."

I am currently struggling to determine how to help my children and their children survive in some way that does not involve a life of abject poverty, because that is pretty clearly what is in store for the bottom 99%.  

#2021-05-08 10:02:47 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

I refuse to let it worry me. I try to focus on helping others see what they obviously can't see.

Once you come to the (very difficult) understanding of what this realm really is, then it's easy to see through the deception. 

People have no understanding of what 'reality' is.

Take a look at this (1 minute) video. Is it 'real'?

incredible 7D hologram Funny Vine Whale 7D image Vines 2016 2 - YouTube

#2021-05-09 10:13:22 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@paulfox1 - Sorry, but I don't see the point in you trying "to focus on helping others see what they obviously can't see." If people aren't interested in seeing the realm as you see it then who made it your job to "help them" see it? If someone is interested in your viewpoint and asks you to enlighten them, that's one thing. But to make it your goal to enlighten them when they aren't interested in being educated as to your way of thinking, that's quite another thing.

Most people aren't interested in seeing the reality that you (and I) see and that is their right. I don't blame anyone for wishing to live a simpler life and enjoy doing so. They are probably much better off in the long run for not bothering to worry about the reality that exists behind the curtain. 

Knowing this stuff is a burden, so why not just let people be? What's it to you to interrupt their peaceful existence with your version of the truth?  

I'm just saying...


#2021-05-09 16:07:55 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I think you either missed my point, or I didn't explain it well enough.

I have published 3 (free) books, and have a YT channel. Both are full of information that people can access if they WANT to. I'm not trying to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do.

#2021-05-09 22:11:29 by oldghost @oldghost

@op are you speaking of an early 18th century academic?  who didn't know about washing?  Yes medicine is not a science. it is indeed empirical, but so what?

Science is empirical - deduction then observation and much of the maths physics and chemistry accords with theory and observation.

Your dismissal of all accords with nothing, and is beyond reason

So too those of you who claim virus as a nonsense, non-existent thing, as a plot to diminish humanity..  Bill Gates? how do you dredge up such nonsense.  I am supposed to provide evidence when you do not?  Negative evidence is almost always impossible when the assertion is at all abstract.  
So listening to the 'Patient Zero' series on ABC Radio National this morning.  Hendra Virus, killing horses, passing on to other mammals, humans included.  They have a horse vaccine for it, but then viruses do not exist, do they?  Bats are a major mammalian sector, with special features, and tracked down to the probable source of Hendra virus, others as well, including the non-existent corona virus. Wear a mask?  I don't care about you idiots, just come nowhere near me.  Go and get Polio or Smallpox, they don't exist either, except Bill Gates created them.

#2021-05-10 15:25:14 by oldghost @oldghost

19th century of course - before semmelweiss.

I had the AstraZeneca vaccine a week ago, sleepy, headachy, low appetite since.  The sore arm makes sleep difficult.  Three of you here express contempt for vaccines I see, so of course you understand I express contempt for your mode of thought.  Percentages?  Do you buy insurance?  Why?  Why not?  I hope to travel again, but the news, expectation, is 'not this year'.

#2021-05-10 16:38:31 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Bro, throw away your TV!

#2021-05-10 21:33:55 by Imi5922 @Imi5922

Isn't it interesting that an antiparasitic drug is killing a "virus"?

#2021-05-11 11:04:43 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


There was never a 'virus', and there was never a 'pandemic'. The whole shit-show was made-up in order to propagate the vax (which isn't a vax).

Now they are just peddling more 'cures' for something that doesn't exist. When you get chance, look up 'Doctrine of Signatures' (I think Janessa will find it interesting)

People are calling for Fauci, et al, to face 'Nuremburg Trials' for their crimes against humanity. I find it somewhat amusing, especially since the so-called 'Nuremburg Trials' were all BS to begin with. In the front door, out the back door, onto a plane and off to Amerka under the name 'Operation Paperclip'

This 'reality' gets funnier by the day.

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